ROH 1/13/18 TV Review: The Kingdom vs. Castle and The Boys

ROH 1/13/18 TV Review: The Kingdom vs. Castle and The Boys
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This week was the second episode from the set of tapings from Philadelphia,PA.  Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary and welcomed everyone to show.

First Match: Will Ospreay vs. Jay Lethal
Lethal worked Ospreay’s arm over early, but Ospreay used his quickness to reverse an arm drag/ dropkick attempt with a dropkick of his own, sending Lethal to the outside. Ospreay then went for a springboard handstand off the ropes, only for Lethal to grab his arms and throw him into the barricade before hitting his patented three consecutive tope suicidas. Marty Scurll made his way to ringside just before the commercial break, joining commentary. Lethal and Ospreay we’re back inside, with Lethal firmly in control. Ospreay dodged a corner attack and took co trip, connecting with forearms shivers that staggered Lethal as Scurll spoke about being the real winner at Final Battle. He went on to say that he was able to get Lethal to revert to his old self, the version of himself that did anything he could to win. Meanwhile, Ospreay sent Lethal to the outside with a body scissors before connecting with a Fosbury flop that took Lethal out and sent us into another break. The closing stretch was fun, with Ospreay going for the Ozcutter, only for Lethal to counter and go for the Lethal Injection, that Ospreay countered, going for one of his own. Lethal caught him and held him up in a torture rack as commentary made some fun references to the Lex Express. Ospreay recovered and scored with a hurricanrana from the top, as Riccaboni dropped a great Sixpence None the Richer reference. Lethal had his Hail to the Long and figure four attempts thwarted, but in turn he countered as Oscutter with a cutter of his own before connecting with a Lethal Injection for the win. Good opening contest here-Scurll joining commentary really added to the match and established that the program with lethal isn’t over and that’s a good thing. Ospreay is Ospreay and the final march to the end with Lethal able to be a master of the cutter was a fun final stretch.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Caprice Coleman had Jonathan Gresham on Coleman’s pulpit, setting up two different chairs of different heights to see which one Gresham would choose. He began by speaking about how G

Second Match: Kenny King vs Brian Milonas
King tried to his quickness early, but Milonas briefly stood him. Milonas bum rushed King but missed, spilling over the ropes to the arena floor, only to have King follow with a tornillo. King took time to pose with the fans before going back in and losing control, as he was smushed in the corner by Milonas. Commentary told the story that King was furious about not being the ROH TV champion and that he seemed to have a new edge about him. After Milonas controlled the match for a short while, King tried to go for the Royal Flush, but was unable to lift the big man and instead opted for a springboard blockbuster to pick up the pinfall victory. Afterwards, King called Young to the ring and the two briefly brawled until Young scampered away. As King stared down Young he was attacked from behind by Milonas and the trip of the Beer City Bruiser, Young and Milonas beat King down. Commentary made sure to remind the audience about BCB’s search for a partner and implied that Milonas was his guy. The match itself could have been stronger with a bit more time, but the post match stuff was interesting and gives Bruiser something new to pursue, as well as freshening up the tag ranks and adding a larger team, especially with the departure of War Machine.

Winners: Kenny King

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky came out. Daniels and Kazarian introduced Sky as the hottest new talent in ROH. This new trio is now calling themselves So-Cal Uncensored Joe Koff came out at the top of the ramp and threw some shade at the trio, saying the fans were there to see good wrestlers, not disruptive wrestlers.Kazarian got hot and threatened to put Koff in his place, but Daniels held him back. Daniels then went on to say that he had been in Koff’s ear and he could take Koff’s ideas to Don Callis )Impact) or even visit his friend AJ and spill the beans. Koff said that he’s a businessman and that he isn’t going to fire them, but that when their contracts are up after Final Battle, they will not be resigned.

A brief Briscoes promo aired, during which Jay reiterated that no team is on their level and because of that, they deserve to get the belts back.

Main Event: Dalton Castle and The Boys vs. The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia)
Castle started off against O’Ryan, first getting driven into the corner before taking O’Ryan to the matt and out wrestling him. Just as O’Ryan seemed to get the leg up on Castle, the ROH struck his pose and staved off O’Ryan’s attack. Taven distracted Castle as Marseglia tagged in, allowing the Horror King to ambush Castle and connect with a running boot to the jaw. Castle was able to send Marseglia into a friendly corner, seeming surprised as one of the Boys tagged in. Boy 2, with the darker hair, (thusly named by Riccaboni) tagged in and combined with his brother to take Marseglia down, but Taven tagged in and demanded Castle enter the match. After a brief quick exchange, Taven slowed things down, taking Castle down with an enziguri. His irish whip attempt into the opposite was thwarted by the Boys who made themselves into stepping stones for Castle to reach the top rope and fly at Taven with a high cross body. The Boys then sent the Kingdom off the apron and Castle teased a dive, only to hit his Peacock strut. Taven tagged Marseglia in, but Castle quickly took control and tagged out to Boy 2. After a quick break, Taven was in control and the Kingdom went to work on Boy 2, who did manage to tag Boy 1 before Taven dropped Castle to the floor off the apron. Taven quickly foored Boy 1 and hit a running knee strike, Just the Tip before gloating some more. Castle did eventually tag in and clear house, planting Taven with a tombstone, O’Ryan with a Bang-A-Rang before locking Julie Newmar on Marseglia for the submission victory, as the Boys took the skies and connected with dives to the outside on Taven and O’Ryan. This was a good match, but we’ve seen this formula before. The Boys, 1 or 2, takes punishment and Castle then tags in and cleans house against the Boys. Castle is the world champion and should go over here, but not sure if there’s a reason to have him beat the Kingdom cleanly here, especially if Taven is going to be challenging down to the road.

Winner: Castle and The Boys

Final Reaction: B-
This episode of ROH television started off with a strong match and featured two others that advanced a story, ie BCB getting a new partner as well as Taven trying to move into the title picture. King’s match with Milonas felt short, but the angle needed to be worked allows for a pass. The So-Cal Uncensored segment was entertaining, but it would have been nicer to see them square off against the Kingdom or even interfere in the main instead of having the champion in a six man tag and win against one of the top teams in that division.

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