Lucha Underground 9/27/17 Review: Ultima Lucha Tres Pt. 1

To kick off the first night of the third annual finale event Ultima Lucha, it’s Famous B vs Texano. If Famous B wins, the manager finally gets Texano as a client. Famous B points out that he still has a broken arm and can’t compete. He says that Dario Cueto told him that he could have a partner to make this a Handicap Match. His partner? The legendary Dr. Wagner Jr. By the way, this was filmed long before Wagner’s unmasking in August.

Excluding the few cheap shots that Famous B throws, this is pretty much just Texano vs Dr. Wagner. Which is fine because the two had great chemistry. I wish they could have gone at it a little longer since the match went a little under 10 minutes, but it was fun while it lasted. Wagner and Texano worked great together and it was fun to see Texano fling Famous B around. Particularly, when Texano damn near killed the poor guy by flinging him from the top of the crowd stairs to the floor.

In the end, Texano hit a Sit-Out Powerbomb on Wagner seemingly for the win, but the ref notified Texano that Famous B was the legal man. Before he could do anything, Brenda hops on the apron for a distraction. After Brenda kissed Texano, Famous B rolled up Texano with his feet on the ropes. Famous B and Wagner win. Now, Texano is an official member of Infamous Inc.

From there, we dive right into Killshot vs Dante Fox in a Hell of War match. Basically, a 3 Stages of Hell match. The first match being First Blood, the second being No DQ, and the third (if necessary) a Medical Evac match. AKA Ambulance Match.

One complaint I’ll say is that during the First Blood portion of the match, there were a lot of cringeworthy unprotected chair shots to the head. Knowing everything we know about concussions, stuff like that is hard to watch nowadays. Sorry to be a debby downer. Still, the First Blood portion was awesome. These two killed each other so badly, I wondered just how the hell they could follow that up with the next two falls. The wildest spot came when Fox sandwiched Killshot’s head between two chairs on the apron, then leg dropped Killshot, diving from the crowd guard rail. Then, there’s the spot where Fox stacked a large plexi-glass between two chairs, then back body dropped Killshot off the top rope. Killshot’s back bled, giving Fox the first fall.

Just when I wondered just what these two could possibly do to follow that up, the opening minutes of the No DQ match sees Fox hit a rolling moonsault side slam off the top rope through through a sat up chair on Killshot. Fox followed that up immediately with a 450 Splash onto Killshot prone on a ladder. Later, Killshot hit a DDT from the middle turnbuckle rope. The whole time, from insane spot to insane spot, I’m just squirming in my seat the more these two brutalize each other. We get a “Fight Forever” chant. I thought “Please don’t die!” would be a more approrpriate chant, though we got that later in the match. Later in this fall, Killshot powerbombed Fox through a barbed wire table, then hit a Kill Shot Cradle Driver on the broken glass to win the second fall.


Next is the Ambulance match, but honestly, both these guys need to visit the ER looking at the shape they’re in. I was convinced these guys were literally trying to kill each other in this match after everything they put themselves through. We saw Killshot hit a Death Valley Driver onto the gurney, leaving a hunk of flesh from Fox’s bloody back onto it. That was a vile sight. Not gonna act like I didn’t puke a little. Anyway, he then hit a Kill Stomp onto Fox while Fox was strapped into the gurney. In the end, they make it to the perch where the show’s band plays. Fox chokes out Killshot with some cables, but Killshot breaks free by smashing a bottle over Fox’s head. Fox falls off the perch and through an even bigger plexi-glass. From there, Killshot carries Fox’s seemingly lifeless body into the ambulance for the win.

Where do I even start?

Well, as a whole, this was the most stressful match I’ve ever seen in my life. At the same time, this just might be the most hardcore match I’ve ever seen in my life. It started off as a fun and flashy flippy match mixed with some intense ground/pound. It quickly  These two were able to display just how much they hated each other in this blood feud, but everything they did to make that feeling pronounced was so hard to watch. Like a bad car crash. If the term “this match is never for the faint of heart” was ever accurate, it’s for this match. Wouldn’t recommend for the easily squeamish, but if you think you can handle it, this definitely deserves a watch. These guys literally poured their blood, sweat, and tears from the ring to the top of the stage and every second of it deserves some attention.

Now, just how the hell is Ultima Lucha Tres going to follow that up in Pt. 2? Yet alone the rest of the show.

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