Indie Matches of the Weekend: January 12th – January 14th


Indie Matches of the Weekend is simply going to be me yammering about my favorite matches coming up this weekend. Because I’m saying weekend and not week, any event running Monday through Thursday won’t be considered. Typically I will try to gather up 5-10 matches to highlight. 

AJ Gray vs. Sammy Guevara (Black Label Pro 1/13/18)

No other promotion gets me quite like BLP. At one point Ricochet quote RT’d a poll asking who does a 630 better, him or Sammy Guevara, and said how he did it so smooth and didn’t crush his opponent. Guess what Trevor? I want dudes murdering other dudes cause they aren’t hitting moves cleanly because it ain’t my job to care about the safety of the boys in the ring. I’M SORRY! AJ Gray is my favorite not-smooth-at-all highflyer but Sammy is a decent contender. His face is too pretty to win. Together this could be an aerial car crash. Two explosive lads that go through the air and splat their opponents.

Tom Lawlor vs. Gunner Miller (Black Label Pro 1/13/18)

Black Label Pro is a gift. The promotion continues to book matches that target a niche group of indie wrestling fans, luckily I am a part of that group. The easy comparison here is to the Gunner Miller versus Matt Riddle match from the Scenic City Invitational from last year. That match is going to gain a cult-like following with time. Miller is a former college football player who is one huge human while Tom Lawlor has some truly sexy chest hair. Fair to say Lawlor does not have the same physical gifts as Riddle, few do, so this match likely won’t replicate the frenzy of that. What Lawlor does have going for him is a knack for bringing his MMA background into the squared circle. Even if these two deliver a slow burn title match that goes 15+ minutes it will still serve as a match differentiating itself from Riddle versus Miller as it would subvert expectations. Those that saw the sequel to that know that it was a variation but not a clear break from expectations. This could be that break.

Tracy Williams & Dominic Garrini vs. Timothy Thatcher & WALTER (EVOLVE 1/13/18)

Few US indie wrestling prospects are being looked at like Dominic Garrini. Fits right into the grappling style that was main eventing EVOLVE for a period of time, coming from a jiu-jitsu background. Every time he goes out he looks better. I know the term is cliche but he has become a student of the game. In 2017, Dominic branched out a bit even competing in the 2017 Scenic City Invitational, ways away from the Cleveland territory he resides. With Tracy Williams, he has the honor of facing the premier wrestlers in the style he chooses to practice. There is no better opportunity to show the wrestling world what he is capable. I don’t mean to shortchange Williams who has shown he is a more than capable grappler but Garrini could plant his flag with this match. Right now he is in EVOLVE but if this match goes well, which I have no doubt in my mind it will, EVOLVE won’t be the last place we see him.

Juice Robinson vs. John Skyler (PWX 1/13/18)

This is a first-round match in PWX’s annual X16 tournament. Ashamed to say I had forgotten about this event with the card locked in place a month ago it seems. The tournament as a whole actually looks rock solid with a mix of name independent talent, regional stalwarts, and guys floating a little under the surface. For myself, this is the highlight of the first-round. Juice Robinson is a natural fit for the southern indies. Isn’t a highspot guy, knows how to structure a match, sells well, Juice gets it. You get pretty much that with John Skyler as well who for some reason unbeknownst to me hasn’t become a bigger name. Comes off like an old school workhorse type guy who never mails it in. Good punches too. Wow this match will have so many good punches. Gonna be a barn burner.

Nick Gage vs. WALTER (Style Battle 1/14/18)

Dream match. In a past life it was hard to comprehend a scenario where these two crossed paths. WALTER seems primed to face grapple boys and big lads in the WWN Universe. The deathmatch legend himself Nick Gage was off the radar. Two wrestlers with auras unlike any other. Every time WALTER comes to the ring you know he is going to put a hurt on his opponent to an uncomfortable degree. He either chokes his opponent until they go limp or chops them until skin removes itself from the owner’s body. A marvel of a man. Every Gage match has a possibility of ending in him stabbing the opposition. Wish I knew how to properly convey how lovely this match will be but I am not good enough for that. I don’t deserve this match. Has a Samoa Joe versus Necro Butcher vibe on paper. I know going into the match with those expectations is unfair but I can’t help myself. I don’t know how to be any other way. Please deliver wrestling legends Gage and WALTER. thank u


Shane Taylor vs. MASADA (Lion Pride Sports 1/14/18)

Two Texas boys who have probably faced off before but I have never seen it. If I am being honest I doubt I will see this match either. I have never heard of Lion Pride Sports and unless I find a YouTube channel where they put up every single show I doubt I will remember them past this week. This is some old school ROH vs. CZW stuff here in a way that you can’t invest in because neither promotion is what it once was. What you can invest in is these two dudes being large. These two large individuals will likely smash into each other and that will be good. Good, quality, big boy smashing fun.

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