Sapolsky Getting a NXT Creative Tryout

Former EVOLVE Champion, Drew McIntye revealed on the Sean Waltman Podcast that Gabe Sapolsky was working with the WWE NXT brand’s creative in some form.

“He’s fantastic,” McIntyre told Waltman. “He thinks so far ahead. He always just gets me…He’s in NXT now. He’s able to help me out. Gabe is able to say ’hey if we give you a mic in the ring that’s like a stronger area for a guy who really wasn’t a promo guy before.” is reporting that this had been talked about for some time. Reportedly Sapolsky would be getting some kind of a tryout under NXT’s Joe Belcastro. So this would seem to confirm those rumors.

It will be interesting to see what this means for EVOLVE in the future. What do you think about this? Leave your comments below.

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