Ringbelles Roundup (10/11/17) – Hanako Nakamori wins PURE-J belt, Viper retains at Fierce Females, Misaki Ohata is WAVE Champ, Toni Storm wins another tourney, WWR results, SHINE 46 & more

Hanako Nakamori acheived the PURE-J Openweight Title after beating Manami Katsu in the tournament finals on Monday – @sasuraiphoto2 ©

Hanako Nakamori became the inaugural PURE-J Openweight Champion after defeating Manami Katsu in Monday’s main event at the KFC Hall in Tokyo. She practically re-won a championship she never lost, that being the now-defunct JWP Openweight Title, which was retired upon the closure of the promotion back in April. The semi-finals of the tournament were held on Monday’s show, as Nakamori and Katsu went over on their respective opponents, Alex Lee and Aoi Kizuki and from there they went head-to-head in the finals where Nakamori bested her with the Chikonka Driver. Nakamori getting the Openweight Title first shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone and you could actually see it coming from a mile away. Command Bolshoi and company have been positioning for this to happen ever since Arisa Nakajima’s resignation from JWP last December, where Hanako Nakamori was unceremoniously crowned their “new” star.

The promotion had been building towards the inevitable unseating of Nakajima and her prized Openweight belt for quite some time. Seeing that Nakajima’s title program against Kana back in 2013 was a success, as an outsider dethroned the promotion’s biggest star, JWP wanted to recreate that moment, this time with one of the roster’s in-house, groomed competitors doing the bid. However, there was a problem. Arisa Nakajima dropped her announcement of her imminent departure moments after beating Kyoko Kimura for the strap and tying Azumi Hyuga as the only other competitor to win the belt for a record fourth time. The announcement pulled the rug right from under Nakamori’s feet and turned what was supposed to be her shining moment into a predictable upset, as the promotion had no choice but to get the title off Nakajima.

The announcement had JWP scrambling for quick “what to do” schemes to get the title off Arisa fast, as the poor timing of her decision left the company with only a couple of weeks to plan their year-end show, figure out a new plan for the future and oh, get a new babyface. I’m pretty sure that Arisa’s decision had been months in the making and JWP was aware of this happening, but everything appeared and looked to be abrupt. Nakamori became a casualty in this – she doesn’t receive a long title chase against Arisa like others before her and pretty much, goes into the match and does the “job” for the sake of getting the title off Nakajima. To make matters worse, her title reign gets cut short four months later due to JWP’s closure and the belt’s deactivated as a result. She and a handful of others followed Command Bolshoi as she upstarted a new promotion back in August and in the meantime, all the competitors along with Bolshoi ran various independent events in the lead up to PURE-J’s debut.

The finals of the tournament coming down between Hanako and Manami Katsu made perfect sense in that both competitors are what’s left of JWP’s core – meaning that they were trained under promotion and spent a large span of their career wrestling under JWP’s umbrella. Rydeen Hagane and Yako Fujigasaki had a similar path, however, Yako is still considered a rookie and Hagane is possibly looked at as the same, despite she and Manami having almost the same amount of experience. The matchup kind of closes a chapter for the competitors in that Nakamori will possibly get to have a lengthy, justified championship reign and that Katsu will no longer be seen as a former Princess of Pro Wrestling titleholder and contender and that she’s finally moved up to the big leagues in her career.


Some things that happened over the weekend and this week…

Viper feeling the effects of wrestling nonstop since boarding the plane from Japan back to Scotland – Fierce Females ©

Fierce Females presented it’s official comeback show at The Shed in Glasgow on Sunday. The event included three title defenses, as Danni Hunter retained her Internet Championship against Charli Evans and Lana Austin beat Isla Dawn to remain the FutureShock Women’s Champion. Austin recently won the title from April Davids back in September. The matchup against Isla happens to be her first title defense and a successful one at that. The longtime reigning and defending Fierce Females Champion, Viper pulled through with another title retainment over Bea Priestley to close out the show. The title defense also marked Viper’s seventh match over a five-day period since returning to Europe post a tour with STARDOM…Kikyo Nakamura won and then lost the AWE Hardcore Championship to Axx Clover on Saturday in Orlando, Florida. She had defeated Clover for the title in the opening matchup of Atomic Wrestling Entertainment’s show and dropped the belt back to the former champion in the match following. Also on the show, Rosemary defeated Amber Nova… Trixie Trash answered LuFisto’s open challenge for the SHINE Championship at Atomic Championship Wrestling’s show on Saturday. She was unsuccessful in taking the title off the veteran and fell victim to LuFisto’s Burning Hammer and was covered for the three count. “Pink Flash” Kira also retained her championship on the show. She defeated Jewells Malone to hang onto the Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Title and already has her next defense scheduled for the promotion’s upcoming show in November. Tess Valentine who bounced back from her loss to Sienna last month and pulled one over KC Spinelli that night, issued her pitch for a title shot and it was accepted by the champion. That matchup and the announced first-time collision between LuFisto and Laura James are booked for November 4th – no announcement has been made as to whether LuFisto will be defending the belt that night, as her next defense takes place two weeks before at SHINE 46…

Dementia D’Rose is still the BTW Women’s Champion after successfully retaining against Shotzi Blackheart on Friday night in Fremont, California and again on Saturday in Salinas… Remember when I reported that Warriors of Wrestling was going to be holding an all women’s show on Saturday? – Well, they did. The promotion presented their third all-female lineup that afternoon in Staten Island; to kick things off, Vanity defeated Kris Statlander, a replacement for Aja Perera. C-Bunny and Willow Nightingale defeated Terra Calaway and Aria Cadenza, Davienne bested Skylar, Allie Recks defeated Renee Michelle and Nyla Rose and Holidead wrestled to a time limit draw. Nikki Addams retained her championship in the show’s main event against Penelope Ford – she retained the title yet again that night at the promotion’s evening show in New York City. This time she defeated Holidead and Nyla Rose to walk away with her seventh title defense… Jaylee retained the OVW Women’s Championship against Cali in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday… Mercedes Martinez had a SHIMMER Title defense up in Michigan on Friday. She defeated Mia Yim on a show for Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling in Detroit to pick up her seventh title defense… Roni Nicole and La Rosa Negra are currently back in Japan after working Marvelous’ show on Saturday in Tokyo. The two competitors squared off in a match on the show, with La Rosa Negra picking up the win with via a Frog Splash off the top rope. The matchup closed out Marvelous’ show, which can be watched at this link – the promotion has been bringing in new gaijins as of late like Jordynne Grace who had a mini-tour at the tail end of August.

Roni Nicole has worked for the promotion previously and has experienced extended excursions over in Japan where she’s spent a great deal wrestling for Kyoko Inoue’s DIANA promotion and has gotten to work for others like REINA Joshi, SEAdLINNNG, and Meiko Satomura’s SENDAI Girls. La Rosa Negra is booked for SEAdLINNNG’s upcoming show on October 18th, as she takes on Arisa Nakajima. The big matchup will be Rosa Negra’s first time back wrestling inside Korakuen Hall since dropping the High Speed Title to Mayu Iwatani back in October of 2015… AAW continued unraveling it’s Women’s Title tournament this past Friday in LaSalle, Illinois. They held two more of their first round qualifying matchups on the show, as Rachael Ellering overcame Sienna and Candice LeRae defeated Britt Baker. LeRae will go on to face Havok in the next round of the tournament, taking place at the promotion’s show on November 4th. That leaves two first-round matches to be determined, as Delilah Doom and Veda Scott go one-on-one at AAW’s November 3rd date in Berwyn, Illinois – Su Yung’s matchup against Kylie Rae will also be apart of the show, as the winner of Doom-Scott goes onto face Ivelisse and the winner of Rae-Yung will go on to face Ellering at a later date. It’s possible that both second-round matches will occur at the November 4th show, as Havok and Ivelisse are advertised on the promotion’s flier for the event. From there it will be a three-way final to crown the inaugural AAW Women’s Champion.

Here’s what all took place at “Adios Aurora” on Sunday…

Willow Nightingale soaring in the air with a second-rope Moonsault, which she lands on Elena Pogosyan – @JonWasherPhotos ©

Davienne scored another win over Maria Manic, however, Vionette Rivera (Miranda Vionette) attacked Manic from behind and basically handed Davienne the advantage via numbers game. Manic came accompanied with Penelope Ford in her corner, while Davienne brought Sammi Lane, a mutual from the Northeast region – clearly evening up the numbers game here, but Davienne had another plan up her sleeve and thus, the resurgence of Vionette in the promotion. Jenny Rose defeated Skylar with an Oklahoma Roll, Terra Calaway defeated Allie Recks with the Full Nelson Slam and Willow Nightingale bested Elena Pogosyan with a moonsault from the second rope. Tasha Steelz and Karen Q defeated Renee Michelle and Nyla Rose after Karen tied Renee up for the pinfall. Jordynne Grace defeated Rachael Ellering following a powerbomb and a folding press. Taeler Hendrix and Alexxis Nevaeh defeated Delmi Exo and her sister, Ashley Vox.

Deonna Purrazzo has a bit of an undefeated streak going on up in the Northeast right now. She usually gets top billing on most shows she’s booked for, but in this case, she’s closed out four Women’s Wrestling Revolution shows with her hand being raised up high. Sunday was no different; she defeated Mia Yim in their first-ever encounter to put the exclamation point on the promotion’s farewell to the building that’s housed their events, The Aurora which closes up its doors later this month. That marks another big win for Purrazzo, who’s already claimed “w’s” over some of her bigger and more experienced adversaries like Awesome Kong. Besides toppling some big names on indies, it appears that she has a “new” problem on the rise and it’s Sonya Strong.

Strong went head-on again with Tessa Blanchard after wrestling each other the week before in Queens for House of Glory. This time, Blanchard picked up the win via a top rope Codebreaker and it appears that this one or two-time “dream” match has turned personal. Back in September, Strong cut a scathing promo where she criticised her peers and their underhanded tactics of using their significant other’s namesake for leverage in scoring more bookings and being advertised on the show, whereas she didn’t receive the same treatment. Strong called out Veda Scott and members of #TeamAdams, mainly Deonna Purrazzo and stated that after she gets her hands on Scott, she wants her rematch against Purrazzo as soon as possible. Deonna, Tasha Steelz and Karen Q helped Tessa pick up the win over Strong and it doesn’t look like this feud is going to be over anytime soon.


Toni Storm’s practically the “golden girl” right now and it has nothing to do with those sunkissed locks flowing from her head.

Toni Storm might be the “Queen” of tournaments right now – @OliRingside ©

It hasn’t been two full weeks since Storm was awarded her match against Mayu Iwatani and subsequently, Iwantani’s championship after she dislocated her elbow after taking a nasty spill from an attempted dropkick. It also appears that she has a natural knack for tournaments, as she’s won her fourth one this year alone on Saturday. Storm toppled her former championship opponent, Jinny, and Wesna Busic in order to stand across from Viper on the opposing side of the ring in the Femmes Fatales finals.

A couple of months back, Westside Xtreme Wrestling had announced their plains to crown an inaugural women’s champion this year and released show dates along with a list of four competitors that were in the running to become the first titleholder. In addition to those big plans, the promotion also dropped an announcement that they would still be presenting their women’s tournament, the “Femmes Fatales” for the second year in a row. Jinny and Melanie Gray would be the only competitors making their second appearance in the tournament after losing to Alpha Female in last year’s four-way elimination match in the finals. Viper and Killer Kelly would be making their official debuts for the promotion through the tournament, whereas the rest of the participants, Storm included, have previously worked there.

Melanie Gray fell to Viper in the first round of the tournament and like she, Jinny didn’t past Storm in their matchup either. Last year’s winner, Alpha Female was scheduled to be apart of this year’s event, however, she was forced to cancel her participation due to other commitments – according to several sources, she’s been picked up by WWE following the Mae Young Classic. Amale Winchester and Pauline were also slated to in the tournament too and like Alpha Female, they were forced to back out of the show. Alex Windsor was then announced as a replacement for Winchester and Killer Kelly the same for Alpha Female.

Oh, the bad news doesn’t stop there…

Windsor would also be excused from the tournament due to a recent injury that seen her cancel alot of bookings. Wesna Busic got tapped as her replacement and because of all the cancellations and Pauline too getting injured, Busic received an automatic “bye” into the semi-finals. Laura Di Matteo bested Killer Kelly in the first round to move onto the semifinals, where she wound up losing to Viper via a Viper Driver. Toni Storm defeated the Croatian bruiser, Wesna with one Strong Zero as opposed to the multiple she’s been having to do with her opponents as of late, like Io Shirai or Yoko Bito. From there, the finals of the 2017 Femmes Fatales tournament was set, as Storm and Viper wrestled again after facing off two days before in London.

Toni Storm was again victorious in this matchup and managed to put the Scotswoman away with a Diving Headbutt for the win. It’s been announced by the German promotion that not only is Storm the owner of this year’s coveted trophy, but she’s landed herself a title shot and will challenge the eventual winner of the wXw Women’s Championship in January 2018. The win has also handed Storm her third championship opportunity this year; she won STARDOM’s year-annual singles tournaments, the Cinderella and the 5*STAR Grand Prix, to receive two shots at the World of STARDOM Title and is the first competitor to win both tournaments in the same calendar year. Add the most recent win on Saturday and if you would count winning the Natural Progression Series IV earlier this year, where she was crowned the inaugural PROGRESS Women’s Champion, that makes four title opportunities.

In total, she’s wrestled in six tournaments this year and she’s won four of them. Speaking of PROGRESS, they ran a number one contender’s tournament on last Monday’s show at The Dome in London. Among the competitors were Jinny, Charli Evans, Charlie Morgan, Zoe Lucas and Sierra Loxton. The tournament included mostly first-time competitors, whether it was their official debut for PROGRESS or they’re getting their first crack at Storm and her title like, Chakara, Candyfloss and Millie McKenzie, who are all seventeen and are already landing big bookings this early on in their still-infant career. Charli Evans won the whole shebang after defeating Jinny in the tournament’s finals and is now on her way to challenge Storm for the women’s belt on October 29th in Camden.

Tsukasa Fujimoto successfully retained her Triangle Ribbon Championship against Mio Momono and Arisa Nakajima on Monday after getting the Goku-raku Gatame on Momono for the win.

Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi have advanced to the finals of the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship tournament where they’ll go up against Risa Sera and Maya Yukihi for the titles on October 29th. Hoshi and Miyagi defeated Satsuki Totoro and Nao DATE in their semifinals matchup on Monday, as Hoshi picked up the win for her team following a Diving Body Press on Nao. The other finalists, Sera and Yukihi were awarded a “bye” after Fujimoto and Nakajima’s first-round matchup against Maruko Nagasaki and Momono ended in a time limit draw, resulting in their elimination from the tournament.

Misaki Ohata is the seventh Regina di WAVE Champion after cashing in her third ZAN1 Queen Championship, which she won in December to challenge for the belt. She’s won the ZAN1 in 2012, 2013 and in 2016 – @hahaaaanmax ©

Speaking of titles and Sera, she retained the Ice Cross Infinity Championship for a sixth time against Nagasaki in Monday’s main event, winning with a Diving Double Knee Drop. Ice Ribbon has already announced that Sera’s next challenger for the strap will be determined through a four-way match on October 29th, as Nori DATE, Hiragi Kurumi, who made her return at Monday’s show, Akane Fujita and Maika Ozaki square off in a number one contender’s match with the winner going to face Sera for the belt in the future. Misaki Ohata made her unanticipated appearance post Sera’s victory and stated that she wants to defend her newly won Regina di WAVE Championship against one of Ice Ribbon’s juniors, however, she must successfully retain the belt against Hiroe Nagahama in her first title defense on October 22nd.

Yes, you did read that correctly and I sure didn’t stutter…

Misaki Ohata is the brand new WAVE Singles Champion and the title change happened just hours before Ice Ribbon’s show at the KFC Hall in Tokyo. Ohata had declared herself as the next competitor in line for a title shot against Rina Yamashita and this time, the cards were stacked in her favor. Misaki had won her third Zan1 tournament back in December, which granted competitors a right to challenge for the WAVE Singles Championship. She originally went up against her tag team partner, Ryo Mizunami for the title in February just weeks after losing the tag team titles to Yuki Miyazaki and Yumi Ohka. Mizunami ended up retaining in their match – Ohata still had a chance to cash in her championship opportunity despite the loss.

She officially announced her plans to challenge Yamashita for the title at WAVE’s September 17th show at Korakuen Hall and the match made for Monday’s return to the building. In the past, competitors like Hikaru Shida have utilized the Zan1 to re-challenge for the singles championship and while she and Mio Shirai have failed in their quests to win the belt, Misaki Ohata is possibly the first competitor to “cash in” the championship and win. The matchup between her and Rina Yamashita served as a rematch of the finals of this year’s Catch the WAVE tournament, as Ohata was defeated by Yamashita, who went on to unseat Mizunami for the strap in July. Two weeks ago, I had begun writing up a big piece on Ohata’s ascension to the WAVE title and compared her career in some form and aspects to that of Etsuko Mita. In both instances, she and Etsuko have experience as tag team wrestlers and because of that, most of their career has been saddled with winning multiple titles alongside another party. It went a little something like this:

“Ohata, in my opinion, is the leader of a large group of women that are underrated when it comes to absolute skills in the ring and overall competitiveness. Ohata has been relegated to being a tag team wrestler throughout most of her career while she’s had few singles accomplishments in the eleven-years since being one of the many young prospects taking a key to Mariko Yoshida’s guidance. Ohata’s career is reminiscent of Etsuko Mita, in my opinion, in that like Misaki, Etsuko was a tenured tag team wrestler and enjoyed thirteen separate title reigns as champion and even had a two-month stint as the NWA Women’s Pacific & NEO Champion back in 2002.” – Ciara Reid ©

However, there is a clear difference between the two women. Misaki has experienced lengthy singles run, though in recent years it hasn’t gotten her any titles whereas Mita didn’t get to have an official singles run until the final years of her career and it was brief. The last time Ohata held a singles championship was back in 2009 when she was the JWP Junior & Princess of Pro Wrestling Champion, a belt she lost to Ryo Mizunami in her second title defense. Since coming together sometime in 2015 as “Avid Rival,” Ohata’s had a third reign as WAVE Tag Team Champion that came coupled with the International Ribbon straps, which she and Mizunami held simultaneously. Their first attempts at winning the tag straps were unsuccessful, as they were eliminated from the 2015 Dual Shock WAVE tournament in the semifinals and went on to lose to Ayako Hamada and Yuu Yamagata in another title shot.

They finally pulled it off last August in a rematch, when they unseated Hamada and Yamagata of the titles to end a year-long journey that had started around the same time in 2015. Two months later, she and Mizunami would become double champions after beating Hiragi Kurumi and Tsukushi for the Ribbon Tag Team Titles in Sapporo. Avid Rival has since lost both belts; they dropped the Ice Ribbon straps back to the former champions in March and in turn, those titles have since been vacated and that’s the reason the promotion is holding a tournament right now. Before facing Mizunami for the title in February, Misaki’s last effort at challenging for the Regina di WAVE Championship occurred as far back as January of 2014 when she wrestled then-titleholder, Yumi Ohka to a time-limit draw in Aichi.

Misaki Ohata with the Regina di WAVE Championship – @hahaaaanmax ©

Ohka was crowned the inaugural champion the previous March after besting Kana in the belt’s tournament final. She eventually made her first title defense five months later, as she successfully retained against Misaki in the main event at Shin-Kiba 1st RING that Sunday. Besides dubious attempts at becoming the number one contender to the title, Ohata was pretty much shut out from contending for the Regina di WAVE Championship, as the promotion was too busy with rotating Hikaru Shida in as a permanent fixture, all while reorganizing the pecking order in which competitors were main event ready and still keeping Yumi Ohka at the tippy top of everything. On top of that, the promotion brought in a busload of rookies and even created a year-annual tournament for them that ran in conjunction with the Catch the WAVE.

With all of this going on, Pro Wrestling WAVE needed to implement a new role for Misaki Ohata and various members of its roster. Misaki currently works behind the scenes for the promotion’s production company, Zabun, as the Director of Human Resources. Her sole intention of forming Avid Rival was to win the tag titles again for the third time – perhaps never winning the Regina championship has alluded Misaki all these years, as she’s watched many of her peers, like Tsukasa Fujimoto go on to win multiple singles titles throughout their career while she’s still coasting in tag team divisions. Rina Yamashita getting the strap right after the tournament win was a bit shocking, as I had thought that Mizunami would be dropping the title to Ohka eventually and not a rookie that’s been primed for that role for the longest.

Yamashita’s only been in the business for three years and has already achieved her first world title. Her title defense against Ohata happened to be her third, as she’s already the belt against Yoshiko, who looked to be the perfect shoo-in for that unbelievable, upset moment and ASUKA (not be confused with WWE’s competitor) who is another competitor that’s being groomed for that eventual spot by Ohka right now. Ohata won the match after getting the Sky Blue Suplex Hold on Yamashita around the sixteen-minute mark to take home the championship. Hiroe Nagahama was the first competitor to step up and issue a challenge for Ohata’s newly won title and the match was made official for the promotion’s October 22nd show at Shinkiba 1st RING. If Ohata is successful and retains the title, she will go on to defend it, as promised against one of Ice Ribbon’s juniors and it’s reportedly going to be Maruko Nagasaki, according to the promotion’s website.


SHINE Wrestling has announced some of its key matches for its upcoming card on October 20th a week before and not days before the ninetieth hour – Pretty shocking.

– SHINE Wrestling ©

LuFisto is going to be defending her prized possession, which happens to be gold, the SHINE Championship against Vanessa Kraven in one of the title matches announced for the show. The matchup will be the first time the two Quebecers have wrestled each other since working together at the SHIMMER tapings last June, where they collided on Volume 82 after previously wrestling on Volume 79 the October before. Besides those singles encounters and those that happened way back in the past, LuFisto and Kraven have never wrestled over a championship – which is rather shocking to me being that both women have wrestled a bulk of their career in Canada, let alone within the perimeters of Quebec. However, the country’s independent scene wasn’t as plentiful as it is these days; there wasn’t much availability to women wrestlers in Quebec and most of them like LuFisto had to travel further than far to get bookings – The women’s wrestling scene up in Canada is something I would like to touch further on in the near future. At SHINE 46, Kraven will be getting her second shot at the title after previously failing to unseat Ivelisse of the championship at SHINE 38. The match will also be LuFisto’s eighth title defense since becoming champion back in January.

Ivelisse and Mercedes Martinez will actually be defending the SHINE Tag Team Titles on the show – this is becoming unbelievable at this point. Their first defense of the belts will come against Holidead and Thunder Rosa in the latter’s debut for the promotion. Together, Holidead and Rosa have shared two tag team title reigns as the “Twisted Sisterz” and unlike the champions, they have been working as a tandem longer Sometime in 2015, both Thunder Rosa and Holidead were brought overseas for an extended tour with STARDOM and it was during that stay that the two competitors were inducted into the heel stable, “Oedo Tai” and pretty much continued their alliance upon their return to the United States and began teaming up on the west coast indies. Priscilla Kelly’s Nova Championship will also be on the line, as she takes on Santana Garrett. Jordynne Grace will be looking to get some payback on Candy Cartwright and her friends, Kiera Hogan and Aria Blake after all three competitors attacked her and Priscilla after their match at SHINE 45. Dementia D’Rose, Aerial Monroe, Aja Perera, Dominique Fabiano, Allysin Kay and Amanda Carolina Rodriguez are also scheduled to appear.


What’s going on this weekend on the indies and beyond…

– Ring of Honor Wrestling ©

Britt Baker and Holidead are working shows for Ring of Honor this weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio. Baker will be teaming up with Sumie Sakai and Faye Jackson to take on the team of Deonna Purrazzo, Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose on Friday’s show in Pittsburgh – Rose and Mandy will square off in singles competition the night before in Buffalo, while Purrazzo faces Stella Grey. Holidead will be taking on Sumie Sakai in Ohio on Saturday. The promotion has also announced that Deonna and Karen Q will collide for the inaugural time at their October 20th show in Philadelphia, though this is not the first time they have fought ever, it is the first time it’s happening under Ring of Honor’s roof… Davienne’s LPW Women’s Title is on the line in Clinton, Massachusetts on Saturday, as she defends against Delmi Exo, Adira, and Isana… Sabotage Wrestling crowns new World Tag Team Champions this Friday in Austin, Texas, as their latest event, “She’s On It,” features eight competitors battling it out battle royal style in a Weird City Warfare II match. The promotion had already announced all eight names months ahead of the matchup and it includes debuts by the likes of Machiko, a longtime competitor on the local indies in Texas, the current ROW Diamonds Division Champion, Ivory Robyn and Nikki Knight. Phoebe, Skylar Slice and her sister, Killista Deva, Divinity and the current MSWA Women’s titleholder, Baby D round it out – the final two women remaining in the ring will be crowned the new tag champions.

Holidead and Thunder Rosa made the decision to relinquish the titles back in August after citing that they would be unable to fulfill their obligations as champions and defend the titles as often due to their on-demand bookings. Delilah Doom will still work the show’s main event despite no longer being the Sabotage Champion, as she recently dropped the title to Heather Monroe; she faces Kylie Rae. Also on the show, Shotzi Blackheart squares off with Angel Blue and Miranda Salinas will take on Leva Bates. Hyan will be going up against Allie Kat and Vanity will take on Erica Torres. Monroe has already made her first title defense as champion a few weeks ago; she retained the Sabotage belt against Ivy Quinn (Buggy Nova) for CWF Hollywood. There’s no official word on whether Monroe will defend the title at Friday’s show or not…

Little Miss Roxxy defends her British Bombshells Championship against Xia Brookside on Saturday in Halifax… Kylie Rae’s matchup against Savanna Stone in Alton, Illinois this Sunday will be another Making Towns Classic tournament pick, as Glory Pro Wrestling is the next promotion to host a qualifying matchup ahead of the impending date in May… Roni Nicole, Willow Nightingale and Faye Jackson all collide for Keystone Championship Wrestling out in Darby, Pennsylvania on Saturday… LuFisto has her second title defense as IWC Women’s Champion set for Saturday’s show in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, as she defends the strap against Ray Lyn… Veda Scott’s tour through Europe continues this Saturday in Carlisle when she takes on Jayla Dark for the very first time in her Target Wrestling debut…Shotzi Blackheart’s Lady Luck Championship will be on the line in Gonzales, Texas, as she and a few others working Sabotage’s show the night before bringing some women’s action to a show presented by Jimmy DeLaRosa Perez, the former president of the Texas Wrestling Federation on Saturday. Blackheart will be defending her strap against Vanity in what’s possibly her fifth title defense since becoming the champion in back in April. There will also be a tag team match on the show, as Skylar Slice and Killista Deva take on Erica Torres and Phoebe…

The Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League kicks off in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan this Saturday and all participating teams have already been announced.

Wrestling out of the “Red Goddesses” block will be the teams of Yoko Bito and Jungle Kyona, Kagetsu and Hana Kimura, AZM and Starlight Kid and the first pair of debuting gaijin, Chardonnay, and Scarlett Bordeaux. Io Shirai and HZK, Konami and Hiromi Mimura, Natsuko Tora and Shiki Shibusawa and the second team of gaijins, Kelly Klein and Bea Priestley are representatives of the “Blue Goddesses” block. It appears that the promotion is forgoing their usual round-robin style for this year’s tournament, as the competitors listed for the opening day are set to face off with teams of the opposite block and not going up against those within their respective group.

– World Wonder Ring STARDOM ©

I could be jumping to conclusions, but it doesn’t make logical sense for this to be happening on the tournament’s kickoff show and not be a continuing theme throughout – single team elimination. It’s not like the promotion is working a shortage of teams this year or anything. Unless they are keeping to the round-robin format and having all eight teams wrestling each other once and whichever teams gained the highest points within their block would go onto to win their league and face off in the tournament finals, then your guess is as good as mine. Just like the 5*STAR Grand Prix, a victory will count towards the team gaining two points, a draw will equate to one point and a loss amounts to zero points.

Red Goddesses Block:

Yoko Bito & Jungle Kyona
Kagetsu & Hana Kimura
Chardonnay & Scarlett Bordeaux
AZM & Starlight Kid

Blue Goddesses Block:

Konami & Hiromi Mimura
Kelly Klein & Bea Priestley
Io Shirai & HZK
Natsuko Tora & Shiki Shibusawa



The Ringbelles Roundup is back until further notice and in the meantime, if you would like to contribute results, news items, especially if you are promotion or a wrestler or if you attended a show over the weekend and have pictures that are available to posted – Get in touch with me through my social media outlets, like Twitter and all credit will be given and appreciated.



Peyton Royce defeats Liv Morgan and Nikki Cross on this week’s episode and has earned a spot in the Fatal Four-Way match to crown the new NXT Women’s Champion at the upcoming, TakeOver: WarGames. Peyton joins Kairi Sane as the first confirmed participants in the match as the final will be determined in the coming weeks… Alexa Bliss defends the RAW Women’s Championship against Mickie James at WWE’s TLC on October 22nd

Global Force Wrestling

The upcoming Knockouts Title at Bound for Glory was made official on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling by Karen Jarrett, as Sienna defends her championship against Gail Kim, Allie, and Taryn Terrell. Bound for Glory takes place in Ottawa, Ontario on November 5th

North America

Alexia Nicole defends her newly won Acclaim Women’s Championship against KC Spinelli on October 28th in Ottawa, Ontario… Katie Forbes will face Rebel at River City Wrestling’s November 3rd show in Kirby, Texas. The promotion has also announced that Baby D will be challenging Joey Spector for the International Title in a Fan Lumberjack Strap match that evening at the Turner Club… House Of Glory has confirmed Mia Yim’s debut for their October 21st show in Queens and she’s going to be taking on Sonya Strong… Katarina Waters battles Laurel Van Ness for WrestlePro on October 21st… Maria Manic will no longer face Deonna Purrazzo at Hybrid Wrestling’s October 27th show in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. Instead, Willow Nightingale will be taking Purrazo’s place… Ashley Vox, Karen Q, Delmi Exo, Skylar and Allie Recks have been announced for WrestleJam’s upcoming event in East Haven, Connecticut on November 4th… Nicole Savoy takes on Taya Valkyrie for Pro Wrestling Revolution’s show on November 3rd… Raze will face Tyler Bateman in a Loser Leaves Santino Bros. match on October 31st… National Pro Wrestling League has announced two matches for their next show on November 26th. Taeler Hendrix will be taking on Shotzi Blackheart and Gisele Shaw will be in action and her opponent is yet to be announced… More names that are expected to be apart of RISE’s November 10th lineup back at the Berwyn Eagles Club have been dropped. Thunder Rosa will be making her official debut for the promotion and inside the infamous building that night ahead of the weekend’s SHIMMER tapings. Zoe Lucas will also be doing the same after attending the recent RISE tryouts over in England. Nicole Savoy, Cheerleader Melissa, Jewells Malone, Rosemary and more have been announced for the show. Deonna Purrazzo has also been added to their California date on December 1st in addition to RISE 5: Rising Sun – Mercedes Martinez goes one-on-one with Toni Storm for the first time ever at RISE 6 in South Gate, California. The matchup marks Storm’s first wrestling trip to the west coast and it appears to be non-title, with the SHIMMER Championship not being contested for. Rachael Ellering is another name announced for RISE 5, as she’ll also be making her SHIMMER debut that weekend too… Roxy Rouge defeated Aria Blake to retain the RPW Women’s Championship last Tuesday… Blood Brothers’ Pro Wrestling has announced that they are going to be holding an eight-woman Hardcore tournament in Sun Valley, California this coming March 3rd. Ludark Shaitan, Buggy Nova, and Kikyo Nakamura are the first participants confirmed for the tournament… Lacey Lane goes up against Kamilla Kaine at Premiere Wrestling Xperience’s October 21st event in Concord, North Carolina. This matchup appears to be both competitors’ debut for the promotion


Christi Jaynes worked a show for The Crash in Tijuana on Thursday. She and Keyra defeated Baronessa and Diosa Quetzal. It’s been announced by the promotion that Keyra will be defending her Crash Women’s Championship against Jaynes, Quetzal, and Baronessa at their November 4th show


Finally – the eight-woman brackets for the upcoming “Maiden of Chaos” tournament on October 28th in Hanham, Bristol are slowly being revealed. Two formal introductions will be made, as Jinny goes up against Viper and Ayesha Raymond will be taking on Sierra Loxton for the first time… Veda Scott teams up with Lauren to take on Nightshade and Lucy Cole for Preston City Wrestling on October 27th… Audrey Bride retained the PWA Queen of Diamonds Title against Sarah-Elisa Hayes as part of a tag team match on Sunday in Belgium… Lana Austin, Viper, Shanna, Kay Lee Ray, Sienna, and Martina make six competitors confirmed for Southside Wrestling’s upcoming Queen of the Ring tournament, taking place in Sheffield, England on November 25th… Ayesha Raymond defeated Zoe Lucas on Sunday in Stowmarket, Suffolk to retain her WWW Women’s Championship… Pro Wrestling: EVE gained two additional qualifiers for its SHE-1 tournament on Friday in London, as Viper and Jamie Hayter advanced by defeating their opponents, Jayla Dark and Dahlia Black respectively. “Nasty Women” opened with a non-tournament matchup, as Kay Lee Ray bested Jinny. The show included five non-tournament matches – Veda Scott made her official debut for the promotion in one of them, but in losing effort to Laura Di Matteo. Nina Samuels’ special challenge series, the “Little Girl” challenge continued on as she toppled Millie McKenzie. McKenzie’s debut comes days after working PROGRESS’s women’s tournament in London. Sammii Jayne’s fourth successful title defense against Debbie Sharp closed the show, as she won via pinfall. She wound defending her belt one last time over the weekend, as she again retained the title against Sharp and Kay Lee Ray at XWA’s show in Colchester on Sunday. Pro Wrestling: EVE has also released it’s blocks for the upcoming SHE-1 tournament on November 11-12th in London. The promotion has also announced the addition of Meiko Satomura as a participant in the big tourney

Pro Wrestling: EVE presents “SHE-1”

Block A:
Kay Lee Ray
Nicole Matthews
Nina Samuels
Charlie Morgan

Block B:
Emi Sakura
Meiko Satomura

Block C:
Laura Di Matteo
Sammi Jayne
Jamie Hayter


Tiffany defeated Broek-1, Diego Plaza, and Tomacho Reyes on Saturday to become the number one contender to the MAX Hardcore Title


Natsu Sumire wrestled her final match for Pro Wrestling WAVE on Monday and will now be working as freelancer going forward… Takumi Iroha challenges Yoko Bito for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship on Tuesday at Korakuen Hall and it will actually be Iroha’s first title match under the promotion’s banner since jumping to Chigusa Nagayo’s Marvelous almost two years ago. The show will also feature a challenge series between Io Shirai’s Queen Quest and Odeo Tai. Shirai will be taking Hana Kimura, while HZK battles the stable’s leader, Kagetsu, and AZM goes up against Kris Wolf… Ice Ribbon has announced the debut of a new trainee, named Julia for their October 29th show at Korakuen Hall. According to the rough translation on the promotion’s website, Julia is biracial, half Japanese and Italian. She was born in London but was raised in Chiba, Japan

Australia & New Zealand

Laurel Van Ness heads to the continent this weekend; she’s booked for Future Wrestling Australia’s show in Blacktown, New South Wales, as she takes on Alyna. The matchup is talked about here in an interview with the Blacktown Sun, as Alyna is profiled and talks about wanting to advance in the FWA Women’s Championship tournament, but she’ll have to defeat Van Ness in order to move forward. Like Van Ness, Alyna was trained under Lance Storm and most recently returned from Japan after training at Taka Michinoku’s Kaientai Dojo… Kellyanne’s Hunter Valley Women’s Championship will be on the line come October 21st, as she faces off against Mortar, Tarlee, and Avary in a Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match. Kellyanne also became the new number one contender to the NAW Women’s Title, currently held by Mortar on Saturday after beating Jasmin. She faces Mortar for the strap next month… Alexis Lee will be taking on Roxy Riot for All Action Wrestling’s show in Claremont on October 28th. It’s been announced by the promotion that the fans will be the deciding factor on whether Lee defends her Women’s Title against Riot that night or if it will be a non-title contest

Results (October 4th – October 11th)

October 4: NXT Tapings (Winter Park, FL) – Nikki Cross d Taynara Conti; Kairi Sane d Billie Kay; Ember Moon d Mercedes Martinez

October 4: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Mad Paulie & Tetsuya Endo d Antonio Honda & Nobuhiro Shimatani, Diego & Kazusada Higuchi, Saki Akai & Soma Takao

Bea Priestley getting ready to come down with a double stomp at Lucha Forever’s show in London on Thursday – @OliRingside ©

October 5: Lucha Forever (London, England) – Kip Sabian d Bea Priestley, Cara Noir, Chief Deputy Dunne, Paul Robinson & Maverick Mayhew; Toni Storm d Viper

October 5: MLW’s One-Shot (Orlando, FL) – Santana Garrett d Mia Yim

October 5: NXT Live (Dade City, FL) – Nikki Cross d Vanessa Borne; Nikki Cross d Vanessa Borne; Kairi Sane & Liv Morgan d Lacey Evans & Shayna Baszler

October 5: The Crash (Tijuana, Baja California) – Christi Jaynes & Keyra d Baronessa & Diosa Quetzal

October 6: Grand Pro Wrestling (Wigan, Greater Manchester) – Lana Austin d Roxi

October 6: Millenium Pro Wrestling (Moorpark, CA) – Hector Canales d Auntie Hydie

October 6: Riptide Wrestling (Brighton, East Sussex) – Bea Priestley d Omari & El Phantasmo; Martina The Session Moth d Candyfloss, James Castle, Cara Noir & The Lion Kid

October 6: Big Time Wrestling (Fremont, CA) – Dementia D’Rose(c) d Shotzi Blackheart

October 6: AAW (LaSalle, IL) – Rachael Ellering d Allysin Kay; Candice LeRae d Britt Baker; Samantha Heights d Allie Kat

October 6: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Sammii Jayne(c) d Debbie Sharp; Kay Lee Ray d Jinny; Viper d Jayla Dark; Nina Samuels d Millie McKenzie; Laura Di Matteo d Veda Scott; Jamie Hayter d Dahlia Black; Charli Evans d Charlie Morgan & Kasey Owens; Erin Angel & Jetta d Livvii Grace & Zoe Lucas

October 6: Showcase Pro Wrestling (Attleboro, MA) – Kennadi Copeland d Amanda Fox

October 6: NXT Live (Coral Gables, FL) – Ruby Riot d Sonya Deville; Ember Moon d Mandy Rose

October 6: Wrestling Stars (Brionne, France) – Angel’s Bombita, Francois Brisbard & Miss Agathe d Betty Trash, Calypso & Mickey Trash

October 6: WWE Live (Tulsa, OK) – Alexa Bliss (c) d Mickie James, Nia Jax & Sasha Banks

October 6: WWE Live (Arlington, TX) – Alexa Bliss (c) d Mickie James, Nia Jax & Sasha Banks

October 7: Imperial Wrestling Revolution (Ardmore, OK) – Gail Kim d Ivelisse; Desi De Rata d Taya Valkyrie

October 7: OZ Academy (Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan) – Rina Yamashita d Alex Lee; Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka d Aoi Kizuki & Hikaru Shida; Kaori Yoneyama d Hamuko Hoshi; Hiroyo Matsumoto d Kaho Kobayashi; Manami Toyota, Sonoko Kato & AKINO d Aja Kong, Yoshiko & Tsubasa Kuragaki

October 7: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Oberhausen, Germany) – Jinny d Killer Kelly

October 7: Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (Detroit, MI) – Mercedes Martinez(c) d Mia Yim

October 7: Impact Zone Wrestling (Lawton, OK) – Kevin Morgan & Skylar Slice d Double D & Erica

October 7: Big Time Wrestling (Salinas, CA) – Dementia D’Rose (c) d Shotzi Blackheart

October 7: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dalys la Caribena, La Amapola & Reyna Isis d Lady Maravilla, Marcela & Sanely

October 7: Scottish Wrestling Alliance (Clydebank, Scotland) – Sammie Jo d Lana Austin

October 7: New Age Wrestling (Albion, Victoria) – Kellyanne d Jasmin

October 7: Apollo Championship Wrestling (Bermondsey, London) – Sammi Baynz d Tammy

October 7: Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance (St. Louis, MO) – Rahne Victoria d Savanna Stone

October 7: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – Tess Valentine d KC Spinelli; Ashley Vox d Angie Skye; Jordynne Grace d Delmi Exo; LuFisto(c) d Trixie Trash; Pink Flash Kira(c) d Jewells Malone

October 7: Xtreme Club Lucha Libre (Santago de Chile, Chile) – Alison Evans d Afrodita

October 7: MAX Lucha Libre (Rancagua, Chile) – Tifanny d Broek-1, Diego Plaza & Tomacho Reyes; Nikki d Engel & Sara Phoenix

October 7: Coventry Pro Wrestling (Coventry, England) – Jake Casanova & Athena Furie d Alex Conners & Daisy Conners

October 7: Target Wrestling (Lockerbie, Scotland) – Shady Nattrass & Tommy Oliver d Sami Sparx & Lee Wrexham

October 7: Warriors of Wrestling (Staten Island, NY) – Davienne d Skylar; Allie Recks d Renee Michelle; Nikki Addams(c) d Penelope Ford; Vanity d Kris Statlander; C-Bunny & Willow Nightingale d Terra Calaway & Aria Cadenza; Nyla Rose vs Holidead – time-limit draw

October 7: Maverick Pro Wrestling (Los Angeles, CA) – Kimberly Diamond d Sage Sin

October 7: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Oberhausen, Germany) – Viper d Melanie Gray; Laura Di Matteo d Killer Kelly; Toni Storm d Jinny; Toni Storm d Wesna; Toni Storm d Viper; Viper d Laura Di Matteo

October 7: WWE Live (Canton, OH) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Lana, Natalya & Tamina

Deonna Purrazzo and Mia Yim collided for the first time at Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s show on Sunday – David Falcon ©

October 7: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Uno Matsuya & Miyako Matsumoto d Asahi & Nori DATE; Nao DATE & Satsuki Totoro d Ibuki Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi; Tsukasa Fujimoto d Karen DATE; Maruko Nagasaki & Maya Yukihi d Maika Ozaki & Risa Sera

October 7: Wrestling Stars (Dannemarie, France) – Miss Agathe d Angel’s Bombita

October 7: Impact Pro Wrestling (Algona, IO) – Frankie Jay (c) d Brooke Valentine & Sierra Avery

October 7: Riot City Wrestling (Wayville, Southern Australia) – Casey Johns d Tuffy Calhoon

October 7: Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (Thornlie, Perth) – Callum Collins & Leon Tully d Jarrad Slate & Roxy Ryot

October 7: Monster Pro Wrestling (Edmonton, Alberta) – Sexy Samantha(c) vs Psycho Sawyer – No Contest

October 7: XWA Wrestling (Bethnal Green, Greater London) – Debbie Sharp & Kay Lee Ray d Jetta & Sammii Jayne

October 7: NXT Live (Fort Pierce, FL) – Vanessa Borne d Abbey Laith, Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai, Jessie Elaban, Lacey Evans, Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Peyton Royce, Reina Gonzalez, Sarah Logan, Shayna Baszler, Sonya Deville & Zeda; Kairi Sane d Vanessa Borne

October 7: Atomic Wrestling Entertainment (Orlando, FL) – Rosemary d Amber Nova; Kikyo defeats Axx Clover(c); Axx Clover d Kikyo(c)

October 7: Warriors Of Wrestling (New York City, NY) – Nikki Addams (c) d Holidead & Nyla Rose

October 7: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Jaylee(c) d Cali

October 8: XWA Wrestling (Colchester. Essex) – Sammii Jayne(c) d Kay Lee Ray & Debbie Sharp

October 8: SENDAI Girls (Osaka, Japan) – Hana Kimura d Manami; Aiger vs. Rin Kadokura – Time Limit Draw; Meiko Satomura d Mio Momono; DASH Chisako & KAORU d Heidi Katrina & Mika Shirahime; Chihiro Hashimoto d Cassandra Miyagi

October 8: Women’s Wrestling Revolution (Providence, RI) – Tessa Blanchard d Sonya Strong; Deonna Purrazzo d Mia Yim; Taeler Hendrix & Alexxis Nevaeh d Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox; Jordynne Grace d Rachael Ellering; Karen Q & Tasha Steelz d Nyla Rose & Renee Michelle; Terra Calaway d Allie Recks; Willow Nightingale d Elena Pogosyan; Jenny Rose d Skylar; Davienne d Maria Manic

October 8: WWE Live (Rockford, IL) – Alexa Bliss(c) d Nia Jax, Mickie James & Sasha Banks

October 8: Strike Wrestling (Bournemouth, Dorset) – Jamie Hayter d Bobbi Tyler

October 8: OZ Academy (Sapporo, Japan) – Yoshiko d Aoi Kizuki; Tsubasa Kuragaki d Sonoko Kato; AKINO & Kaho Kobayashi d Hikaru Shida & Rina Yamashita; Kaori Yoneyama d Manami Toyota; Aja Kong, Hamuko Hoshi & Hiroyo Matsumoto d Alex Lee, Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka

October 8: WWE’s Hell In A Cell (Detroit, MI) – Charlotte d Natalya(c) via DQ

October 8: DDT (Hokkaido, Japan) – Akito, Diego & Saki Akai d Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata

October 8: Showdown Wrestling (Melton, Victoria) – Erika Reid d Avary

October 8: Innovative Pro Wrestling (Sneedville, TN) – Lenny Stratton & Nicole Pain d Scarlet Sharp & Shannon Smith

October 8: World War Wrestling (Stowmarket, Suffolk) – Ayesha Raymond(c) d Zoe Lucas

October 8: Over The Top Wrestling (Belfast, Ireland) – Martina & Colt Cabana d Angel Cruz & B-Cool

October 8: Pro Wrestling Allstars (Boom, Belgium) – Audrey Bride (c) & Nitro d Sarah-Elisa Hayes & Steve Venom

The former “Bete Noire” (Jayla Dark) seen here clobbering Chakara at Fierce Females’ return show in Glasgow on Sunday – @mrdavidjwilson ©

October 8: Fierce Females (Shawlands, Glasgow) – Sara Marie Taylor d Sammie Jo; Jayla Dark d Chakara; Leah Owens d Jokey; Rhio d Lauren; Viper(c) d Bea Priestley; Lana Austin(c) d Isla Dawn; Millie McKenzie d Shax; Danni Hunter(c) d Charli Evans

October 9: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata d Rina Yamashita(c); Kaho Kobayashi d Miyuki Takase; Yoshiko d Moeka Haruhi; ASUKA d Keisuke Goto; Yuki Miyazaki & Kyusei Sakura Hirota d Fairy Nipponbashi & Miki Tanaka; Yumi Ohka d Natsu Sumire; Kaori Yoneyama d Hiroe Nagahama; Nagisa Nozaki d Ryo Mizunami

October 9: DDT (Sapporo, Hokkaido) – Koji Yoshida, Soma Takao & Tomoya d Kazuki Hirata, Sanshiro Takagi & Toru Owashi

October 9: Monday Night RAW (Indianapolis, IN) – Emma d Alicia Fox, Bayley, Dana Brooke & Sasha Banks

October 9: WWE Live (Lansing, MI) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Lana, Natalya & Tamina

October 9: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Risa Sera(c) d Maruko Nagasaki; Tsukasa Fujimoto(c) d Mio Momono & Arisa Nakajima; Akane Fujita & Maya Yukihi d Manami Toyota & Maika Ozaki; Kyuri, Nori DATE & Ibuki Hoshi d Hiragi Kurumi, Karen DATE & Asahi; Miyako Matsumoto & Yako Fujigasaki d Leon & Uno Matsuya; Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi d Satsuki Totoro & Nao DATE

October 9: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan) – Konami d KAZUKI & Rydeen Hagane; Manami Katsu d Aoi Kizuki; Hanako Nakamori d Alex Lee; Manami Toyota d Yako Fujigasaki; Command Bolshoi(c) & Leon(c) d Saori Anou & Natsumi Maki; Hanako Nakamori d Manami Katsu

October 10: AAA Japan (Tokyo, Japan) – Taylor Adams, Rekka & Heidi Katrina d Danny Jones, Diego & Sumire Natsu

October 10: Smackdown Live (Grand Rapids, MI) – Becky Lynch d Carmella

October 11: PURE-J (Aomori, Japan) – Yako Fujigasaki d Rin Kadokura; KAZUKI d Hiroe Nagahama; Leon & Jaguar Yokota d Rydeen Hagane & Kagetsu; Command Bolshoi d Mio Momono; Hanako Nakamori & Aoi Kizuki d Saori Anou & Manami Katsu


Upcoming (October 11th – December 8th)

October 12: Bar Wrestling (Baldwin Park, CA) – Rosemary; Candice Lerae; Taya Valkyrie; Laura James; Heather Monroe; Sage Sin

October 12: Ring of Honor (Buffalo, NY) – Jenny Rose vs Mandy Leon; Stella Grey vs Deonna Purrazzo

October 12: PURE-J (Aomori, Japan)

October 13: Ring of Honor (Pittsburgh, PA) – Britt Baker, Sumie Sakai & Faye Jackson vs Mandy Leon, Deonna Purrazzo & Jenny Rose

October 13: Future Wrestling Australia (Blacktown, New South Wales) – Laurel Van Ness vs Alyna

October 13: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Delilah Doom vs Kylie Rae; Angel Blue vs Shotzi Blackheart; Vanity vs Erica Torres; Hyan vs Allie Kat; Miranda Salinas vs Leva Bates

October 14: International Wrestling Cartel (Elizabeth, PA) – LuFisto(c) vs Ray Lyn

October 14: North American Wrestling Allegiance (Dallas, TX) – Christi Jaynes vs Machiko vs Simply Luscious vs Taya Valkyrie; Barbi Hayden

October 14: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan)

October 14: STARDOM (Kobe, Hyogo) – Yoko Bito & Jungle Kyona vs Io Shirai & HZK; Hana Kimura & Kagetsu vs Konami & Hiromi Mimura; Chardonnay & Scarlett vs Natsuko Tora & Shiki Shibusawa; AZM & Starlight Kid vs Kelly Klein & Bea Priestley

October 14: Texas Wrestling Federation (Gonzales, TX) – Vanity vs Shotzi Blackheart(c); Skylar Slice & Killista Deva vs Erica Torres & Phoebe

October 14: DIANA (Kanagawa, Japan)

October 14: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Clinton, MA) – Davienne(c) vs Delmi Exo vs Adira vs Isana

October 14: Keystone Championship Wrestling (Darby, PA) – Roni Nicole vs Willow Nightingale vs Faye Jackson

October 14: Target Wrestling (Carlisle, England) – Jayla Dark vs Veda Scott

October 14: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Rika Tatsumi & Maho Kurone vs Yuka Sakazaki & Shoko Nakajima

October 14: Elev8 Pro Wrestling (New Orleans, LA) – Amaiya Jade; Robyn Reid; Hyan

October 14: Ring of Honor (Columbus, OH) – Holidead vs Sumie Sakai

October 14: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

October 14: Texas Wrestling Federation (Gonzales, TX) – Vanity vs Shotzi Blackheart(c); Skylar Slice & Killista Deva vs Erica Torres & Phoebe

October 14: New England Championship Wrestling (Wakefield, MA) – Naoma Tala vs Amanda Fox

October 14: BWE Wrestling (Halifax, West Yorkshire) – Little Miss Roxxy(c) vs Xia Brookside

October 15: Absolute Wrestling Entertainment (Hamilton, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa vs Chelsea Green

October 15: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Saki Akai vs Nodoka Onesan

October 15: OZ Academy (Osaka, Japan)

October 15: K-DOJO (Tokyo, Japan) – Bambi vs Urawa

October 15: Glory Pro Wrestling (Alton, IL) – Kylie Rae vs Savanna Stone

October 15: Insane Championship Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Viper

October 17: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Takumi Iroha vs Yoko Bito(c); Hana Kimura vs Io Shirai; Kagetsu vs HZK; AZM vs Kris Wolf; Kelly Klein & Bea Priestley vs Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora vs Hiromi Mimura & Konami vs Chardonnay & Scarlett; Ruaka & Hanan vs Starlight Kid & Shiki Shibusawa

October 18: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Manami Toyota; Nanae Takahashi; La Rosa Negra vs Arisa Nakajima; Yoshiko, Rina Yamashita & Kaho Kobayashi vs Saki Akai, Ryo Mizunami & Sareee

October 18: REINA Joshi Pro (Iwate, Japan) – Risa Sera & Kyuri vs Maruko Nagasaki & Ibuki Hoshi; Hamuko Hoshi vs Haruka Kato; Hirori & Takashi Sasaki vs DASH Chisako & Daisuke Masaoka

October 20: Ring of Honor (Philadelphia, PA) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Karen Q

October 20: SHINE 46 (Ybor City, FL) – LuFisto(c) vs Vanessa Kraven; Priscilla Kelly(c) vs Santana Garrett; Candy Cartwright vs Jordynne Grace; Dementia D’Rose; Allysin Kay; Aja Perera; Dominique Fabiano; Aerial Monroe; Amanda Carolina Rodriguez; Ivelisse(c) & Mercedes Martinez(c) vs Thunder Rosa & Holidead

October 20: Five Borough Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Willow Nightingale vs Su Yung

October 20: DIANA (Tokyo, Japan)

October 21: WrestlePro (Matawan, NJ) – Katarina vs Laurel Van Ness

October 21: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Nicole Savoy; Jordynne Grace; Angelus Layne & Dominic Garrini vs The Carnies

October 21: East Coast Wrestling Association (Woodbury Heights, NJ) – Karen Q; Deonna Purrazzo; Santana Garrett; Allie Recks; Christina Marie; Skylar

– House of Glory Wrestling ©

October 21: House Of Glory (Queens, NY) – Mia Yim vs Sonya Strong

October 21: Marvelous (Aichi, Japan)

October 21: Premiere Wrestling Xperience (Concord, NC) – Kamilla Kaine vs Lacey Lane

October 21: Hunter Valley Wrestling (Rutherford, New South Wales) – Kellyanne(c) vs Tarlee vs Mortar vs Avary

October 21: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

October 21: Future Wrestling Australia (Wolli Creek, New South Wales) – Laurel Van Ness vs Alyna

October 21: ZERO 1 USA (Mattoon, IL) – Madison Rayne vs Randi West vs Thunderkitty

October 21: Jersey All Pro Wrestling (Rahway, NJ) – LuFisto vs Gabby Ortiz vs Penelope Ford vs Katred

October 22: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Saki Akai, Antonio Honda & Abdullah Kobayashi vs Shunma Katsumata, MAO & Cherry

October 22: Tidal Championship Wrestling (Leeds, West Yorkshire) – Lana Austin vs Lizzy Styles(c) vs Little Miss Roxxy

October 22: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Allie Kat vs Angel Blue

October 22: WWE’s TLC (Minneapolis, MN) – Mickie James vs Alexa Bliss(c)

October 22: DIANA (Osaka, Japan)

October 22: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata(c) vs Hiroe Nagahama

October 25: REINA Joshi Pro (Iwate, Japan) – Kaho Kobayashi vs Koharu Hinata; Yako Fujigasaki, Hirori & Mizuki vs Konatsu, Haruka Kato & Riho; Yuina vs Sae; Aasa Maika vs Aoki Itsuki; Yuu Yamagata & Tae Honma vs Miku Aono & Mao Kaneshiro

October 27: ZERO1 USA (Rantoul, IL) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Laurel Van Ness

October 27: Battle Championship Wrestling (East Burwood, Victoria) – Kellyanne vs Tarlee

October 27: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Manami Toyota vs Sakura Hirota

October 27: Sakura Hirota Produce (Tokyo, Japan)

October 27: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA) – Jordynne Grace vs Fred Yehi; Brittany Blake & TBA vs Angelus Layne & TBA; Faye Jackson

October 27: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, Lancashire) – Veda Scott & Lauren vs Nightshade & Lucy Cole

October 27: Hybrid Wrestling (Eddystone, PA) – Maria Manic vs Willow Nightingale

October 28: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Stevenage, Hertfordshire) – Veda Scott vs Saraya Knight(c) vs Kay Lee Ray vs Lana Austin

October 28: Canuck Pro (Toronto, Ontario) – Session Moth Martina vs Joey Ryan

October 28: Pro Wrestling Chaos (Hanham, Bristol) – Viper; Sierra Loxton; Jetta; Jamie Hayter; Rhia O’Reilly; Jinny; Dahlia Black; Martina

October 28: Pro Wrestling Revolver (Clive, IA) – Tessa Blanchard vs Matthew Palmer(c) vs Dave Crist vs Manscout Myron Reed vs Paco vs Curt Stallion vs Len-X vs Gary Jay vs MJF; Jessicka Havok vs Jake Crist; Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan vs Serpentico & Luchasaurus vs Zero Gravity vs Wentz & Miguel vs Besties In the World

October 28: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Ottawa, Ontario) – KC Spinelli vs Alexia Nicole(c)

October 28: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

October 28: All Action Wrestling (Claremont, Perth) – Alexis Lee vs Roxy Riot

October 28: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (London, England) – Alex Windsor vs Toni Storm

October 28: Beyond Wrestling/ Game Changer Wrestling (Howell, NJ) – LuFisto

October 29: OZ Academy (Kanagawa, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto(c) vs Yoshiko; Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka vs AKINO(c) & Kaho Kobayashi(c); Hikaru Shida vs Rina Yamashita

October 29: FEST Wrestling (Gainesville, FL) – Aria Blake; Priscilla Kelly; Allie Kat; Su Yung(c) vs Chuck Taylor; Kamilla Kane; Delilah Doom; Trish Adora; Savannah Evans; Laura James & Joey Ryan vs Joey Janela & Penelope Ford; Holidead vs Rachael Ellering

October 29: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Akane Fujita vs Maika Ozaki vs Nori DATE vs Hiragi Kurumi; Risa Sera & Maya Yukihi vs Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi

October 29: Beyond Wrestling (Worcester, MA)

October 29: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan)

October 30: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

October 31: Santino Bros. Wrestling (Downey, CA) – Raze vs Tyler Bateman

November 3: Limitless Wrestling (Westbrook, ME) – Jessicka Havok

November 3: Pro Wrestling Revolution (San Francisco, CA) – Nicole Savoy vs Taya Valkyrie

November 3: Manami Toyota’s Retirement Show (Tokyo, Japan)

November 3: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Delilah Doom vs Veda Scott; Su Yung vs Kylie Rae

November 3: River City Wrestling (Kirby, TX) – Baby D vs Joey Spector(c); Katie Forbes vs Rebel

November 4: ZERO1 USA (Maroa, IL) – Hyan

November 4: Battle Club Pro (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Santana Garrett vs Jordynne Grace

November 4: WrestleJam (East Haven, CT) – Ashley Vox; Delmi Exo; Allie Recks; Karen Q; Skylar

November 4: The Crash (Tijuana, Baja California) – Keyra(c) vs Christi Jaynes vs Diosa Quetzal vs Baronessa

November 4: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – Tess Valentine vs Pink Flash Kira(c); LuFisto vs Laura James

November 5: Bound For Glory (Ottawa, Ontario) – Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary; Sienna(c) vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell vs Allie

November 9: NXT Live (Phoenix, AZ)

November 10: NXT Live (Las Vegas, NV)

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November 10: RISE 5: Rising Sun (Berwyn, IL)

November 11: NXT Live (Riverside, CA)

November 11: SHIMMER 96-97 (Berwyn, IL) – Rachael Ellering; Candice LeRae

November 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 12: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 12: Dropkick Depression (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Hellen Vale, Katred & Nyla Rose vs Willow Nightingale, Kasey Catal & Kennadi Copeland; Angelus Layne & Terra Calaway vs The Brotein Pack

November 12: SHIMMER 98-99 (Berwyn, IL) – Rachael Ellering; Candice LeRae

November 12: Action Packed Wrestling (Huntington, WV) – Holidead vs Yasha

November 16: Lucha Forever (Southampton, Hampshire) – Toni Storm

November 17: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Chelsea Green vs Joey Ryan; Penelope Ford vs Rachael Ellering; Mia Yim vs Sumie Sakai

November 18: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Mia Yim vs Veda Scott vs Penelope Ford vs Taya Valkyrie vs Chelsea Green vs Sumie Sakai

November 18: Three Count Wrestling (Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire) – Charli Evans; Little Miss Roxxy

November 22: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan)

November 24: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Fairfax, VA)

November 24: World Series Wrestling (Melbourne, Victoria) – Tessa Blanchard vs Indi Hartwell

November 24-26: WrestleCade (Winston Salem, NC)

November 25: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) – Sienna; Kay Lee Ray; Martina & Joseph Conners vs Shanna & Alex Gracie; Viper; Lana Austin

November 25: Starrcade (Greensboro, NC) – Charlotte vs Natalya(c)

November 25: World Series Wrestling (Adelaide, Victoria) – Tessa Blanchard vs Savannah Summers

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

November 26: National Pro Wrestling League (Petaluma, CA) – Taeler Hendrix vs Shotzi Blackheart; Gisele Shaw vs TBA

November 26: OZ Academy (Yokohama, Japan)

November 26: APEX Pro Wrestling (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire) – Alex Windsor vs Jayde

November 27: World Series Wrestling (Penrith, New South Wales) – Tessa Blanchard vs Shazza McKenzie

December 1: RISE 6: Brutality / Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Priscilla Kelly; Nicole Savoy; Britt Baker; Shotzi Blackheart; LuFisto; Jordynne Grace; Mercedes Martinez; Cheerleader Melissa

December 2: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Chelsea Green; Priscilla Kelly; Nicole Savoy; Britt Baker; Shotzi Blackheart; LuFisto; Jordynne Grace; Mercedes Martinez; Delilah Doom; Kris Wolf; Cheerleader Melissa; Lacey Lane

December 2: British Empire Wrestling (U.K) – Savannah Summers; Saraya Knight; KC Spinelli

December 2: North American Wrestling Alliance (Dallas, TX) – Kamilla Kaine

December 3: OZ Academy (Hiraizami, Japan)

December 3: British Empire Wrestling (Mitcham, London) – Savannah Summers; KC Spinelli; Kasey Owens(c)

December 8: FEST Wrestling (Saint Augustina, FL) – Su Yung; Angel Rose

December 16: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Bea Priestley vs Taya Valkyrie

December 16: Empire State Wrestling (Buffalo, NY) – Allie vs Sienna

January 7: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

Janaury 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

January 14: OZ Academy (Okinawa, Japan)

February 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

February 12: OZ Academy (Osaka, Japan)

February 18: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

March 3: BLOOD Brothers Pro Wrestling (Sun Valley, CA) – Ludark Shaitan; Kikyo Nakamura; Buggy Nova

March 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

March 17: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

April 6: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

May 12: Making Towns Classic (Nashville, TN)

May 12: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

June 9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

July 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

August 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

September 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

October 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

December 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

Data collected from but not limited to: Cagematch, Puroresu Spirit, Hashtag Wrestling, WrestleRopes UK, Battle-News, EnzuigiriPuro

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