Lucha Underground 8/30/2017 Review: Havoc Running Wild

We open the show with Dario Cueto visiting his brother, Matanza, in his cage. He apologizes for locking up Matanza for his obsession with Rey Mysterio. He understands now that Matanza was just trying to protect Dario from Mysterio, who hurt Dario last week. With Matanza now anxious to take on Mysterio for hurting his brother, Dario books for Matanza to face the Master of the 619 in the upcoming 100th episode of Lucha Underground.

When we hit the ring, Son of Madness takes on Mascarita Sagrada. The story here is that Sagrada was made an honorary member of the imaginary Sons of the Open Road by Son of Havoc, and Madness isn’t happy one bit. He lets his disdain for the Mini Luchador by crushing the little guy from bell to bell. In true underdog fashion, Sagrada tries to mount a comeback with a suicide dive, but Madness stops him in his tracks with a stiff elbow. Madness shortly follows that up with a Jackhammer for the quick win. This was really just a squash match. Not a pretty one, but an effective one in that it puts into perspective just how much of a tough jerk Madness is.

After the match, Son of Havoc storms the ring and attacks Madness until Dario Cueto sends security down to break up the brawl. He then books tonight’s main event: Son of Madness vs Son of Havoc in a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl for one of the seven Aztec Medallions. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Paul London kidnaps Mascarita Sagrada.

Back from the break, Marty the Moth molests Melissa Santos’s hair. Interesting visual. Also, Marty the Moth wrestles Argenis. In his return match to Lucha Underground, Argenis pulls out some really impressive maneuvers, including a gorgeous crossbody and a lifting neckbreaker. The match was all Argenis until Mariposa pushed him into the turnbuckle post (busting him open) behind the ref’s back. Marty takes complete control with brutal offense for a few minutes before finishing Argenis off with a lifting underhook Codebreaker for the win. Not a bad match. Nothing mindblowing, but a fine match to pass the time and progress stories.


After the match, Marty pulls off Argenis’s mask. Big emphasis on Melissa Santos’s shocked/disgusted reaction. Marty addresses her and throws Argenis’s mask at her. He’s not satisfied because the mask he really wants is the one belonging to Santos’s boyfriend, Fenix. He promises to take it at Ultima Lucha Tres. Fenix accepts the challenge by respectively delivering a single leg dropkick and a superkick to Marty and Mariposa. Santos grabs the mic and says she doesn’t believe Marty has what it takes to take Fenix’s mask, but to add more fuel to the fire, Fenix gets on the mic and says their match at Ultima Lucha Tres will be Mask vs Hair.

Next up, Joey Ryan wrestles a trash bag. I’m sorry, I meant to say Sexy Star. In light of recent events, you have to understand why I just can’t tell the difference between the two. Anyway, Ryan and Sexy are having your typical match–or as typical as a match featuring Joey Ryan can be–when for some reason, Taya comes out as Sexy Star’s personal cheerleader with a “Let’s Go Sexy!” sign in hand. She distracts Sexy until Sexy mounts a babyface comeback, which includes flinging Ryan all over the ring by his chest hair. Sexy ends her comeback by attacking Taya and breaking the sign over her head. Sexy re-enters the ring and eats a Superkick from Ryan to end the match. The whole Sexy/Taya thing might be interesting, but the match wasn’t very good or entertaining.

After the match, Cortez “Reyes” Castro hits the ring and wails on Ryan with a kendo stick before Ryan manages to escape. Afterwards, Reyes goes to Dario’s office and threatens to arrest Dario for Cisco’s murder. Instead, Dario books castro in a street fight for next week. Reyes is reluctant, but Dario reminds Reyes he loves to fight and offers this match as a chance to prove to the boys at the police department who the toughest between him and Ryan is. Plus, one of the seven medallions will be on the line. And just like that, we have our match for next week.


Finally, we have our main event Boyle Heights Biker Brawl. Son of Madness vs Son of Havoc. This match really turned what was a lackluster episode around. From the get-go, this was a fight. It was rare that I felt like I was watching two wrestlers in the ring. It felt like two bikers (who just happened to wear masks) slugging it out to with intentions to kill each other. Stiff punches/forearms are thrown, rash cans get smashed, and hammers are introduced. In the end, Havoc cracks a beer bottle across Madness’s face before hitting a Shooting Star Press for the win. Havoc leaves the ring with his “colors” jacket that Madness stole and the show ends on a very good match.

Apart from the main event, all of tonight’s matches felt like angles rather than matches. These matches put more effort into setting things up for the future rather than actually be good matches. That’s not entirely a bad thing as with four weeks until Ultima Lucha Tres, there’s a lot that needs to be set up. However, despite half of this show being a soap opera, the other wrestling half is important and apart from that main event, there wasn’t much good wrestling to offer. Even in the story aspects, there wasn’t too much intrigue apart from the idea that these storylines could payoff in the future. If not for the main event, this might be the worst episode I’ve ever seen of the show.

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