NXT Review 8/30/17: Glorious Goodbye


The show started outside the building, where Sanity and a bunch of security guards had been laid out. The camera caught two figures walking away in the distance, as Regal showed up on the scene.

Drew came out, with his newly won title. He said the last 17 years had led to this moment and the NXT Title was his life’s work. He knew he had a big target on his back now, but that was fine by him. Drew put Fish, O’Reilly, Cole and the rest of the locker room on notice that this was his world now and if they wanted a shot, all they had to do was come out and ask him like a man. Strong answered the challenge, saying he didn’t care about what happened to Drew at Takeover, all he cared about was himself, his family and the NXT Title. Strong said he’d beat Roode tonight and after that, he’d step up to Drew. Drew said he hoped Strong was ready to get knocked out like a man as well and exited.

They recapped Roode’s interview from last week regarding Strong and Drew.

Asuka’s collarbone injury was covered and it was announced she’d be on the show next week with an update.

Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riot
Good competitive match, stemming out of Ruby beating Billie three weeks ago. Billie’s distraction led to Peyton hitting a DVD, but she only got a two count. Ruby got a near fall of her own with a folding powerbomb, before Billie pulled Peyton out of the ring and Ruby hit both of Iconic with a dive. Billie got involved again though and nailed Ruby with a big boot on the floor, allowing Peyton to pick up the win with a fisherman’s suplex. Hopefully that’ll prolong the feud, not only because it gives these three something meaningful to do and all three are on the verge of gaining some momentum, but this was a strong match on top of it.

Christie interviewed Regal about the attack before the show. Regal was interrupted by Ohno showing up and asking to get his hands on Itami. Regal said the match would happen next week, but Ohno requested he make it no disqualification to prevent Itami getting himself DQed again, which Regal agreed to.

Heavy Machinery vs. Damien Aweel and Edwin Negron
Heavy Machinery got a short hype video before the match. They made easy work of their opponents, hitting the Compactor on one, onto the other, for the pin on both.

Recap of Lars Sullivan attacking No Way Jose last week. Footage was shown from earlier in the night of Regal telling Sullivan that since he’d beaten up three of his tag team partners, he’d be in a three on one handicap match next week.

Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode
Really good TV main event. Strong got booed heavily for putting a stop to Roode’s glorious pose, but the crowd didn’t hold it against him long term. Strong started hot after that, but a combination of being pushed into the post, pushed into the steps and a spinebuster on the floor allowed Roode to take over. Strong would fight back and it lead into a good finishing stretch. He countered a Glorious DDT and picked up a few close two counts, before Roode finally hit the Glorious DDT, only for Strong to roll near the ropes and get his foot on the bottom rope, in a callback to Roode doing the same in their title match. Roode berated Strong and told him he was an embarrassment to his family. That fired Strong up though and after a series of knees, Strong hit End Of Heartache and after blowing Roode a kiss, a second End Of Heartache for the win. This was better than Roode/McIntyre and one of the better NXT TV matches of the year. Given the quality of the match and the story callbacks at the end, I think Roode is going to do just fine on the main roster. Not as keen on him apparently being a babyface on Smackdown, but regardless, he’ll do just fine.

McIntyre came out onto the stage after the match to point Strong’s way and hold up the title, at which point Cole, O’Reilly and Fish jumped him. Cole gave Drew a DDT on the stage and they took out a couple of members of security too before making a quick exit from the building, with Regal pursuing them.


RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Strong and Roode definitely delivered as the blowoff to their feud and Roode’s time on NXT. Peyton versus Ruby is worth the time as well, so two strong matches this week.

NXT WEEK: Ohno versus Itami in a No Disqualification Match, Andrade “Cien” Almas versus Cezar Bononi, an Asuka appearance and a Lars Sullivan handicap match

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