Ringbelles Roundup (8/30/17) – Asuka’s everything, King of Trios talk, Fierce Females’ return, Princesa Sugehit & Zeuxis’ match is official, RISE & more

Asuka has not only set a new record for the NXT Women’s Title and title lineages in WWE, she has also set a new standard for competitors alike. She’s shown that it is possible for women to remain a human wrecking ball machine and go undefeated for a long time. – @nerdyjordy ©

There’s no particular word that has “un” placed in front of it that is capable of describing Asuka’s success and there are not enough adjectives, let alone slang in the urban dictionary to justify this – words like “lit, fleek” feel minuscule too. It’s hard. I’ve always found it difficult to discuss Asuka and her contributions not only to Joshi puroresu but professional wrestling as a whole giant, because there’s so much and too much to be left out. Some would consider that my bias towards Asuka has to do with the fact that I’m very familiar with her previous alias and the work she obtained under it, which could be potentially true.

However, personal bias or not, it’s extremely hard for the daily, casual viewer of professional wrestling to not see the greatness this woman has achieved and not form, their own biased opinion, that this woman is purely sensational. Once upon a time, a world wide professional wrestling company decided to break a twenty-year gap on signing a female Japanese performer and scooped up a woman that had been sitting atop the scene for quite some time. She had rivaled with the best of them, fought the absolute best of them and when WWE came knocking, she dug out the shovel that was left behind long ago by Bull Nakano and dug a trench from her home in Osaka, Japan to the Performance Center in Orlando for Kairi Sane to come sailing across.

Asuka’s undefeated streak remained intact after facing off with Ember Moon at the Brooklyn trilogy last weekend. The matchup exceeded some people’s expectations and could’ve closed the show instead of the scheduled title bout between Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre. The main event was a decent showing by both competitors, however, it didn’t have the “steam” that Asuka-Moon had going into their match and it didn’t leave the crowd totally deflated once the excitement was gone. Instead, the only excitement that came out of the match and going into it was the possible sighting of the newly signed Adam Cole, showing up and interrupting the championship contest.

Cole did show up mere moments after McIntrye had unseated Roode of the NXT Championship. His appearance and eventual formation of a stable with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish were talked about more than the actual title match. I can’t exactly say the same for Asuka’s title defense against Ember Moon – if anything their matchup as a whole was discussed heavily on social media and even translated over to podcasts. I did not see that same rapid-fire reaction for the show’s closer and it’s rather telling and also serves as a reminder that the women in NXT are that capable of main eventing a Takeover special outside of Full Sail University.

Bayley and Sasha Banks’ Iron Man match two months after their jaw-dropping championship fight at TakeOver: Brooklyn headlined the big show in Winter Park, Florida. It was argued during that time that their matchup during SummerSlam weekend should have gotten top-billing over the Finn Balor-Kevin Owens title match. The women’s performance was filled with raw emotion and had the entire crowd damn-near levitating out of their seats. Add the infamous moment where all four of the horsewomen stood in the ring, embraced one another and struck the four-fingered hand gesture on top of an already delicious buffet and there’s your picture-perfect main event, but it didn’t happen that way. The women not closing out the show isn’t the argument I’m pitching here, nor should it not be discussed. The brand’s creation has helped turn those small wonders into a bigger reality on the main roster and has ushered in a sense of progression with the women in the company that had long been lost over a decade ago.

Onto the match – since her arrival, Ember Moon has been in position and looked to by fans as the person that would dethrone Asuka’s reign of the NXT Women’s Championship. Ember had struck up a winning streak and like the titleholder, appeared to be unstoppable, that’s until TakeOver: Orlando where she suffered her first-loss against Asuka. One month after taking Asuka to task for the title, she was lawn darted out of the ring by the champion and as a result, wound up sustaining a shoulder injury. The timing couldn’t have been worse, as Ember was already scheduled to compete yet again for the NXT Women’s Title as part of a fatal four-way match at the upcoming show in Chicago. The championship matchup was subsequently changed to a triple threat match with Asuka defending her belt against Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. She retained successfully – her issues with Cross continued and culminated in a Last Woman Standing match on the June 28th episode of NXT.

Asuka’s title defense at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III showed the potential of what’s to come going forward. Ember Moon had a championship worthy performance and Asuka, despite injury was resilient as ever – @WWENXT ©

Ember had made her in-ring comeback on the previous week’s episode against Peyton Royce and the road to her title rematch against Asuka was commenced in weeks leading up to the big show at the Barclays Center. Going into this match, there was so much on the line. Asuka’s undefeated streak was heavily promoted and was billed as the “longest” streak in the company’s history and on top of that, her reign as NXT Women’s Champion had surpassed the 502-day record set by Rockin Robin in the late 1980’s to 1990 when she left the WWE and the belt was later deactivated due to a non-existent women’s division. Ember was destined to prove that she had overcome her setback, a grade one shoulder sprain and had shaken off the jitters of the nasty bump and was not only mentally prepared but was also physically ready to take the title off Asuka. Two days after accomplishing her career milestone, Asuka retained the championship against Moon in a rollercoaster of a matchup that could have gone either way and the crowd and onlookers online would have been happy. You could feel the live audience swaying with every moment in the matchup and you could literally hear the entire building gasping in unison when a near-fall took place. The hot match had blown up the crowd and the inevitable didn’t happen. The champion had grounded the challenger in the middle of the ring with the Asuka Lock. With nowhere to go and the submission hold preventing her from making it to the ropes, Ember Moon had no choice but to repeatedly tap out.

Just four days after the championship bout, it was announced by WWE that Asuka had suffered a break to her right collarbone and as a result, she would be out of action for at least six to eight weeks. According to the ringside physician, Dr. Jeffrey Westerfield, she sustained the injury during her eleventh title defense in Brooklyn and reportedly landed “awkwardly” after a throw by Moon. Asuka continued on with the match despite suffering from discomfort; an initial ultrasound was performed backstage and eventually, the break was discovered through an x-ray. It had been speculated that the champion would be forced to vacate the title due to injury long before the official announcement by the company – and she did. It was revealed through online spoilers from last week’s set of tapings, that Asuka did in fact, relinquish the NXT Women’s Championship and was given a big sendoff ceremony at Full Sail University. The entire brand’s roster came out and applauded Asuka for her achievements and contributions made during her tenure and said goodbye to the former champion, who will report to the main roster once she’s medically cleared.

Asuka or Kana Urai, for those familiar with her previous career, has never acquired an injury during her thirteen-years in the profession, and that’s based on records and my recollection also. In 2006, she suddenly retired from professional wrestling due to chronic nephritis, or Glomerulonephritis; it’s a kidney disease that can be caused by various factors, including issues with one’s immune system. Her official comeback to wrestling took place in September of 2007, a year and a half after opening her own graphic design agency. Now working as a full-time freelancer, she would seek out her best opportinites and become the biggest villian in Japan three years later. Kana’s controversial criticism of the entire Joshi community in her written manifesto for the then-lastest issue of Weekly Pro-Wrestling magazine (printed on August 4, 2010), had placed a big target on her back for years to come and it also cost her the respect of many of her peers. She referred to the wrestlers as mindless sheep with no personality, bad attitudes that were pretty making a mockery out of themselves by wrestling in an unrealistic manner. However, her words didn’t come back to bite her in the end; like her run in the American company, she was proven to be unstoppable.

Her high profile feud against Serena Deeb helped project her to a newer fan base following their series of matches in SMASH and led to an eventual debut for SHIMMER and CHIKARA that same year. Asuka’s villainous ways couldn’t be detained despite the overseas exposure; she latched onto up and comer, Syuri and for years rivaled with the trained kick boxer over the various women’s titles in Tajiri’s defunct promotions and in REINA. She even managed to upset the entire JWP locker room and its tenured veteran, Command Bolshoi. Bolshoi had been seething since the disrespectful manifesto and to have Kana working for her promotion three years later, was the biggest slap in the face of the women that had worked hard and built the promotion up since the split due to internal politics in 1992.

The NXT roster stood on stage during the recent tapings at Full Sail University and gave the now former Women’s Champion, Asuka a round of applause and sent her off to the main roster – @joshjordan ©

To make matters worse, she dethroned Arisa Nakajima, the promotion’s biggest star of the JWP Openweight Title that August and became the first uncontracted performer to win the belt. She rubbed her championship victory in their faces, most notably Bolshoi and gloated about her win during the year-annual Plum Mariko memorial, while their fallen savior, Nakajima was subjected to humiliation after having makeup scribbled and smeared all over her face by Kana. Her antics continued on in other promotions before announcing her plan to take an indefinite hiatus from professional wrestling in July of 2015. She simply wanted a new direction after reaching a plateau in her career; she also dismissed the rumor that she pregnant.

Two months later, it was announced during a big press conference in Tokyo that she had officially signed on with WWE, despite the rumor mill circulating that she had inked a deal weeks ago and it was the reason for her in-crowd appearance at the first Brooklyn show. There’s so much to talk about and discuss when it comes to Asuka’s career – WWE’s microscope only exaggerate’s those accomplishments and piles on even more to further emphasize Asuka’s importance to business and the company itself. I wanted to make an assessment of Asuka’s title reign and with a little research, discover how many successful defenses she actually obtained while as champion. On paper, she has eleven title defenses, four taking place after beating Bayley for the strap last April. Seven of those happened this year as part of televised events.


117 matches in total, including non-title bouts and matches before championship acquisition
66 championship matches in total after defeated Bayley for the belt on April 1st
4 televised title defenses
62 championship defenses on NXT’s live events


63 matches in total, including non-title bouts
40 championship matches in total
7 televised title defenses
33 championship defenses on NXT’s live events
The rumor mill had been circulating

In total, she retained the NXT Women’s Championship on sixty-two different non-televised live events around Florida, statewide and overseas in 2016 and in 2017, she defended the belt thirty-three times and was successful. It’s not uncommon for WWE to have their champions defend their belts at live events; this is a rather astounding number to achieve in one year alone because in total she’s defending the belt ninety-five times outside the pre-recorded Wednesday night show. WWE could have pulled a title switch on a house show at this rate, but Asuka’s too big of an attraction to cheat their audience of seeing that big moment happen on a live feed. Asuka’s official debut on the roster is going to have everyone impatiently waiting; it’s not known if she’ll be brought up the flagship show or expand Smackdown’s roster. No matter where it is, her arrival will heighten things on either brand or both if WWE went the route of having her being the only woman in the company that’s signed to both brands because she is that big of a deal. Who knows.


Alex Windsor defends her BellaTrix World Title against Queen Maya and Lady Lory at RISE 4: Warriors Rise – RISE, BellaTrix ©

Top talent from Canada, Australia, the United States and from around the United Kingdom will all be available on one ticket on September 15th. The competitors will be flocking together for RISE’s first-ever seminar and show held outside of North America, as the promotion partners up with Bellatrix for the live event in Norwich. Mercedes Martinez will be part of the seminar at the WAW House along with WWE Hall of Famer, Madusa. Alex Windsor’s first title defense happens to be the second championship match on the bill. She regained the BellaTrix World Championship for a second time back in May, when she defeated Lady Lory for the belt. Windsor is the first competitor to become a two-time BellaTrix World Champion and her matchup sees her defending the belt against the former titleholder, Lory, and Queen Maya. The six-foot-one Italian had unsuccessfully challenged Lory for the title twice back in September of last year and most recently in March. However, her losses handed Lory her first and fourth title defense as champion, her last before losing the belt to Windsor two months later.

Mercedes Martinez will be in action on the card – she goes head-to-head with the current British Ladies Champion, Skarlett. It’s also a good idea to note that neither title will be on the line in this matchup. Charli Evans’ run in the United Kingdom continues, as she goes one-on-one with Violet O’Hara. What’s left on the card is a one-on-one meeting between Shax and Deonna Purrazzo. It’s a first-time matchup and it’s also Deonna’s official debut in Europe. The 23-year old has wrestled in several places like Japan and Puerto Rico, but the closest she’s come to working in the United Kingdom is working for PROGRESS’ shows in Boston and New York City earlier this month.

– RISE, BellaTrix ©

Shotzi Blackheart is what you would consider a traveling world champion. Shotzi’s eight title defenses, with the exception of two, have been outside of RISE’s platform. In fact, she won the Phoenix Of RISE Championship on a Girls Night Out show, an event heavily promoted and created by Absolute Intense Wrestling. She ended Angel Dust’s reign back in March when she defeated her for the strap in her third title defense overall as champion and her second outside of Berwyn, Illinois. Dust had successfully retained the belt against Britt Baker two months earlier on a show for Alternative Wrestling out in South Gate, California on January 28th and before that, her first title defense came against Delilah Doom the night before in the main event of RISE 2: ASCENT.

Shotzi’s latest championship match was part of the SHIMMER tapings in July, where she defeated and retained against Hudson Envy on Volume 92. On September 15th, she defends the belt for a ninth time at the EPIC Studios in Norwich, when she takes on Chelsea Green in the show’s headliner. The event will be streamed live via FITE TV. Dust, Rosemary, Amarah, Jetta, Phobia, Amber Roxx, Jewells Malone, Erin Angel, owner of BellaTrix, Saraya Knight and more names have been announced for the event.


Two championship matches and a multiple team tournament stacks Women Superstars Uncensored’s September 9th card in Voorhees. Mercedes Martinez defends the main title against the currently undefeated, Jordynne Grace and the tag team belts will also be on the line, as current champions, Penelope Ford and Maria Manic take on the challenge of Brittany Blake and Samantha Heights. The promotion had already announced all eight competing teams for the intergender tournament and the official brackets for the first round were just completed.

Leva Bates and Greg Excellent will be taking on Dave Crist and Isla Dawn, who’s going to be working her official debut for the promotion. Willow Nightingale and Anthony Bennett’s affinity for big hair has brought together as a pair, together they will take on former Spirit Champion, Su Yung, and Blackwater. Rick Cataldo teams up with the current CZW Wired Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, “MJF” for short, as they will be going up against Veda Scott and Jason Cade. The current second tier champion, Kiera Hogan will also be in action on the show, however, it won’t involved a Spirit Title defense. She and Brandon Watts are entered into the 2017 Queen and King of the Ring tournament; their opponents will be Tim Donst and Ray Lyn.

WrestleCircus’ September 9th show will also see two championships defended.

Tessa Blanchard’s third title defense of the Sideshow Championship will surprisingly not headline this event, instead, a collision between Brian Cage and Ethan Carter III closes out the show. Her last defense of the belt took place in the show’s main event last month. She and Rachael Ellering put up their championships in the match and turned it into a winner takes all scenario, and Tessa did just that. This time around, only one of her two championships will be on the line, and it’s going to be against Kevin Condron.

Britt Baker’s got a bit of a sticky situation. She has her first title defense since winning the Big Top Tag Team belts announced for the event, however, her championship partner, Adam Cole has been scooped up by the big company in Connecticut. The circumstances regarding Cole and his availability to help defend the belts or drop the championships are really unknown and it’s likely she’ll be forced to go it alone or find a new teammate to do so. Her “new” teammate could be right there and in front of eyes – her “Fire and Nice” partner, Chelsea Green is scheduled to be in action on the show. Green, under her Laurel Van Ness moniker, will be taking on Joey Ryan and Delilah Doom. Baker and Van Ness could possibly pull the teammate switcheroo here and defend the belts against Angelico and Jack Evans, as it’s an opportunity that presents itself.

Some things that happened over the weekend and this week…

Solo Darling working Shoko Nakajima at DDT’s Tokyo Joshi Pro show on Saturday – @meow_meow0723 ©

The TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship changed hands on Saturday, as Reika Saiki defeated Yuka Sakazaki in the show’s main event. Saiki won the match with the Jackhammer; Sakazaki loses in her first title defense as champion. Yuu also successfully retained the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship in a three-way on the show. She defeated Nodoka-onesan and Marika Kobashi after getting the Last Ride on Nodoka-onesan to pick up her third successful title defense. Solo Darling is another name that was part of Saturday’s lineup at Korakuen Hall. She made her official Japanese debut for the promotion’s parent company, DDT the night before at Shinjuku FACE, as she, Cherry and Saki Akai defeated Gota Ihashi, Nobuhiro Shimatani, and Tomomitsu Matsunaga in the second match on the card… April Davids’ title defense on Friday against Lana Austin ended in a double count out… Willow Nightingale picked up another successful title defense as Starlet Champion on Thursday. She retained the belt against Tasha Steelz at New York Wrestling Connection’s show in Deer Park. Willow is now six title defenses deep into her second reign…

Britt Baker’s flight getting canceled on Saturday is one of the reasons the heavily promoted tag team match for Alternative Wrestling Show’s “Caged Hate” got changed into a three-way match. Baker was scheduled to team up with Shotzi Blackheart, who was also absent, to take on the team of Mercedes Martinez and the debuting Priscilla Kelly. Shotzi might have double-booked herself that evening; her absence was due to her defending the Lady Luck Championship against Nicole Savoy that night in Pacifica. Raze stepped in as a replacement and defeated both Priscilla and Martinez after hitting the Soul Eater on the SHINE Nova Champion for the win… There was a plethora of title defenses in Europe on Saturday. First up, Katey Harvey is no longer toting around with four titles from four different countries, as she dropped the PWU Women’s Championship to Pollyanna in No Disqualification match in Belfast. Amarah remains the DOA Women’s Champion after besting Jayde in Ipswich, Suffolk and also on Saturday, Sara retained her SSW Diamonds Championship against Ivy in Bathgate, Scotland…

Yoshiko defeated Takumi Iroha in the finals of the Ulta U-7 tournament at Korakuen Hall on Thursday. She won the matchup following a Diving Senton on Iroha and the two competitors showed respect for one another after the match and shook hands. Yoshiko had bested Mio Momono in the second round on the show, as Iroha defeated Sareee in their matchup with the Running Three. Nanae Takahashi defeated The Great Sasuke in a TLC match after hitting the Reizouko Bakudan off a ladder. Misaki Ohata and Ryo Mizunami’s series against Arisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto continues, as Avid Rival is currently leading with one win and one draw after their match on Thursday was ended at the twenty-minute, time limit draw. The Best Friends had a chance to even the score over the weekend; they defeated Mizunami and Ohata at Ice Ribbon’s show on Sunday, with Fujimoto picking up the win for her team and concluding the trilogy series. On that same show, Risa Sera successfully retained the Ice Cross Infinity Championship against Maya Yukihi in the main event, picking up her fifth title defense…

LuFisto’s going to be really busy the next couple of weeks…

She has multiple SHINE title defenses lined up for the month of September. It was already announced that her championship will yet again be on the line for Atomic Championship Wrestling’s show on September 9th when she goes one-on-one with Stefany Sinclair in a Tables Match. On Saturday, LuFisto picked up her seventh title defense as champion in Stevens, Pennsylvania against Holidead. The championship matchup marked the first time the belt had been defended in the state; her scheduled bout against Aja Perera on September 29th is going to be the belt’s debut in Tennessee.

The match will be part of Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling’s lineup in the town of Morrison. Stormie Lee, Laynie Luck, Dementia D’Rose, Ray Lyn, Tasha Simone, Zoey Skye, Tracy Taylor, Jordynne Grace, April Hunter, Holidead and more have been announced for the show. LuFisto’s opponent has not been announced for the upcoming SHINE 45, which will most likely include a title defense by the champion on September 15th. Pink Flash Kira also managed to hang onto the Rogue Dark Phase Title, fending off former champion, Angie Skye with the Air Raid Crash for the win on Saturday. It was also announced that Sienna would be part of a seminar on September 9th; she’ll be in action on the show…

Mother Nature was in her emotions over the weekend and because of the impending storm, Hurricane Harvey, several promotions in Texas canceled their events. Anarchy Championship Wrestling postponed Sunday’s show in Austin, which featured a Heavyweight Title match, with J.Cres defending the belt against Dulce “Sexy” Star. Another show that was canceled was Heavy Metal Wrestling’s show in San Antonio on Saturday. The first entrant into the Making Towns Classic, a tournament crafted and put together by Mike “Papa” Hales and company, was going to be determined on the show, as Delilah Doom was set to take on Allie Kat. Days ahead of the weather forecast, a stipulation was added to the matchup and it was announced that Doom and Allie would be facing off in a Two-Out-of-Three-Falls match, with the winner earning the first spot in the tournament.

However, because of the nature of the storm and its impact on surrounding areas, the promotion announced that they would be canceling the event and refunds on ticket purchases would be available. Hales has since announced that they have partnered with Glory Pro Wrestling and they’ll be hosting a tournament qualifier on their October 15th show and that additional matches are going to be held throughout the country and will even cross the Canadian border. For those wondering – the Making Towns Classic is a sixteen-woman tournament that will be held in one night, sometime this coming May in 2018. The winner will receive a crown and the creators behind it, are hoping to turn the tournament into a year-annual spectacle following the first one. More details will be available soon.

It’s official – Princesa Sugehit and Zeuxis are going to be facing off in a Mask vs Mask matchup on September 16th.

Princesa Sugehit is posing with Zeuxis’ mask after Monday’s matchup – Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) ©

The matchup was officially announced by CMLL a couple of days ago following the trios match this past Friday in Mexico City. Zeuxis purposely unmasked her arched nemesis during the match, which by token, led to the babyfaces claiming the first fall via disqualification in the Two-Out-Three-Falls match. Sugehit returned the favor and tugged at Zeuxis’ mask and eventually picked up the win for her team. The two competitors have been targeting each other’s masks for the last couple of weeks and it’s resulted in Zeuxis unmasking the current Mae Young Classic competitor. Thankfully Sugehit’s identity has been protected her entire career. Nobody knows what either woman looks like unmasked. Like most luchadors in Mexico, they have been able to operate under their aliases successfully and create a safe haven for their personal lives to be separated from their profession and the drama and excitement that follows it.

The mask is more than a simple prop or part of their costume, it represents the person(s) that wear it and it’s unwarranted removal by an opponent results in an automatic disqualification unless it’s under “Luchas de Apuestas” rules. Luchas de Apuestas or a wager match is a notorious matchup fought throughout lucha libre in Mexico where competitors either put their mask, hair and sometimes their career on the line depending on the match’s outcome. Sugehit is an experienced competitor in the wager matches, in fact, she’s actually had her mask gambled for four times throughout her twenty-plus year career. Her earliest matchup came against Pantera Salvaje, a fellow graduate of her wrestling school, the Escuelita Guadalupe in Monterrey, however the actual date of when this occurred and the match’s location is unknown, besides it being a live event for AAA. Sugehit retained her mask successfully and continued on with her budding career. Sugehit has donned the mask since entering the wrestling business at sixteen-years old; at the time she feared her family’s discovery of her wrestling and aside from using “Sugehit” which is one of her names, her true identity was and still is protected. In 2004, she developed a long-standing feud against “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock while working for Lucha Libre Feminil. Their rivalry led to the two competitors putting their masks on the line in a forty-five-minute matchup, with Stock losing and unmasking afterward. She again betted her mask in October of 2008 when she defeated Goddess and she too was forced to unmask.

Sugehit’s mask would be on the line again six years later. She teamed up with Marcela as part of CMLL’s “Juicio Final” and defeated Princesa Blanca and La Seductora in a match that seen Marcela and Blanca’s tresses on the line and the masked warriors fighting to keep their identities secret. After having her head shaved, a newly bald Blanca declared that she was officially retired from professional wrestling after twenty-one years in the business. Aside from being on the opposing team in trios matches during CMLL’s weekly live events, the rivalry between Princesa Sugehit and Zeuxis has really been cooking for over a year now.

Their earliest singles encounter happened about three years ago in Guadalajara, with the veteran taking the loss. They have fought each other since then on multiple occasions, even in number one contender’s ciberneticos and in marathons of trios matches. Zeuxis’ third title defense of the Mexican National Women’s belt in October of 2015 came against Sugehit. Let’s fast forward to last February – Sugehit defeated Zeuxis in a Lightning match in Puebla days after unsuccessfully challenging for the title in Mexico City. Four months later, the two would be hashing it out in a Two-Out-of-Three Falls match for the Mexican National Women’s Title. Zeuxis won the match and successfully retained the championship against Sugehit, besting her two falls to her one.

Zeuxis would be defending the belt yet again against Sugehit two weeks later in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon and again she retained, picking up her seventh title defense as champion. Sugehit’s third attempt at winning the championship happened a month later in August, and again she was unsuccessful. She finally conquered the Puerto Rican ruda though – she unseated the champion in her ninth title defense at the tail end of February this year. Sugehit’s retained the title twice against Zeuxis. Her first and second defenses were within eight days of each other in March.

Unlike her championship opponent, Zeuxis’ experience in the Lucha de Apuestas matches is not as lengthy. Back in 2010, she developed a feud against newcomer, La Silueta and sought out to unmask her from the gate and it finally happened that July in Jalisco. Zeuxis’ second wager match of her career actually occurred back in December when she unmasked La Vaquerita following a ten-woman Steel Cage match. La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit, Estrellita, Dalys, La Amapola, Sanely, Marcela and Metálica were also participants in this elimination matchup that was contested under Lucha de Apuestas rules, as it headlined CMLL’s “Infierno en el Ring” on Christmas day in Mexico City.

Zeuxis removed Princesa Sugehit’s signature mask early on in Monday’s matchup – Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) ©

The event marked the second time the female competitors had wrestled inside a steel cage; Sanely, La Jarochita, Sugehit, Metálica, La Vaquerita and Zeuxis put their masks on the line, while the other participants risked their hair being shaved depending on the outcome of the matchup. Whoever managed to escape the cage would be saved from sacrificing their locks or their mystique. Whoever remained inside the cage and was either the last person to escape or was pinned, had to come to terms with the gamble. By the fifteen-minute mark, half of the competitors had managed to escape, with La Jarochita climbing out seconds later. Marcela and Estrellita soon followed two minutes later, leaving Princesa Sugehit, Zeuxis and La Vaquerita as the final three left inside the cage. Sugehit eventually got out, seconds away from the match hitting twenty-two minutes. Zeuxis pinned La Vaquerita soon after and she was forced to unmask and reveal her real name, as part of the tradition.

Five months after unseating her adversary of the Mexican National title, Princesa Sugehit won the inaugural Copa Natalia Vázquez. She defeated thirteen other women inside the indoor arena (Arena Mexico) and lastly eliminated Zeuxis via an armbar to win the new prestigious tournament and its cup. For those wondering – Natalia Vázquez is accredited to being the first Mexican luchadora in history. However, there’s no actual proof stating this besides the fact that she and a few other women were somewhat visible representatives of lucha libre during the 1950’s or earlier. Women were prohibited from wrestling in Mexico City during the mid-1960’s and the ban wasn’t lifted until 1986. Women still continued to wrestle outside the city though, stars like Irma González, who began wrestling in 1955 and won multiple women’s titles and even women’s tag team titles alongside Irma Aguilar obtained success despite the ban. The loss of Mexico City was a definite blow for the women and lucha libre as a whole, as the city and its arena provided a platform for shows and its performers.

Monday’s live show in the federal district of Mexico City seen the two luchadoras coming to blows and their brawl being extended into the crowd. Zeuxis had pulled off Sugehit’s mask during the match and once her technica teammates had found a replacement, like her signature butterfly mask, it too was ripped to shreds by the imposing team. Like a true babyface, Sugehit refused to be outdone and went to the back and retrieved the third mask despite all of this and getting unmasked twice within a minute – once she returned, she went straight for Zeuxis and her mask. The crowd erupted when Sugehit hightailing it from backstage attacked her from behind and prevented a triple team maneuver on La Vaquerita. The matchup itself was very energetic and I recommend it as a must-see. The crowd’s participation only amplified the importance of this head-on collision and its competitors. Sugehit ultimately won the matchup and unmasked her rival while having her tied up in an inside cradle. She issued a challenge to Zeuxis, who was now wearing a substitute mask and it was accepted.

There was speculation that the upcoming match would be the bigger matchup on the September 16th show, however, it’s not the case. Gran Guerrero, one of the participants in the actual main event, stated in an interview that he believed the women could be the main ticket on the show and that both women were good and it’s also “good” that they are included on the card. That quick soundbite can be taken and chalked up to meaning anything really. It’s possible that his comment was purely genuine and he had intentions of it being just that and nothing more. I highly doubt that this guy would rather take a backseat to the women and have his matchup against Niebla Roja be the contest proceeding the main event. The women in Mexico have been given opportunities like closing out a show and competing in matchups that are sometimes only acceptable for male performers, but a division still remains. Both companies, AAA and CMLL wouldn’t win “Promotion of the Year” when it comes to valuing their female performers and sadly for the women that are not picked up and afforded an opportunity to work for either, exposure is limited in Mexico and some are forced to cross over in the United States, Puerto Rico, which isn’t any better or venture off into a Japanese career.

Whoever wins this match will have the bragging rights and another Luchas de Apuestas victory under their belt and aside from losing their mask and revealing their true identity, no championships are at stake here. Sugehit’s Mexican National Women’s belt escapes a third defense and Zeuxis’ newly won REINA International Championship, which she recently defeated Marcela for in a decision match for the vacant title won’t be on the line either. Sugehit is currently seen as a competitor in the Mae Young Classic; she’s basically on the WWE’s radar and could be signed following the success of this tournament. Sugehit getting unmasked in Mexico doesn’t hold merit over the company’s choice to offer her a contract. Instead, it’s possible that an unmasked Sugehit could re-masked under the company like Rey Mysterio, who wrestled a number of years on national television after losing his mask in 1999. She would be the first visible representation of a female luchador on WWE television and it could spark a new sensation, especially in merch sales with replicas of her mask being sold to the public. Zeuxis has been on the company’s radar in the past and reportedly took part in a tryout last September. Regardless of what happens, one of these women will be recognized by face and no longer the distinct features of their mask.

“Don’t call it a comeback,” some would say, however, in this case, a women’s promotion has announced its official return to the scene after almost eighteen-months of absence. Scotland’s premier women’s promotion, Fierce Females dropped a major announcement earlier this month that, come October 8th, the company would be up and be running again with some familiar faces in the house at The Shed in Glasgow. Thus far, the promotion has announced a plethora of names, the who’s who of wrestling in the region and also some newer competitors like Bea Priestley, Chakara, a London based competitor also making her debut, Jokey and Glasgow’s own Isla Dawn and Sammie Jo making their debuts as well for the comeback show.

– Fierce Females ©

The promotion was founded back in 2012 by Mikey Whiplash as an offshoot for Insane Championship Wrestling’s growing women’s division. After about a year and some change into running as ICW: Fierce Females, the promotion severed ties with Insane Championship Wrestling in 2014 and the women’s shows were broken off the product and were ran as stand alone shows instead, while ICW went forward with their own women’s division. Simply known now as “Fierce Females,” the promotion cited that creative differences when it came to the use of talent was the undoing of their relationship with Insane Championship Wrestling and they announced that they would be running “smaller shows” for the time being in order to get them recorded and uploaded onto YouTube – this also made it easier for the promotion to be able to run more shows frequently.

Due to the disbandment with Insane Championship Wrestling, the Scottish Women’s Championship underwent a name change too. The belt was originally known as the Fierce Females Championship and was won by Kay Lee Ray, who defeated current titleholder, Viper in the tournament final back in May of 2013. The red-headed, Scotswoman went onto hold the championship for two solid years, defending it in a Last Woman Standing match against Carmel Jacob and successfully retaining it against the likes of Awesome Kong, Sammii Jayne, and Leah Vaughan. She did drop the title, however – three weeks after reaching her championship milestone, she lost the belt via a twenty-woman rumble.

Viper stood tall as the remaining competitor in the ring and as the new Scottish Women’s Champion after Ray, Carmel, Sara-Marie Taylor, Courtney, Kasey and Leah Owens were emptied out and eliminated via over the top rope from the matchup. The new champion was attacked by her friend and former tag team partner, Bete Noire and in the months following, the two women would continue to feud, culminating in a Last Woman Standing match at the promotion’s “Freaky Friday” in October of 2015. Viper retained her title against Noire and has since held onto the championship for over 800-days and counting, with no other title defense since.

Which kind of brings up to speed on what’s going on now.

Fierce Females’ last event was a sequel to their “Rumble In The Jungle” show. It took place at the St. Lukes Calton building in Glasgow last April and it featured Danni Hunter picking up her first successful title defense of the Internet Championship against Nikki Storm. Hunter had won the championship through a four-way final that February; she defeated Sammii Jayne, Lana Austin and Storm to become the inaugural holder of the belt. Hunter has been announced for the October 8th return date, in addition to Leah Owens, Viper, Shax, Violet Vendetta, Lana Austin, and Jayla Dark, formerly known as “Bete Noire.”

What’s going on this weekend on the indies and beyond…

Winners of the 2016 King Of Trios, DASH Chisako (far left), Cassandra Miyagi, Meiko Satomura and the tournament’s finalists, Command Bolshoi, Manami Katsu & Hanako Nakamori (far right). – Dorothy Lee ©

CHIKARA will be hosting its tenth-annual King Of Trios in Wolverhampton all weekend, starting on Friday. The promotion had originally announced that the three-day tournament would be taking place in Birmingham this year, but decided to move it to a bigger venue back in June. All-sixteen of the competing teams were announced, including the return of last year’s winners, Cassandra Miyagi, DASH Chisako and the woman with the most adorable grimace in professional wrestling, Meiko Satomura. Contrary to most consumers belief, all three women represent one of the smallest Joshi promotions in all of Japan and like DIANA and newer upstarts like Actwres girl’Z, their audience is small, pulling in about two-hundred to three-hundred fans in attendance at most shows.

Their most recent event, their biggest show this year since April, which drew in over a thousand fans at Korakuen Hall, filled the building with an estimated 2, 050 fans in-house at the Niigata City Gymnasium, which seats up to four-thousand people at capacity. The show featured the promotion’s flagship belt, the Sendai Girls World Championship on the line in the main event and also a tag team title defense by Syuri and Hikaru Shida, which they lost to Miyagi and Chisako.

I strongly believe that there’s a false perception out there amongst fans that all promotions in Japan are benefitting from the booming success of World Wonder Ring STARDOM, one of the premier Joshi promotions and New Japan Pro Wrestling, whose popularity has skyrocketed in the past two years and is currently in the midst of setting up shop in Los Angeles with a subsidiary company and dojo operating in the city. However that isn’t the case; the visibility of their product has drawn the casual fan into wanting to explore the boundaries of Japanese wrestling, but it hasn’t increased the attendance at shows or the availability of the promotions’ products that don’t offer their own streaming service like Pro Wrestling WAVE or have access to networks like GAORA or Samurai TV that broadcast these shows after they are taped.

Sendai Girls has been able to successfully operate without one championship being billed on a card over the last decade since its launch. Satomura has been poised as the main star of the promotion, despite her ties as the co-founder, Meiko has been a visible representative of Sendai Girls no matter where she’s gone and wrestled. DASH Chisako and her sister, Sendai Sachiko also carried the promotion’s namesake around with them proudly, despite winning tag titles elsewhere for years before becoming the inaugural champions in 2015. Satomura was considered the de facto champion of the promotion years before winning the belt in its debut.

Satomura and her former students went head-to-head with JWP’s booker Command Bolshoi and the promotion’s stars, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu in the finals at the Palmer Center. The toppled their opponents in one of their last hoorah moments before the closure of JWP eight months later – the promotion held a press conference back in February of this year to announce their decision to fold JWP upon its twenty-fifth anniversary, stating that their current contract with their production company had expired and wasn’t renewed. Bolshoi has since moved forward and up started a new promotion, “Pure – J” along with Nakamori, the final JWP Openweight Champion and Katsu at her side; their official debut show was held on August 11th and it featured majority of JWP’s final roster working the event, in addition to freelancers like Mariko Yoshida and Yumiko Hotta.

Since winning last year’s tournament, Satomura has dropped the Sendai Girls Championship to Chihiro Hashimoto, another competitor trained at the hands of the veteran; most recently she defeated Nakamori on Pure – J’s debut and has staked her claim for a championship rematch against Hashimoto. Cassandra and DASH were supposed to be the current World Tag Team Champions, however, Miyagi’s irrational decision to give up her position as title holder due to her disinterest in holding the belts has forced the promotion to declare the belts vacant back in July. This year, everyone is representing a “house” of something, whether it be a promotion, a foreign object or like species, as opposed to being a “team” of something, all are a “House” of something. The first round matches have been announced for Friday’s show at the Starworks Warehouse. Satomura and company will be going up against Sylverhawx, Nytehawx and the current Young Lions Cup Champion, Razerhawx.

There’s a clear difference between this year’s tournament and last year’s shows. For starters, the 2016 King Of Trios consisted of fifteen of the best women’s wrestlers around making up the forty-eight competitors in the three-day tournament. Candice LeRae, “Crazy” Mary Dobson and Solo Darling (replacement for Madison Eagles) represented SHIMMER, while CHIKARA’s top stars, Princess Kimberlee and Heidi Lovelace teamed up with their male counterparts for the tournament. Lovelace’s team lost in their first round matchup against the crew from Sendai, whereas Kimber Lee’s team made it all the way to the semi finals. The “Warriors Three” lost to Meiko, DASH and Miyagi via submission, as they advanced to the finals of the three-day saga.

What else is on the card – Solo Darling will be teaming up with Travis Huckabee and Fire Ant as the “House Furies” and they’ll take on Millie McKenzie, Omari, and Kyle Fletcher, otherwise known as “House Fight Club” in another first round qualifying matchup in the 2017 King Of Trios. The quarter finals of the tournament take place on Saturday in the same city, the same venue as the winners of night before’s matches face off in the next round. The four remaining teams of trios will advance into Sunday’s show, where the semi finals will be held and a subsequent winner of the tournament will be determined, all on the same show…

Two promotions are going to be putting on doubleheaders this weekend in Europe.

Revolution Championship Wrestling has announced the final matchup for their women’s show on Saturday in Barcelona. Debbie Sharp will be taking on Dragonita in a one-on-one matchup, as the third participant, Charlie Morgan is currently out with a broken collar bone, which she sustained during Pro Wrestling: EVE’s double bookings back in July. Santana Garrett defends the Women’s belt as part of the all-female lineup at the Casinet D’Hostafrancs building. Chelsea Green challenges Garrett for the championship and if she retains, her match against Sammii Jayne the following day in Calpe will also be for the title. The first-ever RCW Tag Champions will also be decided at this show, as Oedo Tai’s Kagetsu and Thunder Rosa team up to take on Kasey and Leah Owens. Sunday’s show in Calpe will see Leah Owens facing off with Su Yung in a No Rules Street Fight…

British Empire Wrestling’s two shows will be held in Morden, London on Sunday and one of them is going to be a women’s event that will be exclusively filmed and available through STARDOM’s paid for streaming service. The promotion has announced an “I Quit” match between Kat Von Kaige and Jewells Malone, a BEW Women’s Title defense by Kasey Owens against Laurel Van Ness and a tag team matchup that sees Nina Samuels and her mystery partner, Jamie Hayter going up against Thunder Rosa and Kaitlin Diemond, in addition to singles matches between Jayde and Charli Evans, Little Miss Roxxy and Jetta and Shanna taking on Kirsty Love. The winner of Charli Evans-Jayde will go onto face Thunder Rosa on the promotion’s evening show for the AIWF International Women’s Championship…

Lana Austin and Natalie Wild face off in another matchup in the GPW Women’s Championship tournament on Friday in Wigan… The 5*Star Grand Prix continues in Yokohama on Saturday, as the next set of matches in the Red and Blue blocks will see Io Shirai taking on Kay Lee Ray and Mandy Leon going up against the current SWA World Women’s Champion, Toni Storm. Mayu Iwatani will be in action on both shows, though neither of her titles will be on the line. On Sunday, she takes on Kris Wolf in Niigata, while Yoko Bito battles Xia Brookside… Vanessa Kraven and Kylie Rae will be in one-on-one action at Inspire Pro Wrestling’s show in Austin, Texas on Sunday. The matchup will however not result in the winner getting a shot at Delilah Doom’s XX Division Championship. Instead, Doom will be apart of the show, in a tag team match as she, Davey Vega and Steve O’Reno take on J.C Res and the Hearty Hearts…

– German Wrestling Federation ©

Kaitlin Diemond has been named as the eighth competitor for German Wrestling Federation’s title tournament, which takes place this weekend in Berlin. Originally, seven women were announced for the tournament; Audrey Bride, Wesna Busic, Melanie Gray, Kira, Shanna, Alpha Female and Katey Harvey, as part of the promotion’s planned fifth women’s event to inaugurate their official Women’s Wrestling Revolution Champion… Manami Toyota’s road to retirement continues and rolls through Shinjuku FACE on Sunday as she goes up against AKINO. OZ Academy has also announced two additional matches for the show; Sonoko Kato, Shoko Sekiguchi, and Kaho Kobayashi will take on Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka and Alex Lee and Hiroyo Matsumoto and Tsubasa Kuragaki will be teaming up to take on Hikaru Shida and Yoshiko… This Sunday, Jinny goes one-on-one with Bea Priestley at Revolution Pro UK’s show at the Cockpit in London.



The Ringbelles Roundup is back until further notice and in the meantime, if you would like to contribute results, news items, especially if you are promotion or a wrestler or if you attended a show over the weekend and have pictures that are available to posted – Get in touch with me through my social media outlets, like Twitter and all credit will be given and appreciated.



Naomi gets her official title rematch against Natalya in two weeks. The matchup for the Smackdown Women’s Championship has been announced for the September 12th episode of Smackdown Live… Alexa Bliss regained the RAW Women’s Championship for a second time on Monday night in Memphis, Tennessee. She unseated Sasha Banks in her first title defense eight days after losing the belt to Banks at SummerSlam. Bliss countered the Bank Statement into a pinfall attempt and eventually got the upper hand on her opponent and hit the DDT for the win. Nia Jax arrived in the ring to celebrate Bliss’ win but instead sent the champion (hoisted up on her shoulder) crashing down to the mat. It appears that Bliss’ next title program will be against Jax… Nikki Bella has joined the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars… The first round of the Mae Young Classic has been uploaded to the WWE Network – a full review of the tournament will be posted once it’s over

Global Force Wrestling

Sexy Star’s despicable behavior during the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship on Saturday has led to an overwhelming backlash from fans and peers in the business. Former Knockouts Champion, Rosemary was injured in the melee via an armbar by the champion. Star reportedly had popped Rosemary’s arm out of place during the submission hold and even got fisticuffs with Lady Shani during the matchup. Rosemary has since posted updates on her condition on Twitter and has stated that she suffered a strained triceps/ bicep with swelling around the area. Several wrestlers have publicly denounced their utter disgust for the incident and it’s also resulted in Star being scrapped form multiple shows. You can pretty much read about the incident and everything that occurred anywhere

North America

FEST Wrestling has announced a bunch of names for its super show on October 28th in Gainesville, Florida. Su Yung will be defending her FEST Wrestling Championship against Chuck Taylor on the show, in addition to the tag team matchup that sees Laura James and Joey Ryan taking on Joey Janela and Penelope Ford. Rachael Ellering will take on Holidead. Kamilla Kane, Delilah Doom, Savannah Evans, Priscilla Kelly, Allie Kat, Trish Adora (a graduate of Team 3D Academy) and Aria Blake are some of the other names announced for the show… Skylar takes on Willow Nightingale for Limitless Wrestling on September 22nd in Westbrook, Maine… Beautiful Beaa takes on Jade Chung in a rematch for Alpha-1’s show on September 10tha Raze has another championship opportunity lined up for September 22nd, as part of a three way, she challenges Brody King and Tyler Bateman for the Santino Bros Heavyweight Championship in Downey, California. Delilah Doom will also be featured on this show, as her Sabotage Women’s Title will be on the line against Heather Monroe Miranda Vionette has been medically cleared to begin training for a comeback in wrestling after being out of action due to her pregnancy. She gave birth sometime back in July, Jessicka Havok squares off with Heather Monroe for Future Stars Of Wrestling’s upcoming show in Las Vegas on September 24th, Angelus Layne will go one-on-one with Mia Yim for NOVA Pro’s September 22nd show in Fairfax, Virginia… Rachael Ellering makes her SHIMMER debut during the Volumes 96-99 tapings on November 11-12th… Katarina Leigh, Christina Von Eerie, Shotzi Blackheart, and more September for Bar Wrestling’s September 7th show in Baldwin Park, California. The promotion has announced two matchups; Tessa Blanchard will be going up against Candice LeRae and Awesome Kong and Taya Valkyrie will meet in what appears to be a first-time match between the two competitors… Roni Nicole, Willow Nightingale and Faye Jackson square off in Keystone Championship Wrestling’s first-ever female, three-way match on October 14th… Pro Wrestling Magic has announced that their current Women’s Champion, Jordynne Grace will be part of their September 16th lineup… Erica retained her IZW Women’s Title against Soto Miyagi on Saturday in Lawton, Oklahoma… A four-way elimination, submission match has been announced for North American Wrestling Alliance’s October 14th show. The matchup will crown the “Queen” of the Underground, as the four finalists, Taya Valkyrie, Machiko, Simply Luscious and Christi Jaynes will battle it out. The promotion has also announced Kamilla Kaine’s debut for their December 2nd show… Sabotage Wrestling has begun announcing additional matches for their October 13th show in Austin that’s already headlined by the crowning of the new World Tag Team Champions, which you can read about here. The promotion has added a bunch of singles matches to the card, in addition to a title defense by Delilah Doom. Leva Bates’ opponent for her official debut will be Miranda Salinas. Vanity will be taking on Erica Torres, Shotzi Blackheart collides with Angel Blue for the very first time and Allie Kat will be going up against Hyan. Doom’s World Title will be on the line in one of the show’s main events, as she takes on Kylie Rae… Xandra Bale takes on Samantha Heights for Smash Wrestling on September 17th… Holidead, Jordynne Grace, Allysin Kay and respective champions, Ivelisse, LuFisto and Priscilla Kelly have been announced for SHINE 45 on September 15th… Jamie D defeated Jenna Van Muscles in the semi finals of the WXW Women’s tournament on Saturday in Minneola, Florida. It began back in June and was originally named after the current Women’s Champion, Mercedes Martinez, who’s in her fifth reign with the belt. Raeven Maries defeated Derby Doll in the first round, while Jamie D’s matchup against Dynamite DiDi ended in a double disqualification. Van Muscles had bested Tesia Price in their first round matchup on the June 24th show; Raeven went onto defeat DiDi in the semi finals in July… Candice LeRae, Tessa Blanchard, and Jessicka Havok are currently advertised for Pro Wrestling Revolver’s October 28th show in Clive, Iowa


Akane Fujita’s upcoming tour in the U.S will include a second stop on the west coast. SoCal Pro Wrestling has announced that the Ice Ribbon Dojo trained competitor would be apart of their lineup on September 16th, as she goes up against Kitana Vera… Mochi Miyagi attempted to challenge Tsukasa Fujimoto for the Triangle Ribbon Championship on Saturday and the matchup has been announced for this Sunday’s show in Osaka… Tokyo Joshi Pro has announced that they will be crowning their first ever tag team champions through a seven-team tournament on Saturday. However, an official start date and participating teams were not named yet… Ice Ribbon’s newest trainee, Gloria makes her official debut on October 29th at Korakuen Hall. Risa Sera has also announced that her next self-produced event, called the “Last Death Match” takes place on November 14th. This weekend, Sera will be apart of an Ice Ribbon showcase at Big Japan Wrestling’s show in Kanagawa on Saturday. Akane Fujita is her opponent… Some news coming out of WAVE’s show held today in Tokyo – Natsu Sumire made an announcement following her unsuccessful attempt at winning the tag team title straps with Rina Yamashita, that after October 9th, she will be wrestling as a freelancer and no longer a contracted wrestler with WAVE. Kaho Kobayashi and Hiroe Nagahama retained the tag belts against her and Yamashita in the main event at Shinjuku FACE, with Nagahama picking up the win with a Jaguar-Style Backdrop Hold on Sumire to walk away with their first title defense as champions. ASUKA has issued a challenge for Yamashita’s Regina di WAVE Title and the matchup has been added to the September 17th lineup at Korakuen Hall. Also, an one-day tag team tournament was announced for the same Korakuen Hall show, as the winners will become the new number one contenders to Hiroe and Kaho’s championships. The announced teams include: Takumi Iroha and Rin Kadokura, Kaori Yoneyama and Cherry, Yuki Miyazaki and Nagisa Nozaki, Kyusei Sakura Hirota and SAKI, Yumi Ohka and Mio Momono, Moeka Haruhi and Aoi Kizuki, Ryo Mizunami and Misaki Ohata and for whatever reason, the champions will also be apart of this tournament. Usually around this time, WAVE is gearing up the Dual Shock WAVE, which is a tag team tournament and in the past it’s helped crowned champions and determine the newest challengers for the belts… Hana Kimura leads the Red Stars block with six points, while double champion, Mayu Iwatani, Viper, Kagetsu and Yoko Bito follow closely behind with four points. Toni Storm is currently sitting atop the Blue Stars block with seven points. HZK is not too far behind; she has picked up three wins and has suffered one loss to make up the six points she’s collected. Kay Lee Ray has four points; Konami and Tam Nakano are the only competitors in the series to have not accumulated any points and instead, have suffered two losses thus far

Viper scored her latest victory in the 2017 5*STAR Grand Prix over her former teammate and leader of Oedo Tai, Kagetsu. Viper made the decision to leave the stable last month and join Queen’s Quest upon Io Shirai’s return – World Wonder Ring STARDOM ©

Current Standings in the 2017 5*STAR Grand Prix

Red Stars Block:

Hana Kimura [3 wins, 1 loss = 6 points]
Kagetsu [2 wins, 1 loss = 4 points]
Mayu Iwatani [2 wins, 1 loss = 4 points]
Viper [2 wins, 2 losses = 4 points]
Yoko Bito [2 wins, 2 losses = 4 points]
Hiromi Mimura [1 win, 3 losses = 2 points]
Kris Wolf [1 win, 2 losses = 2 points]
Xia Brookside [1 wins, 2 losses = 2 points]

Blue Stars Block:

Toni Storm [3 wins, 1 draw = 7 points]
HZK [3 wins, 1 loss = 6 points]
Kay Lee Ray [2 wins, 1 loss = 4 points]
Io Shirai [1 win, 1 loss, 1 draw = 3 points]
Jungle Kyona [1 win, 2 losses = 2 points]
Mandy Leon [1 win, 1 loss = 2 points]
Konami [o wins, 2 losses = 0 points]
Tam Nakano [o wins, 2 losses = 0 points]


Thunder Rosa will be taking on Athena for Ironfist Wrestling’s September 8th show in Shrewsbury… Dahlia Black takes on Jayde for HOPE Wrestling on September 8th… Kasey Owens collides with Lana Austin for Southside on September 10th… Apollo Championship Wrestling is currently running matches to crown their first Women’s Champion. Candyfloss has already made it to the semi finals of the tournament, as she defeated Mischa East back on August 5th. The promotion has announced another quarter final match up for their October 7th show at the Keetons Hall in Bermondsey. Sammi Baynz will be taking on Bea Priestley… Ayesha Raymond challenges Livvii Grace for the IPW: UK Women’s Championship on September 17th… Scottish Wrestling Alliance has announced a tag team matchup for their show on September 29th, that sees Lana Austin and Molly Spartan teaming up to take on Kasey Owens and Layla Rose… Melanie Gray defeated Pauline in one of the first round matchups of the wXw Women’s Title tournament on Friday in Münster, Germany… Rad: Pro Wrestling has booked a four-way elimination match for their September 10th show in South Shields. Ayesha Ray will compete against Thunder Rosa, Gemini and Kirsty Love, as the winner will be crowned the Women’s Dynamite Champion… Dahlia Black defeated Jinny to become the new number one contender to the PROGRESS Women’s Championship on Sunday. Blacks faces Toni Storm for the title at Chapter 55 on September 10th… Alexxis Falcon challenges Felony for the AOW Women’s Championship in Morecambe on September 30th… Pro Wrestling: EVE has announced an October date for their follow up to their upcoming show in London on September 8th. “Nasty Women” will be EVE’s tenth show this year and it’s going to be live at the Resistance Gallery on October 6th

Australia & New Zealand

Mortar’s latest title defense has been announced for New Age Wrestling’s September 9th show in Albion, as her NAW Women’s Championship will be on the line against Natasha Webb and Miss Mafia… Professional Championship Wrestling has announced that Tessa Blanchard will be heading towards the continent in November

Results (August 23rd – August 30th)

Takumi Iroha (left) and Sareee (right) going at it in the semi finals of the Ultra U-7 tournament at Korakuen Hall on Thursday – @hahaaaanmax ©

August 24: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Nanae Takahashi d The Great Sasuke; Takumi Iroha d Sareee; Yoshiko d Mio Momono; Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami- time limit draw; Yoshiko d Takumi Iroha; Manami Toyota d Kaho Kobayashi & Maruko Nagasaki

August 24: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Willow Nightingale(c) d Tasha Steelz

August 25: FutureShock Wrestling (Prestwich, Greater Manchester) – April Davids (c) vs. Lana Austin – Double Count Out

August 25: Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling (Bell Gardens, CA) – Jessica Troy & Mick Moretti d Raze & Sean Black

August 25: NXT Live (Tampa, FL) – Bianca Belair d Lacey Evans; Mandy Rose, Taynara Conti & Vanessa Borne d Rhea Ripley, Ruby Riot & Zeda; Ember Moon d Sarah Logan

August 25: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen) – Melanie Gray d Pauline

August 25: Dynamo Pro Wrestling (St. Louis, MO) – Savanna Stone d Laynie Luck & Monica Passeri

August 25: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Vaquerita, Princesa Sugehit & Sanely d La Amapola, La Comandante & Zeuxis by DQ

Augugst 25: WWE Live (Carbondale, IL) – Alicia Fox & Mickie James d Emma & Nia Jax

August 25: Championship Of Wrestling (Schiffweiler, Saarland) – Jenna d Alice

August 26: Fight Club: PRO (London, England) – Pete Dunne d Eddie Dennis, Lee Hunter, Millie McKenzie, Charli Evans, Jordan Devlin, Martina The Session Moth & Jack Sexsmith

August 26: Juggalo Championship Wrestling (Detroit, MI) – Dementia D’Rose d Amazing Maria

August 26: Cape Championship Wrestling (Cape Girardeau, MO) – Sarah Summers d Nikki Lane

August 26: PURE-J (Kanazawa, Ishikawa) – Alex Lee d Hirori; Manami Katsu & Tam Nakano d KAZUKI & Yako Fujigasaki; Megumi Yabushita d Dump Matsumoto; Command Bolshoi & Leon d Hanako Nakamori & Rydeen Hagane; Command Bolshoi d Hanako Nakamori & Alex Lee

August 26: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Raze d Mercedes Martinez & Priscilla Kelly; Peter Avalon d Hudson Envy

August 26: Pro Wrestling EGO (Jackson, MS) – Stormie Lee d Amaiya Jade

August 26: Gold Rush Pro Wrestling (Pacifica, CA) – Shotzi Blackheart(c) d Nicole Savoy

August 26: Kamikaze Pro Wrestling (Great Barr, Birmingham) – Shanna d Su Yung

August 26: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Mizuki & Nonoko d Yuki Kamifuki & Yuna Manase; Maki Ito d Azusa Takigawa; Yuu (c) d Marika Kobashi & Nodoka-Oneesan; Shoko Nakajima d Solo Darling; Meiko Satomura d Miyu Yamashita by TKO; Maho Kurone, Rika Tatsumi & Shiro Koshinaka d Yukio Sakaguchi, Martha & Saki-sama; Reika Saiki d Yuka Sakazaki (c)

August 26: Pro Wrestling Ulster (Belfast, Ireland) – Pollyanna d Katey Harvey(c)

August 26: East Bay Pro Wrestling (Pacheco, CA) – Thunder Rosa d Samara

August 26: Scottish School Of Wrestling (Bathgate, Scotland) – Sara(c) d Ivy

August 26: World Xtreme Wrestling (Minneola, FL) – Dynamite DiDi d Derby Doll; Jaime D d Jenna Van Muscles

August 26: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Mochi Miyagi d Kyuri & Miyako Matsumoto; Akane Fujita d Uno Matsuya; Hamuko Hoshi, Nao DATE & Karen DATE d Maika Ozaki, Satsuki Totoro & Ibuki Hoshi; Maya Yukihi & Maruko Nagasaki vs Risa Sera & Tsukasa Fujimoto – Time Limit Draw

August 26: East Coast Wrestling Association (Cape May County, NJ) – Candy Cartwright d Nikki Addams

August 26: TripleMania (Mexico City, Mexico) – Sexy Star(c) d Ayako Hamada, Lady Shani & Rosemary; Hernandez, La Hiedra, Mamba & Mini Psycho Clown d Big Mami, Dinastia, Estrella Divina & Mascara de Bronce

August 26: Empire Wrestling Federation (Baldwin Park, CA) – Ayoka Muharah d Ashley Grace

August 26: WWE Live (Baton Rouge, LA) – Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair d Lana & Tamina

August 26: DOA Wrestling (Ipswich, Suffolk) – Amarah(c) d Jayde

August 26: Marvelous (Tokyo, Japan) – Fairy Nipponbashi d Miki Tanaka; Kuroneko d Misaki Glico; KAORU & Chikayo Nagashima d Mio Momono & Mei Lee; Rina Yamashita d Aki Shizuku; Tomoko Watanabe & Yuu Yamagata d Takumi Iroha & Rin Kadokura

August 26: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan) – Konami & AZM d Starlight Kid & Shiki Shibusawa; Toni Storm d HZK; Kris Wolf d Viper; Hana Kimura d Hiromi Mimura; Io Shirai d Jungle Kyona; Kagetsu d Xia Brookside; Mayu Iwatani d Yoko Bito

August 26: Dutch Pro Wrestling (Hook of Holland, Netherlands) – Jimmy Gavroche & Sara Elektra d Louis van Eden & Mot van Kunder

August 26: Ring of Honor (Atlanta, GA) – Kelly Klein d Brandi Rhodes; Karen Q d Sumie Sakai

August 26: Fighting For A Cure IV (Venice, FL) – Roxy Rouge d Anna Diaz

August 26: NXT Live (Bartow, FL) – Ruby Riot d Vanessa Borne; Sonya Deville d Bianca Belair; Billie Kay & Peyton Royce d Aliyah & Liv Morgan

August 26: Impact Zone Wrestling (Lawton, OK) – Erica(c) d Soto Miyagi

August 26: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – Rebecca Payne d Trixie Trash; LuFisto(c) d Holidead; Pink Flash Kira(c) d Angie Skye; Tess Valentine d Azaelle

August 26: WWE Live (Jonesboro, AR) – Alicia Fox & Mickie James d Emma & Nia Jax

August 26: K-DOJO (Chiba, Japan) – Daigoro Kashiwa & Shiori Asahi d Kotaro Yoshino & ERINA

August 26: Change The World Wrestling (Williamstown, NJ) – Terra Calaway d Penelope Ford

August 27: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Risa Sera(c) d Maya Yukihi; KAORU d Akane Fujita; Hamuko Hoshi d Ibuki Hoshi; Manami Toyota d Asahi; Mochi Miyagi & Yoshiko d Jun Kasai & Miyako Matsumoto and Kyuri & Maika Ozaki; Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto d Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami; Maruko Nagasaki, Matsuya Uno, Satsuki Totoro & Tequila Saya d Hana DATE, Karen DATE, Nao DATE & Nori DATE

August 27: PROGRESS (Camden, Greater London) – Dahlia Black d Jinny

August 27: Pro Wrestling Championship Series (Alton, IL) – Paco Gonzalez & Savanna Stone d Angelus Layne & Makaze

August 27: STARDOM (Shizuoka, Japan) – Viper d Kagetsu; Hana Kimura d Xia Brookside; Yoko Bito d Hiromi Mimura; Toni Storm d Konami; HZK d Kay Lee Ray; Jungle Kyona, Mary Apache & Mayu Iwatani d Mandy Leon, AZM & Io Shirai; Kris Wolf d Natsuko Tora, Shiki Shibusawa & Starlight Kid

August 27: WWE Live (Tupelo, MS) – Alicia Fox & Mickie James d Emma & Nia Jax

August 27: WWE Live (Monroe, LA) – Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair d Lana & Tamina

August 27: Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling (Tampa, FL) – Brandon Law, Katalina Perez & Tony Lewis d Josh Grady, Nora Pryce & Rodd Grimes

August 27: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Kaori Yoneyama d Moeka Haruhi; Yumi Ohka d Nagisa Nozaki; Hikaru Shida & Mio Momono d Fairy Nihonbashi & Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru; Natsu Sumire & Rina Yamashita d Rin Kadokura & Takumi Iroha; Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami d Hiroe Nagahama, Kaho Kobayashi & Yuki Miyazaki

August 27: Definitive Wrestling International (Ruskin, FL) – Kikyo d Ultra Tiger

Brandi Rhodes has Karen Q grounded on the mat at Northeast Wrestling’s show on Sunday in Wappingers Fall, New York – @ZekeDane ©

August 27: Northeast Wrestling (Wappingers Falls, NY) – Brandi Rhodes d Karen Q

August 27: Wrestling Stars (Chateau Gontier, France) – Angel’s Bombita & Miss Agathe d Betty Trash & Calypso

August 27: CWF Hollywood (Port Hueneme, CA) – Ray Lyn d Jessica Troy

August 27: WRESTLE-1 (Chiba, Japan) – Antonio Honda & Apple Miyuki d Igarashi Noa & Kaji Tomato; Apple Miyuki d Ganseki Tanaka, Hiroshi Yamato, Hoshitango, Jake Omen, Kaji Tomato, Kim Yocchan, Masayuki Kono, Masayuki Mitomi, Ricky Fuji & Shiori Asahi

August 28: WWE Live (Texarkana, AR) – Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair d Lana & Tamina

August 28: Monday Night RAW (Memphis, TN) – Emma d Mickie James; Alexa Bliss d Sasha Banks(c)

August 28: TAKA & Taichi Produce Season 2 (Tokyo, Japan) – Bambi d ERINA

August 29: Lucha Forever (Manchester, Greater London) – Bubblegum & Lana Austin d Chief Deputy Dunne & Kip Sabian; Bea Priestley d Charli Evans; Alex Windsor d Su Yung

August 29: Sendai Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – Meiko Satomura d Mika Shirahime; DASH Chisako & Chihiro Hashimoto d Cassandra Miyagi & Heidi Katrina

August 30: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto d Ibuki Hoshi & Karen DATE; Kyuri, Maika Ozaki d Satsuki Totoro & Nao DATE; Miyako Matsumoto d Akane Fujita; Maruko Nagasaki & Mochi Miyagi d Tequila Saya & Maya Yukihi

August 30: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Moeka Haruhi d Aoi Kizuki d Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami; Kaori Yoneyama & Cherry d Nagisa Nozaki & Yuki Miyazaki; Yumi Ohka d Mio Momono; SAKI & Rin Kadokura d Fairy Nipponbashi & Kyusei Sakura Hirota; ASUKA vs Hikaru Shida- Time Limit Draw; Hiroe Nagahama(c) & Kaho Kobayashi(c) d Sumire Natsu & Rina Yamashita


Upcoming (September 1st – December 16th)

August 31: Lucha Forever (Birmingham, West Midlands) – Jinny vs Sammii Jayne

September 1: Grand Pro Wrestling (Wigan, Greater Manchester) – Lana Austin vs Natalie Wild

September 1: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Marcela, Princesa Sugehit & Silueta vs Amapola, Dalys & Zeuxis

September 1: Fight Factory Pro Wrestling (East Wall. Dublin) – Katey Harvey vs Debbie Keitel vs Valkyrie

September 1: CHIKARA (Wolverhampton, West Midlands) – DASH Chisako, Cassandra Miyagi & Meiko Satomura vs Sylverhawx, Razerhawx & Nytehawx; Omari, Kyle Fletcher & Millie McKenzie vs Fire Ant, Travis Huckabee & Solo Darling

September 1: HOPE Wrestling (Derby, Derbyshire) – Shax vs Sierra Loxton

September 2: Big Japan Wrestling (Kanagawa, Japan) – Risa Sera vs Akane Fujita

September 2: CHIKARA (Wolverhampton, West Midlands)

September 2: German Wrestling Federation (Berlin, Germany) – Shanna; Kaitlin Diemond; Audrey Bride; Wesna Busic; Kira; Alpha Female; Melanie Gray; Katey Harvey

September 2: STARDOM (Yokohama, Japan) – Toni Storm vs Mandy Leon; Konami vs Tam Nakano; Viper vs Xia Brookside; Io Shirai vs Kay Lee Ray; Hiromi Mimura vs Mayu Iwatani

September 2: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Vaquerita, Lady Maravilla & Sanely vs La Comandante, La Seductora & Tiffany

September 2: Wrestle Island (Birkenhead, Merseyshire) – Warren Banks vs Jayde vs Terry Isit

September 2: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Santana Garrett(c) vs Chelsea Green; Su Yung vs Kobra Moon; Hana Kimura vs Sammii Jayne; Thunder Rosa & Kagetsu vs Kasey Owens & Leah Owens; Killer Kelly vs Camille; Dragonita vs Debbie Sharpe

September 2: The Wrestling League (Ipswich. Suffolk) – Candyfloss & TBA vs Harley Rae & TBA

September 2: The Crash (Tijuana, Baja California) – Desi Derata; Keyra

September 2: DOA Wrestling (March, Cambridgeshire) – Jewells Malone vs Nightshade vs Little Miss Roxxy

September 3: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Calpe, Spain) – Santana Garrett vs Sammii Jayne; Leah Owens vs Su Yung; Kagetsu, Hana Kimura & Dragonita vs Debbie Sharp, Camille & Killer Kelly

September 3: STARDOM (Niigata, Japan) – Mayu Iwatani vs Kris Wolf; Konami vs Io Shirai; Toni Storm vs Tam Nakano; HZK vs Mandy Leon; Jungle Kyona vs Kay Lee Ray; Yoko Bito vs Xia Brookside

September 3: Revolution Pro Wrestling: UK (London, England) – Jinny vs Bea Priestley

September 3: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Aja Kong vs Kaori Yoneyama; Aoi Kizuki vs Rina Yamashita; Manami Toyota vs AKINO; Hiroyo Matsumoto & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs Hikaru Shida & Yoshiko; Sonoko Kato, Shoko Sekiguchi & Kaho Kobayashi vs Mayumi Ozaki, Yumi Ohka & Alex Lee

September 3: PURE-J (Osaka, Japan) – Leon vs Rydeen Hagane; Yako Fujigasaki vs Natsumi Maki; Command Bolshoi, Manami Katsu & Miyuki Takase vs KAZUKI, Hanako Nakamori & Saori Anou; Bolshoi Kid & Fake Leon vs. Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru & Hibiscus Mii; Hanako Nakamori vs Mei Lee

September 3: FREEDOMS (Osaka, Japan) – Yuya Susumu & Hamuko Hoshi vs Idea & Mochi Miyagi

September 3: British Empire Wrestling (Morden, London) – Kasey Owens(c) vs Laurel Van Ness; Jewells Malone vs Kat Von Kaige; Thunder Rosa & Kaitlin Diemond vs Nina Samuels & Jamie Hayter; Shanna vs Kirsty Love; Jetta vs Little Miss Roxxy; Jayde vs Charli Evans

September 3: Ice Ribbon (Osaka, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto(c) vs Mochi Miyagi & Hamuko Hoshi; Kyuri vs Rin Kadokura; Maika Ozaki & Uno Matsuya vs Tequila Saya & Satsuki Totoro; Miyako Matsumoto vs Ibuki Hoshi; Rina Yamashita vs Akane Fujita; Risa Sera & Maya Yukihi vs Maruko Nagasaki & Mio Momono

September 3: Inspire Pro Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Delilah Doom, Davey Vega & Steve O Reno vs The Hearty Hearts & J. C Res; Vanessa Kraven vs Kylie Rae

September 3: CHIKARA (Wolverhampton, West Midlands)

September 3: DIANA (Kanagawa, Japan) – Kyoko Inoue vs Shiori Akiba; Megumi Yabushita vs Yuiga; Kaoru Ito vs Keiko Aono

September 3: Lucha Memes (Coacalo, Mexico) – Keira vs Makabre; Silueta vs Diosa Quetzal

September 3: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Tsubasa Kuragaki & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs Hikaru Shida & Yoshiko; Manami Toyota vs AKINO; Sonoko Kato, Shoko Sekiguchi & Kaho Kobayashi vs Mayumi Ozaki, Alex Lee & Yumi Ohka

September 3: FEST Wrestling (Gainesville, FL) – Leva Bates vs Karleena Gore; Aria Blake vs Trish Adora; Veda Scott; Priscilla Kelly vs Beastly Brody

September 4: Marvelous (Tokyo, Japan)

September 7: Bar Wrestling (Baldwin Park, CA) – Tessa Blanchard vs Candice LeRae; Awesome Kong vs Taya Valkyrie; Shotzi Blackheart; Christina Von Eerie

September 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Leah Owens vs Sammii Jayne(c)

September 8: Ironfist Wrestling (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) – Thunder Rosa vs Athena

September 8: HOPE Wrestling (Mansfield, Nottingham) – Jayde vs Dahlia Black

September 9: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX) – Tessa Blanchard(c) vs Kevin Condron; Laurel Van Ness vs Joey Ryan vs Delilah Doom; Britt Baker(c) & TBD vs Jack Evans & Angelico

September 9: Defy Wrestling/ ECCW (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Nicole Matthews(c) vs Scotty Mac vs Adonis vs Shreddz

September 9: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Nicole Matthews vs Christina Von Eerie

September 9: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – Manami vs Mio Momono; Aja Kong, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Heidi Katrina vs Mika Shirahime, Alex Lee & Hana Kimura; Chihiro Hashimoto & Aasa Maika vs Emi Sakura & Meiko Satomura; DASH Chisako & KAORU vs Rin Kadokura & Hikaru Shida

September 9: New Age Wrestling Australia (Albion, Victoria) – Miss Mafia vs Natasha Webb vs Mortar(c)

September 9: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

September 9: Pro Wrestling Revolution (King City, CA) – Akane Fujita vs Nicole Savoy

– Women Superstars Uncensored ©

September 9: Women Superstars Uncensored (Voorhees, NJ) – Mercedes Martinez(c) vs Jordynne Grace; Leva Bates & Greg Excellent vs Isla Dawn & Dave Crist; Willow Nightingale & Anthony Bennett vs Su Yung & Blackwater; Maria Manic(c) & Penelope Ford(c) vs Brittany Blake & Samantha Heights; Ray Lyn & Tim Donst vs Kiera Hogan & Brandon Watts; Rick Cataldo & MJF vs Veda Scott & Jason Cade

September 9: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – LuFisto(c) vs Stefany Sinclair; Allysin Kay; Pink Flash Kira(c); Ray Lyn

September 9: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Ottawa, Ontario) – Alexia Nicole vs Dsh Bison(c)

September 10: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Bedford, Bedfordshire) – Kasey Owens(c) vs Lana Austin

September 10: Rad: Pro Wrestling (South Shields, England) – Ayesha Ray vs Thunder Rosa vs Kirsty Love vs Gemini

September 10: KAZUKI & Megumi Yabushita Produce (Tokyo, Japan) – Jaguar Yokota, Takako Inoue & Command Bolshoi vs Hamuko Hoshi, Ayako Sato & Rin Kadokura

September 10: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Kay Lee Ray vs Mandy Leon; Io Shirai vs Tam Nakano; Jungle Kyona vs HZK; Mayu Iwatani vs Xia Brookside; Viper vs Hiromi Mimura; Yoko Bito vs Kris Wolf; Kagetsu vs Hana Kimura

September 10: Alpha-1 Wrestling (St. Catharines, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa vs Jade Chung

September 10: PROGRESS Wrestling (London, England) – Toni Storm(c) vs TBD

September 10: Defy Wrestling (Tacoma, WA) – Taya Valkyrie vs Desi DeRata

September 10: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Hyogo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata vs Yuki Miyazaki

September 10: SENDAI Girls (Niigata, Japan) – Chihiro Hashimoto vs Mika Shirahime; Yusaku Obata & Kohei Sato vs James Raideen & Hartley Jackson; DASH Chisako & Meiko Satomura vs Aja Kong & Manami Toyota; Shinjiro Otani & Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs Masato Tanaka & Tank Nagai

September 13: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan)

September 15: SHINE 45 (Ybor City, FL) – LuFisto(c); Allysin Kay; Priscilla Kelly(c); Ivelisse; Jordynne Grace; Holidead

September 15: RISE 4: Warriors Rise / BellaTrix (Norwich, Norfolk) – Queen Maya vs Alex Windsor(c) vs Lady Lory; Mercedes Martinez vs Skarlett; Shotzi Blackheart(c) vs Chelsea Green; Shax vs Deonna Purrazzo; Charli Evans vs Violet O’Hara; Nikki Knight; Jewells Malone; Angel Dust; Erin Angel; Amarah; Jetta; Leia Elise; Miss Mina; Domina; Saraya Knight; Rosemary; Karama; Innocence; Phobia; Amber Roxx

September 15: REINA Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan)

September 16: F.I.G.H.T Wrestling (Rockville, MD) – Brittany Blake; Kelly Klein

September 16: Wrestle Midlands (Sandwell, West Midlands) – Nightshade vs Shax vs Jasabel

September 16: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Britt Baker vs Tessa Blanchard(c); Alexia Nicole

September 16: Premiere Wrestling Xperience (Shelby, NC) – Aerial Monroe vs Lady Katherine Darcy

September 16: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

September 16: Pro Wrestling Magic (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Jordynne Grace(c) vs TBA

September 16: SoCal Pro Wrestling (Oceanside, CA) – Akane Fujita vs Kitana Vera

September 16: STARDOM (Takaoka, Japan) – Kagetsu vs Kris Wolf; Mandy Leon vs Tam Nakano; Hana Kimura vs Viper; Jungle Kyona vs Konami

September 16: Burning Hearts Fighting Entertainment – (Camberwell, London)

September 16: Hikaru Shida Produce (Tokyo, Japan) – Hikaru Shida vs Masato Tanaka

September 16: Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling (Hazelton, PA) – Sammi Pandora; Allie Recks

– Discory Wrestling ©

September 16: Discovery Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Debbie Sharp vs Ayesha Ray

September 17: Insane Championship Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kasey Owens(c) vs Little Miss Roxxy

September 17: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Rina Yamashita(c) vs ASUKA

September 17: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan)

September 17: IPW: UK (Rochester, England) – Ayesha Raymond vs Livvii Grace (c)

September 17: SMASH Wrestling (Etobicoke, Ontario) – Xandra Bale vs Samantha Heights

September 18: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Mayu Iwatani vs Kagetsu; Viper vs Yoko Bito; Hiromi Mimura vs Xia Brookside; Io Shirai vs HZK; Konami vs Mandy Leon; Hana Kimura vs Kris Wolf; Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray; Jungle Kyona vs Tam Nakano

September 18: Marvelous (Kanagawa, Japan)

September 18: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Nanae Takahashi vs Tsukasa Fujimoto

September 22: National Pro Wrestling League (Petaluma, CA) – Gisele Shaw vs Nicole Savoy; Taeler Hendrix; Shotzi Blackheart vs Alexia Nicole vs Samara; Holidead

September 22: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Fairfax, VA) – Mia Yim vs Angelus Layne

September 22: Santino Bros. Wrestling (Downey, CA) – Raze vs Tyler Bateman(c) vs Brody King; Delilah Doom(c) vs Heather Monroe

September 22: Limitless Wrestling (Westbrook, ME) – Skylar vs Willow Nightingale

September 23: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan) – Leon vs Alex Lee; Aoi Kizuki vs Saori Anou; KAZUKI vs Manami Katsu

September 23: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Leva Bates vs Rory Gulak vs Dominic Garrini vs Chase Oliver vs GPA

September 23: Pro Wrestling Chaos (Thornbury, Bristol) – Veda Scott vs Sierra Loxton

September 23: Ice Ribbon (Kanagawa, Japan)

September 24: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – DASH Chisako & KAORU vs Alex Lee & Mika Shirahime; Chihiro Hashimoto(c) vs Meiko Satomura

September 24: Future Stars Of Wrestling (Las Vegas, NV) – Jessicka Havok vs Heather Monroe

September 24: Beyond Wrestling (Worchester, MA) – LuFisto & Jordynne Grace vs Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

September 24: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Aichi, Japan)

September 28: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

September 29: Main Event Wrestling (Longbenton, North Tyneside) – Debbie Sharp & Sammii Jayne vs Gemini & Little Miss Roxxy

September 29: Tennessee All-Pro Wrestling (Morrison, TN) – LuFisto(c) vs Aja Perera; Jordynne Grace; Stormie Lee; Laynie Luck; Holidead; Dementia D’Rose; Zoey Skye; Tracy Taylor; April Hunter; Tasha Simone; Ray Lyn

September 29: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Paisley, Renfrewshire) – Lana Austin & Molly Spartan vs Kasey Owens & Layla Rose

September 30: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Samara vs Deonna Purrazzo; Raze vs Nicole Savoy(c); Leva Bates & Renee Michelle vs Sage Sin & Buggy Nova

September 30: Alpha Omega Wrestling: UK (Morecambe, Lancashire) – Alexxis Falcon vs Felony(c)

September 30: Pro Wrestling Syndicate (Metuchen, NJ) – Kelly Klein, Annie Social & Maria Manic vs Missy Sampson, Brittany Savage & Tai

September 30: 3 Count Wrestling (Northallerton, North Yorkshire) – Sammii Jayne vs Jetta

September 30: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

October 5: Lucha Forever (London, England) – Viper; Bea Priestley

October 6: Big Time Wrestling (Fremont, CA) – Dementia D’Rose(c) vs Shotzi Blackheart

October 6: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

October 7: Warriors of Wrestling (Staten Island, NY) – Davienne vs Skylar; Taeler Hendrix vs Allie Recks; Aja Perera vs Vanity; Terra Calaway & Aria Cadenza vs C-Bunny & Willow Nightingale; Nyla Rosa vs Holidead; Nikki Addams(c) vs Jordynne Grace

October 7: Apollo Championship Wrestling (Bermondsey, London) – Bea Priestley vs Sammi Baynz

October 8: Mucha Lucha Atlanta (Atlanta, GA) – Priscilla Kelly vs Kiera Hogan vs Kamilla Kane

October 8: Fierce Females (Shawlands, Glasgow) – Lana Austin; Bete Noire; Bea Priestley; Danni Hunter; Leah Owens; Shax; Chakara; Jokey; Isla Dawn; Sammie Jo

October 9: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

October 13: AAW (LaSalle, IL) – Rachael Ellering vs Allysin Kay; Candice LeRae vs Britt Baker

October 14: North American Wrestling Alliance (Dallas, TX) – Christi Jaynes vs Machiko vs Simply Luscious vs Taya Valkyrie

October 14: Keystone Championship Wrestling (Darby, PA) – Roni Nicole vs Willow Nightingale vs Faye Jackson

October 15: Absolute Wrestling Entertainment (Hamilton, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa vs Chelsea Green

October 20: SHINE 46 (Ybor City, FL)

October 21: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Nicole Savoy; Jordynne Grace

October 27: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Manami Toyota vs Sakura Hirota

October 27: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA)

October 28: Canuck Pro (Toronto, Ontario) – Session Moth Martina vs Joey Ryan

October 28: Pro Wrestling Chaos (Hanham, Bristol) – Viper; Sierra Loxton; Jetta; Jamie Hayter; Rhia O’Reilly; Jinny; Dahlia Black; Martina

October 28: Pro Wrestling Revolver (Clive, IA) – Candice LeRae; Tessa Blanchard; Jessicka Havok

October 29: OZ Academy (Kanagawa, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto(c) vs Yoshiko; Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka vs AKINO(c) & Kaho Kobayashi(c)

October 29: FEST Wrestling (Gainesville, FL) – Aria Blake; Priscilla Kelly; Allie Kat; Su Yung(c) vs Chuck Taylor; Kamilla Kane; Delilah Doom; Trish Adora; Savannah Evans; Laura James & Joey Ryan vs Joey Janela & Penelope Ford; Holidead vs Rachael Ellering

November 3: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Delilah Doom vs Veda Scott; Su Yung vs Kylie Rae

November 10: RISE 5: Rising Sun (Berwyn, IL)

November 11: SHIMMER 96-97 (Berwyn, IL) – Rachael Ellering

November 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 12: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 12: SHIMMER 98-99 (Berwyn, IL) – Rachael Ellering

November 17: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Chelsea Green vs Joey Ryan; Penelope Ford vs Rachael Ellering; Mia Yim vs Sumie Sakai

November 18: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Mia Yim vs Veda Scott vs Penelope Ford vs Taya Valkyrie vs Chelsea Green vs Sumie Sakai

November 24: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Fairfax, VA)

November 24-26: WrestleCade (Winston Salem, NC)

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

December 1: RISE 6: Brutality / Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA)

December 2: British Empire Wrestling (U.K) – Savannah Summers; Saraya Knight; KC Spinelli

December 2: North American Wrestling Alliance (Dallas, TX) – Kamilla Kaine

December 16: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Bea Priestley vs Taya Valkyrie

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