Brad Stutts Shares His Thoughts on Sat CWF Mid Atlantic Event

CWF Mid Atlantic man of many hats Brad Stutts aka Stuttsy shared his thoughts about their Saturday show on twitter. We’ve put together all the tweets and changed the twitter handles to their in ring names and organization where applicable.

Didn’t get a chance to share many thoughts from last night’s CWF Mid Atlantic event, will do so now:

Excellent, story-driven performance from Arik Royal vs Chet Sterling. Was super proud of them both. Very effective TV match from Nick Richards vs Michael McAllister, was proud of them both for knowing exactly what match to have. Two babyfaces in a cold match with no stakes and no real personal issue. Hard to pull off, not an ideal scenario – they made it work. When you aren’t afraid to slug it out, people will get behind it cause shit, it’s a fight and that’s what we came to see.

Proud of Dirty Daddy and Jesse Adler who delivered in a similar setting. Will put our students up against most people’s main roster any day. Another awesome performance from Ethan A Sharpe who is really CWF’s under-the-radar MVP. Intensity and aggression have breathed new life into a character that was already working, albeit one-dimensional now has layers. A joy to watch him knock it out of the park. Otto / Mike Mars vs Mecha Mercenary/Aaron Biggs was a pitch perfect hoss battle. CLP and jarry Caray killing it in this feud.

IMO Snooty Foxx’s best non-main event singles match today against a capable Mace Li who is finding his footing and his voice. All of this capped off by a genuine goose bumps moment when Trevor Lee declined a mic and instead spoke directly into the camera as the room went silent to hear him address his next challenge. In short, #CWFWorldwide 130 and 131 REALLY deliver. Love our crew. Oh! And lord, wait til you see this Aric Andrews stuff. Jesus.

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