Ringbelles Roundup (12/9/17) – Fallout from RISE 6 & AWS Brutality, Nakamori & DASH’s locks on the line, Havok is crowned AAW Women’s Champ, Karen Q gets stripped of title, Yoshiko’s resurgeance & more

Kris Wolf, Kikyo and Dynamite DiDi follow in the footsteps of Aja Kong, Bison Kimura, Bat Yoshinaga and others as members of Bull Nakano’s Gokumon-to stable that wrecked shop in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling during the 1990’s – Diosas Luchadoras de Pomona Jill Carol ©

It’s been announced that World Wonder Ring STARDOM will be working with another women’s promotion that’s not exclusive to Japan this coming July when RISE invades Korakuen Hall on the sixteenth for a joint show. The announcement broke onto the interwebs during the double-shot weekend with Alternative Wrestling Show in South Gate, California on Saturday and came coupled with a photo op with presidents, Rossy Ogawa and Cheerleader, champion, Delilah Doom, Dust, Shotzi Blackheart, Kylie Rae, and Kikyo. The aforementioned competitors will be heading over to the land of the rising sun and luckily for them, it’s going to be their first ever tour.

The announcement is just one of the few things that took place at the California shows. Delilah Doom made her first Phoenix of RISE Title defense inside a steel cage against Rosemary on that Friday night and retained successfully. Doom finished out this year’s second leg of SHIMMER tapings, which took place on Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 12th in Berwyn, Illinois as a brand-new double champion. She unseated Shotzi Blackheart of the belt in her tenth title defense in a matchup that seen Britt Baker, Dust, Kikyo and Deonna Purrazzo all wanting their shot at Blackheart’s championship. She then went on to defeat Vanessa Kraven and Tessa Blanchard for the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles at the Volume 97 taping. Leva Bates connected with the Pepsi Plunge on Blanchard for the championship victory, but that was after Tessa had accidentally taken Kraven out with the codebreaker. The win handed Bates her first-ever SHIMMER title succession in the eight years she’s been consistently working for the promotion. She previously challenged for the tag belts on three separate occasions with Allison Danger as “Regeneration X” back in 2012 and like her attempt at going after Cheerleader Melissa and her SHIMMER Championship the following year in October, she was unsuccessful.

RISE 6: Brutality also featured LuFisto and Dust swinging barbed wire baseball bats and the first-ever sanctioned World of STARDOM Title defense in the United States by Toni Storm, as she successfully retained the belt against Mercedes Martinez. Storm also defended her SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship against Shozi Blackheart at RISE 6.5: Throttle and again at that evening’s Alternative Wrestling Show against Dust, picking up her thirteenth and fourteenth title defenses as champion in one weekend. Aerial Monroe is now officially a member of the RISE roster after a winning the battle royal at Saturday’s evening show, where she outlasted the likes of Hawlee Lane, Jewells Malone, Savannah Evans, Penelope Ford and Willow Nightingale among others.

Kris Wolf ended Nicole Savoy’s 434-day reign with the AWS Women’s Championship in the main event of the promotion’s show on Saturday night – Diosas Luchadoras de Pomona Jill Carol ©

Nicole Savoy is no longer the reigning AWS Women’s Championship after dropping the belt to Kris Wolf on Saturday night. Wolf made her debut for the promotion as part of RISE’s show on Friday and came accompanied to her matchup against Shotzi Blackheart without a member of Oedo Tai, but with the recent seminar’s guest trainer, Bull Nakano. Nakano recently appeared at Manami Toyota’s retirement show back on November 3rd and had the nunchucks, blue-hair and the infamous face paint ready to go; she did the same here and by the weekend’s end, she had reformed her Gokumon-to stable with Kris Wolf, Kikyo, and Dynamite DiDi. The title defense happened to be Savoy’s third and Wolf’s first time back wrestling in the state since losing to Santana Garrett during STARDOM’s tour back in 2015 in Baldwin Park, California. Savoy wrestled on that same show and took on Mayu Iwatani the night before in a non-title match, as Iwatani’s newly won High Speed Championship was not on the line. Surprisingly, she was never brought over to Japan for a tour with the promotion, especially being a competitor of her caliber and the success of Hudson Envy, another former AWS Women’s Champion and longtime performer on the California indies.

Back on November 12th, Nicole Savoy was crowned the new SHIMMER Champion during the night’s final set of tapings. The sudden move from one-third of Mercedes Martinez’s stable, the “Trifecta,” to being the competitor that ended her second reign with the belt, shifted momentum quickly right after splitting up due to Savoy’s disapproval of Aja Kong’s addition to the group in Shayna Baszler’s place. Despite not getting invited over the first time around, Savoy will be heading to Japan in the new year in time for STARDOM’s January 6th show in Osaka that already includes the debuts of Rachael Ellering, Miranda Salinas and the returns of Viper, Xia Brookside and Kay Lee Ray. Savoy’s addition to the product will be the second time a current SHIMMER Champion has gone over to Japan since 2014 when Cheerleader Melissa challenged Io Shirai head-on for the World of STARDOM Championship in the main event of “Stardom The Highest” that March. Though the title was never defended in Japan, it would be interesting to see if a championship match will be sanctioned outside the walls of the Eagles Club a couple of months ahead of WrestleMania weekend.


The four-month-long journey to crown the inaugural women’s champion has come to a close for AAW, as Jessicka Havok is the recipient of the streamlined, gold-plated belt.

The promotion announced the initiation of a tournament back in August that soon increased from eight women to twelve in a matter of hours with a lot of debuts and returns incorporated. Havok was scheduled to face Candice LeRae on Saturday night in an effort to skate pass their semi-finals matchup. The matchup never happened, as LeRae according to those in attendance, “no-showed” and forfeited the semi-finals to Havok, who then went on to face Rachael Ellering and Ivelisse in the tournament’s closer. Instead of reporting people’s opinions via the internet of what happened, I reached out the promotion for further comment on the situation. It turns out that Candice had suffered food poisoning right before the show and forewarned AAW’s staff of her whereabouts and that she would not be making the show.

Jessicka Havok has claimed the AAW Women’s Championship and the Midwest region and AAW’s women’s division has been put on notice – Basil Mahmud ©

Jessicka Havok was then slipped into the finals of the tournament that was already planned to be a three-way from the start. Ivelisse defeated Samantha Heights in the first round back on August 5th and Delilah Doom back on November 4th to officially qualify for the finals. Rachael Ellering did the same and bested Allysin Kay, who maintained an undefeated streak back in 2015 before losing to LeRae in a singles matchup, and Kylie Rae, who got the big win over Su Yung in the first round of the tournament back on November 3rd. Havok made light work of Leah Vaughan in their matchup back on August 5th that lasted a little over three minutes. Candice took on Britt Baker in the first round and their matchup happened to be the second of their singles encounters, as they last faced off in Cleveland in September of last year.

Along with Allysin Kay, LeRae and Havok were considered favorites to win the tournament due to all three competitors’ tenured association with the promotion. Havok picked up the win on Ivelisse after hitting a Tombstone piledriver from the second rope to become the inaugural AAW Women’s Champion. Her first title defense and its whereabouts are still to be announced by the promotion, however, the win marks Havok’s first title acquisition in over three years, which is shocking in itself. In fact, Havok’s last championship run happened to be the three-days she was Knockouts Champion in September of 2014, where she dropped the title to Taryn Terrell right after beating Gail Kim at that week’s set of tapings in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Outside of that, she holds the second longest reign in the lineage of the WSU Championship next to Mercedes Martinez’s 1,092-days as titleholder; Cherry Bomb’s almost two-year reign follows close behind at 644-days. Havok has not been positioned as one of the main stars of a promotion in recent years and its rather disappointing being that she was considered one of the hottest commodities on the indies at one time, especially during her heated rivalry with Martinez that spawned the rise of the Midwest Militia and her own ascension to the top of the scene.

AAW has shown a keen interest in women’s wrestling and has hosted a number of matches on their shows when the promotion ran the night before the weekend’s SHIMMER tapings. Their interest runs deeper than just including the women on the card because they need a “filler” match or that they too want to be attached to a hashtag. Along with promotions like Alpha-1 Wrestling, CHIKARA and Beyond Wrestling just to name a few, intergender wrestling has reigned supreme and has never been a controversial decision to have men and women against each other. Heidi Lovelace was crowned the new AAW Heritage Champion back in August 2014 after unseating Matt Cage of the belt in his ninth title defense. Lovelace became the first woman to win the championship and is the first one to do so under AAW’s banner. Establishing a legit women’s division was the next step for AAW, with Havok as their premier champion and the talent pool on the indies increasing by leaps and bounds. Havok’s first matchup as champion should be announced soon and could be apart of their year-end show, the “Windy City Classic” on December 30th or take place in the new year.


After losing to Zeuxis a couple of months ago, Princesa Sugehit had her identity be forcefully revealed after nearly wrestling her entire career underneath the embroidered butterfly. The matchup was one of the thousands of wager matches that have taken place in Mexico over the last century. Its bear witnessed to some of the all-time greats losing their masks or having their lengthy locks sheared in front of a packed arena. These types of matches are not only exclusive to Mexico and have been apart of professional wrestling since the beginning of time. However, it’s not every day that you hear two Japanese women are willing to lose their strands over a championship.

DASH Chisako (left) and Hanako Nakamori(right) are willing to take things a step further and go bald for the PURE-J Openweight Championship on December 17th – PURE-J ©

Hanako Nakamori and DASH Chisako are set to give their opponent a makeover in an effort to prove a point, come December 17th. Multiple promotions are going to be bum-rushing Korakuen Hall and other venues like Shinkiba 1st RING during the final two weeks of 2017 and are hoping to cap off their weekly exhibitions with their biggest banger yet, setting the tone for the new year. The big matchup that sees the champion challenging Chisako for her hair at PURE-J’s year-end show already sets them apart from most cards that are going to be happening around this time. Yoko Bito’s retirement is set for STARDOM’s final show on December 24th, while the newest number one contender to Misaki Ohata’s title will be determined on the 29th. The announcement left me itching to figure out the last time a Hair vs Hair match had occurred in Japan, let alone had a title on the line. The matchup that came to mind was that between Emi Sakura and Kaori Yoneyama over the JWP Openweight Championship back in 2010, which came as a result of dropping all three of their tag team straps to Azumi Hyuga and Ran Yu-Yu.

Back in April of 2013, Chikayo Nagashima’s lengthy-reign as the OZ Openweight Champion came to an end when AKINO defeated her in her third title defense. Afterwards, she came face to face with Mayumi Ozaki and members of the villainous Seikigun stable, which didn’t pan out in her favor and led to Ozaki putting her locks and their manager, Mika Nishio’s hair on the line. Nagashima had joined the stable two-years earlier in order to challenge Ozaki for the title after the champion refused to defend the belt against anyone, not within her personal company. Nagashima defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto, Yumi Ohka, and Ran Yu-Yu to become the number one contender to Ozaki’s title and went on to successfully unseat her for the championship in March of 2012, beating her in a Dress Up Wild Fight match otherwise known as an Ironman match. The title loss to AKINO and the brewing rivalry with Ozaki and her stable led to Nagashima getting her head shaved, dethroned of the championship on September 15, 2013, and ousted from the group.

One other match that came to mind, was the IWA World Women’s Title defense by Manami Toyota on August 15, 1992, when she took on and defeated her tag team partner, Toshiyo Yamada. Aside from capturing multiple championships together, Manami and Yamada’s in-ring chemistry translated over into their singles bouts between 1989 and 1991. The title defense was the climax of their feud and it ended with Toyota uncontrollably crying and refusing to cut Yamada’s hair. She instead, began cutting strands of her hair and attacked the barber multiple times in order to prevent him from shaving Yamada’s head and had to be restrained by members of the roster, which can be seen here at this link.

Since April of 2011, DASH Chisako and Hanako Nakamori have fought a total of twenty-six times in various matchups and it’s possible that they wrestled each more than this, however, a bulk of these matches have taken place under JWP’s banner and are now spilling over into PURE-J. Back in April of 2013, Chisako and her sister, Sendai Sachiko defeated Nakamori and Maury in the finals of the Tag League The Best and went on to unsuccessfully challenging Tsubasa Kuragaki and Kayoko Haruyama for the titles. The last time these two competitors faced off in a title match was at last year’s December show for JWP, where Nakamori and Kyoko Kimura retained the JWP & Daily Sports Tag Team Championships against DASH and Hana Kimura in the show’s main event at the KFC Hall in Tokyo.


Here are some things that took place over the last week and weekend…

DASH Chisako and KAORU picked up their second title defense as champions on Sunday, as they retained the SENDAI tag belts against Mika Shirahime and Alex Lee in the show’s main event. Heidi Katrina and Cassandra Miyagi have once again issued another challenge to the champions, despite losing to them back on November 17th… Salina de la Renta was successful in her first title defense of the ACW Women’s Championship on Friday in Orlando when she retained the belt against Aria Blake and Sofi Castillo… Miyu Yamashita retained the DDT Iron Man Heavy Metal Title against Kazuki Hirata on Friday in Tokyo… Casey Johns defeated Eliza Sway in a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere, Street Fight in order to hang onto the Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship on Saturday in Wayville, Southern Australia… Alexxis Falcon’s first Alpha Omega title defense took place on Saturday in Morecambe, Lancashire, as she defended the women’s belt against former champion, Felony, Jami Sparx and Jennie B successfully… On Saturday, Avary became the new NAW Women’s Champion after beating Riebell and Mortar for the title in Albion, Victoria… Kikyo came up short against Zack Monstar for the RPW Top Crown Title on Tuesday in a No Disqualification matchup… Men winning women’s titles is practically the norm these days, but for the actual championship to be retired as a result of a loss, now that’s different. Beautiful Beaa is no longer the reigning and defending PWA Elite Women’s Champion after losing to Joey Allen on Saturday night and while the exact circumstances have not been explained, the women’s title is now retired as a result of Allen retaining his Pure Violence Championship against Beaa. Beaa had picked up another successful title defense the night before in Guelph, Ontario against Gisele Shaw before her fifth reign with the belt was ended… Roxy Rouge remains the REAL Pro Women’s Champion after beating Chelsea Durden on Saturday… Jasmin defeated Flame to become the new Championship Wrestling Australia Women’s Champion on Sunday… Salina de la Renta was successful in her first title defense of the ACW Women’s Championship on Friday in Orlando when she retained the belt against Aria Blake and Sofi Castillo. She picked up another title defense on Wednesday, retaining against Aspyn Rose… Davienne picked up another title defense as Pioneer Valley Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion on Saturday, defeating Jawsolyn to retain the strap… Team USA regained their top spot as the coveted winners of Smash Wrestling’s CANUSA Classic on Sunday in Toronto after Allie defeated Gail Kim in the final matchup of the night and beat out the Canadian team. Jordynne Grace was awarded the medal for breakout star… Nikki Addams walked away with her ninth WOW Women’s Title defense on Friday night when she yet again retained the championship against Davienne a month after their collision back in November… Kay Lee Ray successfully retained the Defiant Women’s Championship against Veda Scott on Monday in Newcastle… Jessy unseated Prima Zomer of the Revolucion Lucha Libre Women’s Title on Sunday in a matchup that also involved Valkiria in Santiago de Chile… Joseline retained her BDW Women’s belt against Laura Loveless on Sunday in Benwood, West Virginia… On Friday night, Sahara Se7en was successful in her second title defense since winning the vacant MCW Women’s Championship, as she defeated former titleholder, Brittany Blake in Joppa, Maryland… Sierra Loxton is now the new number one contender for Jetta’s Celtic Crown Women’s Championship after besting Kay Lee Ray and Sofia Ari on Sunday in Newport, Wales.

Let me get this straight, someone decides to “no-show” an event that they were not advertised for and is stripped of their newly won championship as a result – Sounds bonkers right?

The new ECWA Women’s Champion, Damaris was crowned the new titleholder in the shadows of a little controversy – Lyle C. Williams ©

That’s exactly what happened to Karen Q over the weekend when East Coast Wrestling Association decided to unceremoniously crown a new women’s champion in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Without jumping straight into the details, let’s first discuss the title change and the confusion that started up online amongst fans. It’s not every day that something considered “screwy” happens in professional wrestling and it’s not fast news on social media unless its kept tucked away behind the scenes. Once it was time for the supposed title defense to happen at Saturday night’s show, promoter, Mike Tartaglia made his way through the curtain with the ECWA Women’s Championship in hand, with Damaris and Jasmine trailing closely behind. He grabbed hold of the microphone and what appeared to be the proverbial “wrestler A decided not to show up and has turned their backs on you” promo, which could’ve been mistaken for a new wrinkle in a storyline, turns out to have some truth behind it and is right now a “he said, she said” situation, however, Karen Q is not talking about it.

Tartaglia announced to the crowd that Karen Q had decided to pass up her title defense against Allie Recks to work a show out in Indianola, Oklahoma. The show in question included Madison Rayne, Sahara Se7en and Kamilla Kaine on the bill and according to the message I received from Tartaglia via Twitter, she was offered “seven times” the amount she was going to be compensated for by the promotion. The title change happened and Damaris wound up beating Jasmine out to take home the ECWA Women’s Championship two months after Karen Q had defeated Deonna Purrazzo for the belt in the finals of the Super 8 Chick Fight.

Give or take what’s been happening on social media as of late, people are being outed for their indiscretions and poor business tactics daily – its a wonder Karen Q was not accused of being ego-driven or much worse by fans outright. Instead, you have the promoter claiming that the champion was aware of her matchup and decided not to honor her commitment that she, according to him agreed to a week ago. Here’s where things get a little murky – it’s been communicated to me that Karen, in fact, made the promotion aware of her decision to head out west and not work Saturday’s show ahead of time. I questioned whether she was advertised for the event and after some digging, I came across not only the show’s flyer but the match card that listed a title defense by none other than, Karen Q.

With those few pieces of knowledge obtained and stored away, I decided to contact the promotion for a proper explanation on the events that took place on Saturday night. I never like to contact a promotion or members of its staff unless it’s readily necessary and I need further information on an event or clarification on a matter. I am going to assume that my message was received by and responded by Mike Tartaglia because one, I never asked for the person’s identity and two, most promoters will make it known whom you are speaking with. I simply inquired about the supposed mishap that Karen was not advertised for the event, which was called to my attention and wanted to know if there was truth to this rumor or if this story had a deeper backstory.

Here’s his response copied and pasted:

“Hi Ciara, Yes Karen has been advertised for this event the whole time. She had just defended her title against Deonna Purrazzo on November 25 in Atlantic City, NJ. Karen was too defend the title against Allie Recks the week after Saturday, December 2. After Karen and Deonna’s match in Atlantic City, they both left immediately after the match. Neither said hello to me that day. She took the belt with her and never mentioned she was booked the following Saturday in Oklahoma. She messaged me the following day and said she got an offer to wrestle for alot more money and could no longer wrestle for ECWA for the pay she was getting. She said she was going to take the other promotion up on their offer which was 7 times the amount I paid her which is unbelievable. You can quote me word for word in your article. Deonna Purrazzo and Karen Q won the Suoer 8 Tournaments and won the ECWA Championship and basically forgot who put them on the map. No one ever heard of Deonna or Karen before ECWA and that is a fact! They now think they are superstars and forgot the people and the fans who supported them every month for the last 3 years!” – Mike Tartaglia

There’s clearly some hurt feelings here and not to mention the line of respect being blurred by the competitors according to the promoter. There are some variables here to consider and discuss at hand. First off, if it is indeed valid that Deonna Purrazzo and Karen Q walked in and out of the building, had their title match and left immediately after without uttering a word to the promoter or anyone there, there’s got to be a deeper issue than the women are becoming big-headed. Their bookings have skyrocketed in the last year with Karen Q getting a deal with Ring Of Honor and working for Women’s Wrestling Revolution up in the Northeast often. While Deonna has been high in demand for a long time and even crossed over the ocean to work in Europe and Japan this year. Working a simple booking for the promotion should not be a hassle for either woman, especially Karen, who’s the current champion, let alone Purrazzo, a former multi-time titleholder.

It’s bothersome to think that after winning the ECWA Women’s Championship in such a big way by fighting Santana Garrett to a twenty-minute, time limit draw and going on to defeat Deonna for the belt in the three-way final, that Karen Q would decide to “fuck off” after making her first title defense. Right before I messaged the promoter, a video surfaced online and it happened to be posted by their referee, Phillip Slivinski and it shows Tartaglia in the ring with the championship. Aside from telling the live crowd that the matchup had been changed and Karen Q no-showed, he ran down the now-former champion and even threw Deonna Purrazzo in there too and took shots at her previous relationship with her trainer, Damien Adams. He claimed that WWE “did not want” Purrazzo due to her “bad attitude” and even accused Karen of displaying the same behavior.

“I was a huge Deonna Purrazzo supporter. I put her in 3 ECWA Women’s Super 8 Tournaments. I even offered her to be in the Men’s Super 8 Tournament being the first woman ever to be in it. But she basically spits in the ECWA fans face and so did Karen.” – Mike Tartaglia

It’s one of those situations where announcing that they have been ousted from the promotion to your audience is one thing, but bringing their personal life into it is a whole different ballgame. Deonna’s relationship and the fallout from it shouldn’t be public knowledge and spread like gossip. I shouldn’t know that Damien allegedly dropped her like a bad habit because she was a “loser” or anything else because it’s none of my business. Let alone, this goes against any business practices and pure Tartaglia might have because you have shown you are capable of crossing the line. Regardless if he has solid proof and has people to back up his story, this piece of footage doesn’t do him any favors and instead, comes off like he has a personal vendetta against the women for wanting to accept outside bookings and are getting compensated more for it. It begs me to question whether money is at the root of this issue here and not that Karen Q stood up her commitment because she wanted a trip to Oklahoma. It also makes me wonder the same when it comes to Deonna Purrazzo, from the outside looking in, appeared to have a healthy relationship with the promotion and has won the Super 8 ChickFight back-to-back and has held the championship on three separate occasions.

Sometimes you see promoters come out and do this, burying talent for no-showing, making a boatload of allegations against them and being ticked off about wanting to charge a higher fee than their per usual one. After traveling around through the states and getting a taste of wrestling overseas, overtime competitors will begin to value this craft and rightfully want to be compensated for what they can bring to the table. Especially after getting a taste of bigger pay cuts and an overall good experience with the promotions and their promoters at hand. Wrestlers are going to want their brand to be honored as a priority and have those in charge be responsible for their worth.

It’s hard to say what caused the riff here – I did not like or agree with the promoter taking credit for Karen of Deonna’s success and chalking it up to being because of him and his constant support as the sole reason for either woman to be in their current position on the indies. There’s nothing worse than when someone takes full credit for another person’s accomplishments and yes, the promotion housed much of Purrazzo’s career, but I wouldn’t say that every booking she’s received as a result of her work in ECWA though. The same goes for Karen Q, who appears alongside Deonna on Ring Of Honor’s television show and are featured in their weekly matches for the women’s division. I’m pretty sure both women have seen the video footage and have decided to maintain their silence and move forward with their careers and not address the situation and to be quite honest, sometimes you have to bite your tongue. It was once bestowed upon me years ago that “some things” are better left “unsaid” and it’s possible that Karen Q would rather for this blow over and continue accepting those bookings that are going to push her career even further than before.


Being supposedly “blackballed” from professional wrestling is seems to be working out for Yoshiko these days.

Yoshiko sits atop OZ Academy’s roster right now as the current Openweight Champion and is a main player in SEAdLINNG – @shupromobile ©

The emphasization on blackballed might seem unnecessary, but its necessary to point out that there is this belief that a former world champion was reportedly shunned by a community when that never happened. Yoshiko has been able to maintain a healthy wrestling career despite people’s ethics and strong opinions that her unprofessional and unwarranted assault on Act Yasukawa a few years ago deserved more than a slap on the wrist from backstage personnel. I, for one, was one of the many people that believed that her actions had garnered enough negative attention that left her promotion’s reputation waning. It was unclear as to whether the viral coverage of the event would propel them into a wider audience or hurt them in the long run. Instead of allowing the promotion to terminate her current contract or face the embarrassment of returning, Yoshiko announced her decision to retire from the sport, with her ceremony held that June. To no one’s surprise, the indefinite break from wrestling did not last long and she officially returned the following March for Nanae Takahashi’s new promotion, SEAdLINNNG and ever since then, she’s been wrestling non-stop.

She’s pretty much the face of the promotion alongside Nanae and Arisa Nakajima, who joined the roster earlier this year after resigning from JWP in December. Together, all three women have held SEAdLINNNG’s shows in one piece and their partnership has led to several stars coming in to compete like Tsukasa Fujimoto and Sareee. Yoshiko began making outside appearances upon her full-time return to the sport and wrestled for promotions like DIANA, Marvelous and Pro Wrestling WAVE where she made it all the way to the semi-finals of the 2016 Catch the WAVE tournament before losing to the eventual winner and then-champion, Ryo Mizunami. She unsuccessfully challenged Rina Yamashita for the Regina di WAVE belt back on August 12th. The matchup pretty much came as a result of Yoshiko picking up a previous win over Yamashita back in May ahead of her winning this year’s tournament and going on to defeat Mizunami for the title.

Two weeks later, she defeated Takumi Iroha to win SEAdLINNNG’s Ultra U-7 Tournament after besting Mio Momono and Rin Kadokura in the first and second rounds. Her latest success would be her ascension to the OZ Academy Openweight Championship, which began back on August 20th when she defeated Tsubasa Kuragaki in a number one contender’s matchup. She finally pulled it off on October 29th and unseated Hiroyo Matsumoto of the belt in her fourth title defense to win her first championship reign in over two years. The last time Yoshiko was the premier competitor sitting atop a promotion, happens to be the day she took liberties with Act Yasukawa in the ring. The matchup was Yasukawa’s first direct challenge for the World of STARDOM belt and also Yoshiko’s third title defense since beating Io Shirai for the championship in August of 2014.

Yoshiko had her first Openweight Title match on Sunday and she bested Kuragaki in the main event at Korakuen Hall. She won the matchup with a Diving Senton on the former titleholder and it already appears that OZ Academy is really the deck of cards against her, as not one, but seven competitors invaded the ring and issued their challenge to the champion. Sonoko Kato, AKINO, Yumi Ohka, Rina Yamashita, Mayumi Ozaki, Kaori Yoneyama and Alex Lee were all lined up and wanting a shot at Yoshiko moments after retaining. Yoshiko aimed right at the top of the food chain and chose Ozaki, the promotion’s founder and thirty-one-year veteran as her next opponent – the official date for the championship match has yet to be announced. However, the other six competitors will face off in an elimination matchup at the January 7th event at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo. The competitor left standing will continue on with their original pitch to Yoshiko and challenge her head on for the belt at a future date.

Being blackballed has certainly been rewarding for Yoshiko and the career resurgence that she’s currently enjoying. It makes you wonder if the incident with Yasukawa had never taken place and she wasn’t suspended indefinitely if Yoshiko would fit in with the current product that is STARDOM right now. I firmly believe that she would have followed Nanae Takahashi out of the company once the split between she and management happened. The situation with Yoshiko and Act had landed Takahashi in hot water with Rossy Ogawa and those within backstage personnel, as they believed that her job as the head trainer and intermediary between talent and the office had been compromised and she was unable to prevent the incident from happening. On top of that, Takahashi along with Ogawa and the General Manager of STARDOM, Fuka Kakimoto agreed to take a percentage of their pay being cut for the next three months.

Sonoko Kato (far left), AKINO, Yumi Ohka, Alex Lee, Kaori Yoneyama and Rina Yamashita all accost YOSHIKO for a shot at her recently defended, OZ Academy Championship – OZ Academy ©

Yoshiko was stripped of the belt and rightfully so, forced to apologize publicly for going off the script and fracturing the cheek, nasal and orbital bones of Act Yasukawa that required immediate surgery. Bloodied and her face swollen out of proportion, Yasukawa had returned two months earlier after receiving cataract surgery to regain vision in her right eye that was lost to Grave’s disease and dealing with issues brought on by her thyroid. The courageous moment that should have been Yasukawa’s time to be seen as a legit main event contender was taken away by the closed fists of Yoshiko that repeatedly struck her face while trapped in a headlock. In the end, Yoshiko found solace in a career outside of STARDOM’s walls and it’s likely that the promotion would have soon cut ties with her upon her return from suspension. She’s become a world champion again and is booked like the top star in not one, but several promotions right now.

Title defenses galore and more are going on this weekend on the indies and beyond…

Sammii Jayne and Charli Evans battle Jetta and Little Miss Roxxy this Friday in Northallerton, England. The following night’s show in Hartlepool will feature Jayne and Jetta wrestling inside a steel cage… Savannah Evans makes her debut for Viral Pro Wrestling this Saturday in Thomson, Georgia. She’ll be taking on Nicole Pain… Annabelle Stackhouse gets her rematch against Kacee Carlisle for the Divas of Dynamite Women’s Championship this Saturday in Milford, Delaware… German Wrestling Federation presents their next all-female lineup in Berlin on Saturday. Headlining “Women’s Wrestling Revolution 6” is the title defense that sees’s Katey Harvey putting her championship on the line against Pollyanna. Shanna, Wesna Busic, Kat Siren, Ayesha Raymond, Blue Nikita, Slammerella and Lissy Lennox are scheduled to appear; one other match has been announced and it will be Melanie Gray taking on Audrey Bride… Martina is set to defend her OTT Women’s Championship against Kay Lee Ray on Saturday in Dublin, Ireland… Jawsolyn takes on Kennadi Copeland and Stella Gray will be taking on Christina Marie for The Dynasty Wrestling’s show in St. Johnsville, Kentucky on Saturday… A triple threat match for Mortar’s HVW Women’s Title has been added to this Saturday’s show in Rutherford, as she defends the championship against Tarlee, who will also be getting a chance to confront Vixsin in the ring and Riebell… Sammii Jayne battles Jetta inside a steel cage on Saturday in Hartlepool… Britt Baker’s ICW Women’s Championship is on the line in Elizabeth, New Jersey this Saturday night, as she defends the strap against Katie Arquette and Ray Lyn. LuFisto was originally apart of the title defense, however, she’s suffered a ruptured eardrum sustained at last weekend’s shows in California and will be out of action for a while. She’s been checked out by doctors and an infection was discovered and its traveled right ear in addition to the big hole on her ear drum. She’s trying to avoid getting surgery or permanent hearing loss and will be forced out of upcoming title defenses and matches for the time being. However, the promotion has not announced a replacement… Kasey Owen’s first title defense since regaining the Insane Championship Wrestling Women’s belt takes place this Sunday in Glasgow. Owens was originally set to face Viper, but due to injury Sammii Jayne will be taking the former titleholder’s place in the matchup… STARDOM has a show set for Shinkiba 1st RING this Sunday that’s headlined by the latest Wonder of STARDOM Title defense by Io Shirai as she goes up against Kelly Klein, who is vowing to bring the championship back with her stateside. Yoko Bito’s road to retirement continues on, as she wrestles in a fifteen-person gauntlet on the show.


The Ringbelles Roundup is back until further notice and in the meantime, if you would like to contribute results, news items, especially if you are promotion or a wrestler or if you attended a show over the weekend and have pictures that are available to posted – Get in touch with me through my social media outlets, like Twitter and all credit will be given and appreciated.


Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss helped make history in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, as part of the company’s tour around the Middle East. Banks and Bliss both wrestled in full bodysuits in order to perform on the show due to the strict laws in most Islamic countries. Bliss managed to retain her RAW Women’s Championship against Banks on the show… Absolution and Ruby Riott worked the Tribute To The Troops tapings in San Diego, California on Tuesday. Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville defeated the team of Mickie James, Bayley and Sasha Banks, while Charlotte took on Riott in a non-title matchup

Impact Wrestling

Laurel Van Ness has reportedly asked for her release from the company following the most recent set of tapings where she took part in the Knockouts Championship tournament. The company has not granted her release; she would follow MJ Jenkins, Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell as the recent group of women to leave. Van Ness made it to the finals of the tournament – this week’s episode features Rosemary taking on Allie and Sienna to determine who goes to face Laurel in the championship finals

North America

Kiera Hogan, Aria Blake, Su Yung and Allie Kat will all square off for Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment’s upcoming show on December 27th. That night’s show will also include Priscilla Kelly taking on Kamilla Kaine… Jordynne Grace’s return to Black Label Pro has been announced for their January 13th show… Kacee Carlisle challenges Veronica Fairchild for the SLW Women’s Title on December 16th in Munford, Alabama… Allie Kat has been added to Limitless Wrestling’s lineup in Westbrook, Massachusetts that already includes Deonna Purrazzo and Tessa Blanchard on January 19th… Sonya Strong has been announced for Wrestling Has A Tomorrow’s debut show at Fete Music on January 14th… Allie Recks’ first title defense as the new PPW Women’s Champion takes place in Hazelton, Pennsylvania on December 16th. She defends her belt against Sammi Pandora, Christina Marie, and Ariela Nyx… Raze will be heading to the Northeast on February 24th, when she wrestles for Jersey All Pro’s show in Rahway. Deonna Purrazzo is also signed to appear… Angelus Layne has officially been reinstated in NOVA Pro Wrestling following a forty-five-day suspension. She wrestles her first match back on December 28th when she takes on Brittany Blake, Jordynne Grace and Allie Kat in Annandale, Virginia. The promotion has also announced that “Such Great Heights” will feature a street fight between Faye Jackson and Veda Scott… Queens of Combat returns with a double feature at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on January 20th. Willow Nightingale is the first competitor to be announced for the events and it will be her official Queens of Combat debut… National Pro Wrestling League has announced their next for March 24th and will be headlined by Taeler Hendrix defending her women’s championship against Chelsea Green


Two matches have been announced for SEAdLINNNG’s show on December 13th. Arisa Nakajima will be squaring off with her tag team partner, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Yoshiko will be taking on Ryo Mizunami… Jungle Kyona and Natsuko Tora have issued a challenge for the Goddesses of STARDOM tag team straps and it’s been accepted by one half of the champions, Kagetsu. The matchup has already been added to the promotion’s year-end show on December 24th and there appears to be dissension in Oedo Tai after Sumire Natsu got pinned during Sunday’s match. Harsh words were reportedly exchanged between Natsu and the rest of the stable post-match. Also coming out of Sunday’s show, Starlight Kid has challenged Mari Apache for the High Speed Championship and that match is likely added to the growing December 24th lineup… The semifinals of WAVE’s “OBASAN NEXT” Tournament are set for the December 17th show, as Yumi Ohka takes on Kaori Yoneyama and Ryo Mizunami goes up against Nagisa Nozaki. Also announced is the requested singles match by Ayako Hamada as she’ll be taking on Keisuke Goto. Misaki Ohata has nominated Manami Katsu as the next challenger to her Regina di WAVE Championship and that matchup will also be apart of the show… Mayumi Ozaki and Maya Yukihi will defend the OZ Academy Tag Team Championships against Aja Kong and Hiroyo Matsumoto on January 7th… KAZUKI and Rydeen Hagane will be taking on Mika Shirahime and Alex Lee at PURE-J’s December 17th show


NORTH Wrestling has announced the first matchup for their January 20th show in Newcastle, England and it will be Little Miss Roxxy taking on Shax and Millie McKenzie


Results (November 29th – December 8th)

November 29: The Crash (San Luis Potosi, Mexico) – Keyra & Tiago d Christi Jaynes & Zumbi, Lacey Lane & Pegazus

November 29: Rockstar Pro Wrestling (Dayton, OH) – Jah-C & Pompano Joe d Jon Murray & Samantha Heights

November 29: NXT Tapings (Winter Park, FL) – Sonya Deville d Ruby Riott; Ember Moon d Peyton Royce; Ember Moon (c) d Sonya Deville

November 30: WWE Live (Lima, Peru) – Charlotte Flair (c) d Natalya

November 30: NXT Live (Lakeland, FL) – Shayna Baszler d Abbey Laith; Lacey Evans & Mandy Rose d Aliyah & Jessie Elaban

November 30: NXT Live (Pittsburgh, PA) – Ruby Riott d Bianca Belair; Ember Moon (c) d Sonya Deville

December 1: Warriors Of Wrestling (New York City, NY) – Nikki Addams (c) d Davienne

December 1: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Lady Maravilla, La Silueta & Marcela d Dalys la Caribena, La Seductora & Tiffany

December 1: NXT Live (Altoona, PA) – Ember Moon (c) d Bianca Belair; Ruby Riott d Sonya Deville

December 1: Battle Championship Wrestling (East Burwood, Victoria) – Kellyanne d Riebell

December 1: RISE 6: Brutality (South Gate, CA) – Hyannis & Maritza Janett d Trixie Tash & Willow Nightingale; Toni Storm(c) d Mercedes Martinez; Deonna Purrazzo d Kylie Rae; Priscilla Kelly d Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, Ayokah & Chelsea Green; LuFisto d Dust; Delilah Doom(c) d Rosemary; Andrew Everett, Heather Monroe, Penelope Ford & Taya Valkyrie d Jimmy Jacobs, Ruby Raze, Sage Sin & Savannah Evans; Nicole Savoy d Aerial Monroe; Kris Wolf d Shotzi Blackheart

Beautiful Beaa looks to be on the verge towards losing her PWA Elite Women’s Championship, as Gisele Shaw really worked over the submission moves in the match – Skullmaster Photography ©

December 1: Pure Wrestling Association (Guelph, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa(c) d Gisele Shaw

December 1: Preston City Wrestling (Blackpool, Lancashire) – Rhio d Lauren & Jennie B

December 1: WWE Live (Mexico City, Mexico) – Charlotte Flair
(c) d Natalya

December 1: NXT Live (St. Augustine, FL) – Sarah Logan & Shayna Baszler d Aliyah & Rhea Ripley; Vanessa Borne d Dakota Kai

December 1: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Miyu Yamashita (c) d Kazuki Hirata

December 1: Maryland Championship Wrestling (Joppa, MD) – Sahara Se7en (c) d Brittany Blake

December 1: Rockstar Pro Wrestling (Dayton, OH) – Benjamin Boone(c) & Pat The Bruiser (c) d Jon Murray & Samantha Heights

December 1: I Believe In Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Salina de la Renta (c) d Aria Blake & Sofi Castillo; Deon James & Kaci Lennox d Amber Nova & Mike Parrow; Chasyn Rance & Wes Brisco d Daniele Dentice D’accadia & The British Wolf

December 2: WrestleZone (Aberdeen, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne d Kasey Owens

December 2: Premier Championship Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Joseline d Faye Jackson, Jinx, Kylie Rae & Ray Lyn

December 2: Maximum Assault Wrestling (Lovain, OH) – Kylie Rae & Ray Lyn d Faye Jackson & Holidead

December 2: WWE Live (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico) – Charlotte d Natalya

December 2: SENDAI Girls (Osaka, Japan) – Manami d Ami Sato; Sakura Hirota d Eiger; La Rosa Negra & Heidi Katrina d Hana Kimura & Mio Momono; Aja Kong d Cassandra Miyagi; Hiroyo Matsumoto & Chihiro Hashimoto d Meiko Satomura & Io Shirai; DASH Chisako(c) & KAORU(c) d Alex Lee & Mika Shirahime

December 2: Riot City Wrestling (Wayville, Southern Australia) – Casey Johns (c) d Eliza Sway

December 2: Imperial Wrestling Revolution (Indianola, OK) – Sahara Se7en d Kamilla Kane; Madison Rayne d Karen Q

December 2: WWE Live (Salt Lake City, UT) – Bayley & Sasha Banks d Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax; Asuka d Alicia Fox

December 2: Ohio Valley Wrestling (Louisville, KY) – Cali & Meg
d Jaylee & Jessie Belle

December 2: Truly Independent Wrestling (Lanesborough, MA) – Kennedi Copeland d Ricky Reyes

December 2: HOPE Wrestling (Leicester, Leicestershire) – Bobbi Tyler d KC Spinelli

December 2: RISE 6.5: Throttle (South Gate, CA) – Dust d Willow Nightingale; Deonna Purrazzo d Laurel Van Ness; Mercedes Martinez d Kris Wolf; Toni Storm (c) d Shotzi Blackheart

December 2: Pure Wrestling Association (Kitchener, Ontario) – Joey Allen(c) d Beautiful Beaa

December 2: AAA (Xalapa, Veracruz) – Big Mami d Villano III Jr. & Bengala; Argenis, Estrella Divina, Faby Apache & Lady Shani d Australian Suicide, Goya Kong, Hahastary & Mamba

December 2: Alpha Omega Wrestling (Morecambe, Lancashire) – Alexxis Falcon (c) d Felony, Jami Sparx & Jennie B

Shotzi Blackheart goes hurling across the ring with a dropkick to Rosemary during Saturday’s Alternative Wrestling Show in South Gate, California – Simplicio Photography ©

December 2: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez & Priscilla Kelly d Delilah Doom, Deonna Purrazzo & Laurel Van Ness; Aerial Monroe d Hawlee Lane, Jewells Malone, Lacey Lane & Savannah Evans; Jordynne Grace & LuFisto d Raze & Sage Sin; Toni Storm (c) d Dust; Shotzi Blackheart d Rosemary; Kris Wolf d Nicole Savoy (c)

December 2: AAW (LaSalle, IL) – Jessicka Havok d Ivelisse & Rachael Ellering

December 2: Wrestling For A Cause (Claremore, OK) – Nikki Knight d Erica

December 2: Riptide Wrestling (Brighton, East Sussex) – Kaggy d Candyfloss, Charli Evans, Laura Di Matteo & Rhia O’Reilly; Omari d Millie McKenzie

December 2: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Maya Yukihi d Uno Matsuya; Miyako Matsumoto d Hamuko Hoshi & Ibuki Hoshi; Tsukasa Fujimoto & Mochi Miyagi d Kyuri & Maruko Nagasaki; Kurumi Hiragi & Maika Ozaki d Risa Sera & Satsuki Totoro

December 2: Classic Pro Wrestling (Aylett, VA) – Tess Valentine d Kacee Carlisle

December 2: Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance (St. Louis, MO) – Savanna Stone d Johnny Park

December 2: WrestlingKULT (Oberhausen, Germany) – Melanie Gray d Amale Winchester

December 2: REAL Pro Wrestling (Ave Maria, FL) – Roxy Rouge (c) d Chelsea Durden

December 2: All Commonwealth Pro Wrestling (Porirua, New Zealand) – Ashlee Spencer d Britenay

December 2: NXT Live (Bel Air, MD) – Ember Moon (c) d Bianca Belair; Ruby Riott d Sonya Deville

December 2: Pioneer Valley Pro Wrestling (Hadley, MA) – Davienne(c) d Jawsolyn

December 2: Shropshire Wrestling Alliance (Telford, England) – Jayde & Chuck Cyrus d of Kat Von Kaige & Ashley Dunn; Robert Sharp d Martina

December 2: CHIKARA (Philadelphia, PA) – Oceania d Merlok; Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee d Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge

December 2: New Horizon Pro Wrestling (Success, Western Australia) – Tyra Russamee d Lena Kross via DQ

December 2: Warriors Of Wrestling (New York City, NY) – C-Bunny & Nikki Addams d Kasey Catel & Vanity

December 2: NXT Live (St. Petersburg, FL) – Liv Morgan d Jessie Elaban; Nikki Cross d Vanessa Borne

December 2: New Age Wrestling (Albion, Victoria) – Avary d Mortar(c) & Riebell

December 2: House of Hardcore (Waukesha, WI) – Candice Michelle d Lisa Marie Varon

December 3: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Cherry, Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi d Nobuhiro Shimatani, Saki Akai & Toru Owashi

Rina Yamashita has Maya Yukihi going down for the pinfall via the Splash Mountain – @sasuraiphoto2 ©

December 3: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Ryuji Ito d Sakura Hirota; Rina Yamashita d Maya Yukihi; AKINO, Sonoko Kato, Kaho Kobayashi & Shoko Sekiguchi d Aoi Kizuki, Yumiko Hotta, Kaori Yoneyama & Koharu Hinata; Aja Kong d Hiroyo Matsumoto; Mayumi Ozaki, Alex Lee & Yumi Ohka d Moeka Haruhi, Hikaru Shida & Saori Anou; Yoshiko(c) d Tsubasa Kuragaki

December 3: British Empire Wrestling (Morden, Greater London) – Skye Smitson d Bobbi Tyler; Kat Von Kaige d Jennifer Blake & Shawna Reed; Jamie Hayter d Savannah Summers; Jetta d Sadie Gibbs; KC Spinelli d Charlie Morgan

December 3: SMASH Wrestling (Toronto, Ontario) – Cheerleader Melissa d Xandra Bale; Jewells Malone d Samantha Heights; Rosemary d Mercedes Martinez; Allie d Gail Kim; Veda Scott d Danyah; Jordynne Grace d Alexia Nicole; Kaitlin Diemond d Gisele Shaw

December 3: Black Diamond Wrestling (Benwood, WV) – Joseline (c) d Laura Loveless

December 3: Revolution Pro: U.K (London, England) – Jinny d Charli Evans

December 3: Kamikaze Pro (Birmingham, West Midlands) – Shanna d Shax & Xia Brookside

December 3: K-DOJO (Chiba, Japan) – Bambi & Yuma d Ayame Sasamura & Ricky Fuji

December 3: WWE Live (Anaheim, CA) – Asuka d Alicia Fox; Bayley & Sasha Banks d Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax

December 3: Championship Wrestling From Hollywood (Port Hueneme, CA) – Shotzi Blackheart d Willow Nightingale

December 3: Dragon Pro Wrestling (Newport, Wales) – Sierra Loxton d Kay Lee Ray & Sofia Ari

December 3: Revolucion Lucha Libre (Santiago de Chile, Chile) – Jessy d Prima Zomer (c) & Valkiria

December 3: PURE-J (Miyagi, Japan) – Rydeen Hagane d Mika Shirahime; KAZUKI d Mochi Miyagi; Leon vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto – Time Limit Draw; Command Bolshoi d Yako Fujigasaki; DASH Chisako & Misaki Ohata d Hanako Nakamori & Manami Katsu

December 3: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Hiromi Mimura d Ruaka; Konami d Hanan; Starlight Kid d Mary Apache and Shiki Shibusawa; Jungle Kyona, Natsuko Tora & Yoko Bito d Hana Kimura, Kagetsu & Natsu Sumire; Bea Priestley, Chardonnay, Kelly Klein & Scarlett d AZM, HZK, Io Shirai & Momo Watanabe

December 4: Monday Night RAW (Los Angeles, CA) – Paige d Sasha Banks; Asuka d Alicia Fox

December 4: WeAreDefiant Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Kay Lee Ray d Veda Scott

December 5: Smackdown Live (San Diego, CA) – Charlotte d Tamina

December 5: Defiant Wrestling (Birmingham, West Midlands) – Kay Lee Ray (c) d Little Miss Roxxy; Millie McKenzie d Little Miss Roxxy

December 5: Tribute to the Troops (San Diego, CA) – Charlotte Flair d Ruby Riott; Mandy Rose, Paige & Sonya Deville d Bayley, Mickie James & Sasha Banks

December 5: REAL Pro Wrestling (Fort Myers, FL) – Zack Monstar (c) d Kikyo

December 5: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Kyusei Sakura Hirota vs Ryo Mizunami – Time Limit Draw; Yuki Miyazaki vs Nagisa Nozaki – Time Limit Draw; Ryo Mizunami d Kyusei Sakura Hirota; Nagisa Nozaki d Yuki Miyazaki; Kaori Yoneyama vs Cherry – Time Limit Draw; Kaori Yoneyama d Cherry; Yumi Ohka vs Moeka Haruhi – Time Limit Draw; Yumi Ohka d Moeka Haruhi; Misaki Ohata, Mika Iida & Hikaru Shida d Ayako Hamada, Hiroe Nagahama & ASUKA

December 6: American Combat Wrestling (Port Richey, FL) – Salina de la Renta (c) d Aspyn Rose

December 7: Discovery Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne (c) d Kay Lee Ray

Santana Garrett is stuck hanging from the second rope and awaiting a diving double foot stomp from Leva Bates at MLW’s “Never Say Never” on Thursday night @harryaaron ©

December 7: WWE Live (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) – Alexa Bliss(c) d Sasha Banks

December 7: NXT Live (Daytona Beach, FL) – Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville d Dakota Kai & Ruby Riott; Ember Moon d Lacey Evans

December 7: F1RST Wrestling (Minneapolis, MN) – Su Yung(c) d Rain

December 7: MLW’s Never Say Never (Orlando, FL) – Santana Garrett d Leva Bates

December 7: IWA Mid-South (Memphis, IN) – Amazing Maria d Shain Bender

December 8: BellaTrix (Norwich, Norfolk) – Alex Windsor d Miss Mina; Leia Elise d Violet O’Hara; Queen Maya d El Laluna; Innocence d Saraya Knight; Destiny d Connie Steele; Alex Windsor d Leia Elise; Queen Maya defeats Innocence; Sammi Baynz d Skarlett (c); Queen Maya d Alex Windsor; Amarah & Domina d Erin Angel & Xia Brookside

December 8: FIST Combat (San Diego, CA) – B-Boy (c) vs. Ruby Raze – No Contest; Jacob Diez d B-Boy (c) & Ruby Raze
December 8: NXT Live (Venice, FL) – Bianca Belair d Rhea Ripley; Aliyah & Ember Moon d Shayna Baszler & Vanessa Borne

December 8: 3 Count Wrestling (Northallerton, England) – Charli Evans & Sammii Jayne d Jetta & Little Miss Roxxy


Upcoming (December 9th – December 8th)

December 8-9: FEST Wrestling (St. Augustine, FL) – Su Yung(c) vs Beastly; Priscilla Kelly vs Joey Ryan vs Vandal Ortagun; Aria Blake vs CJ O’Doyle vs Saieve Al Sabah

December 9: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Fulda, Germany) – Jinny vs Killer Kelly

December 9: World of Unpredictable Wrestling (Woodside, NY) – Keira; Jenny Rose; Lady Shani; Lacey Lane; La Hiedra

December 9: Dynamite Championship Wrestling (Milford, DE) – Annabelle Stackhouse vs Kacee Carlisle(c)

December 9: 3 Count Wrestling (Middlegate, Hartlepool) – Jetta vs Sammii Jayne; Charli Evans vs Little Miss Roxxy

December 9: International Wrestling Cartel (Elizabeth, PA) – Britt Baker(c) vs Ray Lyn vs LuFisto vs Katie Arquette

December 9: Acclaim Pro Wrestling (Ottawa, Ontario) – Alexia Nicole & Freddie Mercurio vs KC Spinelli(c) & Big Magic(c)

December 9: Hunter Valley Wrestling (Rutherford, New South Wales) – Mortar(c) vs Riebell vs Tarlee

December 9: Over The Top Wrestling (Dublin, Ireland) – Kay Lee Ray vs Martina(c)

December 9: The Dynasty (St. Johnsville, KY) – Jawsolyn vs Kennadi Copeland; Stella Gray vs Xtina Marie

December 9: Viral Pro Wrestling (Thomson, GA) – Savannah Evans vs Nicole Pain

– German Wrestling Federation ©

December 9: German Wrestling Federation (Berlin, Germany) – Katey Harvey(c) vs Pollyanna; Shanna; Wesna Busic; Ayesha Ray; Audrey Bride vs Melanie Gray; Lissy Lennox; Blue Nikita; Valkyria; Kat Siren; Slammerella

December 10: Aro Lucha (Nashville, TN) – Lacey Lane

December 10: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Viper vs Kasey Owens(c)

December 10: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Jarochita, La Vaquerita & Marcela vs Amapola, La Comandante & Tiffany

December 13: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Arisa Nakajima vs Tsukasa Fujimoto; Yoshiko vs Ryo Mizunami

December 14: Kaiju Attack! Wrestling (Berwyn, IL) – Laynie
Luck; Kylie Rae

December 14: NXT Live (Birmingham, AL)

December 14: Bar Wrestling (Baldwin Park, CA) – Delilah Doom; Candice LeRae; Raisha Saeed; Taya Valkyrie; Solo Darling;
Heather Monroe; Laura James

December 15: NXT Live (Memphis, TN)

December 15: The Crash (Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico) – Keyra(c) vs Christi Jaynes vs Lacey Lane vs Mima Shimoda

December 16: Impact Pro Wrestling (Balmoral, Auckland) – Candy Lee vs Britenay(c)

December 16: NXT Live (Little Rock, AR)

December 16: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, Lancashire) – Viper vs Nightshade; Lucy Cole; Sierra Loxton; Martina vs Nadia Sapphire; Veda Scott

December 16: Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling (Hazelton, PA) – Ariela Nyx vs Allie Recks(c) vs Sammi Pandora vs Christina Marie

December 16: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, Lancashire) – Rhio vs Lucy Cole

December 16: Empire State Wrestling (Buffalo, NY) – Allie vs Sienna

December 16: Melbourne City Wrestling (Thornbury, Victoria) – Kellyanne vs Indi Hartwell

December 16: Imperial Wrestling Revolution (Ardmore, OK) – Gail Kim; Barbi Hayden; Britt Baker; Madison Rayne

December 16: Tidal Championship Wrestling (Leeds, West Yorkshire) – Lizzy Styles vs Little Miss Roxxy vs Lana Austin

December 16: Southern Legacy Wrestling (Munford, AL) – Kacee Carlisle vs Veronica Fairchild(c)

December 17: Greektown Wrestling (Toronto, Ontario) – Sienna; Alexia Nicole; Penelope Ford

December 17: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Karen DATE vs Ibuki Hoshi; Satsuki Totoro vs Nao DATE; Tsukasa Fujimoto vs TBD vs TBD

December 17: Iconic Heroes Wrestling Entertainment (Benbrook, TX) – Miranda Salinas vs Jordynne Grace vs Su Yung; Hudson Envy vs Laynie Luck

December 17: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Oberhausen, Germany) – Melanie Gray vs Martina

December 17: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan) – Hanako Nakamori(c) vs DASH Chisako; Leon(c) & Command Bolshoi(c) vs Mari Apache & AKINO

December 17: BWE Wrestling (Halifax, West Yorkshire) – Amarah

December 17: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Dulce Star vs J. Serious(c)

December 17: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

December 23: Finest City Wrestling (Imperial Beach, CA) – Thunder Rosa

December 23: Ground Zero San Diego (Imperial Beach, CA) Delilah Doom; Raze

December 24: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Maruko Nagasaki vs TBD

December 27: Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (Marietta, GA) – Kiera Hogan vs Allie Kat vs Aria Blake vs Su Yung; Priscilla Kelly vs Kamilla Kaine

December 28: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA) – Brittany Blake vs Allie Kat vs Jordynne Grace vs Angels Layne; Veda Scott vs Faye Jackson

December 29: Capitol Wrestling (Hoboken, NJ) – Nyla Rose

December 29: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Ayako Hamada & ASUKA vs Meiko Satomura & Chihiro Hashimoto

December 30: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (St. Neots, Cambridgeshire) – Saraya Knight vs Kay Lee Ray

December 30: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Stevens, PA) – Tess Valentine(c) vs Ray Lyn; LuFisto vs Davienne; Penelope Ford vs Delmi Exo; Sahara Se7en vs Ashley Vox; Trixie Tash vs Londyn Ali

December 31: Ice Ribbon (Tokyo, Japan) – Kyuri & Maika Ozaki vs Tae Honma & Saori Anou

January 2: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

January 5: STARDOM (Nagoya, Japan)

January 6: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

January 6: Revolution Pro: U.K (London, England) – Nina Samuels; Deonna Purrazzo; Jinny; Zan Phoenix; MIllie McKenzie

January 6: F1RST Wrestling (Minneapolis, MN) – Candice LeRae

January 7: STARDOM (Shimizu, Japan)

January 7: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

January 7: Revolution Pro (London, England)

Janaury 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

January 13: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Jordynne Grace

January 13: STARDOM (Yokohama, Japan)

January 13: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

January 14: Inspire Pro Wrestling (Austin, TX)

January 14: OZ Academy (Okinawa, Japan)

January 14: Wrestling Has A Tomorrow (Providence, RI) – Sonya Strong

January 19: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Leva Bates; Heather Monroe(c); Thunder Rosa; Kylie Rae; Robyn Reid; Angle Blue; Barbi Hayden; Baby D; Hyan; Erica Torres; Nikki Knight; Phoebe

January 19: Limitless Wrestling (Westbrook, MA) – Deonna Purrazzo; Tessa Blanchard; Allie Kat

January 20: NORTH Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Shax vs Millie McKenzie vs Little Miss Roxxy

January 20: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Nicole Matthews; Christina Von Eerie

January 20: Queens of Combat (Gibsonville, NC)

January 21: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

January 21: SMASH Wrestling (Toronto, Ontario) – Allie

January 27: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Ivelisse vs Shotzi Blackheart; Mia Yim vs Raze; Barbi Hayden vs Desi DeRata

January 27: Capital Wrestling Alliance (Frankford, DE) – Terra Calaway vs C-Bunny; Angelus Layne vs Davienne vs Jordynne Grace; Jawsolyn vs Rosalie Valle; Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox vs Gabby Ortiz & Riley Shepard; Kylie Rae vs Thunder Rosa vs Lacey Lane; Skylar & Hyan vs Maria James & Hannah Hartkopf; Tess Valentine vs Nikki Addams vs Santana Garrett; Nyla Rose; Sahara Se7en; Jordan Blade; Kaci Dillon; Candy Cartwright vs Deonna Purrazzo vs TBA; Debbie Kane; Layne Rosario; Jayel Cotto; Savannah Evans

January 27: ZERO1 USA (Mattoon, IL) – Madison Rayne(c) vs Randi West

January 28: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

January 28: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Angel Blue

February 3: WrestlePro (Rahway, NJ) – Tenille Dashwood vs Angelina Love

February 4: Revolution Pro (London, England)

February 4: STARDOM (Kyoto, Japan)

– Project Wrestling ©

February 9: Project Wrestling (Lanesborough, MA) – Kennadi Copeland vs Allie Recks

February 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

February 10: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

February 12: OZ Academy (Osaka, Japan)

February 17: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

February 18: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

February 18: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

February 18: Glory Pro Wrestling (Edwardsville, IL) – LuFisto vs Savanna Stone

February 18: British Empire Wrestling (Morden, England) – Kaitlin Diemond; Jawsolyn

February 24: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

February 24: Jersey All Pro Wrestling (Rahway, NJ) – Raze; LuFisto & KTB vs Katred & Shlak; Deonna Purrazzo

February 25: America’s Most Liked Wrestling (Winston-Salem, NC) – Tenille Dashwood vs TBA

February 28: Stand Alone Wrestling (Mays Landing, NJ) – Tenille Dashwood vs Brittany Blake

March 3: Blood Brothers Pro Wrestling (Sun Valley, CA) – Ludark Shaitan; Kikyo Nakamura; Buggy Nova

March 3: Battle Club Pro (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Willow Nightingale; Harlow O’Hara

March 3: STARDOM (Kasukabe, Japan)

March 4: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 4: Revolution Pro (London, England)

March 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

March 10: STARDOM (Niigata, Japan)

March 11: XWA Wrestling (Colchester, Essex) – Jordynne Grace

March 17: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

March 17: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

March 21: STARDOM (Kanazawa, Japan)

March 24: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Jessicka Havok vs Raze

March 25: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 28: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 28: National Pro Wrestling League (Petaluma, CA) – Chelsea Green vs Taeler Hendrix(c)

March 31: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

April 1: Revolution Pro (London, England)

April 6: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: SHIMMER 100 (Kenner, LA)

April 8: WrestleCircus (New Orleans, LA)

April 13: RISE 7: Sensation (Berywn, IL) – Mercedes Martinez vs Taya Valkyrie; Thunder Rosa

April 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

April 14: SHIMMER 101-102 (Berwyn, IL)

April 15: SHIMMER 103-104 (Berwyn, IL)

April 21: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

April 30: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

May 5: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Oberhausen, Germany) – Tenille Dashwood

May 12: Making Towns Classic (Nashville, TN) – Delilah Doom; Savanna Stone; Jordynne Grace; Su Yung

May 12: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Charlie Morgan vs Sammii Jayne(c); Aja Kong vs Viper

May 13: Revolution Pro (London, England)

May 19: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

May 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

June 9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

June 16: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

June 17: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

July 8: Revolution Pro (London, England)

July 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

July 16: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 5: Revolution Pro (London, England)

August 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

August 12: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

September 2: Revolution Pro (London, England)

September 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

September 24: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

October 7: Revolution Pro (London, England)

October 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

October 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

November 4: Revolution Pro (London, England)

November 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

December 2: Revolution Pro (London, England)

December 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

December 24: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

Data collected from but not limited to: Cagematch, Puroresu Spirit, Hashtag Wrestling, WrestleRopes UK, Battle-News, EnzuigiriPuro

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