ROH 10/28/17 TV Review: The Addiction vs Lethal & KUSHIDA

ROH 10/28/17 TV Review: The Addiction vs Lethal & KUSHIDA
Sam’s Town
Las Vegas, Nevada

This week was the fourth episode from the set of tapings from after Death before Dishonor at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ian Riccaboni,Colt Cabana and Cody were on commentary to start the show.

Video package of Christopher Daniels helping Frankie Kazarian to win the Honor Rumble and their attack of KUSHIDA a few weeks ago. Lethal made the save and challenged the Addiction, who responded that they are going to continue to upset the fans

First Match: TK O’Ryan w/ Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia vs. Jon Gresham
TK O’Ryan made his way to the ring, with a short promo airing while he did so. Cody chimed in about Marseglia carrying the ax to the ring, which Cabana agreed was an issue. Before the two locked up, O’Ryan shouted about a Kingdom Conspiracy.  O’Ryan took early control with his size advantage, but Gresham quickly took him down by using his wrestling acumen and speed to avoid O’Ryan’s offense. AFter a distraction from Marseglia and Taven, O’Ryan worked over Gresham and shoved him off the top rope to the floor. At that point, the Kingdom swarmed Gresham, only to have Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin come down and even the odds. MACMG squared off with the Kingdom in the ring, but Turner ordered Shelley and Sabin to the back. The Kingdom celebrated a bit too early, as Turner then sent them to the back as well. Marseglia and Taven never left ringside though, and after Marseglia broke up a Gresham pin attempt, O’Ryan singled his partners into the ring. As they put the boots to Gresham, Shelley and Sabin came back to ringside to chase them off. This felt a bit short overall, considering how much interference there was here. The Kingdom getting thrown out seemed to get a real reaction from the crowd, but this felt there was too much going on for a DQ finish.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

A Billy Ray “retirement” package aired, followed by a recap of Mark Briscoe winning a shot at the ROH TV title.

Cody vs. Scorpio Sky
Cody grabs a mic from behind commentary and spoke about how Daniels and Kazarian ruined a title shot that he had given to an up and coming talent, a fresh face to the wrestling scene. He then leaned through the ropes to ask for his opponent’s name, Scorpio Sky, who is actually an accomplished veteran. Cody asked Sky to kiss his ring, which Sky did, only to attempt a quick roll up. Much of the match was Cody being a big over confident and Sky having a few opportunities to walk away the winner. In the end, Cody locked on the American Deathlock to pick up the submission victory. Sky looked good in an ROH ring and is a talent the company could use going forward. As this was, another obnoxious short match from Cody plays into his character and what his title reign has meant since he signed the exclusive contract.

Winner: Cody

A Coleman’s Pulpit segment aired, with Coleman interviewing former stablemate and current ROH TV champion, Kenny King. The two spoke about how Coleman was happy to see King win the title and what it felt like to win the title in front of his hometown crowd. Coleman asked King if he felt that ROh was simply trying to capitalize on King’s appearance on the Bachelor

Main Event: The Addiction vs. Jay Lethal & KUSHIDA
KUSHIDA started off against Daniels after some subterfuge as to who would start for the Addiction. Daniels tagged out before locking up with KUSHIDA, and then Kazarian stepped out as Daniels grabbed a mic, continuing with the mind games. Daniels stated that they wouldn’t wrestle and that he and Kazarian were willing to take the count out loss. KUSHIDA  and then Lethal both hit topes, throwing their opponents back into the ring, hitting dueling hip tosses and simultaneous dropkicks to their seated opponents. KUSHIDA controlled the action against Daniels, mocking him a bit with a throwback to the Curry Man gimmick that Daniels donned in TNA. Daniels bested Lethal and he and Kazarian kept him in their corner, making quick tags. Lethal fought his way out of the corner, dumping Kazarian on the arena floor before he was able to tag out. After a bit of back and forth between the two sides, Lethal hit a Lethal Injection on Kazarian, Daniels hit an Angels Wings on Lethal, but KUSHIDA was able to cinch in the Hoverboard lock on Daniels for the submission victory.

Winners: Jay Lethal & KUSHIDA

Final Reaction: C-
Overall, a rather ho-hum episode of Ring of Honor television this week. There was nothing particularly exciting this weekend. The match between Gresham and O’Ryan could have been a good way to highlight two of the company’s younger future stars, and instead it turned into a vehicle to set up other matches, which is fine, but with interference during the match happening multiple times, it felt a bit like overkill. Cody’s work as an obnoxious arrogant champion has been effective, but the matches aren’t particularly thrilling. The main event was standard fare between four wrestlers who have wrestled in some way or another before-it was a solid culmination of the issues between the two sides, but the Addiction and Lethal both need to move towards their Final Battle opponents. This felt like a placeholder episode-which is often a result of the last episode of a set of tapings. The best segment worth watching was Coleman’s Pulpit. When he says he is the most versatile man in the company he may indeed be correct in that. The segments allow him to really shine with the mic in his hand and have brought something to the weekly show that was missing before.

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