CHIKARA 10/28/17 Deep Breath & A Good Man Goes to War Results

CHIKARA 10/28/17 Deep Breath
Credit: Doctor Strangelovitz

Travis Huckabee def Everett Connors via submission

Crummels and DeFarge def the Carnies by flying curb stomp

Jeremy Leary def Space Monkey by running knee to the head

Merlok def Missile Assault Man with a slam

“The Osirian Portal” def Oleg and Kobald after a top rope leg drop and splash after Kobald accidentally hits Oleg and runs away in shame

Dasher Hatfield def Moose by Liger bomb and second jackhammer

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CHIKARA 10/28/17 A Good Man Goes to War Results

The Boar def Mr. Touchdown by Gore
– Boar now has three points toward title contention.

Hallowicked def Solo Darling by sit out powerbomb

Hype Rockwell def Race Jaxon by DQ due to low blow

Icarus def Rory Gulak

Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad def Xyberhawx 2000

Grand Championship: JFDC def Fire Ant with the Clutch as Fire Ant was passed out in pain to retain the title

Bonus Match:Los Ice Creams def Dez Peleton when one biker hit the moonsault on the other

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