CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 10/18/17 Review: Three Title Matches Tonight

We start off the night with a big blow off to a big feud. Dirty Daddy vs Cain Justice for the CWF Rising Generation League Championship. One year ago, Justice beat DD for that title and they’ve been in a bitter rivalry ever since. Now, it all must come to an end. Before I talk about the match, I just have to say that these two had such boss entrances coming out. Spectacular spectacles.

As soon as the bell rings, these two go at it. They trade elbows, pin attempts, and even hard kicks. I lost count of how many thunderous kicks to the face/back of the head Justice landed on DD. Not that I was counting to begin with, but whatever. These two put on a clinic in wrestling. Equal parts technical masterclass mixed with an intense battle between gladiators. The RGL division is meant to showcase the best rookies that CWF has to offer, but there was nothing amateur about the show these two athletes put on tonight. They went at it like seasoned vets deserving of some time in the main event. This was such a great match, and it ended with a great, shocking finish. After an Airplane Spin, DD hit two whopping Brainbusters on Justice to win his second RGL Championship. Did not expect a title change tonight, but it couldn’t have gone to a more deserving guy. DD gave the best in-ring performance I’ve seen yet. He had an excellent dance partner in Justice (the two always had amazing chemistry), but DD really brought his A-game tonight knowing he’d be the next champion. These two put on a great match, and I’m anxious to see where Justice goes from here. DD will definitely continue to excel in the RGL division, but I wonder if Justice will keep wrestling in RGL, or if he’s moving on to bigger things. Either way, I’m sure he’ll do well.

That match got followed up with Ethan Alexnader Sharpe, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, & “The Prince of Broadway” Frankie Flynn vs. Ian Maxwell, KL3, & Bobby Ballentyne. This was a cool down match sandwiched between two title matches, but it was a good cool down match. Everybody impressed me in this bout, especially Ian Maxwell. Call me crazy, but I think Maxwell might (MIGHT!) be the next big thing. I think he’s the next big thing in the same way that people looked at AJ Styles as the next big thing. I might be overly praising him, but I genuinely see Maxwell reaching that level one day. He might not break out this year, and he might not even break out in CWF, but I see it happening. The guy is just so fluid and crispy in the ring, it’s phenomenal. Also noticed that Flynn and Sharpe are improving as a tag team and I 100% buy Sharpe as a legit competitor now. The guy was a comedy act 6 months ago, but if they put the top title on this guy tomorrow, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. What an amazing development from the guy.¬†Rockingham won the bout for his team after hitting the Positive Affirmation on Maxwell.

Next up, Sandwich Squad take on The Dawsons for the CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles. Sandwich Squad look to fight The Dawsons as soon as they come through the curtain, but Sandwich Squad get outsmarted. The Dawsons blast them from behind with steel chairs. The faces are wounded and the heels warn them that if they can’t get in the ring by the count of 10, the match is thrown out and they get no title shot. Mecha struggles to make it to his feet, but urges Aaron Biggs to fight without him, basically making this title match a handicap match. Despite his size, Biggs makes a swift and speedy comeback. He runs through The Dawsons like a house of fire with the speed of a locomotive. They stop him and get the heat eventually, but halfway through the match, Mecha is able to get to the ring to even the odds. They mount a tag team comeback until one of the Dawsons fight with Mecha on the outside. Biggs hits a big superplex from the top rope on one Dawson. Too big for either man to handle as neither can make it to their feet after the ref’s 10 count, making this a draw. Thus, The Dawsons retain. These two have been feuding for so long that I thought this would be the blow off to cool it down. Thankfully, it looks like this feud is still white hot as ever. When they consistently pull out tag team clinics like this, it makes me hope they never stop feuding. These matches have been great and though tonight’s finish was a letdown, it means we’ll likely get more of Sandwich Squad vs The Dawsons, which is not a bad thing. Before the finish, these two put on an awesome show for about 15 minutes. Another great match tonight.

To conclude the show, a random name is drawn from a jaw to name Aric Andrews’s next challenger for his CWF TV Championship. His opponent? Jesse Adler. After taking a long hiatus from CWF (and wrestling in general), he returned last week and it looks like he’s here to stay. Especially considering tonight’s finish.

Before the bell sounds, Andrews and Lee Valiant beat up Adler, but Adler outsmarts them long enough for Andrews to accidentally take out Valiant. The bell sounds and Adler immediately hits a 540 Kick, followed by a standing shooting star press for the 1…2…3! In record time, Jesse Adler unseats Andrews of his historic Television Championship and becomes the new champion! This was more of a moment than a match, and what a moment it was. It gave me Warrior/Honky Tonk vibes. Like a modern day version. Andrews was champion for a record 483 days. It ended in 10 seconds. It was satisfying to see Andrews finally get his comeuppance after all the heel things he’s done, and it was great to see Adler get a big boost for his comeback in CWF. Everything about this moment was perfect (the timing, the players involved, the performances, etc). Great stuff.

Just an all around great episode of CWF TV. Check it out below. Feel free to share the episode as well. When an indie fed puts out such great episodes like this, they deserve the support.

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