ROH 09/23/17 TV Review: Honor Rumble

ROH 09/23/17 TV Review: Honor Rumble
Center Stage
Atlanta, Georgia

This week was the third episode from the set of tapings from Center Stage Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer were on commentary to start the show. The lights went out and a women dressed as an angel was standing next to a large silver box as the lights came up, ripping away the front side to unveil QT Marshall in one of the most surprising entrances in a while. As he made his way to the ring, there was a nice piece of continuity from Riccaboni and Whitmer, who mentioned Death Before Dishonor just having taken place.

First Match: QT Marshall vs. Josh “The Goods” Woods
A video package catches up the informed to the history between the two, stemming from Marshall paying off Shane Taylor to beat Woods down after a match. Woods immediately went after Marshall and sent him to the mat, following with rights and lefts before hooking in an armbar. Marshall broke the hold by grabbing the ropes, but fell victim to a springboard kick to the face that sent him to the arena floor. After tossing Marshall around and catching him with a knee, Woods rolled him inside and in the ensuing scuffle, attempted to German suplex Marshall to the outside. An eye rake from marshall allowed him to drop Woods on the apron and follow with a tope suicida. The two traded control back and forth for a bit, with Marshall hitting a powerbomb that laid Woods out for a two count. However, Woods was able to synch in a triangle lock, transitioning into an ankle lock that earned him the submission victory. Woods looked much more complete here than he has recently and Marshall played the role of opportunistic heel well here.

Winner: Josh Woods

Caprice Coleman hosted another edition of Coleman’s Pulpit, which was supposed to feature both Jay and Mark Briscoe, but only Mark showed up, citing that Jay wasn’t in the right mindset to appear. Coleman started off the questions by asking Mark how he lost his teeth, to which the Sussex County Chicken responded by blaming his brother. Coleman then continued to poke Mark, asking him how it’s been like to know Jay was the reason they’ve held tag team championships and why it seems that Mark and Bully Ray are the new team. Great heel work from Coleman here, this segment is fresh and if it continues to be the same, it will be a welcome part of every episode.

Main Event: Honor Rumble

  1. Jay White
  2. Sho
  3. Punishment Martinez
  4. Jonathan Gresham
  5. Rhett Titus
  6. Frankie Kazarian
  7. Will Ferrara
  8. Yo
  9. Alex Shelley
  10. Silas Young
  11. Sal Rinauro
  12. Shane Taylor
  13. Flip Gordon
  14. Jay Lethal
  15. Hanson
  16. Chris Sabin
  17. Bully Ray
  18. Ray Rowe
  19. Mark Briscoe
  20. Glacier

Cody joined commentary. Doesn’t care who wins.  White almost eliminated very early on. Riccaboni mentioned the street fight from DBD. One minute intervals. Gresham’s low center gravity makes him hard to throw out? Gresham tossed Sho. Two men, ayo and Ferrara came in during the first break. Punishments tossed White. Young tossed Ferrara immediately as he entered. Everyone combined to toss Martinez. Cody claimed to not know Rinauro. Taylor tossed Young, Shelley; Rinauro and Yo immediately. Cody left commentary and paid Taylor.After another break Hanson was hitting forever splashed until Gaylor upended him. Cody suggested a drinking game based on him saying wait a minute. Ring started to fill up, with few eliminations for a long while until Mark was dumped rather quickly. GLACIER! It’s Glacier! I love 2017! It seemed that the entire arena was overcome with chills.

War Machine teamed to toss Taylor and Sabin shortly after. Bully Ray destroyed everyone’s dreams of a Glacier world title run, then tossed both members of War Machine, leaving Gordon, Kazarian, Lethal and Ray as the final four.  Flip tried to jump off the apron, but Kazarian knocked him off, and then there were three. Ray and Lethal combined for a Wassup headbutt. Kaz tossed Ray and Lethal thought he tossed Kazarian, but the Heavy Metal Rebel clung to the rope for dear life. Daniels came down to the ring and Lethal tossed Kazarian, but Sinclair missed it. Daniels then came into the ring and was hit with a Lethal Injection, allowing Kaz to toss Lethal and win the match. Daniels grabbed a mic and called the crowd trash and garbage containing to say that Kazarian will win the ROH World title and they will take the title away.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Final Reaction: B

Being a sucker for rumble matches, I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Woods and Marshall had a good, basic advantageous heel versus dominant face match, but it was a bit confusing considering that marshall had been presented as a manager-type in the lead up between the two. Kazarian winning the rumble was a surprise, but the way he on was not and does add to the continuing story of the Addiction sticking it to the fans. Presumably, the match against Cody will take place during the Global Wars tour and Cody can use his win against Daniels as a jumping off point for promos leading up to the match. But, I’ve buried the lede: GLACIER made an appearance and I felt chills seeing him make his way to the ring. Commentary really added a great deal to keeping the flow and continuity of the ROH’s television after a PPV, something that hasn’t always happened in the past. This episode is definitely worth a watch for the rumble action, Coleman’s antics and of course, GLACIER. Did I mention that GLACIER was in the rumble? If not, let me just repeat: GLACIER!

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