Indie Matches of the Weekend January 19th – January 21st

Indie Matches of the Weekend is simply going to be me yammering about my favorite matches coming up this weekend. Because I’m saying weekend and not week, any event running Monday through Thursday won’t be considered. Typically I will try to gather up 5-10 matches to highlight. 

Keith Lee vs. Ray Rowe (AIW 1/19/18)

Absolute Intense Wrestling announced that this will be Ray Rowe’s last AIW show and thus likely one of his last independent wrestling dates. Only seems fair that AIW is a part of the Rowe sendoff tour as the Josh Prohibition trained wrestler started his career in the Cleveland territory. I find it to be an interesting decision to pair Rowe with somewhat of a career rival in Keith Lee given that most of their singles matches took place in Texas. The match hasn’t happened for a while, as both have seemingly gone separate ways. Keith Lee has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most renowned big men not in WWE. Rowe has continued his partnership with Warbeard Hanson after leaving Ring of Honor and have put in good work in various promotions including New Japan. These guys have gotten a little cuter than I would have liked in the past but it is a new dawn, a new day, a new life. Let’s fight.

Rey Fenix vs. Matt Riddle (AAW 1/20/18)

Another match this weekend I am cautiously optimistic about. Both wrestlers are incredibly talented but both are prone to giving into gluttony. Riddle seems destined to do so against a luchador who won’t mind taking a Destroyer. There is a great match here but they will have to stay the course to achieve it.

Fred Yehi vs. David Starr vs. Martin Stone (Limitless 1/19/18)

Almost feels like putting ketchup on a steak. That’s real good looking steak though and I’m going to gobble it up. Three of the most technically proficient wrestlers on the planet. Usually, the style plays best in a one-on-one format but with three wrestlers as talented as these I have no doubts they can make it work. Starr and Yehi particularly are able to ratchet up the speed which should keep this match from having too many dead spots.

Darby Allin vs. Jeff Cobb (Limitless 1/19/18)

A suplex machine against a man with a deathwish. Gotta love that sort of combination. Not more to talk about really.

Chris Dickinson vs. Eddie Kingston (Limitless 1/19/18)

Two lovers of the Japanese wrestling when you get down to it. Both dudes throw mean strikes and get down with their bad selves. It could be entirely a bomb fest with both lads putting handprints on one another. Would be delighted to see that. They also pocess more traditional brawling chops, recommend watching Dickinson versus Necro to see him in that environment. Could go a variety of ways, happening in Limitless doesn’t take anything truly off the table.

The Rejects vs. The Headhunters (GCW 1/20/18)

Okay, this is the match that gets me amped. This week has a lot of “good wrestling” type stuff. Wrestling that will possibly deliver in the ring but there is less of a hook then you would want. This match is entirely hook with potential quality being questionable.  John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bently are some IWA Mid-South boys who have made a name for themselves for taking dumb bumps and throwing meaty hands. MEAT HANDS! Headhunters are legends. Two large men who do the flips and make you cry. They are also hardcore as all get out. Game Changer Wrestling seems like the perfect promotion to bring them in. Expecting this to be crazy violent and to literally tear the building down.

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