CHIKARA Hour of Power 11/05/2017 Results

Philadelphia, PA – 11.5.2017

Commentary: Mike Quackenbush, Scott Holladay, and Dasher Hatfield.

1. Gran Akuma defeated Sylverhawk with the Tenchi Crash in 7:52.

2. Race Jaxon pinned Hammerlock Harry in 1:52 with a rolling forearm.

3. Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad defeated Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels in 6:38 with the Low Tide on Crummels, thanks to interference from Los Ice Creams.

4. Sloan Caprice pinned Razerhawk with a super fallaway slam in 8:13.

5. “The Osirian Portal” (“Amasis” & “Ophidian” (The Whisper)) defeated Hiptoss Hank & Petey the Package in 3:07 with the Osirian Sacrament.

6. Merlok bested Obariyon in 1:38 with the Emerald Frosion.
– Obariyon was not wearing face paint, and it was strongly hinted that whatever possessed him is no more.

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