CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. #121 Review: Championship Scramble

To kick off the show, Modern Vintage Wrestling Champion Jason Kincaid visits CWF to put his title on the line against Chip Day. It’s funny, prior to this match, I’ll admit that I never really cared too much for either of these guys. The few times I’ve seen them wrestle, they never did much to leave a memorable impression on me. That is, until now.

Who would’ve thought all it took for me to become a fan of these guys was to see these two to tear it up in a CWF ring? Chip Day and Jason Kincaid had a very good match. It started off pretty methodical and slow paced, a pace which Day retained some captivating offense I might add; constantly going for Kincaid’s leg. Then, when things picked up, Kincaid showcased some mind blowing athleticism I didn’t know he had in him. At one point, nailing Day with some sort of spinning top rope facebuster, one of many cool spots in this match. The finish to this match was awesome. After a general back and forth, Day hit a General Knee for a near fall, only to lock in a Heel Hook. Kincaid managed to grab the ropes. Back on their feet, Day went for the Heel Hook again, but Kincaid turned it into an Inside Cradle for the win and retain in 8:30. Honestly, if I didn’t see the 1st Round Mae Young Classic matches this past weekend, I would be quick to call Kincaid vs Day the best match I’ve seen all week. Great stuff. Hope to see more of Kincaid in future CWF shows.

Just like they did before the match, Day and Kincaid shake hands in the middle of the ring. Interestingly enough, their good show of sportsmanship gets interrupted by the arrival of Rising Generation League Champion, Cain Justice. He stares them both down to make sure they know that they’re standing in his ring. There’s no altercation though, as Justice is merely ready to defend his title against rival Dirty Daddy.

As soon as he hits the ring and the bell sounds, Dirty Daddy trades blows with Justice. This whole match is just a nonstop fight–and an entertaining one at that–with some high spots in between. Dirty Daddy especially really played his role well. Not just as a babyface you want to see win, but as a guy who is in a blood feud with Cain Justice. Dirty Daddy has always been a happy-go-lucky character–practically a comedy character–but whenever he looks at Justice across from him, his eyes are filled with boiling rage. Really sells how hot this feud is. As for Justice, he continues to impress me every time he steps in the ring. I said it before, but I’ll say it again: I can see this guy as the top heel in CWF the more he improves. His MMA offense makes him feel like a legit competitor, and his cocky attitude makes him out to be someone you love to hate. All of these components made for a damn good match. I’m tempted to say it was better than the last match. Honestly, it just might’ve been.

The final minutes sees both men hit a lot of big spots and reversals. Both men almost knock each other out with a simultaneous elbow to each other’s temple. Dirty reverses a Justice’s DVD into a Yoshi-Tonic. Later, this one almost ends in a TKO thanks to a series of knockout blows from Justice, who eventually locks in his Twist Ending for the submission victory and title retain in 7:34.

Next up, we get a 6-way Scramble Match to determine the #1 Contender to Trevor Lee’s CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. The competitors are Arik Royal, Beau Crocket, Mike Mars, Aaron Biggs, Mecha Mercenary, and Snooty Fox. Bodies were being flung left to right from bell to bell. Not gonna lie, kind of hard to get into this one. Multi-man matches are hard to get into for me. There’s so much going on in the ring and so little to care about. Weird how that works. This match did nothing to me, but luckily it was short and the finish was interesting at least since the winner was an interesting pick to win. Mecha Mercenary got the win with a Cross body on Crocket for the win in 5:37. Never would’ve imagined Mercenary in the main event picture, but we’ll see what he has in store for this title match happening immediately after the Scramble.

Trevor Lee vs Mecha Mercenary for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship. Mecha really impressed me tonight. He made a great monstrous babyface who you still wanted to root for despite the fact he had the size advantage. It was strength vs speed and it was entertaining. The only problem was that I don’t think anybody believed that Mecha was winning tonight, at least I didn’t. Not because I don’t see Mecha as champion in the future, but because I don’t see Lee’s 400+ day title reign ending with a last minute match with no build. Nonetheless, this was entertaining match with Lee getting the win after a thunderous moonsault slam on the big man. Interestingly enough, Mecha kicked out immediately after 3. Maybe there’s a rematch in the works, but for now, Lee is still the champ.

Afterwards, Arik Royal comes out and says he’ll be damned if Lee beats his record as the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. Despite just going through a grueling 20+ minute match, Lee challenges Royal to fight him right now. Royal instead opts to face Lee for the title at their upcoming September 9th show. A big main event is set for CWF For the Record before we close out a great episode of CWF television.

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