NOVA Pro Wrestling “11th Dimension” 11/24/17 Results

Fairfax, VA – 11.24.2017

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Dylan Hales, and Jason Heat

Pre-Show: Mack Buckler retained the CRAB Wrestling Championship over Graham Bell in 7:26.

1. Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Carnies (Nick Iggy, Kerry Awful, Tripp Cassidy & Beau Crockett) defeated Sugar Dunkerton, “Juke Joint” Lucas Calhoun, & The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy)
– Dunkerton eliminated Beau with a roll-up at 10:10
– Cassidy eliminated Lude with a Tombstone at 14:34
– Awful eliminated Calhoun with an Earthquake Splash at 15:28
– Killjoy eliminated Cassidy with a sunset flip at 21:46
– Awful and Iggy eliminated Dunkerton with “Death Comes Calling” at 24:19
Survivors: Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful

2. John Kermon defeated Wheeler YUTA by referee stopage at 6:29.

3. Triathalon Match: Sage Philips, Ace Perry and Cabana Man Dan versus Logan Easton Laroux, Bobby Shields, and Gunner Miller
– Gunner Miller defeated Cabana Man Dan with a Jackhammer in 6:34
– Sage Philips & Ace Perry defeated Logan Easton Laroux & Bobby Shields when Sage pinned Logan with a standing Slice Bread (Pure Dynamite) in 7:58.
– Sage Philips, Ace Perry and Cabana Man Dan defeated Logan Easton Laroux, Bobby Shields, and Gunner Miller after Sage kicked Logan low and rolled him up in 7:55.

4. Isaiah Frazier pinned Dirty Money with the Hurts Donut in 9:36.

5. Jonathan Gresham (w/Stokely Hathaway) defeated Fred Yehi via referee stoppage in 20:11 when he had Yehi in a Octopus Stretch and elbowed him in the side of the head.
– After the match, Stokely called out Sonjay Dutt to face Jonathan Gresham at “Such Great Heights” on 12/28.

6. Survivor Series Match: Team Veda (Veda Scott, Deonna Purrazzo, Laynie Luck, Sahara Seven & Allie Kat) defeated Team Faye (Faye Jackson, Mia Yim, Brittany Blake & Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto))
– Faye eliminated Laynie via Michinoku Driver at 6:93
– PAWG eliminated Sahara with the ATM at 10:19
– Mia Yim was eliminated due to injury.
– Lufisto was disqualified for putting her hands on the referee at 13:18
– Veda pinned Faye after an angry LuFisto attacked Faye at 13:04
– Jordynne eliminated Deonna with a Vader Bomb at 16:03
– Veda eliminated Brittany at 17:23 when she clobbered Brittany with a protein shake bottle when Brittany went for a suicide dive.
– Jordynne eliminated Veda at 18:05 via roll-up. Veda tried using the bottle again on Jordynne, but Allie stopped her. They got in a tug of war which led to Jordynne being able to sneak in the pin on Veda.
– Allie eliminated Jordynne with a rip-chord headbutt at 21:33.
Sole Survivor: Allie Kat

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