ROH 08/26/17 TV Review: ROH World Tag Title Match Bucks vs Guns

ROH 08/26/17 TV Review: ROH World Tag Title Match Bucks vs Guns
Cabarrus Arena
Concord, NC

This week was the third episode from the set of tapings from Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary to start.

First Match: War Machine (Ray Rowe & Warbeard Hanson) vs.
Jay White & Jonathan Gresham
Gresham and White attacked War machine immediately after the bell rang, but were quickly stacked on the mat as Rowe bodyslammed Hason on the smaller duo. Gresham and White were able to slither out of powerslam attempts and used their quickness to take control of the match. Rowe overpowered Gresham and tagged Hanson in, who was able to connect with infinity clotheslines. Gresham knocked Hanson off the apron and then he and White double teamed Rowe for an advantage, hitting a brainbuster 450 splash combination, but only getting a two count.The size difference eventually just proved to be too much, as War Machine combined to deliver a pop up powerbomb, Thor’s hammer, on Gresham to end the match via pinfall. Punishment Martinez attacked White after the match and laid him out with a South of Heaven Chokeslam. Although the match had little to do with the actual tag division in ROH, Martinez’s attack at the end continue the issues that he has with White. Gresham continues to impress and his work with War Machine here is no different. War Machine is so over with the crowd that every time they appear it becomes clear they are two wrestlers ROH would do well to lock up and sign long term.

Winner: War Machine

Next a Caprice Coleman promo aired, as Coleman’s Pulpit, his new show was set to debut, but did not as he was incensed by the missing set pieces he asked for. He berated the production staff, claiming to have been given the runaround by everyone in ROH, just as he was during his time in the Rebellion. He vowed to have his show start next week, during which he will uncover the truth in ROH.

Second Match: Shane Taylor vs. Josh Woods
QT Marshall joined commentary, purporting to be scouting talent. Woods flew at Taylor the minute the bell rang, striking with punches and kicks before he sent Taylor to the outside. Taylor was able to recover and tossed Woods into the guardrail before the commercial break. Taylor dominated when the action returned to the ring, overpowering Woods until he was locked in an armbar. Despite escaping the moving, he was then locked in an ankle lock. In an impressive feat of strength, Woods transitioned to a German suplex, but was only able to get a two count. Taylor became frustrated and grabbed a chair from under the ring, but was thwarted by the referee, which allowed Woods to roll him up for the pinfall victory. Taylor attacked  Woods after the match and as he did, QT Marshall went down to ringside and instructed Taylor to attack him again before handing him an envelope that implied a payoff. The end was a bit wonky, especially with Cabana pointing out that Taylor going for the chair did not make a tons of sense. Woods picking up the upset victory did make sense, but could have been pulled off differently. Overall, a good believable match between the two that establish Taylor as a gun for hire while showing that Woods can hang with one of the biggest men in the company.

Winner: Josh Woods

A Suzuki promo package aired, announcing that he will be challenging Cody for the ROH championship at Death Before Dishonor, followed by footage of Cody reacting to the news, throwing things about the dressing room as he seemed to be displeased by Suzuki accepting his open challenge.

A Kenny King video package aired next, during which he spoke about his experience on the Bachelorette and the support he received because of the appearance. He went on to say that he hasn’t reached his full potential and that he plans on taking a different approach to his career moving forward. King ended by saying that he plans on taking the ROH TV title in Las Vegas at Death Before Dishonor when he is granted his rematch against the current champion, KUSHIDA.

Main Event: ROH World Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
Quick start, failed superkick party right off the bat, send the Bucks to the outside.Sabin followed them with a tope suicida took the both out on the outside.MCMG were in control on the inside until Nick prevent a double team move in the corner, allowing him and Matt to hit a few tag team combinations of their own before Nick took MCMG out with a tope of his own. The Bucks locked in dueling sharpshooters, but both Shelley and Sabin reached the ropes after a Too Sweet exchange between the brothers Jackson. After a brief break, Nick accidentally hit Matt with a kick to the face, allowing Shelley to tag Sabin in. MCMG had a surge of offense, but Matt was able to ward them off and tag Nick in, who  dominated before all four men hit the ring.We got a Superkick party until Sabin double clotheslined the Bucks and all four men were floored. Just as they began to get to their feet, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian hit the ring, taking all four men out, even shoving referee Todd Sinclair to the floor as they left the chaos as the show faded to black.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Final Reaction: B
The main event of this show was the meat and potatoes here and once again, an ROH title match ended with interference. This has been an issue with the ROH TV title and now the tag titles. Granted, this allowed the Bucks to retain while protecting the Machine Guns, but it’s a trend that does not seem to be at the heart of what ROH normally does. The Addiction coming out the way they did made sense and inserts them back into the title picture, with no real benefit to the tag division as a whole. Taylor and Woods was short but effective here and it’s always great to see War Machine, but the duo needs to be less of a special attraction to help the division. Martinez and White’s issues have gone on long enough and a blow off match should be on the horizon, possibly at Death Before Dishonor. Good build to the PPV here with solid wrestling throughout.

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