Ringbelles Roundup (10/25/17) – Karen Q wins Super 8 ChickFight, title changes galore, CWA debut, Maiden of Chaos tourney, SHINE 46 & more

Karen Q follows in the footsteps of Deonna Purrazzo and Tessa Blanchard in winning the Super 8 ChickFight tournament and the ECWA Women’s Championship simultaneously – Lyle C. Williams ©

Deonna Purrazzo’s hopeful and predicted three-peat didn’t happen as planned on Saturday night in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Instead, things worked out in Karen Q’s favor as she’s the coveted winner of the 2017 Super 8 ChickFight tournament and to boot, she’s the first competitor to release the ECWA Women’s title from Purrazzo’s two-year-long death grip. However, getting to the finishing line wasn’t going to be an easy task for Karen Q, as she fought Santana Garrett to twenty-minute, time-limit draw to end things in the semifinals of the tournament. It was then announced by East Coast Wrestling Association that the finals would be a three-way fight for the trophy and Purrazzo’s championship itself would be at stake.

Saturday’s title change marked the first time the belt had been defended in the tournament’s final. The first two installments of the Super 8 ChickFight featured the finalists fighting over a vacated championship. Tessa Blanchard and Jenny Rose fought over the belt in the finals of the inaugural tournament in 2014 after the title was mysteriously relinquished by Renee Michelle. The championship would be without a holder the following year, as former belt recipient, Blanchard faced off against Purrazzo a month after first colliding at an Excellence Pro event in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. The matchup was a big moment for the competitors and the tournament itself, as two of independent wrestling’s most sought-after women’s grapplers were getting a chance to lay everything on the line and determine who is the better rookie.

Purrazzo’s title wasn’t on the line in last year’s finals when she faced off against Karen Q. The third-annual tournament featured an influx of newer faces to the scene like Britt Baker, Kiera Hogan, Faye Jackson, Maria Manic and Tasha Steelz, while Deonna and Aja Perera were practically the veterans by virtue due to their experience. These women had gained a lot of traction in the months leading up to the tournament and were getting booked almost anywhere that invited women’s wrestling. Your inclusion in the tournament is another good way to sustain the momentum in your bookings, regardless if you’re in demand or not, because like all wrestling gigs this is another chance to advertise your skills to new promoters and fans.

All the participants in the 2017 Super 8 ChickFight tournament. (Top, left) Kaitlin Diemond, Deonna Purrazzo, Karen Q & Santana Garrett, (Bottom, left) Skylar Marie, Allie Recks, Samantha Heights & Christina Marie – Brian K Photo ©

This year’s tournament wasn’t any different. Christina Marie, Skylar and Allie Recks – all three competitors are still relatively unknown. Samantha Heights, who’s been getting a lot of work since bumping around in the Midwest and Kaitlin Diemond, the tenured veteran who’s twelve-years in the business has seen her wrestle all over Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan and here in the United States. Purrazzo’s lengthy two-years and five day-reign with the ECWA Women’s Championship was ended in her thirteenth title defense after Karen Q forced her to tap out via submission.

Purrazzo’s lengthy two-years and five day-reign with the ECWA Women’s Championship was ended in her thirteenth title defense after Karen Q forced her to tap out via submission. Karen winning the tournament and the title left everyone in shock, as people were probably banking on the finals coming down to Santana Garrett and Purrazzo. However, their feud over in Ring of Honor has been heating up. Karen is currently undefeated in the company and managed to keep her streak alive by besting Purrazzo in Philadelphia the night before the tournament. It appeared that the now-former champion was going to pull off another Super 8 ChickFight win for the third consecutive year in a row after she skated through the quarter and semi-finals, beating Allie Recks and Skylar respectively. Karen’s first title defense as champion has already been announced by the promotion for their November 25th event, as Purrazzo’s rematch clause will be invoked in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Some things that happened over the weekend and this week…

Candy Lee won Impact Pro Wrestling’s inaugural Armageddon Cup on Saturday. She bested Ashlee Spencer and current champion, Britenay in the triple threat final to win. Lee’s win is featured in a piece by Maori Television, which you can check out here. She talks about becoming the first women’s Armageddon Cup winner and in case you were not aware, Candy Lee is the first transgender professional wrestler in New Zealand right now and she further discusses some of the hardships she’s had when it comes to competing against women… Madison Rayne is the new Zero1 USA Women’s Champion after beating Randi West and Thunderkitty in a three-way match on Saturday to win the title. West won the championship a few weeks ago after defeating Thunderkitty and Paloma Starr; prior to this West had stolen Thunderkitty’s trophy which she won after winning the women’s title tourney. The theft prevented Thunderkitty from claiming what was rightfully hers, the women’s title, and West’s actions forced the promotion to book a three-way match, this time the winner would be awarded the championship belt. West’s first title defense was then announced to be taking place inside of a Steel Cage for the promotion’s eleventh-anniversary event on Saturday – Madison Rayne was then added to the match to up the stakes against West. It’s already been announced that West has invoked her rematch clause and will be challenging Rayne for the belt on January 27th in Mattoon, Illinois… Just Plain Evil defeated Frankie Quinn and Tabitha to retain the Hughes Academy Women’s Title on Saturday… Tessa Blanchard is still the WrestleCircus Sideshow Champion after beating Dave Crist on Saturday… Beautiful Beaa unseated KC Spinelli of the Crossfire Wrestling Women’s Title on Saturday in Welland, Ontario. The title loss happened to be Spinelli’s third defense of her 391-day reign…

Mortar climbed the ladder and secured the HVW Women’s Championship from the ceiling while Avary (hanging upside down) and Kellyanne watched from below – Lauren Moulton Designs ©

Mortar became the new Hunter Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion on Saturday after defeating Avary, Tarlee, and Kellyanne for the title in a Fatal Four-Way Ladder match in Rutherford. Tarlee basically had the match won – Avary’s legs were tied up between the ladder’s steps and Kellyanne was knocked out on the outside of the ring. She was making her way up the ladder when another video rolled on the screen, revealing that it was Vixsin, who’s been behind all of these cryptic videos over the last several months. The big reveal distracted Tarlee long enough for Mortar to scale the ladder and eventually chokeslam her from atop the ladder and snatch down women’s title hanging above from the ceiling.

Tarlee confronted Mortar backstage after the match and implied that because they were once allies, she too was involved in Vixsin’s mind games. Mortar denied her involvement in Vixsin’s toying with Tarlee, however, it doesn’t debunk the fact that she took full advantage of the “planned” distraction and won the championship match. Vixsin is set to return to Hunter Valley Wrestling in time for their third-anniversary event on December 9th…

Rosemary became the new AWE Women’s Champion on Friday in Cocoa, Florida, as she defeated Leva Bates to become the inaugural titleholder… Toni Storm fended off Bea Priestley in another successful title defense of the SWA Championship on Saturday in Taiwan. The Taipei City matchup happens to be Storm’s twelfth title defense since winning the belt last July and it was also her first since winning the World of STARDOM Championship, which was also on the line, as requested by Bea Priestley herself. Storm retained both belts with the Strong Zero… Stacy Thibault picked up her third title defense as the PWE Flame Champion on Friday in Oshawa, Ontario, as she retained the belt against Jessie Mack… The LCW Young Guns Title is now in a woman’s possession, as Jayde won the championship on Saturday in Leicester by defeating Chaos Kai Payne, Chase Williams, Fowler, Kyle Kingsley, Tyler Owens and titleholder, Brett Ryans in a Scramble match… Mercedes Martinez dropped one of her many championships on Saturday in Minneola, Florida. She lost the WXW Women’s Title to Raeven Marie in the show’s main event and it appears that the match, which originally involved Jamie D was changed to a singles contest, as there’s no mention of Jamie’s involvement in the title change what so ever. For those not too familiar with Raeven Marie, she’s a second-generation, Puerto Rican grappler and hails from the country’s capital, San Juan. She’s the current New Evolution Wrestling Women’s Champion, a promotion out in Cataño, Puerto Rico. Mercedes’ managed to hang onto the title for over 370-days; her second reign as SHIMMER Champion is currently peaking over 344-days and counting while her third run with the WSU Title hasn’t reached three-hundred days and her ongoing reigns with the SHINE and Femmes Fatales belts hasn’t reached the two-hundred mark… Misaki Ohata successfully retained the Regina di WAVE Championship against Hiroe Nagahama in Sunday’s main event at Shin-Kiba 1st RING and as promised, she’s going to be defending the belt against one of Ice Ribbon’s juniors, Maruko Nagasaki this Sunday.

A bunch of titles changed hands or got awarded to new champions over the weekend…

The new MCW Women’s Champion, Sahara Se7en – @Sahara_007’s Instagram ©

The vacant MCW Women’s Championship found a new titleholder in Sahara Se7en on Friday night, as she defeated Brittany Blake for the title in Manchester, Maryland. The belt was recently declared vacant after the previous champion, Melina had managed to hold onto the title for 350-days without having to defend the strap but once when she successfully retained it against Blake back in January. Here’s what happened – back on November 5th, Maryland Championship Wrestling had a big idea and decided to pull the title switch on Renee Michelle the same night she had regained the belt for the third time from Blake. Renee had dropped the title to Blake as part of a three-way match that June that also consisted of a former champion, Kimber Lee getting another shot at the strap.

From there, Blake went on to successfully defend the title on three separate occasions, picking up wins over the likes of Marina, Kennadi Brink, Ivory Robyn and once again over Lee. The promotion had announced that her next title defense would be apart of their year-annual “Armageddon” tour within the state and that she would be defending against Renee Michelle in her official return after losing the belt months earlier. The matchup happened and Renee won after using the bottom rope as leverage to score the pinfall on a rolled up Blake. Melina then unseated the new champion in her first title defense; she had won the Queen of Southside Championship from Kay Lee Ray the month before in October via a tournament final and like the Maryland title, that belt too was abandoned after picking up three defenses.

Earlier this year, it appeared that the promotion had lost interest in showcasing the championship on its shows and months after beating Blake in Joppa, Maryland, there was no mention of Melina or an impending title defense. Now that the belt’s in Sahara’s hands, there’s a chance for the promotion to regain traction for the championship and have frequent defenses on the shows. In April of last year, the promotion underwent some rebranding and changed its name to “MCW Pro” Wrestling. Sahara’s win over Blake came packaged with a little help from Dante Caballero, as he distracted the referee long enough for the new champion to grab a handful of Blake’s tights for the roll up. If Brittany Blake had won the matchup on Saturday, she would have been a two-time MCW Women’s Champion, whereas this Sahara’s first run with the title.


One promotion upstate has finally crowned a new titleholder to their vacant Women’s belt after more than a year of inactivity.

LuFisto is now a double champion and leads one women’s division of a promotion and is the top dog in another. She and three other competitors were in-house for Jersey All-Pro Wrestling’s “Uprising” event at the Rahway Recreation Center in New Jersey on Saturday night. The promotion was set to determine a new women’s champion after the previous winner, Kimber Lee had relinquished the title after getting signed by WWE. Despite the promotion’s twenty-years in the business, the JAPW Women’s Title is not that old and wasn’t established until 2009 when Sara Del Rey defeated ODB for the belt in Jersey City.

The all-new JAPW Women’s Women’s Champion, LuFisto – DM Winant Images & More ©

Beginning in January of 2009, the promotion ran their first all women’s show in Bayonne, called “Female Revolution.” The show featured several of wrestling’s cream of the crop when it came to women athletes, as Cheerleader Melissa, Portia Perez, Nikki Roxx, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel, Daizee Haze, Sassy Stephie, Jennifer Blake, Mary Lee Rose, who was known then as “Mary Lollypop,” Annie Social, Roxie Cotton and LuFisto were all brought in for the occasion. ODB worked the show’s main event against LuFisto in a Last Woman Standing match and picked up the win. Four months later the promotion would run another women’s event as part of a doubleheader in Rahway. This time the likes of Awesome Kong, Amber (not to be confused with O’Neal) and Brittany Savage helped fill out the card that already included Roxx, Cheerleader Melissa pulling double duty again, Social, Haze, Cotton and Del Rey.

Del Rey defeated Kong on this show and won the number one contender’s battle royal to conclude things that afternoon. However, the championship was still not established at the time. The promotion pitted both competitors, ODB and Del Rey against one another at the following month’s show, “Caged Destiny” where the inaugural SHIMMER Champion defeated her opponent in the second match on the card. Del Rey continued to reign supreme in the Jersey promotion after repeatedly knocking down competitors and their unsuccessful attempts at winning her championship. The likes of Hailey Hatred, Sumie Sakai, Mia Yim and Ayumi Kurihara have all challenged Del Rey for the strap and instead, ended up being apart of her collection plate of title defenses, fourteen to be exact, over her 1, 114-days as champion.

However, some things can not last forever and Del Rey’s title run would have to come to an end once she inked a deal with WWE to be a trainer at the Performance Center. She would eventually relinquish the championship three years after capturing it, with her last title defense coming against LuFisto in December of 2010. Earlier this year, the strap was declared vacant once Kimber Lee had reported to developmental. The championship was shelved for four years following Del Rey’s departure from the indies and in April of last year, the promotion crowned a new titleholder in Kimber Lee, who defeated Annie Social in the one-off decision match in Bayonne, New Jersey. For whatever reason, Lee never got to defend the championship and its likely due to her personal calendar being stocked full of bookings at the time or the fact that the promotion didn’t run another show until October and November of that year when she had already been rumored to be picked up by the WWE.

LuFisto mixing it up with Katred in Rahway on Saturday night – DM Winant Images & More ©

Lee’s matchup against Social marked the last time the belt had been acknowledged; the promotion began announcing their plans to crown a new champion at Saturday’s show in Rahway, New Jersey. LuFisto being in the running for the title made perfect sense, in that she was the last person to ever contend for the championship. Jersey All-Pro did hold additional standalone shows for the women, with their last one happening in January of 2010. Looking back through some of those cards, with the exception of LuFisto, Mia Yim and Social, Cheerleader Melissa, Angel Dust, Sumie Sakai and Ayako Hamada are the only ones left as active performers today, while much of the show’s roster has retired from the business or stopped taking bookings at some point or another.

Along with LuFisto were three additional competitors announced for the title opportunity. Fresh off a tour of Japan with World Wonder Ring STARDOM is Gabby Ortiz, Katred, a competitor out of the Northeast and Penelope Ford, who’s competed for Beyond Wrestling and it’s sister promotion, Women’s Wrestling Revolution and is a regular in Women Superstars Uncensored. LuFisto won the matchup and was crowned the third JAPW Women’s Champion, however, her win came with a small price. Shlak and Bear Bronson corned her post-match and before long, Kyle the Beast made the save. Though I’m not sure of the significance of this occurring, the promotion has announced a Street Fight for their February 24th show as a result of LuFisto coming to the aid of Kyle the Beast after his matchup against Matt Riddle. She was laid out after taking a devastating spear from Bronson.

Some things that happened at SHINE 46…

Mercedes Martinez and Ivelisse retained their tag team titles against Holidead and Thunder Rosa to close the show. The match was a wild brawl and the referee could not control either team, however, it’s sort of strange that the promotion to choose for their title defense to cap off SHINE 46 instead of LuFisto’s matchup against Kraven that ended with a screwy finish. Dementia D’Rose interfered in the matchup and targeted the legs of Kraven, which in turn, helped LuFisto pull off the submission win via leglock to retain the SHINE Championship. Dementia continued to work over Kraven’s legs after the match, damaging them even further with a steel chair shot. Kraven sold the beating and was helped to the backstage area by several referees.

Dementia D’Rose cracking away at Allysin Kay with the steel chair at SHINE 46 – River Horse Wrestling Photography/ Alan Rolette ©

The biggest development coming out of SHINE 46 is Dementia D’Rose’s love affair with swinging steel chairs. She wrestled Sienna in the opening match on the card; Brandi Lauren had teased that she had a “surprise” for the Impact Knockouts Champion and after cutting a blistering promo on Lauren, Sienna was ambushed from behind by D’Rose and an impromptu matchup proceeded. D’Rose was then disqualified by the referee for attempting to use the steel chair inside the ring, however, that didn’t stop her from unloading on Sienna after the match. Like Kraven, multiple referees had to intervene and stop D’Rose’s vicious attack on Sienna – it appears that SHINE is looking to create new villains in an already heel-driven promotion and D’Rose getting a singles niche and not being forced into some makeshift team or stable is an upside.

Priscilla Kelly retained the NOVA Championship against Santana Garrett after Garrett missed the Shining Star Press and the titleholder capitalized with a small package. Kelly was briefly attacked by Candy Cartwright, Aria Blake and Kiera Hogan after the match before Aja Perera, Jordynne Grace and Aerial Monroe made the save. Perera and Monroe had scored the upset win over The Cutie Pie Club in the matchup prior to Kelly’s title defense after Perera was able to hit the Super Driver on Hogan. Cartwright placed the blame on Blake for the loss, causing further dissension amongst the stable to grow. Grace picked up the submission win over Cartwright in a very short match with a bearhug. Aria Blake parodied Grace by coming to the ring with a body suit all stuffed to mimic the stature of the 21-year-old. Priscilla Kelly suffered another attack just seconds after Cartwright and company’s ambush; this time it was Amanda Carolina Rodriguez pitching for a shot at Kelly’s championship. Besides suffering a loss to Leah Vaughan in the title tournament, Rodriguez is now on an undefeated streak in SHINE Wrestling after beating La Rosa Negra in an Anything Goes match and besting Natalia Markova on the show.


– Capital Wrestling Alliance ©

A new women’s promotion is currently being developed in the Northeast region. Capital Wrestling Alliance has been busy making announcements concerning their official debut show, which takes place on January 27th in Frankford, Delaware. The promotion has announced that they will be crowning two champions on the first show, which is a pretty overwhelming idea, to begin with – this really could have been held off until future dates. They will be holding a tournament, the Raven Black tournament to decide the inaugural CWA Champion and so far, only eleven participants have been named for the twelve-woman tourney: Santana Garrett, Candy Cartwright, Deonna Purrazzo, Lacey Lane, Davienne, Kylie Rae, Angelus Layne, Nikki Addams, Thunder Rosa, Tess Valentine and Jordynne Grace.

The CWA Mid-Atlantic Champion will be decided through a battle royal and that has a bunch of names announced too, including some newer alias working around and outside the region like Jayel Cotto, Debbie Kane and Hannah Hartkopf. Layne Rosario, the former “Cherry Layne,” Hyan, Maria James and “Hot Scoop” Skylar are some of the other competitors announced for the battle royal, which doesn’t appear to have a set quantity as of right now. Delmi Exo and her sister, Ashley Vox will be in tag team action on the show; they’ll be taking on Gabby Ortiz and Riley Shepard. That’s pretty much all that’s been announced for CWA’s launch at the Frankford Fire Company besides more participants getting named for the battle royal in the coming weeks. The promotion has stated that the twelfth entrant into the championship tournament will be announced the day of the show – talk about anticipation here.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and be honest with my thoughts and state that I feel hesitant about lending my full support towards this promotion, or any promotion for that matter these days. In recent months, I’ve seen several promotions announce a launch date, flood everyone’s timelines with announcements of big, top named talents being on the show and then we find out in the ninetieth-hour that the promoters weren’t reliant and things were a complete clusterfuck from the get-go. I had planned on discussing a hot mess of a situation that occurred right before my year-long hiatus. It involved another women’s promotion that had popped up not once, but twice and jetted out into the mysterious beyond overnight after announcing matches among other things. However, I remained on the fence on whether or not to talk about it and make it public knowledge about what had transpired.

Once upon a time…

I was doing my due diligence to covering women’s wrestling and came across a flyer for a new women’s promotion, forming out in California. I was already familiar with several names competing within the west coast region, but seeing that a full-on promotion was being created and dedicated to the women that worked there for years and didn’t receive the same exposure as some of their peers like Cheerleader Melissa, I was excited and decided to shoot them a message. I was inquiring for further information on the debut show, which was scheduled for May 15th. I wanted to know if the inaugural champion would be crowned on the show or if the title tournament would be an ongoing thing and continue on through the next set of shows.

I was told through a message on Facebook that the champion was going to be decided the same day as the launch and was thanked for my interest in wanting to “spread the word” about the new women’s promotion on the block. I’m confident that everyone reading this is over the suspense and just wants me to call names at this point, so here it goes. I sent this message quoted below to Radiance Pro Wrestling on the morning of February 20, 2015.

I cover women’s wrestling for Pro Wrestling Ponderings. Every week I compile an article, covering all the latest news in women’s wrestling in North America, Mexico, Europe, Japan, Australia and everything in between. I’m not sure you’re familiar with the website Ringbellesonline, I was a writer for the site until its closure this year. The Ringbelles Roundup is posted weekly, I understand your promotion will be debuting on May 15th. I wanted to know if the first Radiance Champion will be crowned on the show, or if the tournament will continue onto the next shows? I just wanted to make sure I had the correct information before reporting.”

I followed through with another message, stating that my written piece could be an avenue to help spread announcements about upcoming shows and even mentioned that an interview with Pro Wrestling Ponderings was another good way to get the news out faster. I received nothing back. No response. No further details on the show, nada Pam. I’ve experienced this several times from promotions, especially those that have sought me out first, wanting an interview or wanting news items to be reported. I do it and I never take the inquiries that turn out to be a bust personal. I’ve experienced the same with wrestlers and regardless of my disappoint, the work and dedication that’s put into this article every other week remain way more important than people being sheisty.

“We don’t take L’s over here”

Radiance Pro’s initial flier posted to their Facebook page had caught my attention because it had an outdated picture of Cherry Bomb, who we all know as “Allie” these days. Now that’s a minor issue and definitely sounds bratty, but it’s annoying to see promotions still advertise a wrestler that has clearly evolved from their rookie year in the business and has updated photos of their current look still get printed onto a match card as the “greenhorn” and not as the finished product, alas a veteran. It has always amazed me when I see promotions still advertise the 2010 version of Jessicka Havok on current fliers and not grab a current snippet of her. I guess cropping the first image found on a Google search is easier to do in photoshop than the actual time-consuming activity of asking a wrestler for a current shot of them.

I said the image was outdated because during this time, she was no longer a dark brunette and according to hearsay, Cherry Bomb wasn’t aware that her likeness was being used for this promotion. Let’s insert a few more outdated pictures of LuFisto, Terra Calaway, but have an up to date one of Candice LeRae – the consistency is very appreciated. Shortly after posting even more outdated graphics and dropping a few names, the promotion vanished. The scheduled date for their first event came and went without any updates on whether the show got canceled or was being pushed back. To make matters worse, they weren’t responding to fans and their requests for information on where they are located, ticket sales, etc. Straight up nothing. That June, they decided to make their first post on Facebook after a whole month of silence – they had the actual nerve to link footage of Candice LeRae taking on Nicole Savoy in a one-on-one contest and refer to these women as “their” athletes when there’s no God-fearing proof of that being the truth. Their final post was a link to their official Twitter handle, which was super busy trying to get traction for the promotion. Whether it was begging for followers or dropping announcements about the debut show that wound up not happening, the whole thing gave me bad vibes. They initially offered a package deal where fans would receive access to the live stream of the show, a limited edition DVD, a signed poster and on top of that, shipping and handling were going to be free.

Sounds great right?

Their tweeting activity mirrored their behavior on Facebook and that, they completely glossed over the fact they missed their launch date. No mention of anything besides wanting more followers and retweeting those that jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to lend their support. Kacee Carlisle and Nicole Savoy’s names were soon added to the imaginary lineup and again, they dropped out of sight. A whole year later, exactly in May, they reappeared and started making announcements about… you guessed it, their first event, this time scheduled for July 30th in Oroville, California. Taeler Hendrix was now being promoted as the main attraction for the show and as a result of acquiring Hendrix, they began offering signed DVDs to those fans that pre-ordered their tickets in advance. Oh, I forgot to mention that ticket sales were reportedly “going fast” because now there would be limited seating at the show and they could only be purchased online – seventy-five tickets for seventy-five people.

It looked like they were about some serious business this time around. They announced longtime competitor and veteran of the California scene, Raze, Samara and Ashley Grace for the show, following through with an official match card and adding Kevin Gill to their commentary team. Brittany Wonder, Holidead, Laura James and more women continued to be announced for the July 30th date and it was around this time that I decided to once again, shoot this promotion another message and ask for an interview. I inquired again about their availability in the oncoming weeks and regardless if this was going to be a pre-taped interview or not, we have to set a day, a time and have someone ready on standby to handle the technical side of things while I conduct the interview. I have never asked someone for an interview and they are readily available for it right then and there, like ever.

It’s one thing if everyone is prepared to do it on the spot, but the fact I was willing to give the person behind the social accounts an clear opportunity to promote their business and they were so jumpy about doing it “now” and once I followed through with wanting to schedule something and what not, they decided not to respond to any of my messages. Again, this has happened at least a thousand times before with promotions, wrestlers and you name it, but that wasn’t the problem here. The problem was that this promotion was so hellbent on wanting people to direct message them and ask about interviews and details on the show, but they were refusing to properly do that in exchange for that publicity they were craving.

You can not have it both ways.

I consulted with the staff at Pro Wrestling Ponderings about my ordeal and from there I decided to not bother going forward with an interview with anyone from the promotion. In the days following, they had been promoting that they were going to launch their own Patreon campaign – I believe this idea was going to be a way to fund their shows, that already had limited seating and tickets were according to them, “selling fast.” On top of this, they were proclaiming that they were going to launch the “only” women’s promotion that ran shows monthly in the United States, which was a false claim when SHINE Wrestling was providing that coverage at the time. Women Superstars Uncensored has scaled back on the number of shows they run a year, sometimes running four shows or less. SHINE has also followed this method in addition to not properly advertising their shows, which has been everyone’s biggest gripe since it’s launch in 2012. However, it’s not a bad idea to run fewer shows when there are so many products and avenues to find them these days. It felt like Radiance Pro and its promoter was trying to step on toes with that line when in actuality, they were digging themselves a bigger grave.

On June 28, 2016, I received a message from a fan wanting to know if my tweet regarding a promotion in California being sketchy was in reference to Radiance Pro. I was completely talking about another promotion at the time, but if the shoe fits, wear them. I will simply refer to this person as “Derek” and not directly give out their Twitter handle. Derek stated that he was going to their debut show on July 30th, but mostly because he had pre-ordered tickets last year and never received them. He was told by the promotion that his tickets would be mailed to him on June 3rd and he never received them. A whole month had passed and I received nothing back from Radiance Pro regarding an interview and Derek, now July 18th still had not received his tickets or anything in reference to them. I had become privy to information that some competitors had backed out of appearing at the show due to the company’s refusal to hold up their end of the bargain.

Brittany Wonder, Hudson Envy and more had been snatched up by the other promotions that were running in California around the time Radiance was running their show. Wonder along with Holidead had reportedly signed on to be apart of Radiance’s lineup that day or agreed to be members of their roster according to the promotion. Radiance had only announced three matches for their entire card that was a little more than a week away; Samara was scheduled to take on Sage Sin and Beatrice Domino was slated to take on Laura James. They didn’t bother with announcing additional matches for the show and instead, claimed on July 20, 2016, that there had been a “few” changes to the card and promised to keep fans updated on these modifications, but they didn’t.

In the days leading up to these “changes” they were busy plugging this DVD deal where shipping and handling were free, it was going to have Taeler Hendrix’s signature on it and it was only twenty-five dollars. They wanted fans to pre-order a product that had not been made and appeared to be a figment of everyone’s imagination. Radiance tried to up the ante on this scam by claiming that fans that pre-ordered the first show’s DVD would receive a “producer” credit for doing so – when I tell you they were shoving this DVD down people’s throats, I damned near wanted to go blind and begged for the site to crash.

Two days later, I had received even more information on the ongoing saga of Radiance’s woes while they were busy whining about being locked out of their account, while still tweeting. I was told that while the promotion had announced the city where the event was going to be held, they didn’t give an exact location of the venue besides its street. Whenever I go looking up information for upcoming shows, including the show’s date, location, and its venue are the most important things to have included on your fliers, tickets, website, etc if you want fans to actually show up. I was then told that the person solely responsible for Radiance Pro was also running Fighting Spirit Pro, which immediately threw me off because they had been running shows for charity. To my recollection, both promotions were set to run shows that weekend and three days later, both events were canceled, deleted off Facebook and I forgot to mention, that talent was not forewarned of this happening until it appeared on social media.

Taeler Hendrix dropped out of appearing after being heavily promoted as the main attraction for the DVD sales and cited that “company issues” were the sole reason for her backing out. The promotion claimed that a “new date” would be announced ahead of the rescheduled event, however, that never happened as no one has heard a peep about or from Radiance Pro Wrestling since July 25, 2016. “Derek” never received his tickets and two weeks after the cancellations, Fighting Spirit Pro was embroiled in a DVD scandal, as a fan had pre-ordered a signed copy that was offered to him by the promotion and never received it. The plaintiff claimed that they had been waiting over ninety-days for their DVD to arrive – several other fans stated that they too were looking for their purchases and never got them. Some fans were charged more than others for the fictitious discs and got completely scammed by this promotion and its craftiness. I don’t like jumping to conclusions, but the rolling out of announcements by Capital Wrestling Alliance and the amount of people they are adding to this event feels too good to be true. It also leaves you wondering if this thing is happening for real or if this another instance of someone doing all of this for attention. Only time will tell if this promotion is the actual truth or a sham like Radiance, then again this can be said for almost everyone.


What’s going on this weekend on the indies and beyond…

Kellyanne battles Tarlee over in East Burwood, Victoria on Friday… On Saturday, Saraya Knight’s Queen of Southside Championship will be on the line in Stevenage as she defends the belt against Kay Lee Ray, Lana Austin, and Veda Scott… Risa Sera and Maya Yukihi have a shot at becoming the new International Ribbon Tag Team Champions this Sunday in Tokyo, as they go up against Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi in the finals of the vacant title’s tournament. Akane Fujita, Maika Ozaki, Hiragi Kurumi and Nori DATE will also be fighting for a chance to become the next competitor in line for Sera’s title, as the winner will not only become the new number one contender but will also go onto to face her for the championship down the line. Ice Ribbon’s newest trainee, Julia will be making her in-ring debut on the show. She teams up with Takako Inoue to take on Satsuki Totoro and Nao DATE… On Friday night in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, Maria Manic will be taking on Willow Nightingale for Hybrid Wrestling… Alexia Nicole has an Acclaim Women’s Title defense planned for Saturday’s show in Ottawa, as she defends the championship against KC Spinelli…

Rockelle Vaughan, Brandi Rhodes, Erica Torres, Hyan, Thunder Rosa and Miranda Salinas have all been announced for VIP Wrestling’s show on Saturday in Arlington, Texas. The show will feature the women of Sabotage Wrestling; Rosa will take on Torres, Delilah Doom and a mystery partner will go up against Barbi Hayden and her mystery partner, Rockelle battles Hyan and Rhodes will go one-on-one with Miranda… Number one contender, Charli Evans gets her championship match against Toni Storm this Sunday at PROGRESS’ Chapter 56 in Camden… This Friday, Deonna Purrazzo and Laurel Van Ness go head-to-head for ZERO1 USA’s show in Rantoul, Illinois… Hiroyo Matsumoto makes her fourth title defense of the OZ Openweight Championship this Sunday in Kanagawa. She defends the strap against Yoshiko in the show’s first of two title matches on the card. AKINO and Kaho Kobayashi’s tag team belts will be on the line against Mayumi Ozaki and Yumi Ohka… Penelope Ford and Maria Manic take on LuFisto and Jordynne Grace at Beyond Wrestling’s show up in Howell, New Jersey on Saturday… Su Yung’s FEST Wrestling Championship will be on the line against Chuck Taylor this Sunday in Gainesville, Florida. Trish Adora will be teaming up with Savannah Evans and Aria Blake to take on Kamilla Kaine, Jamie Senegal and Priscilla Kelly in addition to, a first-time one-on-one fight between Holidead and Rachael Ellering. The two competitors recently fought over the RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Title back in September in a matchup that also included Akane Fujita and Kylie Rae…

– Preston City Wrestling ©

Preston City Wrestling will be running another women’s show this Saturday at their training facility in England. Lucy Cole’s first title defense as the Women’s Champion is on deck for the show’s card, as she takes on Rhio. Cole won the championship at the most-recent women’s event back in August, where she defeated the challenger, Sierra Loxton, Sammii Jayne, Lauren and Nightshade in a six-way elimination match in the tournament final for the belt. “Girl Power 3” will also feature additional singles matches up and down the card; Nightshade will be taking on Lauren, Molly Spartan will be going up against Jayla Dark, Jennie B goes one-on-one with Nadia Sapphire and Jami Sparx takes on Eliza Roux… Smash Wrestling begins laying the groundwork for this year’s CANUSA Classic this Sunday in Toronto, as the captain of the U.S team, Allie goes up against the Canadian team’s hopeful, Alexia Nicole. The promotion has already announced this year’s captains, with Gail Kim leading Rosemary and more to victory on December 3rd at the Franklin Horner Community Center in Toronto…

Another big matchup set for OZ Academy’s show on Sunday is the meeting between Hikaru Shida and Rina Yamashita that comes with a big reward in the end. If Yamashita happens to defeat Shida, she will be granted permission to use Splash Mountain, a move that’s synonymous with Dynamite Kansai as her new finisher. Kansai herself insisted that this stipulation was inserted after Yamashita asked the now-retired performer if she could adopt the move into her repertoire… Renee Michelle challenges Brittany Blake for the FTC Women’s Championship on Saturday… This Friday, NOVA Pro Wrestling returns to Annandale, Virginia for their second show of the season that features a first-time match, as Jordynne Grace squares off against Fred Yehi. Angelus Layne will be in tag team action, as she and a partner of her choosing, Dominic Garrini take on Brittany Blake and her chosen partner, John Kermon on the show… Mortar has an opportunity to become a double champion on Saturday, as she challenges Riebell for the VPW Women’s TItle in Yatala, Queensland… Beautiful Beaa makes her second title defense as the Elite Women’s Champion this Saturday in Cambridge, Ontario when she wrestles Felicity at PWA Canada’s show at the Hespeler Arena…. Veda Scott teams up with Lauren this Friday in Preston to take on Nightshade and Lucy Cole for Preston City Wrestling.

Tournaments, smernaments…

Pro Wrestling Chaos crowns it’s first “Maiden of Chaos” this Saturday in Hanham, Bristol, England. The tournament was originally announced months ago, sometime in August, with no indication on whether the winner would receive a title or be awarded a championship upon victory. I reached out to the promotion for clarification earlier and the winner will receive a title that will be defended going forward. The last time I had discussed the impending tournament, only three participants had been named, including Viper, who was then enjoying an ongoing tour with STARDOM at the time that saw her switch sides and joins the promotion’s biggest star and becomes apart of her stable, Queen’s Quest.

Jinny and Martina were also announced and in the coming weeks, the promotion had added Jetta, Sierra Loxton, Dahlia Black, Jamie Hayter and Ayesha Raymond to the tournament, turning it into an eight-woman affair for the championship. The official brackets have been released and it will be Viper going up against Jinny in the first round and Loxton will be taking on the “Amazon.” Dahlia Black and Jamie Hayter will again meet face-to-face just three weeks after wrestling in a qualifying matchup for Pro Wrestling: EVE’s SHE-1 tournament, which wound up going in Hayter’s favor. Jetta will take on Martina and like the aforementioned, their last matchup occurred at an EVE show back in February and was their first-ever encounter.

The quarter and semi-finals of the tournament will be held on a standalone show for the women in the afternoon as part of the “Coalition of Chaos” double feature at the Hanham Community Centre. Unless there’s a reason for a third competitor to get involved, the two finalists will go on to fight for the title on the evening show, with the winner walking away with this belt pictured to the right. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at, though I do appreciate the effort put into the actual “Maiden of Chaos” logo – listen when your best friend is a graphic designer and you’re a self-taught artist, your perception of things can be heavily critique driven and appreciative of the smallest things at the same time.

The Maiden of Chaos Championship – courtesy of Pro Wrestling Chaos’ official Facebook page ©

It’s the hardest thing to explain to people, let alone I question my own judgment sometimes when it comes to things such as this. Could way more effort be put into the construction of the women’s title? Of course. There’s no proper excuse that can be given besides explaining that it was a “huge” expense that the promotion could not handle and because they were so hellbent on going forward with this, they had to cut corners. It’s annoying that I had to simplify the possible reason to “that” and not be able to argue that this random championship belt that is probably a purchased replica and is wrapped in the most-fuschia piece of cloth you could find in your local Jo-Ann Fabrics is decent enough and presentable enough to be a championship worth taking seriously.

I cannot sit here and lie and create a wall of bias that doesn’t exist because I’m an avid follower of women’s wrestling and the women in this tournament. I cannot sit here and justify my disappoint in the end result of the title’s look as nitpicking when it’s clear that the promotion had time in advance to finesse the belt’s appearance and possibly get it made in time for the tournament. Then again, it could have been one of those instances where the initial plan for the tournament was to hand the winner a trophy and someone popped in the creative meeting and said, “We need a belt!” and that’s how things got rolling. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that one woman will be wearing this championship and regardless of who wins it and the impact of their reign as the first titleholder, the belt’s shortcomings in the looks department is always going to be the first thing pointed out by fans. There’s going to be people that consider my criticism as overly harsh and chalk it up to being an unwarranted attack all because of my work as a women’s wrestling columnist, because clearly I need another reason to be “angry” and drive home the agenda of the injustices of women in this sport when it’s so damn apparent.

The point is that this belt could have been thought out better and while I’m aware that there’s plenty of promotions around that possess makeshift belts made out of cardboard, brought WWE replicas and used them as their championships, there is nothing wrong with wanting better for the wrestlers that have to carry these titles. Fans have already reacted negatively to the belt’s appearance via their Facebook page and while the promotion has apologized for the outcome, it’s still disappointing to see this happen. Here’s to hoping that Pro Wrestling Chaos has learned something from this and other promotions alike are thinking about taking the cheap route to establishing a new champion.



The Ringbelles Roundup is back until further notice and in the meantime, if you would like to contribute results, news items, especially if you are promotion or a wrestler or if you attended a show over the weekend and have pictures that are available to posted – Get in touch with me through my social media outlets, like Twitter and all credit will be given and appreciated.



The company has formerly signed another competitor from the Mae Young Classic, Kavita Devi, and Shadia Bseiso, making them the first women to be signed from India and the Middle East… Nia Jax’s abrupt absence is reportedly due to her not being comfortable with losing to Sasha Banks at Sunday’s TLC… There were three women’s matches at the show; Banks bested Alicia Fox on the pre-show. Alexa Bliss wound up retaining the RAW Women’s Championship against Mickie James that night after a great back and forth contest. Asuka’s long-awaited debut happened and she once defeated Emma… The company is currently gearing up for Survivor Series and with that comes the traditional teams, this time it will be Becky Lynch leading the blue brand when they take on Alicia Fox and members of Team RAW. Fox defeated Bayley and Banks in a matchup to determine the official captain of the team on Monday night. She used Bayley’s own finisher, the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex against her to walk away with the win… Madison Rayne and Karen Q both received a tryout with the company last week

Impact Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary faced off in the main event of last week’s episode. Valkyrie picked up the win after countering Rosemary’s Red Wedding into a Northern Lights Suplex followed by a double foot stomp to the face and pinfall. Valkyrie then tried to go for her finisher, the Road to Valhalla, but Rosemary managed to break free and sprayed mist into Taya’s face. From there, the two set up their First Blood match at Bound For Glory

North America

Alternative Wrestling Show has announced the debuts of Ivelisse, Barbi Hayden, Mia Yim and Desi Derata for their January 27th show in addition to a matchup announcement, as Yim wrestles Raze for the first time… LuFisto’s debut has been announced for Glory Pro Wrestling’s show on February 18th. She’ll be taking on Savanna Stone… Kaitlin Diemond will be heading over to China at the end of this month for work with Macao Pro Wrestling. Her stay in the country will be a full month, ending on November 29th… It’s been announced by SHIMMER that they’ll be running a show following PROGRESS at the Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center in Kenner, Louisiana as part of WrestleMania weekend on April 7th… It’s been announced that Veda Scott will face Kay Lee Ray on December 4th in a decision match for the Defiant Women’s Championship… Miranda Salinas and Renee Michelle will collide at Zelo Pro’s November 12th show in Chicago… Limitless Wrestling has a six-way match booked for their upcoming show on November 3rd in Portland, Maine. It will be Skarlett, Davienne, Terra Calaway, Willow Nightingale, Jessicka Havok and Kennadi Copeland all squaring off at “Hybrid Moments”… He asked for it and he shall receive it – Black Label Pro has announced that Sage Phillip’s quote on quote “dream” match has been booked for their December 1st show in Crown Point, Indiana when he takes on Mia Yim… Jordynne Grace will be going overseas to the U.K next year, as she’s been announced for XWA Wrestling’s March 11th show in Colchester, Essex. It’s a good idea to note that Pro Wrestling: EVE will be holding a show the day before in Bethnal Green, London… Angel Blue is the third competitor entered into Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s year-annual, Lone Star Classic. The twelve-person tournament takes place at The Mohawk on November 19th, as the winner gets the right to challenge for the heavyweight title anytime they choose… Jessie Belle is the new number one contender for the OVW Women’s Championship after beating Cali… A trios match has been announced for Inspire Pro Wrestling’s November 12th show, “Fade To Black 3,” that sees the team of Allie Kat, Ivory Robyn and Ethan Price taking on Thunder Rosa, Hyan, and Rockelle Vaughn… Maria Manic is the final entrant in H20 Wrestling’s “Hoss” tournament, happening on December 8th in Williamstown, NJ… Faye Jackson and Veda Scott have named the first competitors for their respective teams, as they go head-to-head in a Survivor Series styled matchup at NOVA Pro Wrestling’s show on November 24th in Fairfax, Virginia. Joining Jackson’s side of things is Mia Yim and Jordynne Grace whereas Scott has also gotten hold of a big name too, in Deonna Purrazzo and Allie Kat… Cat Power regained the ECCW Women’s Title from Tony Baroni on Saturday… On November 26th, Women’s Wrestling Revolution makes their debut in Worchester, Massachusetts and its already been announced that the show will feature their take on Beyond Wrestling’s infamous “Tournament For Tommorrow” as Terra Calaway is the first entrant… Nikki Addams puts her WOW Women’s Title on the line against Davienne on November 4th… Finest City Wrestling has announced the return of Thunder Rosa for their event on December 23rd


Cassandra Miyagi has issued a challenge for Chihiro Hashimoto’s Sendai Girls World Championship and that matchup has been announced for the promotion’s upcoming at the Hakata Starlanes on November 5th… Sareee wrestled her final matchup for SEAdLINNNG on Wednesday and made her official return to DIANA two days later where she suffered a break to her left clavicle and is now going to be out of action for at least three months… Yoko Bito’s second Wonder of STARDOM title defense last Tuesday ended in a time-limit draw. She retained the belt as a result of the decision and her opponent, Takumi Iroha, heads back to her promotion, Marvelous. Io Shirai has challenged Bito for the title and that match has been added to the November 19th lineup at Korakuen Hall. Shirai also prevented Oedo Tai from claiming all-victories against her stable, Queen’s Quest on Tuesday, as she defeated Hana Kimura in the series of matches – Kagetsu and Kris Wolf were victorious against HZK and AZM respectively, giving their stable a 2-1 lead over Shirai’s troop… Ami Sato is currently out of action with broken ribs that she reportedly sustained during training. The injury has caused for Sato to miss SENDAI Girls’ show in Miyagi last Saturday… Yako Fujigasaki will be featured in a PURE-J offer match at FMW’s upcoming show on November 10th… Reika Saiki’s second defense of the TOKYO Princess of Princess Title has been announced November 3rd when she goes up against Rika Tatsumi


Ludark Shaitan wrestled her first match in Mexico in five years on Sunday, as she defeated Lili Dark in a Best of Two Out of Three Falls match at an IWRG show in Naucalpan de Juarez… Earlier today, Dalys successfully retained the CMLL Women’s Championship against Princesa Sugehit over in Japan on a show for REINA… La Jarochita teams up with La Vaquerita and Marcela this Friday in Mexico City, as they take on Dalys, Amapola and Reyna Isis for CMLL


Nina Samuels steps in to take Alex Windsor’s place, as she goes one-on-one with Toni Storm this Saturday in London – Westside Xtreme Wrestling ©

Alex Windsor is still on the injured list right now – she was scheduled to face Toni Storm this weekend in London as part of Westside Xtreme Wrestling’s ongoing tour. However, a replacement has been named and it will be Nina Samuels taking on Storm… Kay Lee Ray has two ICW Women’s Title defenses booked for the month of November and both matches happen to be under triple threat rules. On November 5th, she defends the belt against Viper and Sierra Loxton as part of Insane Championship Wrestling’s lineup in Cardiff. The second matchup will be inside a Steel Cage, as Ray fends off Viper in another title defense and former champion, Kasey Owens on November 19th in Glasgow… German Wrestling Federation will be running their second women’s show of the year on December 9th, as they present the sixth installment of “Women’s Wrestling Revolution” in Berlin… The “Session Moth” currently leads WXW’s Women’s Title tournament over in Germany with nine points, while Jinny follows closely behind with six points after picking up another win on Saturday against Martina. Killer Kelly and Melanie Gray both have three points; the next matchup in the round-robin tournament is scheduled for November 3rd when Kelly takes on Gray… Toni Storm is the latest competitor added to Southside Wrestling’s Queen of the Ring tournament on November 25th. The promotion has already announced a matchup for the first round – it will be Sienna taking on Portugal’s own Shanna… Little Miss Roxxy battles Debbie Sharp at Main Event Wrestling’s show on November 24th

Australia & New Zealand

Indi Hartwell is currently down in Texas for training with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion… This Saturday, Tarlee goes up against Kellyanne and Jasmin for Premier Pro Wrestling’s show in Sunbury, Victoria


Results (October 18th – October 25th)

October 18: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Arisa Nakajima d La Rosa Negra; Yoshiko & Tsukasa Fujimoto d Nanae Takahashi & Manami Toyota; ASUKA d Chikayo Nagashima & Mio Momono; Hiroyo Matsumoto def. Satsuki Totoro; Yoshiko, Rina Yamashita & Kaho Kobayashi d Sareee, Ryo Mizunami & Saki Akai

October 18: PURE-J (Hokkaido, Japan) – SAKI d Yako Fujigasaki; Tomoya d Koji Yoshida; Tomoko Watanabe & Dump Matsumoto d Manami Katsu & Megumi Yabushita; Command Bolshoi d KAZUKI; Hanako Nakamori & Jaguar Yokota d Rydeen Hagane & Leon

October 18: Wrestling In Acatlan De Osorio (Acatlan de Osorio, Puebla, Mexico) – Black Wolf, Charly Boy & Estrellita Magica d Astro Lady, Lady Amazona & Principe Hr

October 19: NXT Live (Daytona Beach, FL) – Ember Moon, Kairi Sane & Ruby Riot d Peyton Royce, Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler; Liv Morgan d Vanessa Borne

October 19: What Culture Pro Wrestling (Manchester, England) – Bea Priestley d Viper

October 19: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – DASH Chisako & Heidi Katrina d Aasa Maika & Emi Sakura; Aja Kong & Cassandra Miyagi d Mika Shirahime & Chihiro Hashimoto

October 19: NXT Live (Macon, GA) – Nikki Cross d Sage Beckett; Lacey Evans & Sarah Logan d Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

October 19: PURE-J (Hokkaido, Japan) – KAZUKI d Rydeen Hagane; Tomoya d Kazushi Yoshida; Dump Matsumoto & ZAP d Manami Katsu & Yako Fujigasaki; Jaguar Yokota d SAKI; Command Bolshoi & Leon d Hanako Nakamori & Megumi Yabushita

October 19: Fighting Evolution Wrestling (Coral Springs, FL) – Red Velvett d Aerial Monroe; Lea Nox vs. MJ Jenkins – Double DQ

October 19: WWE Live (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Natalya & Tamina

October 19: Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling (South Gate, CA) – Leather Daddy & Rubber Baby d Phil Cosby & Rudy Huxtable

October 20: Maximum Wrestling (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) – Charlie Morgan d Miss Mina

October 20: ATTACK! Pro Wrestling (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) – Chief Deputy Dunne d Veda Scott

October 20: Five Borough Wrestling (Brooklyn, NY) – Willow Nightingale d Su Yung

October 20: SHINE 46 (Ybor City, FL) – LuFisto(c) d Vanessa Kraven; Priscilla Kelly(c) d Santana Garrett; Allysin Kay d Dementia D’Rose via DQ; Amanda Carolina Rodriguez d Natalia Markova; Ivelisse(c) & Mercedes Martinez(c) d Thunder Rosa & Holidead; Aerial Monroe & Aja Perera d Aria Blake & Kiera Hogan; Jordynne Grace d Candy Cartwright

October 20: Atomic Wrestling Entertainment (Cocoa, FL) – Kikyo d Amber Nova; Rosemary d Leva Bates

October 20: 5 Luchas (Santiago de Chile, Chile) – Fear & Tifanny d Cody & Kristy

October 20: AAA (Metepec, Mexico) – Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa d La Hiedra & Villano III Jr.

October 20: Hardcore Hustle Organization (Williamstown, NJ) – Maria Manic d Jimmy Lyon

October 20: NXT Live (Venice, FL) – Liv Morgan d Vanessa Borne; Ember Moon, Kairi Sane & Ruby Riot d Peyton Royce, Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler

October 20: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – DASH Chisako d Mika Shirahime; Aja Kong, Heidi Katrina & Cassandra Miyagi d Aasa Maika, Emi Sakura & Chihiro Hashimoto

October 20: WWE Live (St. Louis, MO) – Bayley & Sasha Banks d Alicia Fox & Emma; Alexa Bliss (c) d Mickie James

October 20: Pro Wrestling Eclipse (Oshawa, Ontario) – Stacy Thibault (c) d Jessie Mack

October 20: Real Canadian Wrestling (Calgary, Alberta) – Kiara March d Ben Franklin

October 20: NXT Live (North Charleston, SC) – Lacey Evans & Sarah Logan d Sage Beckett & Zeda; Nikki Cross d Sonya Deville

October 20: Ring of Honor (Philadelphia, PA) – Jenny Rose d Sumie Sakai & Nikki Addams; Karen Q d Deonna Purrazzo

October 20: United States Wrestling Alliance (Jacksonville, FL) – Kamilla Kaine d Ava Storie

October 21: Crossfire Wrestling (Welland, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa d KC Spinelli (c)

October 21: Michinoku Pro-Wrestling (Tokyo, Japan) – The Great Sasuke, Shu Brahman, Kei Brahman & Mini Master d Yapperman #1, Yapperman #2, Yapperman #3 & Rasse

Lacey Lane takes to the air during her matchup against Kamilla Kaine on Saturday in Concord, North Carolina. Both women wrestled their official debuts for Premiere Wrestling Xperience – @johnmosesphotog ©

October 21: Premiere Wrestling Xperience (Concord, NC) – Kamilla Kaine d Lacey Lane

October 21: Xtreme Zone Wrestling (Sorel-Tracy, Quebec) – Sexxxy Eddy d Kath Von Goth

October 21: Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling (Kelston, Auckland) – Krystal Kayne d Delilah

October 21: Truly Independent Wrestling (Massachusetts) – RJ Rude & Zane Bernardo d JP O’Reilly & Kalvin Michael Strange, Kennedi Copeland & Lance Madewall

October 21: ZERO 1 USA (Mattoon, IL) – Madison Rayne d Randi West & Thunderkitty

October 21: Wrestling KULT (Oberhausen, Germany) – Amale Winchester & Killer Kelly d Lana Austin & Melanie Gray

October 21: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX) – Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan d John Morrison & Taya Valkyrie; Christi Jaynes, Dick Justice, Jervis Cottonbelly, Leva Bates & Super Thunderfrog d Andy Dalton, Gregory James, Jojo Bravo, Referee Austin & Rockstar Spud; Tessa Blanchard (c) d Dave Crist

October 21: Insane Championship Wrestling (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) – Viper d Kasey Owens

October 21: Hunter Valley Wrestling (Rutherford, New South Wales) – Mortar d Kellyanne(c), Tarlee & Avary

October 21: Jersey All Pro Wrestling (Rahway, NJ) – LuFisto d Gabby Ortiz, Penelope Ford & Katred

October 21: Leicester Championship Wrestling/ HOPE Wrestling (Leicester, Leicestershire) – Jayde d Brett Ryans (c), Chaos Kai Payne, Chase Williams, Fowler, Kyle Kingsley & Tyler Owens

October 21: Imperial Wrestling Revolution (Shawnee, OK) – Gail Kim d Rebel

October 21: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – Chihiro Hashimoto & Mika Shirahime d Cassandra Miyagi & Heidi Katrina; Emi Sakura & Meiko Satomura d Aasa Maika & DASH Chisako

October 21: Proving Ground Pro (Taylor Springs, IL) – Savanna Stone d Rahne Victoria

October 21: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Big O & Willow Nightingale d Randy Summers & Rick Cataldo

October 21: Explosive Professional Wrestling (Malaga, Western Australia) – Allyson Cruz & Scotty Ryan d Gavin McGavin & Stella Nyx; Allyson Cruz, Michael Morleone & Scotty Ryan d Crew, Security & Taylor King

October 21: World Xtreme Wrestling (Minneola, FL) – Raeven Marie d Mercedes Martinez(c)

October 21: WWE Live (Mankato, MN) – Bayley & Sasha Banks d Alicia Fox & Emma; Alexa Bliss d Mickie James

October 21: Marvelous (Aichi, Japan) – KAORU d Miki Tanaka; Roni Nicole d Aki Shizuku; Chikayo Nagashima & Megumi Yabushita vs Tomoko Watanabe & Yuu Yamagata – No Contest; Leon d KAZUKI; La Rosa Negra & Mio Momono d Rin Kadokura & Takumi Iroha

October 21: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Akane Fujita d Asahi; Hamuko Hoshi, Hiragi Kurumi, & Maruko Nagasaki d Karen DATE & Nori DATE; Maya Yukihi & Risa Sera d Nao DATE & Satsuki Totoro; Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi d Miyako Matsumoto & Tsukasa Fujimoto

October 21: Coastal Championship Wrestling (Port St. Lucie, FL) – Anna Diaz & Sofi Castillo d Chelsea Durden & Kaci Lennox

October 21: International Pro Wrestling: UK (Eastbourne, East Sussex) – Nightshade d Veda Scott

October 21: IGNITE Wrestling (Vero Beach, FL) – Chasyn Rance & Sofi Castillo d Kaci Lennox & Maxx Stardom

October 21: Premier Championship Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Joseline d Katie Arquette

October 21: STARDOM (Taipei City, Taiwan) – Natsuko Tora d Shiki Shibusawa; HZK d Konami & Chardonnay; Hiroyo Matsumoto & Jungle Kyona d Kelly Klein & Scarlett; Toni Storm(c) d Bea Priestley; Io Shirai, Yoko Bito & Hiromi Mimura d Kagetsu, Hana Kimura & Kris Wolf

October 21: Destiny Wrestling Organization (Albuquerque, NM) – Delilah Doom d Angelina Love

Ember Moon teamed up with Kairi Sane at NXT’s live event in Citrus Springs on Saturday – @FLWrestlingFan ©

October 21: NXT Live (Citrus Springs, FL) – Ember Moon & Kairi Sane d Abbey Laith & Shayna Baszler; Ruby Riot d Rhea Ripley

October 21: Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling (Kelston, Auckland) – Just Plain Evil(c) d Frankie Quinn & Tabitha

October 21: NXT Live (Graniteville, SC) – Lacey Evans d Sarah Logan; Nikki Cross d Sonya Deville

October 21: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Bielefeld, Germany) – Jinny d Martina

October 21: East Coast Wrestling Association (Woodbury Heights, NJ) – Deonna Purrazzo d Allie Recks; Skylar Marie d Kaitlin Diamond; Karen Q defeats Christie Marie; Santana Garrett d Samantha Heights; Deonna Purrazzo d Skylar Marie; Karen Q vs. Santana Garrett – Time Limit Draw; Karen Q d Deonna Purrazzo (c) & Santana Garrett

October 21: Maryland Championship Wrestling (Manchester, MD) – Sahara Se7en d Brittany Blake

October 21: Ultimate Kombat Wrestling Association (Weiz, Austria) – Slammerella d Kat Siren by DQ

October 21: New Horizons Pro Wrestling (Success, Western Australia) – Lena Kross d Rogan Karguis

October 21: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Jordynne Grace d Nicole Savoy

October 22: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – MAO, Shunma Katsumata & Cherry d Abdullah Kobayashi, Antonio Honda & Saki Akai

October 22: NXT Live (Johnson City, TN) – Lacey Evans d Sage Beckett; Nikki Cross d Sonya Deville

October 22: Combat Sports Federation (Bath, Somerset) – Bobbi Tyler d Zan Phoenix

October 22: Insane Championship Wrestling (Bristol, England) – Jimmy Havoc & Kasey Owens d Chris Renfrew & Viper, Jokey & Mikey Whiplash, Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy

October 22: K-DOJO (Chiba, Japan) – Bambi d Ayame Sasamura

October 22: WWE Live (Santiago de Chile, Chile) – Natalya d Naomi; Becky Lynch & Charlotte d Carmella & Tamina

October 22: Manami Toyota 30th Anniversary Produce (Osaka, Japan) – Maya Yukihi & Risa Sera d Maruko Nagasaki & Tsukasa Fujimoto; Manami Toyota & Sakura Hirota d Hibiscus Mii & Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru; Chikayo Nagashima d Yuu Yamagata; Nanae Takahashi & Sonoko Kato d Drake Morimatsu & Yoshiko; Shinobu Kandori d Manami Toyota; Aja Kong, Kaoru Ito, Kyoko Inoue & Yumiko Hotta d Jaguar Yokota, Manami Toyota, Mariko Yoshida & Takako Inoue

October 22: SENDAI Girls (Miyagi, Japan) – Meiko Satomura & Hanako Nakamori d Mika Shirahime & Yako Fujigasaki; DASH Chisako, Aasa Maika & Heidi Katrina d Chihiro Hashimoto, Cassandra Miyagi & Emi Sakura

October 22: WWE’s TLC (Minneapolis, MN) – Sasha Banks d Alicia Fox; Alexa Bliss(c) d Mickie James; Asuka d Emma

October 22: Revolution Pro Wrestling (Leamington, Warwickshire) – Jinny & Rob Lias d Dan Magee & Veda Scott

October 22: International Wrestling Revolution Group (Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico) – Ludark Shaitan d Lilith Dark

Arisa Nakajima has Ryo Mizunami tied up during a three-woman gauntlet match during WAVE’s show at Shinkiba 1st RING on Sunday – @jennichery ©

October 22: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata(c) d Hiroe Nagahama; Ryo Mizunami d Arisa Nakajima, Miki Tanaka & Miyuki Takase; Ryo Mizunami vs. Arisa Nakajima – Time Limit Draw; Ryo Mizunami d Miyuki Takase; Ryo Mizunami d Miki Tanaka; Nagisa Nozaki & Yuki Miyazaki d ASUKA & Hikaru Shida; Mio Momono, Rina Yamashita & Yumi Ohka d Moeka Haruhi, Rin Kadokura & Takumi Iroha

October 22: Promociones MDA (Monterrey, Mexico) – Sexy Dulce vs Tiffany – Draw

October 23: Monday Night RAW (Green Bay, WI) – Asuka d Emma; Alicia Fox d Bayley & Sasha Banks

October 23: Revolution Pro Wrestling (Portsmouth, Hampshire) – Zoe Lucas d Veda Scott

October 24: Smackdown Live (Milwaukee, WI) – Becky Lynch d Carmella, Charlotte, Naomi & Tamina

October 25: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Jessie Belle d Cali


Upcoming (October 25th – December 8th)

October 27: ZERO1 USA (Rantoul, IL) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Laurel Van Ness

October 27: Battle Championship Wrestling (East Burwood, Victoria) – Kellyanne vs Tarlee

October 27: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Manami Toyota vs Sakura Hirota

October 27: Sakura Hirota Produce (Tokyo, Japan)

October 27: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Jarochita, La Vaquerita & Marcela vs Amapola, Dalys & Reyna Isis

October 27: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA) – Jordynne Grace vs Fred Yehi; Brittany Blake & John Kermon vs Angelus Layne & Dominic Garrini; Faye Jackson

October 27: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, Lancashire) – Veda Scott & Lauren vs Nightshade & Lucy Cole

October 27: Hybrid Wrestling (Eddystone, PA) – Maria Manic vs Willow Nightingale

October 28: Premier Pro Wrestling (Sunbury, Victoria) – Tarlee vs Kellyanne vs Jasmin

October 28: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Stevenage, Hertfordshire) – Veda Scott vs Saraya Knight(c) vs Kay Lee Ray vs Lana Austin

October 28: Canuck Pro (Toronto, Ontario) – Session Moth Martina vs Joey Ryan

October 28: FTC Wrestling (Ironton, OH) – Renee Michelle vs Brittany Blake(c); Sahara Se7en; Maria James

October 28: Pro Wrestling Chaos (Hanham, Bristol) – Viper vs Jinny; Sierra Loxton vs Ayesha Raymond; Jetta vs Martina; Jamie Hayter vs Dahlia Black

October 28: Venom Pro Wrestling (Yatala, Queensland) – Riebell(c) vs Mortar

October 28: Pro Wrestling Revolver (Clive, IA) – Tessa Blanchard vs Matthew Palmer(c) vs Dave Crist vs Manscout Myron Reed vs Paco vs Curt Stallion vs Len-X vs Gary Jay vs MJF; Jessicka Havok vs Jake Crist; Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan vs Serpentico & Luchasaurus vs Zero Gravity vs Wentz & Miguel vs Besties In the World

October 28: WrestleZone (Aberdeen, Scotland) – Sammi Jayne vs Debbie Sharpe

October 28: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Ottawa, Ontario) – KC Spinelli vs Alexia Nicole(c); Vanessa Kraven vs Deeno Benjamin

October 28: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan)

October 28: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, England) – Rhio vs Lucy Cole (c); Nightshade vs Lauren; Molly Spartan vs Jayla Dark; Jennie B vs Nadia Sapphire; Jami Sparx vs Eliza Roux

October 28: All Action Wrestling (Claremont, Perth) – Alexis Lee vs Roxy Riot

October 28: VIP Wrestling/ Sabotage Wrestling (Arlington, TX) – Rockelle Vaughn vs Hyan; Brandi Rhodes vs Miranda Salinas; Erica Torres vs Thunder Rosa; Barbi Hayden & TBA vs Delilah Doom & TBA

October 28: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (London, England) – Nina Samuels vs Toni Storm

October 28: Beyond Wrestling/ Game Changer Wrestling (Howell, NJ) – LuFisto & Jordynne Grace vs Maria Manic & Penelope Ford

October 28: Pure Wrestling Association (Cambridge, Ontario) – Felicity vs Beautiful Beaa(c)

October 29: OZ Academy (Kanagawa, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto(c) vs Yoshiko; Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka vs AKINO(c) & Kaho Kobayashi(c); Hikaru Shida vs Rina Yamashita

October 29: FEST Wrestling (Gainesville, FL) – Holidead vs Rachael Ellering; Leva Bates; Su Yung(c) vs Chuck Taylor; Aria Blake, Trish Adora & Savannah Evans vs Priscilla Kelly, Kamilla Kane & Jamie Senegal; Laura James & Joey Ryan vs Joey Janela & Penelope Ford

October 29: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Akane Fujita vs Maika Ozaki vs Nori DATE vs Hiragi Kurumi; Risa Sera & Maya Yukihi vs Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi; Julia & Takako Inoue vs Satsuki Totoro & Nao DATE

October 29: Beyond Wrestling (Worcester, MA) – LuFisto & Jordynne Grace vs The Hooligans

October 29: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan)

October 29: Macao Pro Wrestling (China) – Kaitlin Diemond

October 29: Smash Wrestling (Toronto, Ontario) – Allie vs Alexia Nicole

October 29: PROGRESS (Camden, London) – Charli Evans vs Toni Storm(c)

October 30: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

October 31: Santino Bros. Wrestling (Downey, CA) – Raze vs Tyler Bateman

November 3: Limitless Wrestling (Portland, ME) – Jessicka Havok vs Willow Nightingale vs Skarlett vs Davienne vs Terra Calaway vs Kennedi Copeland

November 3: Pro Wrestling Revolution (San Francisco, CA) – Nicole Savoy vs Taya Valkyrie

November 3: Manami Toyota’s Retirement Show (Tokyo, Japan)

November 3: AAW (Berwyn, IL) – Delilah Doom vs Veda Scott; Su Yung vs Kylie Rae

November 3: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Reika Saiki(c) vs Rika Tatsumi

November 3: River City Wrestling (Kirby, TX) – Baby D vs Joey Spector(c); Katie Forbes vs Rebel

November 4: ZERO1 USA (Maroa, IL) – Hyan

November 4: Battle Club Pro (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Santana Garrett vs Jordynne Grace

November 4: WrestleJam (East Haven, CT) – Ashley Vox; Delmi Exo; Allie Recks; Karen Q; Skylar

November 4: The Crash (Tijuana, Baja California) – Keyra(c) vs Christi Jaynes vs Diosa Quetzal vs Baronessa

November 4: Combat Pro Wrestling (Seattle, WA) – Kikyo vs Rook Kelly

November 4: Warriors of Wrestling (Staten Island, NY) – Nikki Addams(c) vs Davienne; Deonna Purrazzo

November 4: AAW (LaSalle, IL) – Ivelisse vs TBD; Rachael Ellering vs TBD; Jessicka Havok vs Candice LeRae

November 4: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – Tess Valentine vs Pink Flash Kira(c); LuFisto(c) vs Laura James

November 4: World Xtreme Wrestling C4 (Allentown, PA) – Sammi Pandora & SPF vs Missy Sampson & GOAT

November 5: Pro-Wrestling HEAT-UP (Kanagawa, Japan)

November 5: Bound For Glory (Ottawa, Ontario) – Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary; Sienna(c) vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell vs Allie

November 5: SENDAI Girls (Fukuoka, Japan) – Chihiro Hashimoto(c) vs Cassandra Miyagi

November 5: Insane Championship Wrestling (Cardiff, Wales) – Viper vs Kay Lee Ray(c) vs Sierra Loxton

November 9: NXT Live (Phoenix, AZ)

November 10: NXT Live (Las Vegas, NV)

November 10: RISE 5: Rising Sun (Berwyn, IL) – Shotzi Blackheart(c) vs Britt Baker vs Kikyo vs Chelsea Green vs Delilah Doom vs Dust; Rachael Ellering; Cheerleader Melissa; Deonna Purrazzo; Nicole Savoy vs Kylie Rae; Thunder Rosa; Rosemary; Jewells Malone; Zoe Lucas

November 10: Super Battle Pro-Wrestling FMW (Tokyo, Japan) – Yako Fujigasaki vs TBA

– New York Wrestling Connection ©

November 10: New York Wrestling Connection (Elmhurst, NY) – Willow Nightingale vs Adira vs Allie Recks

November 11: NXT Live (Riverside, CA)

November 11: SHIMMER 96-97 (Berwyn, IL) – Rachael Ellering; Candice LeRae

November 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Charlie Morgan vs Nicole Matthews; Jetta vs Meiko Satomura; Emi Sakura vs Viper; Kay Lee Ray vs Nina Samuels; Laura Di Matteo vs Sammii Jayne; Martina vs Jamie Hayter

November 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Martina vs Sammii Jayne vs Meiko Satomura vs Viper; Jetta vs Emi Sakura; Jamie Hayter vs Laura Di Matteo; Nicole Matthews vs Nina Samuels; Charlie Morgan vs Kay Lee Ray

November 11: German Wrestling Federation (Berlin, Germany) – Wesna Busic & Dover vs Kat Siren & Doug Williams vs Kadettin Kati & Gefreiter Weber

November 12: Zelo Pro Wrestling (Chicago, IL) – Renee Michelle vs Miranda Salinas

November 12: Dropkick Depression (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Hellen Vale, Katred & Nyla Rose vs Willow Nightingale, Kasey Catal & Kennadi Copeland; Angelus Layne & Terra Calaway vs The Brotein Pack

November 12: SHIMMER 98-99 (Berwyn, IL) – Rachael Ellering; Candice LeRae

November 12: Laredo Wrestling Alliance (Laredo, TX) – Christi Jaynes vs Laura James

November 12: Inspire Pro Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Allie Kat, Ivory Robyn & Ethan Price vs Thunder Rosa, Hyaneyoung & Rockelle Vaughn

November 12: Action Packed Wrestling (Huntington, WV) – Holidead vs Yasha

November 16: Lucha Forever (Southampton, Hampshire) – Toni Storm

November 17: Ring of Honor (San Antonio, TX) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Britt Baker

November 17: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Chelsea Green vs Joey Ryan; Penelope Ford vs Rachael Ellering; Mia Yim vs Sumie Sakai

November 18: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Mia Yim vs Veda Scott vs Penelope Ford vs Taya Valkyrie vs Chelsea Green vs Sumie Sakai

November 18: Federation Lutte Quebecoise/ SMASH Wrestling (Montreal, Quebec) – Xandra Bale vs Vanessa Kraven

November 18: Three Count Wrestling (Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire) – Charli Evans; Little Miss Roxxy

November 18: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX) – Chelsea Green

November 19: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Io Shirai vs Yoko Bito(c)

November 19: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Viper vs Kasey Owens vs Kay Lee Ray

November 19: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Angel Blue

November 22: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan)

November 24: Main Event Wrestling (Longbenton, North Tyneside) – Little Miss Roxxy vs Debbie Sharp

November 24: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Fairfax, VA) – Faye Jackson, Mia Yim, TBA, Jordynne Grace & TBA vs Veda Scott, TBA, TBA, Deonna Purrazzo & Allie Kat

November 24: C*4 Wrestling (Ottawa, Ontario) – Vanessa Kraven vs Sebastian Suave

November 24: World Series Wrestling (Melbourne, Victoria) – Tessa Blanchard vs Indi Hartwell

November 24-26: WrestleCade (Winston Salem, NC)

November 25: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) – Sienna vs Shanna; Kay Lee Ray; Martina & Joseph Conners vs Shanna & Alex Gracie; Viper; Lana Austin; Toni Storm

November 25: Starrcade (Greensboro, NC) – Charlotte vs Natalya(c)

November 25: World Series Wrestling (Adelaide, Victoria) – Tessa Blanchard vs Savannah Summers

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

November 26: Queens of Combat (Winston Salem, NC) – Su Yung(c) vs TBA; Brittany Blake; Maria Manic; Savannah Evans; Madi Maxx

November 26: National Pro Wrestling League (Petaluma, CA) – Taeler Hendrix vs Shotzi Blackheart; Gisele Shaw vs Desi Derata

November 26: OZ Academy (Yokohama, Japan)

November 26: Women’s Wrestling Revolution (Worchester, MA) – Terra Calaway

November 26: APEX Pro Wrestling (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire) – Alex Windsor vs Jayde

November 27: World Series Wrestling (Penrith, New South Wales) – Tessa Blanchard vs Shazza McKenzie

November 29: The Crash (San Luis Potosi, Mexico) – Keyra & Tiago vs Pegazus & Vanilla Vargas, Christi Jaynes & Zumbi

December 1: RISE 6: Brutality / Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Priscilla Kelly; Nicole Savoy; Britt Baker; Shotzi Blackheart(c) vs Kris Wolf; LuFisto vs Dust; Jordynne Grace; Mercedes Martinez vs Toni Storm; Cheerleader Melissa

December 1: Pure Wrestling Association (Guelph, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa

December 1: Fiesta Pro Wrestling (Skillman, NJ) – Karen Q; Tasha Steelz; Maria Manic; Candy Cartwright; Allie Recks; Faye Jackson

December 1: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Mia Yim vs Sage Phillips

December 2: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Shotzi Blackheart vs Rosemary; LuFisto & Jordynne Grace vs Sage Sin & Raze; Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo & Delilah Doom vs Priscilla Kelly, Mercedes Martinez & Cheerleader Melissa; Nicole Savoy(c) vs Kris Wold; Lacey Lane

December 2: British Empire Wrestling (U.K) – Savannah Summers; Saraya Knight; KC Spinelli

December 2: CLASH Wrestling (Taylor, MI)

December 2: North American Wrestling Alliance (Dallas, TX) – Kamilla Kaine

December 3: OZ Academy (Hiraizami, Japan)

December 3: British Empire Wrestling (Mitcham, London) – Savannah Summers; KC Spinelli; Kasey Owens(c)

December 4: WeAreDefiant Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kay Lee Ray vs Veda Scott

December 8: FEST Wrestling (Saint Augustina, FL) – Su Yung; Angel Rose

December 8: Harcore Hustle Organization (Williamstown, NJ) – Maria Manic

December 9: German Wrestling Federation (Berlin, Germany)

December 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Meiko Satomura vs Emi Sakura; Viper vs Jetta; Sammii Jayne vs Jamie Hayter; Nicole Matthews vs Kay Lee Ray; Nina Samuels vs Charlie Morgan; Laura Di Matteo vs Martina

December 14: Kaiju Attack! Wrestling (Berwyn, IL) – Laynie Luck; Kylie Rae

December 16: Canuck Pro (Calgary, Alberta) – Bea Priestley vs Taya Valkyrie

December 16: SHINE 47 (Ybor City, FL)

December 16: Empire State Wrestling (Buffalo, NY) – Allie vs Sienna

December 23: Finest City Wrestling (Imperial Beach, CA) – Thunder Rosa

January 2: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

January 5: STARDOM (Nagoya, Japan)

January 6: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

January 7: STARDOM (Shimizu, Japan)

January 7: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

Janaury 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

January 13: STARDOM (Yokohama, Japan)

January 13: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

January 14: OZ Academy (Okinawa, Japan)

January 19: Sabotage Wrestling (TBA)

January 20: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Nicole Matthews; Christina Von Eerie

January 21: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

January 27: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Mia Yim vs Raze; Barbi Hayden; Ivelisse; Desi DeRata

January 27: Capital Wrestling Alliance (Frankford, DE) – Candy Cartwright; Kylie Rae; Angelus Layne; Santana Garrett; Lacey Lane; Davienne; Deonna Purrazzo; Jordynne Grace; Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox vs Gabby Ortiz & Riley Shepard; Debbie Kane; Skylar; Layne Rosario; Hannah Hartkopf; Jayel Cotto; Hyan; Maria James

January 27: ZERO1 USA (Mattoon, IL) – Madison Rayne(c) vs Randi West

January 28: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

February 4: STARDOM (Kyoto, Japan)

February 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

February 10: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

February 12: OZ Academy (Osaka, Japan)

February 17: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

February 18: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

February 18: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

– Glory Pro Wrestling ©

February 18: Glory Pro Wrestling (Edwardsville, IL) – LuFisto vs Savanna Stone

February 24: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

March 3: BLOOD Brothers Pro Wrestling (Sun Valley, CA) – Ludark Shaitan; Kikyo Nakamura; Buggy Nova

March 3: STARDOM (Kasukabe, Japan)

March 4: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

March 10: STARDOM (Niigata, Japan)

March 11: XWA Wrestling (Colchester, Essex) – Jordynne Grace

March 17: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

March 17: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

March 21: STARDOM (Kanazawa, Japan)

March 25: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 28: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 31: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

April 6: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: SHIMMER 100 (Kenner, LA)

April 8: WrestleCircus (New Orleans, LA)

April 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

April 21: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

April 30: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

May 12: Making Towns Classic (Nashville, TN) – Delilah Doom; Savanna Stone; Jordynne Grace

May 12: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

May 19: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

May 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

June 9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

June 16: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

June 17: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

July 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

July 16: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

August 12: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)
September 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

September 24: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

October 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

October 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

November 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

December 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

December 24: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

Data collected from but not limited to: Cagematch, Puroresu Spirit, Hashtag Wrestling, WrestleRopes UK, Battle-News, EnzuigiriPuro

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