CWF Mid Atlantic Parts Ways With Booker

CWF Mid Atlantic has severed ties with long time booker Brad Stutts. The shocking news was mentioned first by Mike Johnson on twitter:

CWF Mid Atlantic and PWI Pro are sponsors of PWPonderings. At this point we have emailed with them to see what is going on and are glad to see CWF Mid Atlantic being open and transparent about the situation where it pertains to their relationship with Brad Stutts.

UPDATE: We have received a small statement from CWF management as well as a few tweets they put out there:

CWF Mid-Atlantic had no choice in this matter. We have standards that we all must adhere to be in a position to represent our company. Our locker room is strong and united over this and we intend to not only persevere, but grow stronger with the dedication of all our team. We ask that our fans stick with us as we move forward.

Joe White’s unofficial CWF Aftershow podcast discussed this and CWF Mid Atlantic talent Arik Andrews called in.

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