ROH 10/14/17 TV Review: Cody Signs With ROH

ROH 10/14/17 TV Review: Cody Signs With ROH
Sam’s Town
Las Vegas, Nevada

This week was the second episode from the set of tapings from after Death before Dishonor at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary to start the show.

The episode started with The Addiction making their way to the arena only to be stopped by security, who informed Christopher Daniels and Frankie Lazarían that they were barred from the building. After briefly trying to talk their way in, the former tag champions walked away. There’s no way they could end up in the building later at any point, right?

First Match: KUSHIDA vs. Scorpio Sky
Good match for a few minutes of back in forth, but just as the match began to go into another gear, The Addiction came out blowing air horns and trying to distract the combatants. Daniels and Kazarian jumped into the ring and attacked both men before Lethal came out to chase both men out. He grabbed a mic and said that if the Addiction has a problem with ROH, they have a problem with him. He then challenged the Addiction to face him and KUSHIDA. Would have liked to see KUSHIDA and especially Scorpio Sky get a chance to show off what they can do, but this continues the Addiction’s story of ruining things for the fans. The question remains, what is the end game with this angle.

Winner: No Contest

A video package of what Jay Briscoe did to Bully Ray aired next, highlighting the change in Briscoe’s demeanor. Bully Ray came out and was wearing sunglasses and spoke in hushed tones about how this injury seems to be one that will end his career, honestly stating that he has to do the best for his health and family. As he went to leave the ring, Mark Briscoe spoke to him off mic, but it was clear that he said it was a “Jay Briscoe thing, not a Briscoes thing” and assured him that he has Bully’s back.

Video recap of all the challengers coming out last week and ROH TV Champion Kenny King saying that he is willing to take on all comers.

The Bullet Club made their way to the ring, with their father, but not Ms. Jackson, which Riccaboni and Cabana played off well, apologizing, they truly tried. Cody paid Shane Taylor off on the ramp as they all sauntered down to the ring. Taylor is really being pushed as a gun for hire, who will do anything as long as he is compensated. Cody then signed what he called the most lucrative contract in ROH history in the middle of the ring, celebrating with the Bullet Club. He then said that he was feeling so confident that he would defend his belt while wearing his suit. Cody lead everyone to believe that he would be defending against Dalton Castle, but then introduced Cheeseburger as the number one contender.

ROH World Championship Match
Cody (c) vs. Cheeseburger
A short match here, pitting the unlikely underdog Cheeseburger against The current champion. It was repeatedly teased that Burger was going to upset Cody, but in the end, Cody hit the Crossroads and picked up the victory. This was a simply a way to showcase Cody’s arrogance and a way for him to tease a future match with Castle. Watching this after Global Wars made the match seem a bit unimportant, as Castle’s return happened during those shows.

Winner: Cody

Caprice Coleman’s Pulpit was next up, with the Dawgs, Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara as guests. They came out in suit jackets, albeit wearing the wrong sizes- Ferrara confirmed that Titus took his jacket as to appear larger. Both men referenced former partners and that they have found a better partner. The two have an antagonistic relationship and it has become a vehicle for Ferrara to embrace the most engaging and believable persona he has in ROH. His exasperation is palpable and he does well with his mock frustration as being treated as Lil Willy to Titus’s Big Dawg.

Main Event: The Kingdom( Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan vs.
Search and Destroy (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin & Jon Gresham)
Taven and Sabin are in first after Taven attacked Sabin after a refusing to adhere to the code of honor. Search and Destroy quickly gained the upper hand, tossing the former trios champs to the outside and diving after them. Back inside Taven used an eye rake as an opening to keep Sabin in his corner and the Kingdom took turns tagging in and working him over. Marseglia stood out here as working well during this match and in the end saved Taven from getting hit with Skull and Crossbones, as he knocked Shelley off the top rope, as O’Ryan distracted referee Todd Sinclair. Taven then smacked Sabin with his walking stick, picking up the pinfall victory via pinfall. The Kingdom has really become a true trio- working very well together and the narrative of Taven being the team’s quarterback.

Winners: The Kingdom

Final Reaction: C+
The main event was an enjoyable high octane match between two legitimate trio teams. Gresham has meshed very well with the MCMG, but he will need to have a singles run here, as his partners are the current tag team champions. Bully Ray’s hushed promo was believable here, but was the fourth time that fans could have seen a similar speech had they seen the Global Wars show. The other two matches on the night were what they were- vehicles to further stories and nothing more. As good of a job as ROH did with the episode taped before Best in the World, mentioning the show in passing, this week’s episode lacked that cohesion with Global Wars and the episode suffered because of it.

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