CWF Mid Atlantic 10/14/17 17th Annual CWF RUMBLE Results

CWF Mid Atlantic 10/14/17 17th Annual CWF RUMBLE Results
Credit: Indy Insiders

1. Dirty Daddy defeated CWF Rising Generation League Champion Cain Justice by pinfall to win the title (8:07)

2. Ethan Alexander Sharpe, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham & “The Prince of Broadway” Frankie Flynn defeated Ian Maxwell, KL3 & “Playboy” Bobby Ballentyne by pinfall in six-man tag team action (8:04)

3. CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions Zane & Dave Dawson v. Sandwich Squad’s Mecha Mercenary & Aaron Biggs was ruled a no-contest after both teams were unable to answer the count, Dawsons retain the titles by rule (10:10)

4. Jesse Adler defeated CWF Worldwide Television Champion Aric Andrews w/Lee Valiant by pinfall to win the title (0:10)

5. CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee entered first and eliminated Cain Justice last to win the 17th Annual CWF Rumble and retain the title (63:20)

[Order of Entry: 1. Trevor Lee, 2. Ric Converse, 3. Daniel C. Rockingham, 4. Frankie Flynn. 5. Bellamy Koga, 6. Otto Schwanz, 7. Donnie Dollar$, 8. Mitch Connor, 9. Eddy Only, 10. Keith Mac, 11. Aric Andrews/Lee Valiant, 12. Nick Richards, 13. Mecha Mercenary, 14. Mike Mars, 15. Kamakazi Kid, 16. Kool J, 17. “Assassin” Ray Kandrack, 18. Dave Dawson, 19. Snooty Foxx, 20. Ethan Sharpe, 21. Brad Attitude, 22. Chet Sterling, 23. Michael McAllister, 24. Cain Justice, 25. “Box Office Draw” Mikael Yamaha, 26. Jesse Adler, 27. Aaron Biggs, 28. Mace Li, 29. Arik Royal & 30. Roy Wilkins — Order of Elimination: 1. Daniel C. Rockingham, 2. Frankie Flynn, 3. Bellamy Koga, 4. Donnie Dollar$, 5. Mitch Connor, 6. Eddy Only, 7. Ric Converse, 8. Keith Mac, 9. Otto Schwanz, 10. Aric Andrews/Lee Valiant, 11. Mecha Mercenary, 12. Nick Richards, 13. Mike Mars, 14. Kool J, 15. Ray Kandrack, 16. Dave Dawson, 17. Kamakazi Kid, 18. Snooty Foxx, 19. Michael McAllister, 20. Mikael Yamaha, 21. Aaron Biggs, 22. Roy Wilkins, 23. Ethan Sharpe, 24. Jesse Adler, 25. Mace Li, 26. Arik Royal, 27. Brad Attitude, 28. Chet Sterling & 29. Cain Justice]

Officials: Charles Richardson, Kevin Pierce & Benny Littreal

All bouts sanctioned by Pro Wrestling International. Visit us online at

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