Indie Matches of the Weekend December 29th – December 31st

Indie Matches of the Weekend is simply going to be me yammering about my favorite matches coming up this weekend. Because I’m saying weekend and not week, any event running Monday through Thursday won’t be considered. Typically I will try to gather up 5-10 matches to highlight. 

Eddie Kingston vs. Tracy Williams (AIW 12/29/17)

AIW seems to present itself as a variety show with comedy, young talent learning, strong work, bananas spot fests, and older names that have a cult following. I don’t follow Absolute Intense Wrestling to a religious degree but Kingston and Williams seem to represent the more work rate aspect of that promotion. They have both been regular components of the promotion for the past few years and often relied on to deliver strong matches. Feels like there is a reason that Tracy Williams has been around the Absolute title for most of his AIW matches and made it to the finals of the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament. Kingston hasn’t been around as often for AIW this year and was used for more or less a comedy match against Swoggle. Both Williams and Kingston were chosen as opponents for Tom Lawlor in AIW, both losing in singles competition though Williams did win in a four-way involving Lawlor. Not sure why I am telling you this. This is a rematch from JLIT. Both wrestlers need a win it seems to move up the ladder. Despite seen as top competitors in the promotion neither one have had overall success in 2017 despite Williams JLIT win, that’s where his accolades seem to end. Oh, Kingston and Williams have super great chemistry so I expect this one to be a good one.

Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Jacobs (AIW 12/29/17)

In some ways, I feel weird putting this match on the list because the event is Friday and not a single promotional video has been released. Two wrestlers who rely on presentation to take a match from real good to ACTUALLY GREAT! Seems like we are just going to be getting a match without all the surrounding hubbub. Both Jimmy and Joey are known bump machines, granted I haven’t seen Jacobs on the recent run, and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to get a match over. That may mean doing something completely ridiculous. Expecting a viral video to come out of this match.

Tom Lawlor vs. Louis Lyndon (AIW 12/29/17)

One more Absolute Intense Wrestling match. As soon as Lawlor hopped on the scene he turned into one of my favorite wrestlers to watch and an injection of life to the top of the card of various independent promotions across the country. At this point in his career, I have come to terms with the fact that Louis Lyndon will not break out of the Midwest. That doesn’t take away from him being an incredible modern action movie hero wrestler. Able to do wild flying stuff but also cool Ki/Red sequences. Perfect style matchup as Lawlor blends his MMA background into pro wrestling seamlessly. I don’t want these dudes fighting for a hold but rather an extended Jet Li fight sequence.

Eddie Kingston vs. David Starr [BOURBON STREET FIGHT] (AAW 12/30/17)

These two have already delivered two barn burners in AAW and the intensity continues to ramp up.

Rey Fenix vs. Jeff Cobb (AAW 12/30/17)

Despite the circumstances forcing this match to take place, this title match will be very, very good. In some ways Cobb is one of the most interesting options for a title challenger on the AAW roster. It forces their hand and pushes WRSTLING to the forefront of the promotion, even if Cobb loses he will be main eventing the biggest AAW show of the year. Every year they load up the card for Windy City Classic and this year may be the most wild.  Fenix’s run as champion so far has been…interesting? In his last two defenses he has taken out wrestlers returning to AAW after lengthy absences. Obviously they were looking to take the reign in a different direction, probably Fenix losing, but Cobb is in stark contrast to the other challengers stylistically as well as their stature in the company’s history. Fenix’s 2017 features a staggering amount of matches where it is him and other flyers but when Fenix is forced to play off a much larger individual the results are typically pretty darn good. Expect more of the same here. Hoping they don’t try to do too much given the circumstances of it being a big main event on a big show.

Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett vs. Curt Stallion & Nick Brubaker (AAW 12/30/17)

Didn’t even realize the match was happening until I went through the card recently. Windy City Classic has other tag matches on the card with bigger names but this match is filled with the hungrier talent. Curt Stallion will put more miles on his car this year than I will likely do in five. Waiting on the day that Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett just blow up because they feel like they have been on the brink since the turn of the decade. Probably not an accurate timeline but that’s how it feels. Brubaker is an interesting guy. Brings a ton of intensity to every match even if I’m not sure he has “plans” to break into that next level. Brubaker and Jake Something put on an absolute hoot of a match against Zero Gravity so super excited for him in another bully tag team against two great underdog babyfaces.

Nick Richards vs. Cain Justice (CWF Mid-Atlantic 12/30/17)

First off, I’m terrible at keeping up with CWF Worldwide despite enjoying it pretty much every time I pop on an episode. That does not stop me from being hyped to watch Cain Justice versus Nick Richards from CWF’s biggest show of the year. Among the CWF faithful, Cain Justice is viewed as the best rookie on the planet. An actual rookie. Throughout the year he has dominated the New Generation League but after the CWF Rumble Cain is poised to take his game to the next level. Nick Richards has been a staple of the upper echelon of the CWF Mid-Atlantic roster for awhile now despite seemingly being unable to reach the top of the mountain. All the makings of an absolute banger of a bout. Where most indies seem to be far more focused on the in-ring work than wins, losses, and the other, this feels like a match that can change the pecking order of the promotion. You don’t get that from every wrestling company, especially on the indie level, and I am super pumped on the brawling of Richards blends with the technical ability of Justice.

Tom Lawlor & Chuck O’Neil vs. Rory Gulak & Jay Freddie (Beyond Wrestling 12/31/17)

What a wild match. Rory Gulak and Jay Freddie, American Gaijin, is a wild team. Lawlor and O’Neil is a wild makeshift team. Just WILD! Not entirely sure how this match will work but Gulak has proven to be one of the best grapplers out there this year so he will work well against the former MMA fighters. Already, Freddie seems like an odd fit with Gulak, a lovely fit even if it is odd. Going against two strong grapplers? Not sure how it will work but I need to find out. Love matches that present clashes that make all the sections of my brain light on fire. Beyond wanted to make this card on par with Americanrana and this sure helps that.

Ace Romero vs. Wheeler YUTA (Beyond Wrestling 12/31/17)

Hoot Wrestler of the Year Ace Romero against a future prolific hoot fighter in Wheeler YUTA. This is the finals of Tournament for Tomorrow. The name feels apt for YUTA more than Romero who has had a real breakout year in Romero, even though I expect his star hasn’t finished rising. Another match where I don’t know how it will play out. Romero is a big man who can move. YUTA can move but I picture him in the vein of the Gulak’s and Hot Sauce’s of the world. Ace Romero put the Beyond MOTY on against Tracy Williams so no reason that this match couldn’t be another banger.


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