NXT Review 11/29/17: The Fab Four


Street Profits vs. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss
The show was coming from Aztec Theatre in San Antonio this week. There was also no Nigel this week, just Mauro and Percy. This was simple but fun and the venue and atmosphere made for a nice change of pace. Crowd were hot for Street Profits, which is encouraging. Tino and Riddick isolated Ford for a while, setting up the hot tag to Dawkins. Dawkins was able to land the big punch to Sabbatelli like he did two weeks ago, but this time Moss was there to break up the pin. They then looked to have the match won, but the referee caught Moss holding Dawkins’s foot down on the pin, allowing Ford to take out Moss with a cannonball and blind tag in for the sky high/frog splash combination on Sabbatelli for the pin. Both teams have a way to go, but they’re getting there and this feud has worked out so far in terms of giving them some momentum.

Footage was shown of Seven and Bate challenging Dunne to a tag team match after last week, bringing up Dunne leaving Wolfgang to get attacked by Undisputed Era a few weeks ago. Christie then interviewed Bate and Seven earlier in the day. They covered Dunne not helping Wolfgang again and questioned how Andrews and Dunne would get on against a real team like them.

Andrews was interviewed, to explain why he was teaming with Dunne. Andrews clarified that he wasn’t looking to be Pete friend and he was doing it on the condition that he’d be #1 contender to the UK Title if they won.

Hype video for Lars Sullivan.

Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay
Peyton got another big reaction coming out. I’m not sure where Sane stands at this point yet. She’s popular, but maybe I expect a little bit more. Peyton gained control of this with a little help from Billie. Sane fought from underneath and took out Billie, before hitting the Insane Elbow off the top for the win.

Recap of Ruby Riot, or, Ruby Riott’s win over Sonya Deville last week, as apparently they’re not quite done with NXT yet and have a No Holds Barred rematch scheduled for next week’s show.

Almas winning the NXT Title at Takeover was shown, before footage of Drew being checked out and Drew being out with an injury was confirmed.

Moustache Mountain vs. Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews
Dunne got another big reaction for his entrance and was the most over of the four here. They told the story of Dunne and Andrews not getting along but with a twist, as Dunne basically used his partner to create opportunities to deliver cheap shots, but Andrews had to put up with it since he wanted to win. Seven took a really cool looking backstabber from Dunne with Andrews landing knees first on his chest at the same time, as Dunne and Andrews got the advantage on him. The pair couldn’t co-exist though and it cost them as Seven hit the Seven Star Lariat and tagged Bate. Bate made a comeback on Dunne before squaring off with Andrews. Bate kicked out of a super hurricanrana into a Dunne sitout powerbomb before a good final stretch, which ended with Bate hitting Dunne with the Tyler Driver 97 for the win. Really good stuff here. Good that they didn’t go the obvious route of Andrews getting the title shot too. Andrews tried to commiserate with Dunne post match and Dunne gave him a cheap shot, before coming back to hit the Bitter End and pose with the gold.


RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Definitely worth checking out Moustache Mountain versus Dunne and Andrews. Street Profits against Moss and Sabbatelli was fun as well.

NXT WEEK: Andrade Almas’s Championship Celebration and Ruby Riott versus Sonya Deville in a No Holds Barred Match.

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