ROH 11/04/17 TV Review: Motor City Machine Guns vs War Machine

ROH 11/04/17 TV Review: Motor City Machine Guns vs War Machine
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This week was the first episode from the set of tapings from after Global Wars at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ian Riccaboni,Colt Cabana were on commentary to start the show. The duo informed the viewing audience that Kenny King will not be defending the Television title against Mark Briscoe, due to the latter’s elbow injury sustained during the Global Wars tour.

Video package of War Machine’s return, shown over the audio of the duo delivering the message that they feel they are deserving of a tag team title shot.

First Match: The Dawgs vs. The Kingdom w/Matt Taven vs. Coast to Coast
As Coast to Coast made their way to the ring, Riccaboni shared that the duo showed some frustration during the Global Wars tour and are still searching for that elusive important victory that will put them on the map. Interesting to see where this might be going, but it’s definitely something that has been honed in on lately. Before the match began, Taven joined commentary. O’Ryan and LSG started off, with O’Ryan disrespecting LSG by slapping him across the face, only to be on the receiving end of the very same move from a fired up LSG. Ferrara tagged himself in, only to be quickly taken down with Tu Lo Sabes from C2C.

Commentary mentioned that ROH would be in Florida next week, which was a nice spot of small details that help with continuity. Taven threw in a great line about Titus possibly dealing with jaundice, as Cabana spoke about the Big Dawg’s community college uneducated feet-Colt, some of us went there you know, no need to downplay the importance of any college. Anyway, everyone got a chance to fly outside, with LSG getting the final takeoff, clearing everyone else out. The Dawgs and C2C went at it exclusively for a bit, trading finishers, but when C2C hit their signature  coast to coast dropkicks they suffered too much on the delivery, allowing O’Ryan and Marseglia to step in. The duo combined for Sassy Murder, a fireman’s carry slam performed by O’Ryan on marseglia, who is holding the opponent. It’s a smooth looking finisher and it picked them the victory up here. Crisp and fun opener here, even if the winner was a bit obvious here, the six men worked to their strengths here. Marseglia and O’Ryan then spoke about the Kingdom Conspiracy, and how they deserve shots at the tag and 6-man tag team titles. It was good to see Taven take a bit of a back seat here and let these guys go on the mic-we know Taven is a great irritating heel-give us a reason to dislike Marseglia and O’Ryan as well.

Winner: The Kingdom

A video package highlighting Dalton Castle’s returning and disguised attack against Cody aired.

Next, a Flip Gordon video package aired, which led into a promo about he is sick of the Young Bucks’ harmless. Gordon went on to say that he plans on finding an army to help him fight the Bullet Club.

Cody vs. Ryan Nova
Cody came out and spoke about how he was defending the title against a very colorful ROH superstar. The crowd erupted into Dalton Castle chants, but instead, ROH Dojo wrestler Ryan Nova made his way to the ring. Cody asked Nova to kiss the ring before the match began and Nova responded by taking the ring with his mouth. As Cody became visibly frustrated, Nova rolled Cody up for a quick two count. Cody made short work of Nova after this point, making him submit to the American Nightmare. Dalton Castle then made his way out to the ring and began to criticize Cody for the matches he has put putting on and the opponents that he has been facing. He went on to comment that the performances are not those of a ROH World Champion and that Castle essentially plans on taking the belt off Cody, while pushing him to have the best match he has had during his time in the company. The match was what it was, but the interaction between Cody and Castle afterwards were really well done here, with the crowd getting behind what Castle was saying.

Winner: Cody

Bully Ray video package aired, showing his injury at the hands of Jay Briscoe and his subsequent apparent retirement tour.

Then a Jay Lethal promo aired, during which he said that he still has a lot to accomplish in ROH. A video package of Mark Briscoe’s injury and a backstage promo during which he demanded a TV title shot next week aired afterwards, only for Jay to deride him for continuing to go after a singles title instead of focusing on tag team efforts.

Main Event: ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs War Machine
Aside from this being a title opportunity, War Machine’s rationale for wanting a title shot-their continued dominance in countries around the world-is  believable path to take here and felt like a good reason for them to earn a title shot, even if they are not always on ROH TV or shows. Sabin and Shelley have been hitting another level since they have been the champions and their previous bout with War machine was an indication that these two very different teams can work with one another. This match started off in quite the same fashion, a battle of strength vs. speed. The decision, however, never came down to the efforts of either of these teams, as the Addiction sauntered out and interfered in the match. I understand that this is the role the Addiction are playing-they’re spoilers, but that does not account for all of the interference endings that title  matches have seen lately. It is effective though- Daniels and Kazarian and very much sticking to the fans, and to that I must tip my hat.

Winners: No Contest

Final Reaction: B-
This week’s episode was the first from a set of new tapings and, for the most part, these are always strong. Castle’s appearance gave the feud with Cody a jolt in the arm-what seemed to be honest feedback about Cody’s performance was engaging and supplied a dose of reality that blurs the lines. The Addiction are doing effective work-so effective that I actually feel annoyed by their interference. Commentary has been mentioning issues between Coast to Coast, hinting that the team could be frustrated by their losing. It’s unfortunate because the team has never gained much traction thus far, but this thread may signify a change sooner rather than later. Overall, the show had one full length match and two others that, by design, were never true contests. There are definitely parts of the show that work and those should not be missed.

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