CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 10/25/17 Review: 17th Annual CWF Rumble

There is only one match airing on tonight’s episode of CWF, but when its a match of this magnitude and this caliber, only one match is needed. That match in question is the 17th annual CWF Rumble. But this year’s Rumble is going to be a little different from the rest. For the first time ever, the CWF Heavyweight Championship will be on the line, with the champion Trevor Lee coming out at entrant #1.

Instead of boring you with a complete rundown of an hour long battle royal, let’s take a moment to go over some highlights from the match.


  • Daniel C. Rockingham being thrown over by Lee and Ric Converse, only to save himself by making sure his feet touch his hoverboard instead of the floor. The second time he tried that, Trevor Lee PK kicked him off the apron from the hoverboard.
  • Trevor Lee’s many heartstopping near-eliminations. There were so many times where Lee was feet and arm was inches away from the floor. Every single one of them got an audible gasp from me.
  • Mecha Mercenary throwing Nick Richards at Trevor Lee. He threw a whole man at another whole man. Glorious.
  • Mecha Mercenary and Mike Mars staring down, then throwing down. TWO BIG BOYS. I LOVE MA BIG BOYS. BIG BOY BATTLE.
  • Mike Mars and Ray Kandrack duking it out. BIG BOY BATTLE.
  • Trevor Lee breaking Snooty Fox’s fingers. Pulling a page out of Marty Scurll’s book. Also, it was pretty cool seeing these two trade moves for the first time ever.
  • Trevor Lee and Brad Attitude flipping each other off, and then duking it out. Just because I loved their feud so much. Might still be my favorite Trevor Lee title match.
  • Jarry Cary stealing Brad Stutts’s microphone to announce Mace Li’s entrance, and Stutts complaining about it nonstop until he gets another one.
  • Roy Wilkins coming out at #30, only to be immediately thrown out. Didn’t time it, but he was definitely eliminated faster than anyone else in the match (had to be under 5 seconds).
  • Brad Attitude murdering Chet Sterling after his elimination. The idea of these two feuding after this really intrigues/excites me.
  • Those final minutes between Cain Justice and Trevor Lee. Awesome chemistry. Now I NEED a one-on-one match between these two. This was a huge breakout moment for Justice and the man rose to the occasion. He held his own with the greatest champion CWF has ever seen and proved he belongs in the main event picture.
  • Oh yeah, and when Trevor Lee broke Cain Justice’s toes on the apron. JAYSUS.

Closing Moments:

Justice and Lee fight for about 10 minutes. When they get on the apron, Justice runs at Lee, but Lee counters with a double stomp to the chest. Both men hit the ground, but Justice a second before Lee does. Therefore, your winner and STILL CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Lee!

The Final Verdict:

I’m sure I’m mentioned this before on here, but I don’t love battle royals, Royal Rumbles included. It takes a lot for me to get into such a match (yet alone like one) but to be perfectly honest, this one was stellar. There were enough consistent memorable moments to keep the match entertaining and very few boring moments where guys were just hanging on the ropes trying not to get thrown out. It was just one moment after another to keep the crowd (and me) interested. What made the match all the more interesting was the story of the match. Trevor Lee trying his damnest to just survive like he always does. The odds were out of his favor and it saw him fight harder than he ever has and often claw himself to the ring to keep from being eliminated. All in all, for a battle royal, this was very good and worth the watch. One of the better battle royals I’ve seen.


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