Lucha Underground 10/11/17 Review: Ultima Lucha Tres Pt. 3

Without wasting a moment of time, we dive right into Sexy Star vs Taya in a Last Luchadora Standing match. These ladies duke it out throughout The Temple. Taya powerbombs Sexy onto the crowd guard rail. Sexy grinds Taya’s face against the chain linked bannister–busting her open–then smashes her over the head with a bottle. After trading kicks and punches, the two throw each other off the crowd bannister 10ft in the air and through two tables on the floor. Sexy is the only one to get to her feet before the 10-count, and she wins. I wasn’t as captivated by this match as I would’ve hoped. Aside from the spots I mentioned, they were mostly just punching and kicking each other throughout the match. There’s a big 5 minute section where it’s nothing but kicks and punches. I hate to call this a bad match seeing what these women went through–especially Taya, who gigged super hard–but it’s definitely the most disappointing match of the special yet. Wasn’t feeling this.

Not missing a beat, we get a Trios Championship match. The Reptile Tribe (Vibora, Drago, and Pindar) vs The Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox. Fox and Killshot are taped up and limping to the ring after their Hell of War match a couple weeks back. During the match, they keep tagging each other in and bickering while The Mack tries to keep the peace. Every time Fox or Killshot try to hit a big move, they can’t capitalize because they’re selling their wounds. Although they stop selling altogether when they hit their high spots in the closing moments of the match. Near the very end, Kobra Moon at ringside offered her slave chain for Pindar to use, but Pindar rejected it to fight on his own. This would quickly cost him as the challengers momentarily nailed him with their finishers. Spanish Fly from Fox, Stunner from Mack, then a Kill Stomp from Killshot for the win and we got new champions.

Wish the match was a little longer, but it was a good match nonetheless. I liked the story of the match. Killshot and Fox just got done killing each other and want no parts, but the more they were getting beat up by the heels, the more they realized that this match is bigger than them and they have to work together. By the end of the match, they were a cohesive unit and it helped them win in the end. Speaking of good story and drama, the stuff with Pindar was interesting. Makes me curious as far as where they’ll go with The Reptile Tribe next season (if there’s another season). But yeah, good action with a good story makes for a good match.

For our main event of the evening, it’s Pentagon Dark vs Son of Havoc in a Ladder Match for the vacant Gift of the Gods Championship. Not a bad match. The match’s only problem is it doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen before in ladder matches. You get stuff like a backdrop off a ladder in a corner through a table, Pentagon reverses a Shooting Star with an RKO, and a Package Piledriver through a stack of chairs. Cool spots, yes, but it’s all spots we’ve seen before from other matches with other competitors. It’s hard to excited about spots you’ve seen before, but if you haven’t seen them, this might’ve been an exciting match. I think I might’ve been more susceptible to like the match more, but I couldn’t get into this too much. This wasn’t as disappointing as the Last Luchadora Standing match, but it was disappointing nonetheless. After a chokeslam onto Son of Havoc off a ladder through a table, Pentagon grabs the belt and becomes the new champion.

Before we go off the air, we see Prince Puma backstage meditating in between some candles, as Vampiro tells him “next week, it all comes to an end.” He tells Puma he’s going to win his title back from Mundo and then, the circle will be complete. Puma leaves and Vampiro takes his place in the circle of candles. An ominous voice tells Vampiro “well done.” Vampiro replies “Thank you, master.” Guess we’ll have to wait until next week’s finale to see how this turns out.

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