Lucha Underground 9/20/17 Review: The Rise of the Ring Announcer

We open with Fenix training ring announcer Melissa Santos how to wrestle. She makes him tap within seconds. They continue to wrestle. The way this whole thing is shot, the sexual tension is simmering. She ends up mounting him in the end. Santos says she wants to see Fenix without his mask. She tries to unbuckle it, but he pushes her off. Seeing her frustration, Fenix explains how importance the mask is to him and that if he ever loses it, he’ll lose everything. Santos assures that mask or no mask, he won’t lose her. Then she kisses him.

This leads into us to the ring, revealing Santos’s replacement for the night as a ring announcer: Famous B. Our opening match is Dante Fox vs Texano. Famous B is still trying to court Texano as a client, and Fox blindsides him to start the match. The whole time, from the shadows, Fox’s rival Killshot is watching the match. Speaking of the match, it wasn’t bad. This whole thing was Fox for the most part though, but it was a good showcase for the guy. It showed exactly why Fox is one of the best high flyers in the game right now. Whether he was doing something as simple as a crucifix pin or a top rope diving cutter, Fox made each move look so slick and crispy.

In the end, Texano hit a double underhook backbreaker for a two-count. Famous B “accidentally” announced Texano as the winner. In the midst of confusion, Fox rolled Texano up for a three-count. Post-match, Texano laid his hands on Famous B, but before he could do anything, Dario Cueto says he needs Famous B as an announcer for the rest of the night. However, he will book Texano vs Famous B for next week with the stipulation that if Famous B somehow wins, Texano will finally be his new client.

While placing his medallion in the Gift of the Gods Title in Cueto’s office, he has a staredown with Pentagon briefly. After placing his own medallion in the title, Pentagon promises to win the Gift of the Gods title tonight.

Up next, we get Mariposa and Marty the Moth vs Melissa Santos and Fenix. Fenix did most of the work here, which is not a problem at all. When his partner has 0 wrestling experience, that is not a bad thing. When Santos did get the hot tag (which was weird because she already got the blind tag, but Fenix stayed in the match for another 5 minutes), the match was idiot-proof. Which, again, not a bad thing. Santos did a handful of simple moves and looked good doing them. Made for a solid match.

For the finish, Santos and Fenix went for an armbar/splash combo, but Mariposa shoved Fenix off the top rope. Santos went to check on her, but Marty grabs her while Mariposa ties Fenix to the ring ropes. Mariposa and Marty lay Santos out with a Facebuster/Pedigree combo for the win. Post-match, Marty tries to cut Santos’s hair, but Fenix breaks free to stop it and scare Marty off. This feud will continue at Ultima Lucha Tres in their Hair vs Mask match.

For our main event, after seeing these seven superstars wrestle for medallions these past few weeks, it’s Paul London vs Mala Suerte vs Saltador vs Cortez Castro vs Drago vs Son of Havoc vs Pentagon Dark for the Gift of the Gods Championship. The match wasn’t as memorable as I would’ve hoped, to be honest. There were dives, but we always get those. Not enough crazy spots or moments for me to remember. Match did nothing for me. Though the finish was interesting. In the end, Pentagon hit Paul London with a Package Piledriver while Son of Havoc hit a Shooting Star on Saltador. Both pin both men at the same time for the win. With the confusion looming, Dario Cueto settles it by announcing both men will face off at Ultima Lucha Tres in a Ladder Match.

Before we go off the air, Cueto has a limo conversation with Agent Godfrey about how to get that gauntlet off of Cage. He suggests having Cage vs Mil Muertes vs Jeremiah Crane at Ultima Lucha Tres where the winner gets the gauntlet. Big announcements to close out an admittedly underwhelming episode of Lucha Underground.

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