CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 9/20/17 Review: Two Big Title Matches

Tonight, we kick off Aric Andrew’s 419th day as TV Champion with him defending his title against the delightfully deranged Joshua Cutshall. Those who follow these reviews know that I give Andrews a lot of flak for regurgitating the same basic formula for all of his matches: take the heat, give no offense until the finish, win, repeat. I’m happy to say that I have nothing to complain about for Andrews this week. He provided much more offense tonight than he usually does, which I’m especially glad because he showed in that Trevor Lee match last month that not only does he have solid athletic ability, but he has a really unique moveset (i.e. seated senton to the back). He produced some great chemistry with Joshua Cutshall, who himself gave a good performance by showcasing an unorthodox ring style to match his psychotic character. From top to bottom, start to finish, very good match. Match of the night.

The finish came when Cutshall had Andrews on the ropes and when the ref broke it up, Lee Valiant at ringside loaded Andrew’s elbow pad with a foreign object. After he duck Cutshall’s finisher, Andrews clobbered Cutshall with a loaded elbow, knocking him out instantly. Andrews got the win in 7:59.

We follow that up with Bobby Balentine vs Michael McAllister. This was step one of McAllister’s road to redemption and his way of coming back to form as a singles wrestler since losing his HIM mask. He made quick work of Ballentine–though this wasn’t a complete squash as Balentine got some offense in and looked solid for his short time in–in a couple minutes and McAllister won with a Fisherman Suplex. Too short to really say much more than that, but McAllister looked impressive in the very least.

Up next, we get a promo from The All Stars. Jarry Carry and Coach Gemini. They say they’re certain Arik Royal is going to win the CWF Championship next week, but Snooty Fox comes out to dispute that if that’s the case, his match in Chapel Hill should be a title match. They play a game (card under the hat trick) and if Snooty got the title match card, he gets a title match. He found it underneath Gemini’s hat. He then shattered the hat to pieces with his foot.

Then, we get Number Boy vs Mike Mars. Mars just destroys the poor guy and within about a minute, Mars gets the victory with a big ole spinebuster. Again, too short to speak of, but Mars made for an impressive and imposing big guy as he carries momentum into the Rising Generation League Tournament.

For our main event, we’ve got Tracer X vs Logan Easton Laroux for the PWI Ultra-J Championship. I honestly had higher expectations for this match, but this still made for a solid bout. X expressed some phenomenal athleticism while Laroux, as always, portrayed the perfect heel you love to hate. Made for a good dynamic. In the end, X went for his signature 450 Splash, but Laroux dove out of the way. After X kicked him in the face afterwards, Laroux smothered the referee and behind the ref’s back, he low blowed X. Laroux won to end a fairly decent episode of CWF TV.

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