CHIKARA Chikarasaurus Rex: Flesh and Stone Results 08/05/2017

Philadelphia, PA – 8.5.2017

Credit: The CHIKARA Special

Commentary is provided by Scott Holladay, Sidney Bakabella, Mike Quackenbush

1. Bike Cops (Dez Peloton (Jasper Tippins & Donald Kluger) & Officer Warren Barksdale) defeated Sloan Caprice, Hermit Crab, & Cajun Crawdad in 11:19 with a Shatter Machine on Caprice.

2. Missile Assault Man defeats The Whisper in 8:15 by disqualification when The Whisper low blows Missile Assault Man with his yo-yo.

3. Young Lions Cup: Razerhawk retains the Cup in 7:22, defeating Everett Connors with a Swanton Bomb.

4. Sarcophagus Match: Hallowicked defeats Ophidian in about 14:00, giving Ophidian a tombstone into the Sarcophogus and closing it shut.
– Ophidian originally wanted to face Frightmare, but Hallowicked came out and claimed Frightmare wasn’t in the building. During the match, Frightmare interfered and assisted Hallowicked in attacking Ophidian and locking the Sarcophagus shut.
– A group of druids and The Snow Troll put the Sarcophagus in a white van. The Whisper reveals himself to be one of the druids before driving the white van away.

5. Dasher Hatfield defeated Merlok in 10:36 with a running Liger Bomb. This makes Dasher the first person to ever defeat Merlok by pinfall or submission.

6. Race Jaxon defeats Sylverhawk via Disqualification in 2:55 when the returning Hype Rockwell interfered and hit Race Jaxon with the Hyperwheel!

7. The Furies (Fire Ant, Icarus, Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee) defeated Oleg the Usurper, Kobald, Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels in 17:55 when Darling pinned Kobald with the Tail Spin.

8. Grand Championship: Juan Francisco de Coronado retains, making Rory Gulak pass out in the Coronado Clutch at 13:04.

9. Encore Match: ‘Mr. Touchdown’ Mark Angelosetti pins Jeremy Leary in 4:12 with the Flea Flicker. This win gives Touchdown his third point and a Grand Championship opportunity.

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