AAW 12/30/17 Windy City Classic XIII Results

  1. Keith Lee and Shane Strickland d. Scarlet & Graves (Wentz and Xavier) via Spirit Bomb/Swerve Stomp combination in 15:36
  2. ACH and Matt Riddle wrestled to a 20-minute time-limit draw
  3. The Besties in the World (Vega and Fitchett) d. Curt Stallion and Nick Brubaker via Total Taker to both opponents in 8:24
  4. David Starr d. Eddie Kingston via baseball bat shot to the face in 18:16
  5. AR Fox d. Joey Janela, Teddy Hart and Penta El Zero M via Lo Mein Pain to Janela onto a chair in 9:48
  6. OI4K and Sami Callihan d. Myron Reed, Stephen Wolf and Trey Miguel via double underhook shoulder breaker from Callihan to Wolf in 10:41
  7. Connor Braxton and Jake Something d. Paco and Sean Waltman via spinning sidewalk slam from Something to Paco in 8:41
  8. Rey Fenix d. Jeff Cobb via Mexican Destroyer in 13:43

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