Beyond Wrestling 12/31/17 Heavy Lies The Crown Review

Heavy Lies The Crown would be Beyond Wrestling’s final event of 2017, taking place at the White Eagle in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Rich Palladino makes your introductions for the first match, Jordynne Grace vs. “The Raw Dog” John Silver. Denver Colorado and MJF are your commentary team. Silver controlled the match early and every time Grace tried to make a comeback Silver cut her off. Grace happen to hit a huge powerbomb and went for a Vader bomb but got boots to the face. Silver locked in a submission by using Grace’s own arm against her, Grace rolled Silver over for a pin but Silver quickly rolled back into the submission and gave her knees to the face. Referee Steven Dumeng called the match as Grace never tapped out, making John Silver the winner via TKO. The crowd booed. Silver helped Grace up to her feet only to nail her with a clothesline and a punt to the head. Good opening match which continues the storyline of John Silver’s heel turn in Beyond Wrestling.

Rich Palladino announced the next match as a 8 man fucking tag team match. Introductions are made for The Amityville Project of Dan Barry, Mike Verna, Rex Lawless and Ryan Galeone and their opponents Joey Ryan, Johnny Cockstrong, & Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK). Joey Ryan and Mike Verna start the match. Verna hits a inverted atomic drop on Ryan but hurts his knee in the process. The match picks up when Johnny Cockstrong hits an air raid crash onto the top turnbuckle on Dan Barry. Joey Ryan gets the hot tag and hits a huge spinebuster on Verna. Puts a lollipop in the mouth of Barry and follows with a superkick. He does the same to Rex Lawless and follows with a boobplex. All 4 opponents are in the corners as VSK hits everyone with the slip and slide. Everyone assists Cockstrong in hitting the Eskimo driver. Massage NV ends up hitting Barry with the shatter machine but Lawless hits NV with a fallaway slam, Samoan drop combo. Ryan dick flips Barry but then gets rolled up by Verna who picks up the victory. Always an entertaining match with the Pull It Club and a lot of talent with the Amityville Project team.

Wheeler YUTA makes his entrance for the following match. YUTA was originally scheduled to face Ace Romero in the finals of the Tournament of Tomorrow but due to injury Romero had to cancel. In comes Flip Gordon for the save once again. The match has some back and forth action. YUTA takes control with a double jump springboard dropkick that sends Gordon to the outside. Gordon tries to escape through the crowd but gets hit with a tope suicida. YUTA throws Flip back into the ring and hits a crossbody off the top rope but only gets a two count. YUTA goes to the top too many times as he receives a kick from Flip which sends him to the outside. Flip then hits a huge springboard 450 to the outside. The match concludes as Flip goes to the top for a 450 but YUTA gets his knees up and pins for the 1-2-3. Good action in this match. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for both young talents.

Ring announcer Rich Palladino asks everyone near the ring to stepback for the next match. EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik) makes their entrance. As Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson and Jaka) come out, both teams begin to brawl in the crowd. Angel Ortiz sets up chairs and looks to suplex Dickinson but Jaka makes the save. Dickinson then hits a falcon arrow onto chairs. The brawl continues as EYFBO hits the death from above onto Jaka who was laid out on a table. Dickinson comes in and blasts Ortiz in the head with a chair. Doom Patrol go for a Death Trap off the top of a ladder into a table on Mike Draztik but Ortiz makes the save and pushes the ladder and Dickinson goes through the table. Tables are set up on the outside and Ortiz is put on top of them. Dickinson climbs a ladder inside the ring but Draztik makes the save and climbs the ladder to brawl with Dickinson at the top. Jaka gets pushed by Ortiz and Jaka goes into the ladder, unfortunately the ladder gave in and sent Draztik and Dickinson into the ropes. At the ending of the match Jaka and Dickinson go for a splash and leg drop combo on Ortiz who is laying on a table. Jaka hits the splash first and as the table breaks, Dickinson hits his hip on the edge of the broken table. Jaka makes the pin for the win. This was a really good brawl but could’ve been a great match if there weren’t for unfortunate situations. The Amityville Project come out and attack all four men.

We are back from intermission with Matt Riddle in the middle of the ring with a microphone. He mentions that he was supposed to face Jimmy Jacobs but he is injured. He issues an open challenge. Matt Tremont answers the challenge. Before the match could start, Riddle goes back on the mic and says that he didn’t sign up for a deathmatch so they will have a good old fashion wrestling match. Tremont tells him to ring the bell. Stokely Hathaway is now on commentary along with DC. There was a lot of trading of forearms and chops throughout the match. Tremont hits a destroyer and a death valley driver for a two count. Remember when destroyers used to be a finisher? Riddle hits the Bro to Sleep followed by a leaping knee to the face, followed by another knee to the face. Riddle then powerbombs Tremont and rolls him over as he attempts another knee to the face. Tremont dodges the knee and stacks Riddle up for the pin. This was a quick match that never really hit a high point.

The following is billed as a first time ever match between Josh Briggs and Keith Lee. DC puts over the New England Pro Wrestling Academy and all the talent that has gone through there, including Briggs. As the introductions are made, Briggs stands in front of Lee to show that he is taller. Announcers say that this is something Lee isn’t used to. Lee gets a number of overhead chops on Briggs which turns Briggs chest red early in the match. Briggs then finds a way to control the match until Lee comes back with a huge pounce on Briggs, which sends him into the bottom rope, causing it to break. Lee goes to the second rope for a moonsault but Briggs grabs him for a powerbomb, then picks him up for a backbreaker and leaps to the top rope for a moonsault of his own. Lee gets Briggs in a DVD position but Briggs flips out and goes to chokeslam Lee, Lee tries to flip out but lands on his face. Lee later goes for a powerbomb but Briggs turns it into a huge poison rana. Keith Lee then hits a spirit bomb and his signature DVD into a jackhammer called Ground Zero for the victory. Briggs and Lee end the match with a hug and a sign of respect. Great ending to a great match from the two giants.

A big announcement is made in the beginning of the match that Powerbomb.TV will now be adding the CZW catalog to their streaming service.

The following match is between the CZW World Heavyweight Champion Rickey Shane Page and “The Trendsetter” AR Fox. The match started off fast with each man trying to get the upper hand. RSP takes control until Fox sends him to the floor and connects with his signature triple dives. Fox hits a bunch of his signature moves until RSP exits the ring and Fox goes to the well one too many times with a dive. RSP telegraphs Fox’s dive and hits a chokeslam onto the ring apron. Seemed like every time Fox was getting the upper hand, RSP would go to the outside. This happened again when Fox was going for a coast to coast. Fox was still able to hit it despite RSP being outside the ring. Later RSP counters low mein pain with the boot to the face, RSP then dives off the ropes but gets hit with a ace crusher. Fox follows up with a springboard cutter and a 450 splash off the top and pins RSP for only a one count. The ending of the match saw RSP hit a big powerbomb off the top rope, as RSP goes for the pin it gets reversed and Fox steals the victory. Decent match from both Fox and Rickey Shane Page. A brief intermission is taken to set up for the Fans Bring the Weapons main event match.

The show returns with MJF and Stokely Hathaway on commentary. Before Rich Palladino makes the introductions he once again asks the fans to take a step back. A countdown is started from 20 to ring in the new year. At the end of the countdown, everyone has a glass of champagne and it is now 2018. Joey Janela and David Starr waste no time as they start brawling in the middle of the ring. Janela hits a superkick which sends Starr to the apron. Janela then runs into the cherry mint DDT on the apron followed by the Han Stansen lariat. Starr goes for the Look At It but Janela grabs Starr in the groin then superkicks him low. Penelope Ford played a big part of this match, interfering when she can including diving off the stage with a rana on Starr. Back in the ring Janela puts Starr in a figure four and hits Starr over the head multiple times with a baseball bat covered in tacks. Blood starts to run down Starr’s face. Shortly after, a dildo covered in tacks comes into play. Penelope Ford enters the match again as her and Janela attept the Janelope device but Starr reverses it into a pin for a two count. Starr takes Ford out of the match by forcing her give a destroyer to Janela and then superkicking her in the face. Janela gets busted open after getting hit with a computer keyboard over the head. Janela and Starr fill the ring with chairs. Janela gets tossed off the top rope and lands back first onto a beer keg. Janela hits a huge package piledriver off the top rope onto a pile of chairs for only a two count. He immediately locks in the crossface. Starr grabs the rope but the hold is not able to be broken, Janela wraps a chair around the neck of Starr and pulls back as he is forced to tap out, ending one of the craziest matches I’ve seen in Beyond Wrestling.

Overall: With an Americanrana type match card, Heavy Lies the Crown was a very entertaining show and a must watch. Every match on the card felt like it belonged. The fans bring the weapons match was just insane. Keith Lee and Josh Briggs delivered in a big way. The TLC match fell short of being great but that’s due to mishaps beyond the talent’s control. This was one of Beyond Wrestling’s biggest show of the year 2017 and they already started 2018 with a bang.

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Quick Results/Star Ratings:
John Silver def. Jordynne Grace ***
The Amityville Project (Dan Barry, Mike Verna, Rex Lawless, Ryan Galeone) def. Joey Ryan, Johnny Cockstrong, & Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK) **3/4
Wheeler YUTA def. Flip Gordon ***1/4
Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) def. EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) in a Tables Ladders and Chairs Match. ***1/2
Matt Tremont def. Matt Riddle. **1/2
Keith Lee def. Josh Briggs ***3/4
AR Fox def. Rickey Shane Page ***1/4
Joey Janela def. David Starr in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match ****1/4

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