FloSports Files Lawsuit Against WWN

PWTorch is reporting that FloSports has filed a lawsuit against WWNLive, the parent company of EVOLVE, FIP, Style Battle, Shine, and ACW stating that WWN misrepresented financial data in relation to iPPV and VOD buys. FloSlam claims this is what encouraged them to pay WWNLive hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was filed on Sept. 15 in Travis County, Texas.

Floslam is seeking damages of 1 million dollars from WWN with the causes of action listed as breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. It has been claimed that this lawsuit is just a scare tactic to get out of the multi year deal between the two. Sources are also saying that WWNLive is planning on a counter suit and that there are discussions about the binding contract.

You can see a copy of the lawsuit HERE

Fightful is reporting that some of their sources are saying that WWNLive told FloSports that they were averaging around 5000 buys per EVOLVE iPPV. According to their Flo source,” FloSlam was up to just under 2,000 paying subscribers before a brief flirtations with a $30/month price point scared some users off. “

UPDATE: Joshua Gavin stated on his podcast that they would include DVD sales and sometimes just outright double the numbers to create a misleading number. Gavin is a former WWNLive employee.

Here is WWNLive’s response from PWInsider.com

“While we prefer not to litigate cases in the media, it is clear that FloSports is attempting to use the press to create leverage in this dispute by spreading false, defamatory and misleading statements about WWN. In reality, FloSports has wholly failed to honor its contractual obligation to promote WWN’s events, and has been unable to successfully integrate WWN into its mismanaged and failing subscription streaming platform. At no time has WWN provided incorrect, false or misleading information and this lawsuit is nothing more than a transparent effort by FloSports to avoid its responsibility to WWN, its talent and its fans. We are confident that the litigation will result favorably to WWN.”

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