CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 10/11/17 Review: Faye Jackson’s Debut & Snooty’s Homecoming

Teddy Long must’ve booked tonight’s show because we have a gang of tag team matches to look forward to. The first being Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Cain Justice vs Dirty Daddy and the debuting Faye Jackson. With all of these women they have debuting in CWF, I’m hoping it means they’re slowly starting to have their own women’s division, and eventually a women’s title. Anyway, the spots with Faye were fun comedy spots to watch. Then, things got serious when Sharpe backhand slapped Faye until DD got the hot tag. He was a house of fire until the heels got the heat on him. This went on for a few minutes until Faye got the hot tag. The end saw DD nail Sharpe with a Rainmaker Elbow, then Faye hits an Emerald Flowsion for the win. Good match. Good mix of comedy and drama in the right doses and the right moments.

Next up, it’s Joshua Cutshall and Otto Schwanz vs Sandwich Squad. Sandwich Squad start off strong until the heels get the heat on the faces. That is until the heels all of a sudden stop seeing eye to eye. They get in each other’s face until Cutshall hits Schwanz with the Realization Elbow and leave. Sandwich Squad immediately hits their Flatbread Elbow finish for the win. Quick 5-minute match. Not much to say and not much to it other than that it’s a basic tag match. More intrigued by future developments between Schwanz and Cutshall than anything dealing with the match itself.

After that, we get a “Ducks Rules Match” meaning there are no disqualifications and no tags necessary. Just one fall to a finish triple threat tag team action between The Gymnasty Boys, the Ugly Ducklings, and High Profile. As per the tag team scramble rules, chaos breaks out immediately. As Brad Stutts said himself, there was too much action going on to even call. In about 10 minutes, we get superkicks, suicide dives, flips, tricks, and some awesome tag team moves. Nothing but high octane offense left and right. Made for a super fun match. The Gymnasty Boys (which include the returning White Mike) were the MVPs of the match (although Ducklings were a close second), which makes sense because they turned out to win. In the end, Timmy Lou Retton reversed a top rope move from Killjoy, tossed him off the top, and hit a Shooting Star for the win. Hopefully, we get more of the Gymnasty Boys in the tag title hunt after this.

For our main event of the evening, we get a Brass Knuckles on a Pole match between Chapel Hill hometown boy Snooty Fox and Arik Royal. For those unaware, a few weeks ago during Royal’s CWF Heavyweight Title match with Trevor Lee, Snooty stopped him from using brass knuckles to cheat and cost him the match. Thus, we have this contest. During this match, these two brawled everywhere. They even fought outside of the arena and made their way to the basketball court, where Snooty bounced a basketball over Royal’s head and elbowed him for a funny spot. The match is all Snooty until they get back in the ring. They have more of a back and forth as they fight to get to the top of the pole. At one point, Snooty hits a huge powerslam from the top rope. It looked loud and hard enough to break the ring. After a Spear, Snooty goes to grab the knucks, but without the referee seeing, Jarry Cary puts another pair of knucks on a knocked out Royal. Snooty turns around into Royal’s illegal knuck punch, and wins. Really good match. Really entertaining and the crowd was fired up for it from beginning to end. After they built up Snooty’s return to Chapel Hill for the last month, it’s weird to see Snooty lose after all that build up, but it was a good match so I’m not complaining. Match of the night capped off a good episode.

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