CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 10/4/17 Review: Rising Generation League Special

Our first match of the night sees Ethan Alexander Sharpe take on Bellamy Koga in the latter’s debut. Koga had a decent outing. You can tell the guy is still green, but you can also tell that he has potential the more he improves; especially with those kicks. Still, this wasn’t a very competitive match as it was just a showcase for Sharpe’s new serious attitude. I’m liking his new attitude the more I see it, but to take him seriously, he might need a new look. He looks like The Riddler. Can’t take that seriously. Anyway, Sharpe wins with a big uppercut.

Afterwards, Cain Justice defended his RGL Championship against “The Tank Engine” Thomas Munos. This was a little more competitive than the last match–although Justice gave most of the offense–but it was hard to get into. I didn’t think for a second that Tank had a chance at winning this. Why would a random newcomer (might’ve been his first CWF match) come out of the blue and beat Justice for the title after the run he’s had? Although Tank gave a decent performance for the most part, I found it hard to suspend my disbelief. For that reason, I was bored during the 10 or so minutes that this match was going on. In the end, Justice got the win after a superkick to the back of Tank’s head.

Next, The All Stars hit the ring and introduce their newest member, Mace Li. Who is allegedly related to Jet Li (5th cousin, twice removed according to Jarry Caray). Caray also points out that he had the chance to handpick the toughest, meanest, and the biggest challengers to face off against The All Stars tonight. He chose female wrestler Allie Kat. She’s a cat, kind of. Caray gave her the choice to wrestle anyone from the All Stars, and she said she wanted to choose all of them as cat toys. The All Stars laugh this off like it’s going to be an easy match, but then she points out she wants a Six Man Tag Match with her friends, who she promises would make the “purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect team.”

Officially, tonight’s main event is The All Stars (Mace Li, Arik Royal, and Roy Wilkins) vs Allie Kat, Snooty Fox, and Jesse Adler. For those who don’t remember Adler, he hasn’t been in CWF in over a year and a half. Last we saw him, he was RGL Champion for 357 days and had an awesome CWF Heavyweight Title Match with Trevor Lee. He was gone from in-ring competition for so long that I was certain he had retired so I’m glad he’s back. Apparently, Royal had put him on the shelf last year, but since I wasn’t watching CWF at the time, I genuinely thought he retired. Hopefully, he’s back for good and this isn’t just some one night only RGL thing.

As for the match itself, it started off with some funny comedy spots between Allie Kat and Mace Li. Allie is really selling this cat gimmick and I love every second of it. After they both tag out, the match gets a little more serious. The heels take control for a long time after cheating to get the heat on Snooty Fox. Then, in the end, Jesse Adler finally gets the hot tag and the crowd erupts for Adler’s first comeback in over a year. He wrestles like he hasn’t missed a step with flashy high flying moves. The heels get the offense in again, but Adler makes one last desperation comeback (featuring a sweet Shooting Star Press and the Adler Roll) before tagging in Allie Kat. Chaos erupts. Everybody goes after everybody. Allie has this in the bag until Coach Gemini gets in the ring, jaw jacks the ref, and threatens him with a belt. To prevent this from turning into a DQ, the babyfaces gang up on Coach, take his belt, whip him, and for good measure, de-pants him before kicking him out the ring. From there, Allie Kat lands a wicked Rainmaker-Headbutt onto Mace Li for the victory.

This was a very entertaining match. Whether it was serious action or goofy antics, it made for some quality entertainment and everyone gave some great performances, especially the debuting Allie Kat and the returning Jesse Adler, the two clear standouts of the match. Hope to see a lot more of both of them in the near future on CWF. This was a super fun match to close out a decent episode. Much like last week, this week’s show is really only worth watching for the main event, but it’s main events like these that make these CWF episodes so must see. Check it out now.

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