NOVA Pro Wrestling “Pumpkin Spice Lariats” Results 10/27/17

Annandale, VA – 10.27.2017

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Kevin Skiffington, Jason Heat, and Dylan Hales.

Pre-Show Match: Ace Perry defeated Donovan Danhausen and Breaux Keller.

1. Sage Philips pinned Ken Dixon with a sunset flip in 4:14

2. “The Progressive Liberal” Daniel Richards defeated Ethan Alexander Sharpe with the Liberal Agenda (modified Rude Awakening) in 4:12.

3. Beau Crockett defeated Sugar Dunkerton, Chip Day, and Isaiah Frazier, pinning Dunkerton with a Spear in 9:55.

4. Laynie Luck pinned Faye Jackson in 5:32. Faye’s foot was on the rope, but the referee did not notice.

5. Anarchy Triple Crown Championship: Gunner Miller retained the title over Tim Donst, pinning him with a Jackhammer in 12:57.

6. PWI Ultra J Championship: Sage Philips pinned Logan Easton Laroux in 8:38 to win the title.
– The referee fast counted Logan as Logan and the referee had several altercations during the match. Because of this, the match record was “erased” and Logan remains champion.

7. Angelus Layne & Dominic Garrini defeated Brittany Blake in John Kermon in 10:39 when Garrini used the ropes for extra leverage in a triangle choke and made Kermon pass out.
– Garrini didn’t release the hold after the match until Blake attacked him. Angelus and Garrini attacked her, as well as NOVA Pro staff who came to break up the post-match ruckus.

8. Bobby Shields defeated Tripp Cassidy in 7:43 with the Body Bomb.

9. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) defeated Arik Royal & Chet Sterling in 9:23 when Lude caught Sterling in a small package.

10. Fred Yehi defeated Jordynne Grace when Jonathan Gresham threw in the towel on her behalf.
– After a hard fought battle, Yehi had Grace in a submission where all her limbs were tied up so she couldn’t submit. Gresham threw in the towel to end the match mercifully.

11. Sonjay Dutt pinned DJ Z in 10:19 when Sonjay won a battle of pin exchanges but catching Z in a sunset flip position.

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