IWA Mid South 09/14/17 Ted Petty Invitational 2017 Night 1 Results

IWA Mid South 09/14/17 Ted Petty Invitational 2017 Night 1 Results
Credit: Brett Clark

Show opens with Ian Rotten announcing that Davey Richards is a no show. There is a non family friendly chant from the crowd regarding this announcement. Devon Moore is announced as the replacement.

Ian also presents Aaron Williams with the IWA title which he won at the last show after Michael Elgin vacated the title. The IWA title is on the line in all of Aaron Williams matches.

Mance Warner defeats Space Monkey via Lariat

Zodiac defeats Calvin Tankman after two heart punches

Su Yung defeats Ludark Shaitan following an airplane spin into a slam.

Homicide defeats Gary Jay by submission.

Jonathan Gresham defeats Anthony Henry by submission. (I believe this was the match of the night)

Shane Strickland defeats Ace Perry by submission.

Aaron Williams defeats Arik Cannon via a kick to the head.

Larry D defeats Kongo Kong via a rope rope sunset flip.

David Starr defeats Shane Mercer after hitting the Product Placement.

Devon Moore defeats Jonathan Wolf after a top rope elbow drop. This match got a “Better than Davey” chant from the crowd.

Eddie Kingston defeats Nate Webb following the Backfist to the future.

Jake Crist defeats Dave Crist following a backslide. Very physical match.

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Here’s the card for Night Two.

Non Tournament Action for Night 2!

Calvin Tankman, Shane Mercer, Johnathan Wolf & Arik Cannon vs Dave Crist, Cole Radrick, Ace Perry & Kongo Kong.

Anthony Henry & Shane Sabre vs Ludark Shaitan & Gary Jay

Spyder Nate Webb vs Space Monkey


TPI Round 2

Aaron Williams defends his IWA World Title vs David Starr

Eddie Kingston vs Zodiak

Shane Strickland vs Jake Crist

Su Yung vs Homicide

Mance Warner vs Larry D

Devon Moore vs Jonathan Gresham

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