ROH 10/07/17 TV Review: Hung Bucks vs. Last Real Men

ROH 10/07/17 TV Review: Hung Bucks vs. Last Real Men
Sam’s Town
Las Vegas, Nevada

This week was the first episode from the set of tapings from after Death before Dishonor at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary to start the show.

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser came down to ringside and Young doffed his shirt to show off the battle scars from him match against Jay Lethal. Young said that he proved what he had been saying all along, that he deserved Jay Lethal’s spot. He transitioned into talking about how he and BCB finally found a real man to team with them to go after the 6-man tag team championships and their partner will be Minoru Suzuki. The Young Bucks and Adam Page came out, angered that they had to cut their autograph session short, accepting the challenge.

First Match: ROH World Television Championship Match
Kenny King (c) vs. Josh “The Goods” Woods
Woods took King down to the mat with a waistlock followed by a German suplex bridge and went for another quick pin after a fireman’s carry into a quick cradle. King was able to use his speed and agility to gain control, forcing Woods to the apron. A suplex spot found both men on the apron, with King hitting an Eddie Gordo kick to send his opponent to the arena floor, setting him up for a twisting senton before both men went back inside. Woods sent King reeling with a series of strikes before dropping him to the mat with 2 consecutive gutwrench suplexes, capping it off with a powerbomb that went for a very near fall. Woods went for King’s own chin checker move, only to be reversed, allowing King to scale the turnbuckles. Woods was alert and reversed the dive from the top into a triangle submission, but King used leverage to pin Woods, successfully defending the title. King grabbed a mic and spoke about his plans to be a fighting champion, which drew Shane Taylor, Chuckie T, Punishment Martinez and Mark Briscoe, all making it clear that they would like to get a shot at the title. Good match between two faces here, I understand that Woods earned a title shot by winning the Top Prospect Tournament, but more could have made of it leading up to the match, it seemed to come out of nowhere. The post match segment was good, although it would have been nice to hear from all four men and not just see them all roll out and stare at King.

Winner: Kenny King

Main Event: ROH World 6-Man Championship Match
The Hung Bucks (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson & Adam Page) (c) vs.
Silas Young, the Beer City Bruiser & Minoru Suzuki
Nick and BCB started off for their teams, with Bruiser using his strength and size to try to keep Nick in the corner, but Matt managed to tag in and the Brothers Jackson double teamed him. BCB stumbled into his corner and Young ran right into a Matt drop toe hold and another quick double team from the Young Bucks. Page called Suzuki out and despite gaining an advantage, Suzuki was able to lock all three Hung Bucks in kimura locks, before his partners joined him and all three locked kimuras on. The Real men kept Matt on their side of the ring, making quick tags, working a methodical pace. Things then completely broke down and both teams seriously went all out here, the end coming after Page and Matt combined for a shooting star indy taker on the outside to Young, followed by Page hitting a Rite of Passage on BCB on the inside for the pinfall victory. Really great six man tag match that needs to be seen. Great work by all involved. After the match Bruiser blamed Suzuki for the loss and the two came to blows, with Young jumping in to help his friend. Security spilled out and separated Young and Suzuki. Strong segment to explain the upcoming match during Global Wars between Suzuki and Young.

Winners:The Hung Bucks

Jay Briscoe made his way to ringside to explain his actions at Best in the World, specifically his attack of Bully Ray during their ROH World 6-Man tag title shot. Before he could begin to explain himself, Tommy Dreamer came down to ringside. The Hardcore legend explained that Bully Ray is one of the toughest individuals that he has ever known and that more importantly, Bully is his friend. He went on to warn Briscoe that Jay messed up and that Dreamer does not know what is going to happen, but that he knows it won’t be good.

Final Reaction: A-/B+
The six man match was excellent, one of the better trios matches out of ROH this year. The issues between Silas Young and Suzuki at the end of the match makes sense for Global Wars and give Young a high profile opponent for the event, but he does need to move into another program with ROH talent to continue the build from defeating Jay Lethal, whether it be for the world title or the television title. The Jay Briscoe segment was intriguing and having Tommy Dreamer come out was a surprise and his speech seemed really genuine, to the point that it gave both the audience and Briscoe pause. King’s defense was solid and seeing new players enter the television title picture allows for a number of prospective matches moving forward. A strong show before the big week of Global Wars shows.

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