ROH 08/05/17 TV Review: Cody vs Daniels

ROH 08/05/17 TV Review: Cody vs Daniels
Lowell, MA

The show this week opened with a hype video for the two out of three falls rematch between Cody and Christopher Daniels for the ROH World championship.

We were then treated to a Cody promo during which he was sublimely babyface, basically saying that he was ready to defend a title that he earned by leaving a company that did not feel he was world championship material, when he always knew that he was. Aside from some flashes of arrogance, this promo was a how to guide for wrestlers portraying themselves as the good guy.

Next, a previously banned and unreleased Daniels and Frankie Kazarian promo from the night after Best in the World aired. Kazarian started off by ripping into the fans for their cheering of Cody’s title win, saying that Daniels and Kaz started wrestling for the fans, highlighting that fans were overcome with emotion when Daniels won. He continued to harangue the fans until Daniels took over, continuing the same exact sentiment. Daniels made it clear that from here on out, they both are looking out for themselves and not the fans and that they will do anything they have to in order to reclaim what they feel is theirs. Daniels went as far as to say that he planned on winning the title and asking for his release, taking the ROH title with him.

Quite seriously, this first ten minutes of the show was exquisite. The promos and build to the one match on the night felt like a truly epic build and lent gravitas to the proceedings. I personally haven’t seen an hour of television laid out this way by Ring of Honor and that made it feel different and special. The choice to listen to the crowd the night before and run a full four episode taping based on the reaction of one crowd to Cody’s title win shows an incredible level of attention. Kudos to Daniels and Rhodes as well, for so quickly switching gears here.

Silas Young promo about Lethal being gone for 43 days, Lethal comes back and gets a measure of revenge

Main Event: ROH World Championship Match
Cody (c)  vs. Christopher Daniels
Once the bell rang, Daniels immediately left the ring and when he was finally ready, Cody did a set of pushups, stalling the start even more and matching Daniels’ mind games. At the onset, Cody used his speed and quickness to take Daniels down with an arm drag, following up with a quick roll up. As Daniels took control, commentary, specifically Riccaboni, sold the slow acceptance of Cody as a fighting champion who has actually been a boon to the company. Daniels worked the crowd and came face to face with a fan who was cheering Cody on. After the break, Cody was in control, locking on a hammerlock that Daniels escaped by backing Cody into the corner, only for Daniels to elbow Cody in the face. He continued working heel, fish hooking Cody over the second rope, only breaking just before Todd Sinclair’s five count.

Daniels attempted to dive to the outside, but Cody telegraphed it. Rhodes followed with his own attempt that Daniels saw coming, but he did not see the eye poke that followed. Daniels recovered quickly and tossed Cody shoulder first into the guardrail, the very same shoulder that we are told has been separated. Officials checked on him before Daniels pulled him back into the ring. A Cody disaster kick gave him some space, but Daniels was relentless, scoring a two count before another break. An Arabian moonsault later, Cody was down for a bit and Daniels spent time jawing with the fans. As Daniels climbed to the top turnbuckle, Cody sprang to life and scored with an arm drag, tossing Daniels off the top to the mat. Cody seemed reenergized and was able to lock on a figure four leglock. Daniels was able to break the hold and after Cody went for it again, Daniels sent Cody into Sinclair. The two exchanged low blows before Kazarian slipped a chair into the ring. As Kazarian tried to wake Sinclair up, Scurll ran down to ringside and brawled Kazarian to the back. Meanwhile, Daniels grabbed the chair, but before he could used it, Sinclair tried to take it away. Cody used the opportunity to school boy Daniels, picking up the first fall.

Fall One: Cody

Daniels immediately struck Cody with the chair, which was legal because the bell for the next fall had not rang. He then dropped Cody with a judo throw on the outside and waited for the count out, but Cody was able to make it just before Sinclair’s count hit twenty.Daniels kept methodical control until Cody slipped away from him and attempted Cross Rhodes, only to have it reversed by Daniels into one of his own. The stolen finisher only garnered a two count. Daniels then went for hsi own finisher, Angels Wings, but Cody reversed it with a Northern Light suplex while his arms were still hooked. Daniels bridged out and connected with  Angels Wings, only for Cody to kick out just before three. Daniels was incensed with Sinclair for what he felt should have been a three count, but was focused enough to scoop Cody up and slam him down with a judo throw. Cody was able to avoid the Best Moonsault Ever attempt and connected with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Fall Two: Cody
Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Cody

Final Reaction: A-
During what has been a bit of a vacation period for ROH, this episode was excellent. After last week’s Women of Honor special, this episode of television could have been advertised as just as special, as it was almost full dedicated to this match. The first twenty minutes of the show set the stage perfectly for the match and the match itself told a great story. This is a must watch episode.

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