Lucha Underground 10/4/17 Review: Ultima Lucha Tres Pt. 2

Starts off with Jeremiah Crane breaking up with Ivelisse backstage in the bathroom. He admits he’s in love with her opponent tonight, Catrina, instead of her. Ivelisse promises that after she’s done kicking Catrina’s ass, she’ll come back for Crane and kick his. She walks away, Crane calls her a bitch, and she superkicks him through a bathroom stall.

Our first match in the ring is an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for a “Unique Opportunity.” The participants are Joey Ryan, PJ Black, Ricky Mundo, Vinnie, Mascarita Sagrada, Argenis, Cortez Castro, Malas Suerta, Saltador, Paul London, Son of Madness, The Mack, and a returning Pimpinela Escarlata. From the moment the bell rings, guys are getting eliminated left and right, and they’re getting eliminated fast. Made for a quick match. Couldn’t have been much longer than 3 minutes tops. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Battle Royals, but this had enough goofy spots to keep me entertained. The final two are The Mack and PJ Black, who Mack eliminates after hitting a Stunner and throws him over the top rope to win. Not the worst Battle Royal you’ll ever see, but not much to write home about it. It’s passable, I guess.

Afterwards, Dario Cueto comes out to announce The Mack’s unique opportunity: The Mack gets a Trios Championship shot next week. However, as with all of Cueto’s opportunities, there’s a catch. This catch being Dario Cueto gets to choose The Mack’s two partners. Cueto chooses Dante Fox and Killshot. Assuming all four parts of Ultima Lucha Tres were filmed in one night, just how the hell are these two going to be able to walk to the ring, yet alone wrestle

Next up, it’s time for a match that has been three years in the making. The first match to be booked for Ultima Lucha Tres over a year ago: Catrina vs Ivelisse. 

Catrina politely invites Ivelisse to the ring by saying “Come out wherever you are, bitch!” For the first time since her knee injury over a year ago, Ivelisse makes a B-Line for the ring and immediately pounces on Catrina. Overwhelmed, Catrina runs off and locks herself in Dario Cueto’s office. Ivelisse opens the door to catch three glass bottles to the face from Catrina. Ivelisse is busted open badly. Things get even more violent when the two brawl into the crowd. Back in the ring, Catrina hits a Reaper’s Trident (in honor of her hubbie, Mil Muertes), then her own Double Underhook Package thing finishing move, When all else fails, she pulls her ancient stone out of her box, tries to smash it over Ivelisse, but she reverses with a spinebuster. Shortly after, Ivelisse crushes Catrina with the stone, then hits a DDT for the win.

This match was a lot better than I expected. Anyone who has seen Catrina’s in-ring work from WWE knows that she’s always been a far better talker than a wrestler. I was expecting the worse from her in this match, but she surprisingly gave an all around good performance. Never botched, never did anything to make her or her opponent look stupid, and she carried herself like she belonged in that ring as a competitor. It might’ve helped that this was more of a brawl than a wrestling match. Plus, Ivelisse took the brunt of the offense throughout the match. Still, for what it was, good match. After the match, Crane wacks Ivelisse’s surgically repaired ankle with a hammer. Catrina grabs the ancient rock and dips out, getting the last laugh.

For tonight’s main event, it’s bitter rivals Fenix (w/ Melissa Santos) and Marty the Moth (w/ Mariposa) going at it in a Mask vs Hair match. Early on, Fenix goes for a suicide dive, but Marty pushes his sister Mariposa in his place. After she takes the bullet, a pissed off Mariposa flips off Marty and walks away. Halfway through, Marty tears away at Fenix’s mask to the point where I can clearly see Fenix’s face behind the mask. Kind of renders the Mask vs Hair stipulation pointless when you can see his face before the finish. Even Matt Striker had to acknowledge that we could “make out Fenix’s face” on commentary. I get that a bleeding Fenix adds drama to the match for this blood feud, and it worked. But seeing that Marty could’ve tore off Fenix’s mask at any second during the match kind of hurt the stip in my opinion.

Anyway, aside from the mask thing, these two had a very good match. Half of it was a flashy wrestling match, and the other was an intense fight between two guys that hated each other. As always these two have amazing chemistry and had a counter move for each other every step of the way. For every Cutter that Fenix hit, Marty retaliated with a whopping lariat. For every frog splash and Spanish Fly, Marty returned the favor with a big Curb Stomp. After Fenix kicks out of his finisher, Marty goes to his lunchbox and pulls out a pair of scissors. He punctures Fenix’s skull with it and goes to cut open Fenix’s throat until Melissa hops on the apron. She pleads with him to stop, claiming she loves him and they should run away together. Marty pulls her in the ring by the hair, she slaps him, pushes him away, and kicks him in the balls. A revived Fenix hits a shining wizard to the back of Marty’s head, followed by a 450 Splash for the win, saving his mask and guaranteeing that Marty loses his.

Marty tries to run off before anyone can touch his hair, but Mariposa comes back, clobbers him with a chair and handcuffs him to the stair banister. Mariposa hands Melissa a pair of scissors and Melissa does the honor of cutting away. Fenix grabs some clippers to buzz away the rest of Marty’s hair before we go off the air.

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