Lucha Underground 9/13/2017 Review: Cien

The monumental 100th episode of Lucha Underground kicks off with Worldwide Underground giggling over some kind of an ID card. We don’t see it yet, but Taya says that Johnny Mundo isn’t going to like this. On cue, the Lucha Underground Champion strolls in to find out that his biggest fanboy, Ricky Mandel, has gotten his name legally changed to Ricky Mundo . Johnny Mundo isn’t impressed and says there is room for only one Mundo in the Worldwide Underground. Ecstatic to learn he’s finally an official member of the team, Ricky gives Johnny a big ole hug.  Johnny reminds his stable that there are more pressing matters at hand tonight since it’s the 100th episode of Lucha Underground. To mark the occasion, he plans to take Prince Puma to Slam Town.

In the ring, we kick off the 100th episode in style with an Atomicos Match between Team Puma (comprised of Prince Puma, Fenix, Sexy Star, and Cage) and Worldwide Underground (represented by Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Taya, and Ricky Mandel). Although Santos announces him as Ricky Mandel, he corrects her and announces he changed his name to Ricky Mundo, though Johnny Mundo says since Ricky didn’t ask if he could change his name, he’s going to put Ricky on the sidelines for tonight. And since Jack Evans is injured, Mundo replaces Mandel with Marty the Moth.

It doesn’t take long before things break down. Within five minutes, we’re launched into high octane action with dives and flips galore. In the midst of the tag team chaos, after the referee forces Cage to take off his gauntlet, Jeremiah Crane comes and steals it. Cage chases after him, making this a 3-on-4 Handicap Match. Near the end, after a few double team moves between Black and Mundo on Puma, Mundo pins Puma with End of the World for the win. After the match, Marty the Moth gets a hold of Melissa Santos. She tries to slap him away with a barrage of slaps, but all it does is turn Marty on. That is until Fenix lays out Marty with the hardest, loudest Super Kick I’ve ever seen/heard. As for the match itself, honestly, it was kind of underwhelming. Not many memorable spots, a lot shorter than I expected, and just felt like a filler match. The stories behind the match weren’t emphasized as much as I would’ve liked. Also, the finish kind of makes it too obvious that Puma is winning at Ultima Lucha Tres. I mean, it’s just wrestling logic 101: the guy who beats his opponent on a regular episode/show will lose at the big event. Just a prediction/assumption. Still, fact remains that the match didn’t do much for me.

Back from the break, Jeremiah Crane brings the gauntlet to Catrina, but refuses to give it to her, saying he has something he wants first: a kiss. Before Crane could get his wish, Mil Muertes spears Crane off-screen. She picks it up, but is met by Cage’s hands around her throat. For a secret lair, Mil and Catrina’s lair isn’t very secretive. Anyway, Catrina tries to disappear to escape Cage’s clutch, but apparently, the gauntlet is more powerful than her and won’t let her leave. She drops it and then she’s gone. Cage goes to pick up the gauntlet, but Mil fights him off. It’s a Triple Threat between Crane, Mil, and Cage, but while that fight goes on, Dario Cueto takes the gauntlet from the shadows.

Back at ringside, we get a shocking announcement that next week, we’ll see Marty the Moth and Mariposa take on Fenix and Melissa Santos. But for tonight, her duties still lie as an announcer. She announces our next match, which is for the last of the seven Aztec Medallions: Pentagon Dark vs Dragon Azteca Jr. Now, this was a match worthy of the 100th episode! Far from the best match in the show’s history, but it had all the elements that made the show such a success–wrestling wise–to begin with. The action was slick, quick, and eye-popping with one crazy move after another. One of those moves included a corkscrew crossbody off the top rope to the outside from Azteca, a dropkick to an upside down Dragon against the ropes from Pentagon, and one big ole DDTJ outta nowhere from Dragon. The match ends when Dragon goes to the top rope, Pentagon sweeps his legs, and plants him with a Package Piledriver for the win and the last medallion. Very good match.

After the match, as per usual with Pentagon, he goes to break his opponent’s arm. Instead, surprisingly Matanza makes the save. We nearly get an unofficial rematch from Ultima Lucha Dos, but Dario Cueto wards his monster off, waving his key in his face. After Pentagon shoulder brushes Matanza out of his way and leaves, Dario tells Matanza to beat up Dragon instead. Matanza absolutely decimates the poor guy until he’s left unconscious. Rey Mysterio makes the save.

After Dragon gets wheeled off on a stretcher, we get our main event: Rey Mysterio vs Matanza. This is your typical ultimate underdog match, but its one that is played up really well. Mysterio, as always, plays the perfect little man in a big dog fight. Matanza, as always, is scary as hell in the role of a mindless brute with too much strength for his own good. The dynamic made for an entertaining bout. The final sequence sees Mysterio hit Matanza with a 619 into a chair. He goes for the splash only for Matanza to toss the chair into Mysterio’s surgically repaired leg. From there, Matanza starts flinging mysterio every which way but loose. Mysterio gets a small burst of a comeback, until he goes for a moonsault. Matanza catches him in mid-air and slams him to the mat with Wrath of the Gods for the win. After the match, Matanza starts destroying Mysterio with a chair, wraps the chair around his neck, and as Matt Striker put it, Matanza “Pillmanizes” him. Then, to close out what was a pretty good episode, Matanza carries Mysterio’s limp body to the back.

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