IWA Mid South 11/23/17 Bloodfeast 17 Results

IWA Mid South 11/23/17 Bloodfeast 17 Results

1. Sage Philips def Cloudy

2. Mance Warner & Zodiak def Eric Wayne & Tripp Cassidy

3. Ace Perry def Cheech Hernadez

4. Team Shain – Shain Bender, Chase Holliday & Ronni def Team Sage – Sage Cainan, Tre Lamar & Eddy Only with Shain getting the final pin on Cainan.

5. Dale Patricks def Bret Havoc

6. Myron Reed def Colin Delaney

7. Team Larry – Larry D, Mark Wolf, JC Rotten, Amazing Maria & Pat Monix def Team Mercer – Shane Mercer, Calvin Tankman, Crash Jaxon, Frank Wyatt & Hy-Zaya when Larry pinned Mercer to be the sole survivor of his team.

8. Jimmy Jacobs def Aaron Williams to become the new IWA World Champion

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