ROH 08/19/17 TV Review: Battle of the Boys

ROH 08/19/17 TV Review: Battle of the Boys
Cabarrus Arena
Concord, NC

This week was the second episode from the set of tapings from Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina. Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer were on commentary to start.

Caprice Coleman joined commentary for the first match, one of his first appearances since the breakup of the Rebellion.

First Match: Coast 2 Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Ali Shaheem vs. Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor
This was a great opening contest. LSG and Shaheem Ali have really come into their own as a tag team and have been able to look like legitimate contenders, albeit without the number of victories that they need to be built up more. LSG’s Phoenix splash off the tightrope walk to the outside is special move and shows how exciting the team can be. On the flip side, it is great to see Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta teaming in ROH, but it leaves you to wonder if they are simply making appearances, or if they will be part of the tag division moving forward. Either way, the Best Friends picked up a win here after Trent hit as he calls it, a “Jerry Lynn” style piledriver for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor

Next a Jay Lethal promo started to air, all about how Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser hospitalized him, only be interrupted by Silas and BCB who attacked him. Good promo here and it was a nice touch that they would encounter each other in the back-one would think this happens more often than not in a dressing room area.

Second Match: Matt Taven vs. Jay Briscoe
Marseglia distracted Briscoe early, but Taven wasn’t able to keep the advantage possible. Briscoe stayed in control for bit, with Taven getting in bursts of offense, but as it seemed Briscoe was going to win, Taven’s friends jumped to his rescue. Marseglia interfered, only to receive a neckbreaker, prompting TK O’Ryan to slide into the ring. O’Ryan went to attack from behind but Briscoe caught him in the act and begged Briscoe not to attack him. The camera showed O’Ryan while a sly smile and he took his walking boot off, revealing that he’s healed and then attacked Briscoe from behind. The Kingdom then gave Briscoe a triple conchairto before Mark come out for the save. Nice little match here to bring O’Ryan back into the fold and immediately set up a Kingdom/Briscoes & Bully Ray feud. This is quite well done and it’s good to see the Kingdom whole again so that they can get back into the 6-man title hunt.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Cody promo where he went through names that he has defended the belt against, further establishing that he’s a fighting champion.

Main Event: Colt Cabana & The Tempura Boyz vs Dalton Castle & The Boys
After Castle was in control to start he snapped his fingers and the boys made themselves into a chair, allowing him to sit in the ring while Colt and the Tempura Boyz regrouped outside. A Chicken fight between Boys and Boyz ensued, until Colt knocked Castle’s boys down. There was a little bit of twin magic by the Boys, but Cabana noticed and switched them back. After Cabana and the Boyz hit triple corner avalanches, the Boys switched again, but he couldn’t understand what the Tempura Boyz were saying, thinking they implied he should dance instead. Castle eventually tagged in took everyone out single-handedly. Castle hit the Peacock pose before a tope suicida to Cabana on the outside and things broke down, with Castle eventually catching Cabana with the Bang-A-Rang, picking up the pinfall victory and retaining the belts. After the match Castle got on the mic and spoke about how despite all the issues he has had with Cabana, he still likes him and asked Cabana if earned his respect yet. Cabana extended his hand and faked a knee, but it was only in jest. As has been the case in the past, this was a comedy match between Cabana and Castle, but the resolution at the end that seemed to extinguish the issues between the two makes sense, especially with Cabana having almost completely moved to the commentary position.

Winner: Dalton Castle & The Boys

Final Reaction: B-
This was not an overly exciting episode of ROH, but once again, almost every segment had a purpose this week and furthered along an important storyline. The Briscoes/Kingdom feud is fresh and a great way to highlight O’Ryan’s return with a big name opponent. The Lethal/Young interaction was great and it would seem that despite having a street fight in Edinburgh for the War of the Worlds UK tour, there issues are unsettled. One issue that is the obvious nature of who would win the tag matches here-the Tempura Boyz and Coast 2 Coast need to be given an avenue to develop in terms of their characters on screen to be seen as teams that walk away victorious in future match ups.

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