NJPW G1 Climax Finals Results And Reaction

Hello friends and welcome to the G1 Climax Finals. Plenty of title matches today and of course the big match between Tetsuya Naito and Kenny Omega where the winner will face Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom on January 4, 2018.

Today’s show is from the famous Sumo Hall in Tokyo.

Kushida, Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask, and Hirai Kawato vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Taichi with Miho Abe, El Desperado who comes out with the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, and Taka Michinoku

Winners: Suzuki-gun at 6:54. Kanemaru pins Kawato after a Deep Impact. After the match Desperado and Kushida battled in the fans all the way up the steps. Kushida never got his belt back though.

Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi vs. The Guerrillas of Destiny

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny at 7:40. Loa pins Nakanishi after hitting him with the Ape Shit. After the match the GOD bowed to Nagata, definitely looked unplanned.

Togi Makabe and David Finlay vs. Hirooki Goto and Yoshi-Hashi

Winners: Hashi/Goto at 6:33. Yoshi-Hashi pins Finlay after the Karma.

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, and Juice Robinson vs. Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi with Tokyo Latina and Raby, and Chase Owens

Winners: Juice/Kojima/Tenzan at 7:40. Juice hits the Pulp Friction to Owens and pins him.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match
Ryusuke Taguchi and Ricochet vs. The Young Bucks (c)

Early on Ricochet did a flip over the top rope to the outside and started to sell the knee as if he landed wrong. From there the Bucks targeted the knee whenever he was in the ring. At one point Ricochet was in the sharpshooter but made it to the ropes and gets the hot tag to Taguchi. Taguchi goes crazy with hip attacks including a cool looking springboard hip attack.

Taguchi tags in Ricochet but Ricochet gets his bad knee superkicked and Matt slaps on the sharpshooter but manages to get to the ropes. However, when Ricochet was on the ropes Nick hits a swanton bomb and Matt reapplies the hold. Taguchi breaks the hold but Nick gets rid of him with a PK from the apron. The Bucks go for More Bang For Your Buck but Ricochet gets the knee up but it was the bad knee. The Bucks go for the Meltzer Driver but Taguchi intercepts Nick with a springboard hip attack. Taguchi hits Matt with a Dodon then Richochet hits a Shooting Star Press for the 3.

Winners and new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions: Ricochet and Ryusuke Taguchi at 15:13.

During the intermission Katsuyori Shibata came out to say he was alive. Well, that’s good to know.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match
Cody and Hangman Page vs. War Machine (c)

Cody and Page actually worked well together as a team. After some good back and forth action throughout the match Cody is tossed over the announce table and into Don Callis. Meanwhile Page takes a Decapitation and a pop up powerslam but only a 2.

Hanson goes to the outside but Cody swings the guardrail gate door into his face. Cody nails a Disaster kick to Rowe and Page a flip lariat but still a 2. The Bullet Club members each hit a moonault to Rowe but still can’t put him away. Hanson is back in and breaks up the Cody and Page momentum. Rowe then gets Cody in a powerbomb position while getting Page in a body slam position and drops them both. War Machine takes out Cody on the outside, Hanson hits a moonsault to Page then they hit Page with the Fallout to retain.

Winners: War Machine at 11:15.

After the match the Guerrillas of Destiny come out with Tama Tonga wearing an old school BC shirt with Gallows/Anderson/Devitt on it. They challenge War Machine to a rematch when the Killer Elite Squad show up and attacks both teams. After the attack Archer and Smith hold up the tag belts.

Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr., and Takashi Iizuka with Taka and Taichi vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, and Michael Elgin

Winners: Suzuki-gun at 13:42. Sabre submits Tanahashi with the Octopus Hold. Definitely seems like a future feud for the Intercontinental title between those two. Also, Elgin and Suzuki did quite a of brawling outside after the match. Seems like Big Mike might be in line for a NEVER Openweight title shot.

Sanada, Evil, Bushi, and Hiromu Takahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano, and Gedo

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon at 10:32. Takahashi taps out Gedo with a Triangle Choke.

After the match Evil got a big pile of chairs in the ring and hits the Darkness Falls to Okada on them. The same move that greatly injured Okada’s neck. Evil definitely appears to be the next challenger for Okada’s IWGP Heavyweight title.

G1 Climax Finals Match
Kenny Omega with the Young Bucks vs. Tetsuya Naito

Naito goes to work on the neck of Omega. During their second stint to the outside to brawl Naito gets Omega on a table for a piledriver and I don’t know if the tablecloth threw off Naito’s footing or the table just shifted, but Naito dropped him and Omega’s head clips the corner of the table as they stumble to the floor.

Back in he ring Omega gets the momentum back and work on the shoulder of Naito which apparently was sore after the G1. Rocky points out Naito had his shoulder taped up yesterday but wore a shirt during his match to cover it up. Omega goes for the rolling crucifix into the moonsault but when he hits the rolling crucifix he jams his neck and begins to sell his head. Omega tries the moonsault but Naito stops him with a second rope neckbreaker.

Omega manages to get Naito to the outside and hits the Rise of the Terminator. Back in the ring Naito avoids a V Trigger and Naito hits the Satellite DDT. Naito tries for a top rope Frankensteiner but Omega slips free and drops Naito face first on the buckle. Omega hits a Dragon Rush suplex then a V Trigger for 2. Naito counters a powerbomb with a big DDT. Naito hits the side suplex to Omega right on the neck but only a 2 count.

Naito tries for a Destino but Omega counters it with a package piledriver for a 2. Omega goes up top but Naito stops him and Omega seems to DDT Naito back into the ring post. It kind of looked like a slip up but I don’t believe it was. Omega goes for a top rope powerbomb but Naito turned it into a hurricanrana, that was incredible. Naito then sets Omega on the top and hits a top rope reverse rana but still just a 2.

Naito goes up top and goes for the stardust press but Omega moves out of the way. Omega hits a double underhook piledriver but then he gets a 2. Omega hits a point blank V Trigger to Naito, then another. He goes for a third but Naito collapses. He goes for a fourth and connects. Omega hits a Dr. Wiley bomb and still can’t put the LIJ leader away. Omega with another V Trigger and goes for a One Winged Angel but Naito counters with a reverse rana. Naito is up and hits a Destino but only 2.

Naito tries another Destino but Omega counters with a German suplex for 2. Another V Trigger, then another. Omega goes for a One Winged Angel but Naito turns it into a reverse DDT. Omega counters a Destino, goes for a lariat, but Naito catches him with another Destino but only 2. Naito hits another Destino and finally gets the win.

Winner of the G1 Climax 27: Tetsuya Naito at 36:35.

Great, great, great match and the perfect way to cap off the G1. It will be interesting to see who he faces at Wrestle kingdom, hard to imagine it won’t be Okada but it’s possible it could be Omega. In the main time, Naito has to defend his G1 contract against the two men who beat him in the G1, that being Bad Luck Fale and Tomohiro Ishii. Okada will also need to defend his title against the two men who beat him, Evil and Kenny Omega.

The G1 is officially in the books and what an incredible tournament it was. For more of my thoughts on it please follow me on Twitter at Eddyc85 and or PIWShow. Rate, review, and subscribe to my podcast, “Politically Incorrect Wrestling Show” on iTunes, Podbean, and Stitcher. Did a great show on the very topical North Korea this week and the WCW PPV that was done there in 1995, give it a listen, you’ll be glad you did. Thanks for reading.

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