CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Ep. #122: Skyler and Kincaid Steal the Show

We open with a promo from The All Stars. They all put over Roy Wilkins and his “Golden Ticket” over big time before Wilkins wrestles Montana Black. The match is all Montana until the end when The Coach distracts the ref while Montana had him pinned. Behind the ref’s back, he tosses Wilkins some brass knucks and Wilkins uses them to lay out Montana for the win in 6:48.

Maybe it’s just me, but this was kind of a boring match to me. Nothing of it was interesting for me. We haven’t seen Wilkins in several weeks and, unless I’m forgetting an episode, we’ve never seen Montana Black. I just didn’t feel like I had a reason to care about this one. It’s not like either man gave a bad performance. Wilkins is a technical genius and Montana is one imposing tree of a man, but together, they couldn’t captivate me.

In Rising Generation League action, its Slade Porter vs Cam Carter. This mostly was a showcase for Carter to showcase his fast paced style as a babyface in peril. Porter was fine in his role in getting the heat, but something about his delivery on some moves seemed off. Made him look green. Carter, on the other hand, looked really impressive, especially when he hit a big ole Frog Splash for the win in 5:16. Looks like they’re building Carter up as the next contender for Cain Justice’s RGL Championship. Interested to see that as it should make for a good match.

For the second week in a row, Jason Kincaid is in CWF to defend his Modern Vintage Championship, this time against John Skyler. This was SUCH a great match. From the very start, the match was pulsating with high energy. Even before the fast paced dynamic kicked into high gear, you just feel the energy between these two. Whether its the animosity of their rivalry, the stakes of the match, or just the natural flow of the match, everything just clicked for the better between the two. Great chemistry. These two just killed it tonight. Everything was just awesome, right down to the finish where Skyler reversed a top rope hurricanrana, tried to turn it into a Southern Salvation, then Kincaid reverses it in mid-air with a Stunner for the win in 18:56. Watch it by any means necessary. MOTY candidate right here.

From a main event worthy match to the main event, we got an 6-Man Tag pitting The Dawson Brothers and CW Anderson vs Sandwich Squad and Chet Sterling. Obviously, this wasn’t going to be anywhere near as good as that last match, but as far as just chaotic tag team wrestling goes, this was a fun bout. The finish came after CW Anderson took the pin and win in 10:23 after Biggs ate a Back Suplex/Lariat combo from The Dawson Brothers. Post-match, the heels takeout Sterling until the lights go out. Ric Converse appears and stares down Anderson. The heels leave the ring. Sterling deems Converse the fourth man for his upcoming War Games match to end a pretty good episode.

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