CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide 10/31/17 Review: Halloween Special

We kick off a very special Halloween episode of CWF Worldwide with the monstrous Mike Mars vs Metallico. Judging from the guy’s name and the fact that he looks likes The Silver Surfer, and Mike Mars is a scary giant, it’s not hard to figure out how this one is gonna go. Mars just destroys the poor guy and ragdolls him around the ring for a few minutes before finally finishing him off with a big Chokeslam for the win. Just a standard monster vs jobber match. Nothing more to say here. Nothing else to see here.

Afterwards, Cain Justice comes out to announce that he’s not wrestling tonight because he has officially surpassed the RGL division after nearly eliminating Trevor Lee from last week’s CWF Rumble and winning the Heavyweight Championship. Instead of wrestling tonight, he is going to commentate with Brad Stutts to observe his future competition as he transitions into the main event picture.

In another monster vs rookie outmatched match, Otto Schwanz takes on Chris “TNT” Taylor. That’s not a knock on Taylor. Taylor is literally an RGL rookie while Schwanz is a seasoned vet. I wish I could say this one was much more competitive, but it wasn’t. In fact, the heat was weird. The smaller, less experienced guy kept the heat on the more experienced, bigger Schwanz. Which is weird to me. I feel like that dynamic needed to be switched around, but hey, what do I know? In the end, Taylor jumps off the top rope, but Schwanz catches him in mid-air with a Brain Scrambler for the win. Again, not much to say here, although I will say that I hate matches where a guy is basically getting beat up for 95% of the match, and then at the very end, all it takes is one finishing move for him to win. This was one of those matches.

Next up, Jesse Adler defends his newly won CWF Television Championship against a random opponent. At least, that was the plan until former champion Aric Andrews comes out and demands his rematch. However, Brad Stutts points out that “this isn’t Monday Night Raw” where guys get automatic rematches. He also reminds Andrews that Andrews himself told him awhile back that he did not want Stutts making matches for the TV Title. Andrews and Lee Valiant continue to protest, but Stutts shrugs it off and says Lee got his hepatitis on the mic. So a random fan draws a random name from the jar and that name happens to be Ethan Alexander Sharpe.

So, officially, the match set is Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs Jesse Adler for the CWF Television Championship. The two trade wrestling holds during the off set of the match until Sharpe starts focusing on Adler’s surgically repaired knee. Adler forced himself to fight through it. With every big move he does, whether he hits it or he misses it, Adler sells like his knee is in incomprehensible pain. In the end, Sharpe goes for his signature Strawberry Uppercut, but Adler ducks and counters with a 530 Enzuigiri. He finishes Sharpe off with a Standing Shooting Star Press to retain the title. Pretty good match here. As usual, Sharpe is a good heel and Adler plays a great sympathetic babyface.

After the match, Lee Valiant and Aric Andrews storm the ring and attack Adler. They bring in a steel chair and hope to shatter Adler’s knees until Cam Carter makes the save and clears the ring. Stutts points out that since Andrews is already dressed to compete, it’s going to be Aric Andrews vs Cam Carter right now. This was a good match. Andrews was in better form than usual, and had good chemistry with Carter. Both men played their respective heel/face roles expertly well. The additions of Valiant and Adler at ringside added some interesting drama to the match. More than anything else, Carter really impressed me. This guy is one of the more agile high flyers I’ve seen in a while. Every dive he pulls off just looks so crisp and clean. If he keeps having matches like these and performances like these, he’ll be a main eventer for sure.

After Andrews fails to spike Carter into the ground, the two start slugging it out. Valiant tries to interfere, but Adler takes care of him, which allows Carter the opportunity to hit Sliced Bread #2 for the win. After the match, Andrews just looks dejected as Valiant complains as to why he couldn’t help Andrews. Could there be a break up in the works between these two? We’ll have to wait and see.

The All Stars come out and enforce a Bobbing for Apples Match between Jarry Cary and CL Party where the winner gets to book tonight’s main event. Coach Gemini tried to cheat by picking an apple out himself, therefore, CL wins by DQ. The match that she books is Mace Li and Arik Royal vs Sandwich Squad. Fun match actually. Some memorable spots and overall, it was entertaining. In the end, Sandwich Squad go for the Hero’s Sandwich on Mace Li, but Li evades it, causing them to collide into each other. Li tries to pull out the brass knuckles, but CL Party gets a hold of them. Her, The All Stars, and the ref all argue about it while Aaron Biggs hits Li with “A Murder.” Ref doesn’t see the pin attempt, and neither does he see Royal come in with his own brass knucks hitting Biggs in the back of the head. Li capitalizes with a pin and steals the win. Afterwards, for sticking her nose in The All Stars business, they challenged her to an Ultimate Survivor Elimination Match. Cary’s team vs CL Party’s team, and if Cary wins, he’ll take CL Party’s place as the host/announcer of CWF Worldwide. CL Party accepts to close out a fun episode of CWF.


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