Ringbelles Roundup (2/2/18) – Femmes Fatales return & lineup, SHIMMER 100, Candice LeRae signed, Ember Moon vs Shayna, Tessa’s promo, Joshi news, Title changes & more

Candice LeRae played a pivotal role in keeping viewers emotionally invested in the outcome of the match – WWE ©

One of the most sought-after attractions on the indies has signed on the dotted line with the WWE and is going to be joining their already bloated women’s roster down in Florida. Candice LeRae spent the last decade and change of her career wrestling in obscurity and bumping around on the local California scene for anonymous promotions before finding home and refuge in Pro Wrestling Guerilla. In the years since battling Human Tornado, her name has become synonymous with the promotion and its acclaimed success, on top of that, she’s one of the several women that played a pivotal role in getting intergender wrestling legitimized and no longer seen as a sideshow act regardless of the controversial baritones it carried. She stuck out like a sore thumb while working for the promotion as the lonesome female on the roster and the entire card at times.

The exclusivity appeared to keep LeRae shut out from competing outside the state lines of California and she relegated to staying within the scene and working for promotions like Alternative Wrestling Show while staying consistently booked with PWG. Around the time of her start in the promotion, Dave Prazak had established a safe haven for women of the sport in the Chicago area and had been operating for a full year, while Jac Sabboth and later Sean McCaffrey were creating their own in the Northeast region. A whole decade would almost pass when she got the opportunity to work for these promotions in 2014, however, by then she had become a household name and gained popularity following her partnership with Joey Ryan that would take them outside the west coast indies, over to the east coast and even overseas. Intergender wrestling had become the burning hot topic everyone either wanted to discuss or dismissed totally around this time. Think pieces on top of think pieces were dedicated to the controversial topic and it spawned full-on wars between fans when it came to defending its differences against the accusations and comparisons to domestic violence.

In the face of the naysayers, together they demonstrated that both sexes were and are capable of performing a competitive matchup without questioning whether a man and woman should share the ring at the same time. Their partnership brought Candice three tag team championships, making her the first woman to ever hold one-half of the Fighting Spirit, DREAMWAVE, and the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla tag team titles. Though it wouldn’t be an easy battle for her to win her home promotion’s straps, Candice stuck it to those that were totally against the idea of her being in the ring with the Young Bucks, who are world renowned, multiple-time tag team champions. The image of a crimsoned mask LeRae hoisting up the titles with Joey Ryan was plastered everywhere and was even included on a t-shirt. Candice has become a poster child for something more than the face of intergender wrestling and the equality debate in the industry. While she’s forever synonymous with the moment, she’s helped reinforce an environment to be more accepting of one woman being booked on a show, being treated with the utmost respect as her peers and having her star power and potential looked upon and weighed the same way as her male counterparts. A complete novice would see Candice LeRae’s small stature and would automatically dismiss the hypothesis that she could be booked up against a super heavyweight. This person would overthink a complete fantasy and would try their hardest to impose common sense and logic upon a regular singles matchup. Its just two people fighting and sometimes there are things on the line like a championship belt or stakes like one’s hair or their career. Ryan has made it known that he’s a supporter and for the advancement of equal rights when it comes to sharing a wrestling ring while Candice has remained humbled and went out and performed every matchup she was given, whether it be against a man or woman.

LeRae made her first on-air appearance at Saturday’s show in Philadelphia. She first appeared during a backstage segment with her husband, Johnny Gargano, while she and their family awaited the start of the show and his matchup in the locker room. Once the main event rolled around, the cameras panned over to the section where Candice happened to be sitting in the front row with the rest of the family a couple of times. The continued glimpses of her face added more depth to the growing concern for Gargano’s well-being as the match carried on. It felt very old school of the company in wanting to not only acknowledge their relationship on camera but to include Candice in the process of building up their next big babyface in NXT. The company has gone the route of blurring the lines of reality and fiction over the past couple of years by acknowledging real-life situations and relationships and incorporating them into the product.

Candice LeRae’s official debut in NXT saw her and Zelina Vega getting into an altercation – WWE ©

Gargano’s story that’s already rolling is one that could potentially lead to people being invested in his comeuppance as an underdog for a long time. The simple addition of Candice increases the raw emotion that was already oozing from the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, as she too peaked once Zelina Vega kept getting more involved in the matchup. Vega is the special sauce that’s holding Andrade Almas’ championship reign and this gimmick together. She proved her importance to his character through simplistic comments during the preshow, where she downplayed the obstacles Gargano had overcome in order to challenge Almas. Her multiple mini tantrums at ringside symbolize that Almas’ retaining was a bigger deal than one would expect. He thought that using his bloodlines in the professional wrestling business would guarantee him a spot just by riding the coattails of his father, uncles, and cousins. Vega and Almas are each other’s meal ticket in this business – she’s turned the third generation luchador into a Cinderella story and in the same token, raising her profile as a manager will eventually attract more clientele because of her efforts. Zelina Vega possesses the confidence that Almas lacks regardless of the repackaged look and that alone is helping this gimmick stay afloat. Without her being a bulldog at ringside and barking orders for Almas to fight, he could lose the championship and there were thousands of times during Saturday’s matchup where Gargano was a fingertip away from unseating him.

Candice LeRae jumped the barricade and prevented Vega from once again inserting herself into the physical action and attacking Gargano for the second time. The two women wound up scrapping on the floor and it ended with LeRae chasing Vega through the crowd to the backstage area. However, by this point, Gargano was moments away from losing to Almas after a devastating blow ring into the ring post. Vega scurried back to the ring in time to celebrate Almas’ successful title defense, while Candice followed after and helped her husband out the ring. Tomasso Ciampa emerged from the shadows and attacked Gargano from behind with his crutch while he and Candice stood atop the stage and took in the crowd’s appreciation for the matchup’s performance.

Tomasso Ciampa came out swinging his crutch, despite still hobbling on one leg and cracked Johnny Gargano in the back from behind as his wife, Candice looked on in shock – WWE ©

The crazed glare in Ciampa’s eyes and the almost-horrified look Candice had once she acknowledged his presence, has gotten the wheels on this rollercoaster of a ride Gargano is about to experience rolling, and this time he won’t be alone. We have seen numerous storylines where former foes become rivals and the on-air love interest or the actual wife gets thrown into the cobwebs of wrestling writing and things unravel from there. The women are usually treated like the prized possessions in these storylines and don’t get their own comeuppance and revenge. Instead, the women are forced to rely heavily on the pseudo babyface to rescue them, because the writing has demeaned them to be the typical “damsel in distress” role. There have been instances where a wrestler becomes smitten with another’s manager or valet and it all boils down to the two competitors fighting over her in a match like she’s a piece of meat. Let’s not start discussing the plethora of fatal attraction-like storylines, like the decision to turn one of the biggest to turn one of the biggest babyfaces in World Championship Wrestling, Diamond Dallas Page into a creepy stalker that followed and recorded every move of the Undertaker’s then-wife, Sara. She stood up to him and tried her hand at going toe-to-toe with him and had a lock of her hair ripped out – Page was a beloved competitor and this storyline turned him into a straight predator. Dean Malenko’s womanizing ways landed him in a handicap match against Jacqueline and Ivory and despite being turned down numerous times, his advances towards Lita turned his character into a sexual pig.

When it comes to involving women in a storyline between men, the company and wrestling writing in general, usually go for the typical love triangle that is not beneficial to either person. Its an easy format and the drama of a woman sticking up for herself and refusing to be mistreated and choosing a new knight in shining armor to defend her honor hits home with a lot of people. The conniving woman that dumps an all-around “good” guy for the narcissistic and sometimes male chauvinistic guy is another storyline that’s just as redundant. Creative has a chance to think outside the box with this situation with Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa and now Candice LeRae. I don’t think the company would potentially go the route of Ciampa having physical with Candice in such a manner that she’s able to invoke the same level of physicality. I know people are going to want that small glimpse of LeRae doing what she’s known best for and that’s mixing it up with the guys. However, unless the company as a whole is comfortable with a small smidgen of intergender wrestling being displayed on their shows and not fearful of pissing off investors, fans, and hierarchy, we might eventually get it. Until then, the altercation between she and Zelina Vega will and is going to be addressed and could possibly happen again and lead to a mixed tag team matchup down the line. It would certainly add another arch to Gargano’s story and that it would help bring Candice in through other means than being the latest hot prodigy from the indies.

I must’ve been in the minority that enjoyed the NXT Women’s Title defense on Saturday night and liked the post-match assault by Shayna Baszler...

Shayna Baszler’s actions after the NXT Women’s Title defense painted her a sore loser – WWE ©

There are a few things that I would easily consider being the downfall of the match in itself, however, the company decided to hitch their wagon to building Baszler up as a legitimate threat to every woman within that locker room right away and negated some facts in the process. First and foremost, the belt should not have been on the line here and they’ve already spoiled the bigger story and handed it to their audience without a cause or an effect. Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson continuously pointed out through their commentary that Baszler is a “bully” and her antics over the past several weeks have proven that she has a begrudged chip on her shoulder and winning the women’s championship wasn’t going to stifle that behavior. I usually tune out all forms of commentary during wrestling shows, but their explanation on top of the match leadup promos on the pre-show, pretty much sealed the deal in that this matchup had nothing to do with the championship.

The matchup was geared to put over the fear factor that is a former mixed martial artist outside of Brock Lesnar or a Ken Shamrock getting involved in professional wrestling. However, the physique and its silhouette don’t resemble the per usual suspects that make that decision, its a woman. Baszler made the transition into the sport fulltime back in 2015, starting out in the local California indies and branching out from there. Ember Moon is pound for pound one of the most talented performers the company has under contract, but her character work doesn’t add up to what’s being presented. She debuted under what was looked to be a persona with a mystique value to it. Between the dark entrance, her name and her look that incorporates different colored eye contacts and an array of colors in her hair, somewhere along the line, the creative lost sight of her character and nobody can pinpoint the importance of these enhancements besides being that… enhancements for the sake of embellishing for entertainment.

Its almost like begging one of the many contractors on HGTV for an “open concept” and not knowing what to do with the additional space after all the walls have been knocked down. Moon represents the room that needs the right furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, accented pillows, and decor to turn the space, which is her character into an inviting place. She’s a talented performer and there’s no disputing that and that alone, makes it easier to appear likable by a wider margin of fans. Ember sold Baszler’s offense when it came to the continuous punishment on her left arm perfectly throughout the match and the vulnerability she displayed nailed the narrative that the company wanted to sell, and that’s Baszler is too dangerous. Ember’s screams, however, felt forced and not believable for a second. I could believe that she was suffering a great deal of pain through her facial expressions and the constant clutching of her arm – it felt like everyone was being subjected to and were drowning in this bloodcurdling noise as a result of torture, which she proved wasn’t the case, as she continuously escaped Baszler’s submission holds and even used them to her advantage to secure the winning pinfall.

Shayna Baszler proved that she is capable of putting a hurting on NXT’s top babyface, however did she deserve a title shot right away? – WWE ©

I’ve sat back and watched people critique Ember Moon’s character over the past couple of weeks and while I misunderstood the discussion initially, I can see that the complaints other than the ones claiming that she is “boring,” do hold some weight. The original appeal for her character faded away over time and though she’s referred to as the “War Goddess,” they have done little to provide various reasons as to why she’s been given that nickname besides her battles under the brand. I have never proclaimed to be one of those fans that’s locked up in a time machine somewhere wishing for “kayfabe” to be alive and well again, but today’s modern era of wrestling makes it hard for good character work to survive when everyone wants to be the relatable personality and be taken seriously. It appeared that they were going that route with Ember Moon in the very beginning, however, the constant reflection on her independent past and acknowledging her actual upbringing killed the mystique for her character right out the gate. No one knows what Ember’s role was intended to be in the division or what could have been planned, got scrapped and tossed into the wastebasket – WWE’s lack of emphasis to sustain disbelief is not the only disappointing part about this. The company decided a couple of years ago that they wanted their talent to play-up their televised personalities through their social media accounts. There have been some instances where competitors have taken to the initiative and continued that trend, whereas others have allowed their online activity to lift the invisible veil too early.

Courtney Rush’s evolution into her current demonic form, Rosemary didn’t occur overnight, in fact, it took a years-long feud with Cherry Bomb for it to actually materialize and become the manifestation we see today. Impact Wrestling has had its bouts with noncreative output, however, the company did not reveal that Rosemary is a character that is painted up by the former Courtney Rush. People are not stupid. We are aware that she uses the face paint and the deranged behavior to play up the character. Its the company’s job to subject me to something that can dispell my disbelief for a quick second and have everyone wanting more. The simplest thing like Bomb grabbing a hunk of her hair and cutting it flipped the switch in Rush’s psyche and turned her mad for good. I don’t ever expect the company to touch on the troubled past that she and Allie do share, though it’s nice to have that little bit of knowledge, it doesn’t matter in the long run because it predates everything that’s going on right now. Creative should not be forced to remind fans what’s significant about a performer’s gimmick, its the job of the wrestler to bring what’s written on paper to life. There’s something missing when it comes to Ember Moon and I think a bit of her potential got damaged when the company decided to move forward and not discover what’s missing.

Baszler choked out the champion post-match and had to be pulled off Moon by a handful of referees and others on hand. Continuity died the next night once Moon appeared in the Royal Rumble. I understand that she is the NXT Women’s Champion and by right, she should be involved in the historic Royal Rumble match, but for the sake of selling severity of Baszler’s physical nature, WWE should have pulled Moon from the matchup. She showed up sporting a cast that covered her entire left arm and was even taunted by Asuka, who noticed the ailment and was gunning straight for it. Baszler has taken out the likes of Dakota Kai, putting her on the shelf after attacking her left arm, choked out Aliyah and added Kairi Sane to the injured list too, but Ember Moon is walking around with one arm and got choked unconscious the night before. Three women are selling these supposed dangerous moves, while the one that suffered the most punishment is working the main event.

Ember Moon is left laying at the bottom of the ramp after officials managed to get Shayna Baszler off her – WWE ©

There are two different stories being told here and the decision to intertwine them so fast is derailing their legitimacy. It appears that the company is going for the “fighting champion” storyline for Ember Moon, however, a competitor cannot be the narrative if they are not overcoming an obstacle, in this case, Baszler is the obstacle. Besides toying with her over the Women’s Title, she doesn’t present a real threat to Moon right now other than attacking peers within her locker room, which she represents. Baszler should not be within title contention a month after debuting regardless of the wagon they are trying to hitch here. There’s not enough credence to believe that “this” is the thing Ember has to overcome when it could simply be happening in the background while she’s busy defending the championship. With Baszler taking out the entire locker room overtime, the problem will be presented between her and Moon, as the champion will not only have to defend the title against, but she’ll be the last woman standing. However, that is not the case here. People are aware that there are more women like Peyton Royce and possibly Nikki Cross that are within contention of the title before Baszler.

I would suggest that the championship should’ve changed hands in Saturday’s matchup in order to sell this narrative the company is pushing when it comes to Baszler. It was mentioned over and over that she was incorporating her mixed martial arts background into her offense against Moon and countless moves were put over as “dangerous” and had life-altering repercussions. Baszler is not the first woman the company has signed that previously competed in the sport, however, her name is one of the several tied to a bigger movement, and that’s getting women’s MMA to become apart of the mainstream product, Ultimate Fighting Championship and be seen as a legitimate competition and not women play-fighting. The match was presented in a way to get Baszler over as a fearful and imposing threat to the women’s division and again, the championship could’ve been absent. WWE could have executed this the same with another opponent and not Moon right out.

Abbey Laith is still in the midst of finding a definitive role in the division and getting more usage on the tapings. Her sticking up for the division could have built a brand-new babyface and brought Baszler some more time in-between her anticipated clash against Kairi Sane and going after Moon for the championship. It feels like the company is cutting a bunch of corners, hitting the ground and running with Baszler as this dangerous human being in lew of Ronda Rousey’s signing, which is going to overshadow everything for a while. They are working so hard to establish Baszler right now and it feels like its being done for another reason other than setting up her character and making Ember a bigger babyface. Everyone’s been teasing a big matchup with her, Ronda, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir going up against WWE’s Four Horsewomen, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley and with one-half of the MMA stable present, it could happen.

You should never underestimate the brain power of Dave Prazak and tricks he has rolled up in his sleeves, especially almost two months away from one of his biggest shows to date.

The big weekend down in the New Orleans area will feature a buffet of wrestling shows that can easily suit any one person(s) appetite for entertainment and among those events, a women’s promotion will be presenting its one-hundredth show. Two championship matches and two additional colossal meetings pinpoint the momentum for SHIMMER’s big event at a tipping point and reestablish that they are the marquee women’s product when it comes to that market. Nicole Savoy fends off Mercedes Martinez in a rematch five months after taking the title off the veteran in the final day’s taping in November. The championship match happened as a result of the partnership between Savoy and Mercedes ending due to multiple factors. With the absence of the newly signed Shayna Baszler being one of them, the then-champion tried to ensure that the Trifecta would prevail despite being one member short by adopting Aja Kong into the stable without Savoy’s consent. full year’s decision bothered the former Heart of SHIMMER Champion and things quickly escalated and found the now-former teammates on opposite sides of the ring with Savoy in Hikaru Shida’s corner and Mercedes backing up the legendary Joshi.

Nicole Savoy did the unthinkable at the last set of tapings and unseated Mercedes Martinez of the SHIMMER Championship. She now faces her former friend in a rematch in April – @GoddessOfCats ©

The title switch happened and Savoy would become the first competitor to have held both the top and second-tier straps within the promotion while Mercedes’ second title run was ended one-day short of a full year’s reign. The rematch will certainly close out SHIMMER 100 at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana, but not before Shazza McKenzie makes her title defense against Tessa Blanchard. Upon her official return to the ring post-injury, Nicole Savoy dropped the Heart of SHIMMER Championship to McKenzie in the co-main event of Volume 93 back in July. The matchup marked her sixth title defense and her first appearance since being sidelined for almost a year, with her last fending off Jessicka Havok on Volume 84. McKenzie is now six title defenses deep into her reign after having back-to-back successful retainments during the recent set of tapings in November, beating the likes of Veda Scott, Kellyanne, Cheerleader Melissa and going to a No Contest against Allysin Kay after the challenger was busted open.

Tessa’s problems might have doubled in size and she’s probably bitten off more than she can chew when it comes to Vanessa Kraven. Kraven has not been confirmed for the weekend’s barrage of shows, however, I wouldn’t put it past the six-footer to not implement herself into costing Blanchard the championship that afternoon or being apart of that next weekend’s set of tapings back in Illinois. Their partnership imploded tournament in November when Mount Tessa lost the tag team titles to Delilah Doom and Leva Bates. Blanchard mistakenly executed the Codebreaker on Kraven and wound up in the clutches of Bates, who then went for the Pepsi Plunge and pinned Blanchard’s shoulders to the mat for the win. Kraven vowed to get her revenge on Tessa at the following day’s tapings and instead, the matchup ended with the third generation star getting herself counted out due to selfishness; she proclaimed that the team’s success was due in part to her ability and not of the veteran grappler from Quebec. Chelsea Green and Britt Baker prevented Tessa from retreating to the backstage area and the matchup got turned into a Lumberjack match, with Kraven taking everyone out from the top rope.

Believe it or not, there’s still a big handful of women in this world that are still on the waiting list and have not touched the center stage in SHIMMER. While it appears to be a longer hold up for some, one woman that’s heavily in demand overseas is going to be making her debut, and its none other than Toni Storm. Holding a championship in three different countries and a multiple-time tournament winner, Storm is what I would call the “every woman” right now on the indies and is also one of the hottest free agents possibly not going to be picked up by either company for a long time due to her many obligations to several promotions. Storm’s popularity within the past two years has made people question Prazak’s decision to not have her included on last year’s show or getting brought in for tapings. However, with her commitments to STARDOM that sees her traveling back and forth to Japan to defend her two championships along with her dates in Europe, it’s a wonder Prazak was able to get a hold of Storm this time around.

She worked last year’s WWN Live Supershow in Fern Park, Florida as a replacement for Su Yung, who was publicly fired for no-showing the SHINE Title defense by LuFisto and it led to Storm ambushing LuFisto and trying to gain the upper hand on the champion but was unsuccessful in the end. She also worked against Jinny for PROGRESS’ showcase in the city during that weekend and came out on the losing end two months before becoming the inaugural women’s champion. Storm’s debut will see her getting her first crack at the tenured and well-respected Nicole Matthews, who’s proven to be supremely gold in the ring no matter the opponent. Though she hasn’t reclaimed her role as the champion despite unsuccessfully tackling McKenzie last year, Matthews has remained one of those competitors that’s never needed a title to dignify her prestige as a worker and has stood out from the pack years before winning the SHIMMER Championship.

Despite the eight-year age difference, Storm has held about half as many titles Matthews has championed through her twelve-year career. Besides wrestling on opposite hemispheres most of the time and jump-starting their careers three years apart, its a wonder these two have not collided prior to this matchup. Matthews has maintained her role as a mainstay within SHIMMER and is one of the few competitors left that represents the original roster these days. She’s even dabbled in her own international affairs like Storm and has worked abroad while keeping up with her bookings on the other side of the Canadian border.

Already announced as a facilitator for RISE 8 and the doubleheader with Alternative Wrestling Show in South Gate, California, Madison Eagles’ long-awaited return to the ring stateside occurs when she faces Deonna Purrazzo one-on-one at SHIMMER 100. Eagles spent almost a year on the shelf after getting sidelined with a reoccurring knee injury that came close to ending her career a few years back in June of 2016. She wrestled her first appearance back in April and returned to SHIMMER in July at the Volume 92 tapings as a partner to Saraya Knight and Shazza McKenzie, as they faced off against the Trifecta. She was scheduled to face Kellyanne on August 19th for Melbourne City Wrestling in a matchup that had been in the making for months. Eagles placed an obstacle in front of Kellyanne and had her going through a gauntlet of opponents instead of facing her right off – Eagles was again declared to be out of action.

Eagles’ opponent, Deonna Purrazzo is no stranger to wrestling competitors on the same plateau as the former two-time SHIMMER Champion and doesn’t have a problem with holding up her end of the bargain. She’s tackled some of the biggest names on the indies and toppled the best of them in repeated main events for the Rhode Island-based, Women’s Wrestling Revolution, beating Madison Rayne, Mia Yim, and Awesome Kong. Deonna’s bookings are stretched thin and like the aforementioned Toni Storm, she’s left bouncing around from state to state, doing tours overseas and back. Madison Eagles is on that upper echelon, that Mount Rushmore when it comes to competitors, which Purrazzo has already experienced. Aside from confirming that the current tag team champions were going to be in town for the show, nothing else has been announced concerning SHIMMER 100, which will be broadcast live from the Pontchartrain Center through the World Wrestling Network.

It’s time to catch up with some of the events and title changes that happened over the last two weekends and what else occurred on Saturday and Sunday…

Jinny stands above a beaten down Toni Storm with the PROGRESS Women’s Championship in had as Chakara (left) and Nina Samuels (right) look on – Head Drop Photography ©

Toni Storm retained her PROGRESS Women’s Championship with the Strong Zero against Chakara on Sunday after her original opponent, Jinny was pulled from the matchup. It was announced by the promotion in days leading up to the title match that Jinny was unable to compete for the championship after suffering a broken hand and concussion during the previous weekend’s shows. Millie McKenzie was then inserted into the title match and she too would be out of the matchup. The promotion stated that because McKenzie had three consecutive wins under her belt, that she was the defacto number one contender to the belt after Jinny. Despite all of this, Storm showed up and was ready to fight with her championship in hand whilst she awaited Jinny’s announcement of her replacement and opponent for the evening. The title match happened and Jinny, along with the assistance of Nina Samuels and Chakara attacked the champion post-match and it appears that a new stable has emerged within PROGRESS…Jordynne Grace is going to be the one that goes on to face Tenille Dashwood in her debut for Women’s Wrestling Revolution on March 25th at the Electric Haze in Worcester, Massachusetts. Grace won the Revolutionary Rumble during Sunday’s show to earn the right to challenge the recently released superstar and gets to knock this first-time matchup off her proverbial bucket list… Saori Anou successfully retained the Princess of Pro Wrestling Championship against Maika Ozaki in the main event of Friday’s Actwres girl’Z show in Tokyo, picking up her third title defense… Allie Recks remains the PPW Women’s titleholder after besting Christina Marie for the championship in Hazleton, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Recks is also the new Full Throttle Pro Women’s Champion after unseating Lindsay Snow for the title in Seminole, Florida this past Saturday… The Cape Championship Wrestling women’s belt was on the line in a Steel Cage matchup on Saturday night in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, as Diamond Doll unseated Little Bit of the title… Jinny made her first title defense of the Maiden of Chaos Championship this past Saturday in Kingswood, Gloucestershire, as she defeated Sofia Ari to retain… Kylie Rae is the inaugural Zelo Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion after beating Laynie Luck out for the title this past Sunday in Chicago. Rae was originally set to face Tessa Blanchard for the championship in a rematch from August, which ended with Blanchard picking up the win. A contract signing was held between the two at one of the most recent shows and footage of the competitors agreeing to the championship match was uploaded online. Due to travel issues, Blanchard along with Britt Baker was unable to make the show that Sunday and the title match was then changed to Rae facing off against Baker’s opponent, Laynie Luck for the belt…

Its been announced that luchadora, Sahori succumbed to her long-standing battle with Cancer at the age of thirty-two on Thursday. Known under her other alias as “Lady Ludxor” and “La Novia de la Parka” in AAA, Sahori broke into the business in 1995 after training under Franco Columbo, Scorpio Jr. and El Hijo del Gladiador among others. In July of 1998, she was unmasked as Lady Ludxor on an episode of AAA’s television show after losing to La Venus, Rossy Moreno and Xochitl Hamada as part of a six-woman, Steel Cage matchup in Querétaro. She returned to the promotion under a new masked persona, this time impersonating that she was the alleged daughter of La Parka. There was reportedly discussion that the gimmick was indeed legit and that she was a second generation wrestler, however, it turned out to be mere rumors. She made the jump to CMLL in 2005 after leaving its competition a year earlier due to pregnancy and became one of the several women that rushed the promotion upon the women’s division being restarted.

The picture is outdated, but here’s a photo reference to Sahori – search results via Bing ©

Besides failing to win ciberneticos to qualify for the deciding match for the vacant World Women’s Championship in September of 2005 and again in April of 2007 for the Mexican National Women’s Title, Sahori never contended for the belts again throughout her four-year tenure with the promotion. Before suffering a knee injury that would see her wrestling infrequently over the years, she worked a couple of dates for REINA Joshi Pro back in 2011 and 2012 when the promotion was running under Ankei Tamashiro under its original, super long name, “Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling REINA.” She resurfaced in 2015 on a show for Promociones HUMO in Ecatepec de Morelos and worked their women’s event where she alongside Keira and Ludark Shaitan took the main event loss to the team of La Vaquerita, Marcela, and Skadi. Sahori was also the wife of the wrestler, Asesino Negro Jr., the son of a legendary luchador, Asesino Negro, and her twin sons are rumored to be fathered by Octagón, who is reportedly known to have several children, but the exact number is still unknown. He shed light on this truth back in April of 2016 in an interview and claimed that he’s fathered two biological sons with unnamed luchadora.

In other news, the Zero1 USA Women’s Championship changed hands on Saturday night in Mattoon, Illinois, as Savanna Stone beat Madison Rayne, Randi West and Rahne Victoria for the title. The championship was scheduled to be on the line in a promoted Steel Cage matchup between Rayne and West, while Stone and Rahne faced off in singles competition. Somehow or another, the match got changed to a four-way that ended with Stone capitalizing on West’s momentary distraction and scoring the upset pinfall on a fallen Rahne Victoria. The title win happens to be the first for the teenage prodigy, whose rookie year in the sport has seen her grapple with some big names while juggling his high school responsibilities… Brooklyn Creed’s Anarchy Women’s Title defense ended in a disqualification on Saturday, as she retains despite not beating Harlow O’Hara… LuFisto’s reign with the SHINE Championship has reached a full year. She picked up another successful title defense at SHINE 48 on Friday night and beat out the inaugural titleholder, Rain to retain for the eleventh time. Isla Dawn and Lady Chardonnay answered Mercedes Martinez and Ivelisse’s challenge for the tag straps in their debuts and were unsuccessful in ending Las Sicarias’ reign in their third matchup as champions… According to AAA, Faby Apache is now a heel following her championship victory against Lady Shani on Friday night in Mexico City. She regained the Reina de Reinas Title for a third time after winning the matchup cleanly with a German suplex and again, the promotion is building the veteran as a heel. She played into this sudden “ruda” narrative by discrediting the former champion’s hard work and chalked her abilities up to being on the same playing field as a rookie… Brooke Valentine retained her Impact Pro Wrestling Women’s belt against Frankie Jay in a Steel Cage match on Saturday in Algona, Iowa. The matchup follows Valentine’s recent title defense against Frankie Jay back on January 20th, which happened to be a Hair vs Hair match that ended via count-out… Casey Johns retained the Riot City Wrestling Women’s Championship against Venus on Saturday in Southern Australia… Command Bolshoi and Leon picked up another successful title defense of the Daily Sports Tag Team Championship on Sunday in Tokyo, as they bested Hanako Nakamori and Saori Anou in the main event at the Itabashi Green Hall… Jasmin retained the Championship Wrestling Australia Women’s strap against Bindi Valentine on Sunday in Canley Vale… Jordynne Grace won Black Label Pro’s inaugural rumble match and as a result, she gets a guaranteed shot at the championship anytime of the year… Stacey Slade and Bruno De La Rosa were able to keep their Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Titles by successfully retaining them against Thunder Rosa and Delilah Doom this past Sunday… Ashley Vox retained the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Title against Delmi Exo this past Friday in Woburn, Massachusetts. The matchup marked Vox’s fifth title defense since beating Davienne for the belt back in April… Nagisa Nozaki and Yuki Miyazaki are the newest number one contenders in Pro Wrestling WAVE after beating Sakura Hirota and Mika Iida at Sunday’s show in Aichi. Going back to January 20th, it was announced that the competitors would be facing off for a shot at the DualShock WAVE Tag Team Titles, which are currently held by Takumi Iroha and Rin Kadokura on February 12th. The title defense will be NEW-TRA’s second since unseating Hiroe Nagahama and Kaho Kobayashi back and September. It will also be the second time they are fending off the belts against Miyazaki, as she and Yumi Ohka failed to overcome the champions in November.

Last Saturday was jam-packed with events taking place all over the country and even crossing over to places like Germany, England and spilling over into Canada…

January 19th: Sammii Jayne retained the Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship against Liss Miss Roxxy… Championship Wrestling Entertainment presented a sequel to their Rise Of A Queen tournament in Orlando, which was eventually won by Kaci Lennox as she defeated Amber Nova in the finals to close the show. The competitors had bested Lexi Gomez, Chloe Christmas, Chelsea Durden and Salina de la Renta respectively in order to move onto the finals… Shazza McKenzie picked up her third PWWA Championship defense against Indi Hartwell in Parramatta, New South Wales…

January 20th: Raeven Marie picked up her second title defense as WXW Women’s Champion against La Loba Varoneza in Minneola, Florida… Jordynne Grace is now three title defenses deep into her reign as the Pro Wrestling Magic Women’s Champion after successfully retaining against Faye Jackson… Vanessa Azure retained her Brew City Wrestling Women’s strap against Lina de Oro and Sierra in Wisconsin… Over in Western Australia, Roxy Ryot beat Alexis Lee in a Last Woman Standing match to become the new All Action Wrestling Women’s Champion… Lacey Lane is the new The Crash’s Feminil Champion after unseating Keyra for the belt at the promotion’s show in Tijuana… Because a championship cannot change hands via disqualification, Holidead retained the RWA Women’s Title against Nina Monet in West Newton, Pennsylvania… Indi Hartwell defeated Jessica Troy in the first qualifier for the Newcastle Pro Women’s Title Tournament in Charlestown, New South Wales… The Sabotage Title changed hands not once, but twice at promotion’s show in Austin, Texas. Heather Monroe’s second defense of the championship ended with Fuego Del Sol becoming the new titleholder and his first matchup as the new champion ended in the following match, as Erica Torres defeated him… Stacy Thibault retained her International Wrestling Syndicate Women’s Title against Stefany Sinclair… Jordynne Grace won Black Label Pro’s inaugural rumble match and as a result, she gets a guaranteed shot at the championship anytime of the year… Katarina Leigh defeated Kimberly Diamond and Karlee Perez to become the new Maverick Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion… Toni Storm is now walking around with four championships in total after successfully challenging the inaugural WXW Women’s Champion, Killer Kelly for the belt in Oberhausen, Germany. Besides it being the fourth title she’s captured, it’s the third country she’s conquered. She already holds two championships in Japan and is the reigning PROGRESS Women’s Champion over in the United Kingdom. Killer Kelly suffers a huge loss in her first title defense… Damaris had her first title defense since unceremoniously winning the ECWA Women’s Championship in Delaware. She went up against Christina Marie and retained via disqualification… Over Chicago, Jessicka Havok was set to team up with Kylie Rae to take on Allysin Kay and Scarlett for AAW’s “Art of War,” however, the matchup got thrown out and turned into a title defense for Havok after Allysin Kay was pulled off the show due to discovering blood clots in her lung following the recent set of Impact Wrestling tapings. She checked herself into the hospital following her matchup against Allie for the Knockouts Title and believed that she was feeling the effects of an injury to her ribs of a collapsed lung. The blood clots were found and she’s not going to be making any in-ring appearances for a long while until her condition has improved, but she’s able to do signings and meet and greets. Havok eliminated both Scarlett and Rae in quick fashion to retain the title in her first defense… Cat Power’s feud with Tony Baroni has gone past the ECCW Women’s Title, which Baroni unseated her for back in back in July. Power currently holds the championship, but her issues with Baroni has led to a Hair vs Hair match at this past Saturday’s show up in Vancouver. The match ended with Cat Power getting the victory and shaving the long, lengthy locks of Baroni…

January 21st: Kat Von Heez retained the AOW Women’s belt against Tab Jackson in Victorville, California…Toni Storm picked up her first title defense of the WXW Women’s Championship against Melanie Gray… Mary Apache made another defense of the High Speed Title in Tokyo, this time she defended the belt against a competitor that is a sure-shot to win it in Kay Lee Ray. Without nitpicking on the veteran, Ray’s aerial ability and fast-paced wrestling is the definition of the belt’s lineage and the sole reason the belt was created back in May of 2009, with Natsuki*Taiyo becoming the inaugural titleholder. Apache’s ring work doesn’t necessarily reflect the standards that NEO Japan had put forth into establishing the championship – Apache’s weight and age doesn’t have anything to do with these opinions, because there is plenty of women within her age group that is capable of pulling off this style and not miss a beat, alas her sister, Faby. Apache retained in her third title defense to date and won the matchup with the Michinoku Driver II.

Tessa Blanchard cut a rather scathing promo at last weekend’s Queens of Combat show in Gibsonville, North Carolina.

Tessa Blanchard receives a lot of backlash by fans of independent wrestling and it feels unwarranted – Jon Washer Photos ©

Saying that the words coming out of the mouth of a blown-up Blanchard fell on deaf ears is an understatement because it is now being chalked up as another temper tantrum by the generational athlete. I have heard every possible adjective there is when it comes to someone describing Tessa’s attitude or her shortcomings when it comes to getting signed and it all has to do with her immaturity and arrogance. I have never sat and claimed to know these women on a personal level to attest to these various accusations and most of the time, it’s all bark and no bite. From the very moment I discovered her and started keeping tabs on her work on the indies, I was forewarned several times about her behavior behind the scenes and told stories about her antics over and over. While people appreciate her work ethic in the ring and even enjoy her matches, I can not think of one time there was a positive review regarding Tessa Blanchard without being tossed the backhanded compliments due to the rumors. It’s already hard for the average human being to compliment another without holding previous bias and in Tessa’s case, the compliment gets taken away easily to glorify her apparent wrongdoings.

Every recounted story I’ve ever been told has come from the mouths of another fan and not a peer of Tessa’s and from the looks of it, a majority of the women don’t seem to have a problem sharing a locker room with her. I could be wrong, but Tessa could be the victim of false perception and these super villain-like stories have added to that. Coming from a family that is deeply rooted in professional wrestling, especially as the daughter of a competitor that is recognized as a member of a legendary stable that helped revolutionize the business during the 1980’s, it can not be easy. Like Charlotte, she’s often seen as the daughter of a wrestler and not categorized as her own person and it doesn’t help when they decide to adopt characteristics of their fathers into their own repertoire. You never truly escape from your identity. There are times where fans are not willing to accept that these women are capable of being more than the daughter of Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard and becoming a natural heel in the ring by proxy. With that said, people are willing to believe that a third generation athlete like Tessa would be displaying a spoiled brat behavior and not carrying herself with the self-respect that was bestowed upon her to not act in such a manner.

The promo in question addressed the ongoing whispering that is said and reported online regarding Tessa and her behavior. It happened right after challenging Su Yung for the championship and was very much so emotionally charged as you would have expected. It was visible to see that these things do bother her and it’s quite possible that the gossip has led to opportunities being taken away from Blanchard long before she could provoke it. I feel that people purposely forget that wrestlers are humans and believe that their self-confidence and mental health is supposed to be able to maintain and sustain the physical repercussions, internalize their emotions for the sake of a performance and not be vulnerable towards anything.

I listened to a number of podcasts, read reviews and took note of people’s tweets during the broadcast of the Mae Young Classic and when it came to Tessa, everyone appeared to be on the same page. She had the look and was described as “TV ready” and considered to be a more polished and an overall finished product compared to some competitors in the tournament. She wasn’t lacking in the skills department either; the overall package presented to the viewers that were possibly getting their first taste of Blanchard left unanswered questions. No one could figure out the sole reason for her to not already be signed or even in the process of being brought in under WWE’s contract. There’s more to this story than the repeated rumors and its already been accepted that the company doesn’t want to sign the performer because of “this” and “that” and not that she hasn’t agreed to the terms.

She’s super busy and there is not a day that doesn’t go by without her name being announced for the latest rollout for a promotion. She’s held championships and currently holds a couple, however, that’s not an issue here. Over the past several months, we’ve seen promotions get exposed for rewarding bad behavior on the indies by continuing to employ competitors that have been accused of assault and battery, sexual assault and more along those lines. I would hate to believe that someone that’s as talented as Tessa has been taking advantage of that and being rewarded bookings based on namesake and thriving. The same rumors about Tessa have been swirling for a long time and every story begins with the same scenario and ends with either the athlete being “rude” towards someone or being nonchalant. I have a feeling that this perceived “bad attitude” comes from Tessa being standoffish and most of the time, people do not pick up on that and it can rub them the wrong way.

She proclaimed herself as the “best” wrestler in the world during that promo and while people could agree with that sentiment, there were others considering this to be another moment where Tessa wanted the attention to be on her. I have heard “self-centered” as a description of her personality and to be quite honest, she’s in a business that is cutthroat and unforgiving and her main goal is to maintain her physique, maintain her bookings, eventually land a contract with WWE and continue her journey. Based on her social media accounts, Tessa appears to live a comfortable lifestyle and makes a lot of posts regarding her health and fitness and promoting her upcoming bookings. I don’t ever recall seeing her publicly shaming someone for spreading gossip or calling a promotion out for their ethics. Its some weird misconception deal here and it appears that it’s easier to dislike this woman just because and not have a proper explanation.


– Pro Wrestling: EVE ©

Pro Wrestling: EVE has dropped a bundle of announcements regarding their upcoming show on February 10th and months ahead of their next biggest show, “Wrestle Queendom,” scheduled for May 5th. The first announcement concerns the main event happening one Saturday away from now in London. Kay Lee Ray and Millie McKenzie will be teaming up to take on the winner of the inaugural SHE-1, Charlie Morgan and multi-time tournament conquerer in her own right, Toni Storm. The promotion had long announced the debut of Jordynne Grace for their show in March a couple of months back around the same time XWA Wrestling had confirmed her appearance for their March 11th show in Colchester. Her opponent has been named and at the request of fans, she’ll be taking on none other than Viper in a first-ever collision on March 10th at “SHEROES” at the Resistance Gallery in London.

A Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship defense already headlines Wrestle Queendom, as Sammii Jayne’s title is on the line against Charlie Morgan after the challenger won a shot at the belt via winning the tournament for SHE-1 back in November. The promotion has also dropped a hint that DASH Chisako is going to be apart of the May 5th show in London by simply posting a picture of the current Openweight and multiple time tag team champions with the hashtag, “#Queendom.” The inclusion would make it the second time Chisako has traveled over to the United Kingdom in her career since working last year’s King of Trios in Wolverhampton. The promotion has also announced the opening of a women’s wrestling school in London. Beginning on February 11th, the EVE Academy will be running weekly training sessions in East London, with former champion, Rhia O’Reilly as the head trainer along with Greg Burridge, the head coach at the London School of Lucha Libre. You can find additional information regarding signing up and much more right here.

Besides STARDOM celebrating their seventh year in business and preparing for their Spring shows, let’s have a peep at what else is going on with the Joshis…

Yumi Ohka picked up her second title defense of the Regina di WAVE belt this past Saturday in Osaka and within a week’s time, she’s turned around and dropped the championship back to Misaki Ohata. She defeated Marvelous’ Mika Tanaka via a five-count pinfall to retain the title back on January 13th and on that same show, Ohata won a number one contender’s battle royal in order to regain her rematch for the strap and eliminated Ayako Hamada to seal the deal. I have covered the unnecessary decision for the title switch in a previous piece, however, it appears there might be a motive for Pro Wrestling WAVE to hand the championship back to Ohata for a second time, as she’s announced that her rematch against Arisa Nakajima at SEAdLINNNG’s February 12th show will now be for the title. I should probably make this more clear by explaining that the promotion has given the title back to Ohata for her to continue defending it on other platforms like she was doing when they unceremoniously called for Yumi Ohka to become champion again. In short, the new titleholder avenges her loss from the year-end event and is looking to carry the momentum into her match against Nakajima after recently suffering a loss against the former Openweight Champion.

Ayako Hamada replaced Nanae Takahashi at this past Sunday’s SEAdLINNNG show and wound up beating Yoshiko in the main event with the AP Cross. Takahashi was scheduled to wrestle the current OZ Openweight Champion in the event’s closer, however, after taking a nasty spill at Pro Wrestling WAVE’s show three weeks ago, Takahashi is now injured and will be missing the rest of her bookings in January. Back on the seventh of this month, Takahashi fell and was knocked unconscious during her Hardcore tag team matchup against Rina Yamashita and Ryo Mizunami. Her attempt at a Reizouko Bakudan from the top of a ladder went haywire and she landed on the side of her head. The match was stopped and Nanae was stretched out of Shinjuku FACE; reports claimed that she did not suffer any broken bones or nerve damage, but she did experience numbness.

DASH Chisako successfully retained the PURE-J Openweight Championship against Yako Fujigasaki this past Sunday in Kanagawa, Japan. Moments after her first title defense, it was announced that Hanako Nakamori would be challenging Chisako to a rematch for the title at PURE-J’s February 18th show in Osaka. The matchup is being billed as Nakamori’s “last chance” to recapture the championship. Since losing her hair and the title, Nakamori has been sporting a rather alternative look in comparison to her known attire these days. She’s somewhat adopted the same wardrobe of Chisako and is wearing the ripped shorts and tees and has become a doppelganger of sorts. Nakamori has adorned a darker appearance before – during her alliance with Kana during the big invasion storyline a couple of years back, Nakamori turned on her peers in JWP and joined up with one of the biggest heels in the promotion that wasn’t on the roster.

Let’s actually have a dialogue about STARDOM… One stable loses a member, while another gains one, all while another stable is prepared to face off against each other amongst things going on in STARDOM…

Tam Nakano was forcefully ejected from Oedo Tai following the team’s loss to Io Shirai and her Queen’s Quest back at the Janaury 21st show in Tokyo. The stables faced off in an elimination match, with Momo Watanabe getting the pinfall on Nakano to wipe out Oedo Tai completely to conquer the win. As per the matchup’s rules, Nakano as a result of being the last member pinned was forced to leave the stable she just joined a few months back. She found herself in the middle of a bidding war once again, as Shirai and her teammates tried adopting Tam into their already large family. Mayu Iwatani ran in and grabbed Nakano by the hand and went hightailing it to the backstage area. Iwatani made her in-ring return during the show and had a stellar performance with Rachael Ellering as part of the latter’s sendoff from the country. Its never really acknowledged, at least on a bigger margin, but Iwatani has her own stable that’s made up of STARDOM’s up and coming brass, with Hiromi Mimura and Konami. It appears that her stable and Jungle Kyona’s “Team Jungle” have seemingly merged together as one along with Starlight Kid and Shiki Shibusawa.

Foregoing the usual black attire she wore as a member of Oedo Tai, Tam Nakano showed up at Sunday’s show at Shinkiba 1st RING dressed in her original ring gear and sporting lighter colored hair. Iwatani presented Tam with P-Chan, Nakano’s stuffed panda bear that was reportedly the mastermind behind the stable and a brand new friendship appears to have formed with Nakano proposing that the new stable come up with a better name than the new “Stardom Army.” Iwatani and Nakano have pitched their challenge to Kagetsu and Hana Kimura for their Goddesses belts. Though the title match has not been confirmed for an upcoming show, Nakano and Iwatani team up with Mary Apache this weekend in Kyoto, as they take on Konami, Shiki Shibusawa, and Hiromi Mimura.

Current General Manager and co-founder, Fuka will be retiring from her position at the promotion’s March 28th show at Korakuen Hall. The curtain call happens to be on the same day she retired as an active performer back in 2010. Fuka is one of the many performers that was brought in and trained under JDStar as part of their “Athtress” program and made her in-ring debut back in February of 2004. She was crowned the inaugural Princess of Pop Champion in June of 2006. The belt was created and established under JDStar’s umbrella until the following June when Arisa Nakajima defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto and Yuri Urai in a tournament final to win the vacated championship. Following the title win at JDStar’s second to the last event, Nakajima began defending the belt concurrently with the JWP Junior Championship. The titles were never considered a unified championship, despite both being defended together for an entire decade until JWP’s closure back in April.

Fuka began promoting her own independent shows following JDStar’s shutdown in July of 2007 and made several trips to Mexico for work before hanging it up three years later at the age of twenty-five. Her decision led to her becoming the trainer for Yoko Bito, Yuzuki Aikawa, and half the roster in an effort to get the promotion, World Wonder Ring STARDOM, off the ground, up and running. Fuka appears on-screen as the ring announcer while holding down her position behind the scenes and has been responsible for the success of Mayu Iwatani, Kairi Hojo and more as their trainer. The decision to retire comes on the brink of her announcing that she and her husband, kickboxer, Ikki, are expecting their first child this summer.

Momo Watanabe challenging Io Shirai to a Queen’s Quest vs Queen’s Quest matchup that could strengthen the stable or break it apart – World Wonder Ring STARDOM ©

Momo Watanabe has challenged her leader, Io Shirai to a matchup that sees both competitors teaming up with a member of Queen’s Quest and going head-to-head at the upcoming Shinkiba 1st RING show on February 10th. The partners will be determined in the days leading up to the event, as Shirai and Watanabe will choose between AZM, HZK, and Viper. Shirai and company picked up their second title defense as the Artist of STARDOM Champions at Sunday’s show in Tokyo. Viper secured the win for the team after getting the Michinoku Driver II on Sumire Natsu less than thirty seconds away from the matchup hitting the twenty-minute mark.

Shirai has another title defense scheduled for this Sunday’s show at the KBS Hall in Kyoto. She defends the Wonder of STARDOM belt up against Nicole Savoy a couple of weeks after Savoy put her challenge to the champion in motion. I know what you’re thinking and Savoy’s title will not be on the line here. Savoy’s presence in the promotion makes her the second SHIMMER Champion to have gone and worked over there since Cheerleader Melissa’s appearance back in 2014 when she went up against Shirai for the World of STARDOM Championship that March. Other matches announced for Sunday’s show is a one-on-one matchup between Viper and Kay Lee Ray. Miranda Salinas, Xia Brookside, and Starlight Kid will be taking on Watanabe and her teammates, HZK and AZM. Team Jungle will also be in action, as Kyona, Kaori Yoneyama, and Natsuko Tora go up against Kagetsu, Sumire Natsu, and Hana Kimura.


Capital Wrestling Alliance officially launched in Frankford, Delaware on Saturday and crowned two champions on its first show. The promotion announced multiple three-way matches for its Raven Black tournament, which determined the inaugural CWA Champion. Names like Santana Garrett, Angelus Layne, Kylie Rae, Jordynne Grace and Davienne were said to be involved in the tournament in addition to the matchup between Candy Cartwright, Deonna Purrazzo and a mystery opponent, which was going to be one of the many competitors tacked onto this show. Penelope Ford, Miranda Vionette, Savannah Evans, Layne Rosario, Jayel Cotto and dozens more had signed on to appear; the promotion was also crowning a secondary champion through a battle royal, hence the swollen roster for the debut.

The battle royal in question appeared to have ten participants including Hyan, as the winner will be crowned the CWA Mid-Atlantic Champion. The last time I heard of a women’s championship being donned a “Mid-Atlantic” anything was several years ago when the National Wrestling Alliance was in partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling promotion. The belt was established back in February of 2000 when Leilani Kai defeated Strawberry Fields in the tournament final in Denver, North Carolina to become the inaugural champion. Fields wound up winning the title a month later and went onto to hold it a second time that September before dropping it again to Kai – this time Kai was awarded the title in December of that year due to Fields suffering a back injury. Based on records that I could find, Leilani Kai never defended the title and managed to hang onto it for nine years when the promotion decided to crown Krissy Vaine as the new champion in Rutherfordton in September of 2009. Vaine beat out Jayme Jameson for the belt that night and even picked up her first title defense against her that November in Blythewood, South Carolina. Jameson unseated Vaine, now wrestling under “Kristen Astara” the following April in Gastonia, North Carolina for the belt and to this day, she’s listed as the final champion of the belt despite no title defenses recorded and the promotion parting with the NWA in 2012.

Kylie Rae was crowned the inaugural CWA Champion on Saturday night in Delaware after defeating Santana Garrett in a great matchup according to those there in attendance – Capital Wrestling Alliance ©

Maria James was crowned the inaugural CWA Mid-Atlantic Champion on Saturday after eliminating Hyan from the matchup. Following the win, she now holds five separate belts, including the ICW Women’s Title and the EWA Tag Team Titles, which she shares with Samantha Heights. Kylie Rae took home the CWA Championship after beating Santana Garrett in the finals of the first-annual Raven Black tournament. The promotion had originally triple threat matches booked throughout the tournament and offered matches like Angelus Layne taking on Davienne and Jordynne Grace. Leading up to the debut show, Terra Calaway had pulled out of the event and while I tried to get confirmation on whether a replacement had been found, the promotion did not bother responding – I also tried to get information on the battle royal for the Mid-Atlantic Title. I wasn’t aware that the promoters were in the middle of rearranging the card, as the show’s roster was thinner than what was advertised for months.

A number of people were absent from the show like Deonna Purrazzo and Tess Valentine. The promotion did not address the obvious prior to showtime or in the final weeks before the event. Rumors were being spoken that talent backed out of making the date a while back and again, nothing was said on Capital Wrestling Alliance’s end and its possible that being able to put on a women’s show to honor the loss of their friend, “Raven Black” is more important than defending themselves against things that can be circumstantial and bound to happen. Kylie Rae and Santana bested their first-round opponents, Thunder Rosa and Lacey Lane and Nikki Addams respectively in order to move onto the second of the tournament where Jordynne Grace (defeated Davienne) and Solo Darling (overcame Candy Cartwright and Kelly Klein) were already waiting. The semifinals seen Rae and Garrett overcoming the odds and heading straight into the championship matchup, where an up and comer defeated the multi-time Women’s Champion to earn her third title to date, as she holds the Zelo Pro Women’s belt and is currently in her third reign as the Diamond Division titleholder over in Reality Of Wrestling.

Before the emergence of Women’s Wrestling Revolution up in the Northeast, Sabotage Wrestling in Texas, Queens of Combat down in North Carolina, there was a women’s promotion that ran shows across the Canadian border…

Its been long announced that Femmes Fatales, a women’s promotion running in the province of Quebec, was on the brink of running its return show come February 24th. The name doesn’t ring the loudest bell nowadays due to the promotion undergoing a set of changes back in the summer of 2015 that saw a new era being ushered in with a practical unknown unseating LuFisto for the belt. Following the one-off show for Northern Championship Wrestling in Montreal, Jessika Black would manage to hang onto the Femmes Fatales International Title until March of 2016, where she relinquished the championship due to injury. Black had successfully defended the title on twelve occasions, besting a bunch of locals like Deziree, Mary Lee Rose, and Stacy Thibault before the belt wound up in the hands of another Quebecer, Sally.

A tournament was held to crown the new champion on March 26th in St-Therese and it came down to Sally beating Stefany Sinclair with assistance from Kath Von Goth in the finals to win the vacant title after besting Midianne, Jewells Malone and Vanessa Kraven in the previous rounds. Sally’s run with the championship wouldn’t last long, as she dropped the belt two months later to Sinclair as part of a three-way, elimination match at NCW’s “Challengemania 24.” Sinclair’s reign would reach a full year when she decided to issue an open challenge for the belt at “Challengemania 25” back in May. She had defended the title a total of seven times, successfully retaining against the former champion, Sally, Mary Lee Rose and Angie Skye among others when Mercedes Martinez, then a double upcoming stepped up and answered her challenge.

– nCw Femmes Fatales ©

Mercedes claimed the strap and was now the top representative of all three women’s promotions, that being Women Superstars Uncensored in the Northeast, Femmes Fatales in Quebec and SHIMMER Women Athletes in the Midwest. Mercedes has since lost one of these championships to Nicole Savoy. One of the changes Femmes Fatales underwent mentioned above included upping the usage of local competitors as opposed to crowding the shows with flown-in talent.  In the past, the promotion had always incorporated other women wrestling around in Quebec, but the dismissal of LuFisto and Pat Laprade, who had taken over Stephane Bruyere’s position as Talent Coordinator, led to Northern Championship Wrestling shifting its focus from running separate women’s events two-to-three times a year to once a year and having the women wrestle on their regular shows. The change seemed drastic as Femmes Fatales was once running shows around the same time the other women’s promotions were putting on their events. The talent was exchanged during these busy weekends and the addition of international flare coming out of the SHIMMER tapings was welcomed across the Canadian border. Some competitors were still brought over for the shows, like Veda Scott, Solo Darling, and Saraya Knight, who unsuccessfully challenged Jessika Black for the championship back at Femmes Fatales XVIII in October of 2015 despite the promotion keeping intwine with their on-regular performers like Vanessa Kraven.

Let’s get into what’s announced so far for the February 24th card – Mercedes will be defending the Femmes Fatales International Championship against Vanessa Kraven in the headliner for the collaborated effort with C*4 Wrestling. The matchup will be the first, official title defense by Mercedes since regaining the belt back in May, in addition to being the first time Kraven will be getting a shot at the championship. Kraven competed in the title tournament back in 2016 and lost in the semifinal round to Sally after beating Sassy Stephie in the quarterfinals. Nicole Savoy and Tessa Blanchard have faced off once prior to their upcoming meeting at Femmes Fatales and contrary to belief, the SHIMMER Championship will not be on the line unless Dave Prazak announces otherwise. Their last matchup took place at Queens of Combat’s lineup at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in May of 2016, with the current champion going over clean. Alexia Nicole is going to be heading to the Performance Center for a tryout sometime in February according to PWInsider; she’s going to be facing the woman that unseated her of the Acclaim Women’s Championship back in October, KC Spinelli. The promotion has also added matchups between Jessicka Havok and Samantha Heights, regulars Xandra Bale and Pink Flash Kira and Canadian debut of Hudson Envy when she takes on former champion, Stefany Sinclair.and Stacy Thibault along with Misty Haven, who makes her return to Ottawa for the first time in eight years have also been added to the show’s growing talent lineup.


Here’s a look at what’s going this weekend on the North American indies, overseas in Europe and elsewhere…

– Revolution Championship Wrestling ©

Mika Iida heads over to Europe this weekend as she’s been announced for Revolution Championship Wrestling’s show on Saturday in Barcelona. She faces Killer Kelly in her first match in the country. Sammii Jayne defends the RCW Women’s Championship against Diablesa Rosa… In Oskaloosa, Indiana, Allie Recks battles Sierra for Central Empire Wrestling on Saturday… Big Mami and Lady Shani go up against Faby Apache and Ashley in Toluca on Friday night… Toni Storm faces Jimmy Jacobs for Riptide Wrestling in Brighton… Tenille Dashwood’s plethora of indy bookings kicks off in Rahway, New Jersey on Saturday when she faces Angelina Love for WrestlePro. It’s a good idea to acknowledge that this matchup is the first time that these two have ever faced off… Another first-time matchup takes place that same night in Queens, as Sonya Strong wrestles Ivelisse for House Of Glory… Chakara takes on CJ Rhys and Livvi Grace goes up against Jayde for Apollo Championship Wrestling’s card in Bermondsey on Saturday… Hawlee Lane and Nicole Matthews go toe-to-toe in singles competition for DEFY Wrestling’s show up in Seattle on Friday…

Fierce Females returns with their latest show, “Lass Wars,” at The Shed in Glasgow on Sunday. Five matches have been confirmed, as the semi-finals of the number one contender’s tournament for the Fierce Females Championship will be determined. The winners of Lana Austin – Jokey and Kasey Owens – Millie McKenzie will go on to face off in the tournament final and be guaranteed a shot at Viper’s championship down the line. Additional matchups announced will see Lauren going up against Jayla Dark, Ayesha Raymond taking on Leah Owens and there’s one between Shax and Martina… Roxy Rouge, Aspen Rose, and Harlow O’Hara will be taking on Ayzali, Lena and Erica Jade for New South Pro Wrestling in Hartselle, Alabama… Jinx faces Joseline Navarro in Cleveland on Saturday… Shazza McKenzie defends one of her many championships this weekend in Doyalson, New South Wales. She and Big Fudge have a PWA Tag Team Title defense planned for Saturday’s show when they face Unsocial Jordan and SnapChad… Lady Chardonnay Darcy, Lana Austin, and Nina Samuels face off in a three-way for Kamikaze Pro’s show on Friday in Coventry… Gail Kim’s official last match is happening in Stevenage, Hertfordshire on Saturday, as she goes one-on-one with Kasey Owens for Southside Wrestling Entertainment… Jessicka Havok has her second AAW Women’s Title defense planned for Saturday’s show in LaSalle, Illinois as she defends her belt up against Rosemary… Also scheduled for Riptide Wrestling’s show in Brighton on Friday, is a six-person matchup, as Candy Floss collides with Roy Johnson, Chuck Mambo, Veda Scott, Cara Noir and Lion Kid. Millie McKenzie will face Chris Brookes and Livvii Graces takes on Chakara.

While we’re in the midst of discussing this weekend’s events, let’s dive into next weekend’s forecast…

February 6th: Su Yung defends her title against Hudson Envy for Girl Fight Wrestling’s show in Orlando. Ivory Robyn, Randi West, Salina De La Renta, Maria James and Layne Rosario are scheduled to be apart of the event also, in addition to the other matches announced; Amber Nova will be taking on Aria Blake and Savannah Evans will face Cali Young…

February 8th: Priscilla Kelly and Chelsea Green go head-to-head for MLW’s show in Orlando…

February 9th: Kennadi Copeland takes on Allie Recks for Project Wrestling in Lanesborough, Massachusetts… Lady Shani teams up with Estrella Divina in Aguascalientes, Mexico and together they’ll take on Ashley and Faby Apache… LuFisto will be wrestling Gemma Cross and Tess Valentine will be defending her Rogue Dark Phase Title against Jessicka Havok and its all tapped for Atomic Championship Wrestling’s show in Reading, Pennsylvania. Thunder Rosa and Trixie Tash are also scheduled to be apart of the show, with Rosa taking on Ray Lyn and Tash going up against Londyn Ali… Toni Storm’s first defense as WXW Women’s Champion has been announced for the promotion’s show in Hamburg, Germany. She defends the belt against Martina and Killer Kelly…

– Black Label Pro ©

February 10th: In her debut for Black Label Pro, Nicole Matthews will face Jordynne Grace. The show will also feature Allie Kat taking on Delilah Doom… Warriors of Wrestling holds its fourth women’s show in Brooklyn as part of a doubleheader. Nikki Addams will be defending the title up against Kacee Carlisle in the event’s headliner. Thunder Rosa and Holidead’s “twisted” kinship will be tested against sisters, Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox. Gemma Cross will be taking on Davienne, Nyla Rose will be going up against Jessicka Havok and Tasha Steelz battles Allie Recks. Vanity, C-Bunny, and Willow Nightingale are also expected to appear…

February 11th: Depending on whether Kasey Owens retains the ICW Women’s Title against Martina or not, the winner will go on to face Viper with the women’s strap on the line the following evening in Glasgow… Chelsea Durden takes on both Salina de la Renta and Stormie Lee for USA Pro in Orlando… Aria Blake battles Jamie Senegal for Punk Pro Wrestling in Port Richey, Florida.


Zelina Vega revealed that her outfit from NXT TakeOver on Saturday night was inspired by and in a tribute to that of Lita’s in her WWE debut… Asuka won the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble and as a result, has to either choose Charlotte or Alexis Bliss for whom she’ll be facing at WrestleMania in April

North America

Christi Jaynes challenges Sage Sin for the American Joshi Championship on February 25th in Austin, Texas. The title defense will be Sage’s first since winning the belt in the finals of the ninth-annual Queen of Queens Tournament back in June… RISE has announced Aerial Monroe, Heather Monroe, Miranda Salinas, Ray Lyn and Karen Q as the latest additions to its core roster… In case you missed it, BLOOD Brothers is going to be holding a women’s hardcore wrestling tournament on March 3rd in Sun Valley, California. Sage Sin, Mariah Moreno, and Randi West make up the first seven competitors announced for the “Goddess of Gore” tournament; two of the first round qualifiers have also been announced, as Maria James takes on Ludark Shaitan in a Staple Gun match and Buggy Nova battles Kikyo in a Tequila Sunset match (Falls Count Anywhere) … Barbi Hayden will be taking on Taeler Hendrix, Kiera Hogan will be going up against Su Yung and Hyan faces Kylie Rae as part of Reality Of Wrestling’s women’s open invitational on February 17th in Texas City, Texas. Sahara Se7en will take on Laynie Luck and Kyra Maya has been added to the lineup along with Shaul Guerrero as a special guest… Chelsea Green, Christi Jaynes, Leva Bates, Deonna Purrazzo and double champion, Tessa Blanchard have been announced for WrestleCircus’ February 17th event. Blanchard will be defending her Sideshow Championship up against Brian Cage’s Ringmaster Title while Bates and Green take on Purrazzo and Christi Jaynes… Joining NOVA Pro’s February 16th lineup is a qualifying matchup for the 2018 Women’s Commonwealth Cup, which takes place on Saturday, June 9th in Annandale, Virginia, as the debuting Isla Dawn goes one-on-one with Angelus Layne. Chelsea Green has already been revealed as the first entrant into the tournament… Samantha Heights, Veda Scott, Angelus Layne, Allie Kat and Isla Dawn are the latest entrants into The Making Towns Classic… Sabotage Wrestling has announced the dates for their upcoming shows happening this year. Beginning on April 28th, the promotion’s shows in June, August, and November will be held in their usual stomping grounds, Austin, Texas while their September 1st show will take place in Las Vegas… Chelsea Green, Christi Jaynes, Leva Bates, Deonna Purrazzo and double champion, Tessa Blanchard have been announced for WrestleCircus’ February 17th event. Blanchard will be defending her Sideshow Championship up against Brian Cage’s Ringmaster Title while Bates and Green take on Purrazzo and Christi Jaynes… Joining NOVA Pro’s February 16th lineup is a qualifying matchup for the 2018 Women’s Commonwealth Cup, which takes place on Saturday, June 9th in Annandale, Virginia, as the debuting Isla Dawn goes one-on-one with Angelus Layne… In her debut for Absolute Intense Wrestling on February 23rd, Tenille Dashwood faces Britt Baker… Samantha Heights, Veda Scott, Angelus Layne, Isla Dawn, Allie Kat and Faye Jackson are the latest entrants into The Making Towns Classic… Sabotage Wrestling has announced the dates for their upcoming shows happening this year. Beginning on April 28th, the promotion’s shows in June, August, and November will be held in their usual stomping grounds, Austin, Texas while their September 1st show will take place in Las Vegas… Lucky Pro Wrestling has announced two matchups for its return to Clinton, Massachusetts next month, which includes a title defense that sees Adira putting her Women’s Championship on the line against Rosalie. A special challenge match between Davienne and Alisha Edwards is also slated to take place… Jazz, Kamilla Kaine, Allie, Rosemary, Saraya Knight, Chelsea Green and more have been announced for this year’s WrestleCon on April 6th-7th in New Orleans… Women Superstars Uncensored will be making an announcement of its return date for the Spring… Angelus Layne battles Kevin Ku in the Last Person Standing match at Southern Underground Pro’s February 25th show in Nashville, which also includes Kylie Rae and Allie Kat squaring off… Tenille Dashwood’s bookings section – She faces Britt Baker in her debut for Absolute Intense Wrestling on February 23rd in Cleveland. Her debut has been announced for Bar Wrestling’s lineup on February 22nd that already includes Taya Valkyrie and Raze. The promotion has also announced Britt Baker, Tessa Blanchard, Laura James and Heather Monroe for the March 8th event in Baldwin Park, California


Martina challenges Saraya Knight for the TNT Women’s Championship on February 15th… Laura Di Matteo and Spanish grappler, Tracy’s debuts have been announced for German Wrestling Federation’s upcoming women’s lineup on March 3rd. The card slated to take place in Berlin already sees Katey Harvey defending the GWF Women’s Title up against Blue Nikita. Wesna Busic and Valkyrie will be in action as part of a mixed tag team matchup, as their partners are soon to be announced. Kaitlin Diemond, Ayesha Raymond, Shanna, Lissy Lennox, Audrey Bride and Melanie Gray are the other names added to the show’s lineup… Jinny underwent surgery on her hand earlier this week… Sammii Jayne’s Discovery Wrestling Women’s Title will be on the line at the promotion’s show in March, as she defends the championship against Viper and Nina Samuels… Ayesha Raymond takes on Millie McKenzie for Big League Wrestling on February 25th in Exmouth, Devon… British Empire Wrestling has added a singles match between Shax and Little Miss Roxxy to their February 18th event in Morden, London. The matchup is going to be a qualifier for the 2018 International Grand Prix, taking place on May 20th. Shanna is the most recent entrant into the tournament, joining LuFisto, Kat Von Kaige, Jamie Hayter and current Women’s Champion, Kasey Owens. The promotion has also announced the debut of Zan Phoenix for next month’s show, in addition to a title defense by Owens against Kaitlin Diemond and match between Zoe Lucas and Skye Smitson


Marcela challenges Dalys for the CMLL World Women’s Championship on February 24th. However, the title match will not be apart of CMLL’s lineup and will be held at an LG Promociones event in Xalapa… The Crash has announced that Diosa Atenea will be debuting at their February 16th after impressing during the recent women’s tryout… CMLL is proclaiming that they are going to be debuting some new luchadoras in the coming weeks

Australia & New Zealand

World Series Wrestling has added matches to their upcoming tour of Australia in March. Indi Hartwell, Shazza McKenzie and Deonna Purrazzo will face off in a triple threat match at the March 17th show in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne. Savannah Summers will be taking on Purrazzo on the March 18th show in Adelaide. Madison Eagles has also been added to the tour, which concludes in Penrith on March 19th

Results (January 19th – January 31st)

January 19: National Wrasslin’ League (O’Fallon, MO) Marti Belle & Savanna Stone d Carolina Rodriguez & Rahne Victoria

January 19: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Erica Torres & Hyan d D’Marco Wilson & Jordan Len-X; GPA d Kylie Rae; Baby D d Human Tornado; B-Boy d Leva Bates; Angel Blue, Nikki Knight, Phoebe & Robyn Reid d Andy Dalton, Double D, JC Res & Rey Ortiz; Fuego Del Sol d Heather Monroe (c); Erica Torres d Fuego Del Sol (c); Joey Ryan d Barbi Hayden; Sammy Guevara vs. Thunder Rosa – Time Limit Draw

January 19: Discovery Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne (c) d Little Miss Roxxy

January 19: Aro Lucha (Amarillo, TX) – Drastik Boy, Mascarita Dorada & Taya Valkyrie d Demus 316, Hijo de Pirata Morgan & LuFisto

January 19: Limitless Wrestling (Westbrook, MA) – Tessa Blanchard d Deonna Purrazzo; Allie Kat, Ashley Vox & Kris Stadtlander d Aiden Aggro, Alexander Lee & The Danger Kid

January 19: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Lady Maravilla, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit d La Amapola, Tiffany & Zeuxis

Janaury 19: Pro Wrestling Australia (Parramatta, New South Wales) – Jessica Troy d Adam Hoffman, Concrete Davidson, FaceBrooke, Jay Sorbet, Kai Drake, Michael Spencer, Ricky South, SnapChad, Spaceboy Dacey, Will Kiedis & Zeke Andino; Shazza McKenzie (c) d Indi Hartwell

January 19: SMASH Wrestling (Sarnia, Ontario) – Alexia Nicole d KC Spinelli

January 19: Battle Championship Wrestling (East Burwood, Victoria) – Kellyanne d Ivelisse

January 19: WWE Live (Reading, PA) – Alexa Bliss (c) d Bayley & Mickie James; Asuka & Dana Brooke d Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

January 19: Championship Wrestling Entertainment (Orlando, FL) – Amber Nova d Lexi Gomez; Aria Blake d Chelsea Durden; Kaci Lennox d Chloe Christmas; Salina de la Renta d Clara Sinclare; Amber Nova d Chelsea Durden; Kaci Lennox d Salina de la Renta; Kaci Lennox d Amber Nova

January 19: IWA Mid-South (Memphis, IN) – Amazing Maria d Eric Wayne

January 19: Big West Wrestling (Kelowna, British Columbia) Camaro Cope & Davey Deals d Bambi Hall & Marty Sugar

January 19: Good Wrestling (Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire) – Jayde, Nina Samuels & Sofia Ari d Beano, Jim Hunter & Lee Hunter; Sierra Loxton d Beano, Candyfloss, The Love Making Demon & Warren Banks

Brittany Blake and Gia Scott wrestling at MCW Pro Wrestling’s show in Joppa, Maryland – Wrestling In Maryland ©

January 20: Rival Pro Wrestling (Pomona, CA) – Ruby Raze d Ron McDonald

January 20: AAW (Chicago, IL) – Jessicka Havok(c) d Scarlett & Kylie Rae

January 20: International Cartel Wrestling (Rural Valley, PA) – Jason Tyler, Jinx & Keith Haught d Calvin Couture, Katie Arquette & Mambo Italiano

January 20: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Oberhausen, Germany) – Martina d Melanie Gray; Toni Storm d Killer Kelly (c)

January 20: Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Cat Power d Tony Baroni; Christina Von Eerie & Scotty Mac d Joey Ryan & Nicole Matthews

January 20: Northern Storm Wrestling (St. Petersburg, Russia) – Yuliana d Elita by DQ

January 20: Brew City Wrestling (West Allis, WI) – Vanessa Azure (c) d Lina de Oro & Sierra

January 20: Pro Wrestling Magic (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Jordynne Grace (c) d Faye Jackson

January 20: Luchando Por Ellos (Mexico City, Mexico) – Mini Rey Misterio & Sexy Dulce d Lady Sensacion & Pentagoncito

January 20: Flemish Wrestling Force (Geel, Belgium) – Katey Harvey d Valkyrie

January 20: All Action Wrestling (Warnbro, Western Australia) – Roxy Ryot d Alexis Lee (c)

January 20: World Xtreme Wrestling (Minneola, FL) – Raeven Marie (c) d La Loba Varoneza

January 20: Impact Pro Wrestling (Des Moines, IO) – Frankie Jay d Brooke Valentine (c) by Count Out

January 20: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata d Yumi Ohka(c); Rin Kadokura & Takumi Iroha d Hiroe Nagahama & Miyuki Takase; Keisuke Goto vs. Leo Isaka – Time Limit Draw; ASUKA d Sakura Hirota; Moeka Haruhi d Miki Tanaka; Ayako Hamada, Rina Yamashita & Ryo Mizunami d Mika Iida, Nagisa Nozaki & Yuki Miyazaki

January 20: Fight The World Wrestling (Tampa, FL) – Natalia Markova d Amber Nova

January 20: Revolution Pro (London, England) – Jinny(c) d Bea Priestley & Millie McKenzie

January 20: Imperial Wrestling Revolution (Dallas, TX) – Desi De Rata d Machiko

January 20: Thrash Wrestling (Vernon, British Columbia) – Bambi Hall d Black Dragon & Jayce D’Arcy

January 20: Aro Lucha (Lubbock, TX) – Hurricane Helms, Mascarita Dorada & Taya Valkyrie d Demus 316, Hijo de Pirata Morgan & LuFisto

January 20: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Ibuki Hoshi & Miyako Matsumoto d Karen DATE & Tsukushi; Risa Sera d Julia; Kyuri & Tsukasa Fujimoto d Matsuya Uno & Tequila Saya; Akane Fujita, Hiragi Kurumi & Mochi Miyagi d Maika Ozaki, Nao DATE & Satsuki Totoro

January 20: WWE Live (State College, PA) – Asuka & Dana Brooke d Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville; Alexa Bliss (c) d Bayley & Mickie James

January 20: Full Throttle Pro Wrestling (Seminole, FL) – Allie Recks d Lindsay Snow (c) and Kamilla Kaine

January 20: Battle Championship Wrestling (Hurlstone Park, New South Wales) – Ivelisse d Kellyanne

January 20: Dynamo Pro Wrestling (St. Louis, MO) – Bra’Nae & Rahne Victoria d Savanna Stone & Tootie Lynn Ramsey

January 20: MCW Pro Wrestling (Joppa, MD) – Brittany Blake d Gia Scott

January 20: Tokyo Joshi Pro (Tokyo, Japan) – Hikari & Raku d Hinano & Miu; Mizuki d Hyper Misao; Maki Ito, Nodoka-Oneesan & Yuu d Maho Kurone, Rika Tatsumi & Yuki Kamifuki; Azusa Christie & Saki-sama d Marika Kobashi & Yuka Sakazaki; Miyu Yamashita & Shoko Nakajima d Nonoko & Yuna Manase

January 20: Pure Wrestling Association (Kitchener, Ontario) – Beautiful Beaa d Ingrid Isley

Janaury 20: WWE Live (Florence, SC) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Lana, Natalya & Tamina

Janaury 20: K-DOJO (Chiba, Japan) – Massimo, Ricky Fuji & TAKA Michinoku d Bambi, Dinosaur Takuma & Kotaro Yoshino

Janaury 20: Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Charlestown, New South Wales) – Indi Hartwell d Jessica Troy

Janaury 20: International Wrestling Syndicate (Montreal, Quebec) – Stacy Thibault (c) d Stefany Sinclair

Janaury 20: The Crash (Tijuana, Baja California) – Christi Jaynes & Danny Limelight d Baronessa & Ultimo Maldito, Lady Flammer & Latigo; Lacey Lane d Keyra (c);

January 20: NORTH Wrestling (Newcastle, England) – Shax d Little Miss Roxxy

January 20: Create A Pro Wrestling Academy (Garden City, NY) – Izzy McKenna & Nikki Addams d Kasey Catal & Kristen Stadtlander

January 20: Renegade Wrestling Alliance (West Newton, PA) – Holidead (c) d Nina Monet by DQ

January 20: HOPE Wrestling (Shirebrook, Derbyshire) – Ivy d Eliza Roux

Mandy Leon and Madison Rayne helped kick off the first round of the Women of Honor Championship tournament in Nashville – Ring Of Honor Wrestling ©

January 20: Ring Of Honor (Nashville, TN) – Mandy Leon d Madison Rayne; Brandi Rhodes d Karen Q; Kelly Klein d Jessie Brooks

January 20: NXT Live (Sebring, FL) – Ember Moon & Nikki Cross d Lacey Evans & Shayna Baszler

January 20: East Coast Wrestling Association (New Castle, DE) – Damaris(c) d Christina Marie via DQ

January 21: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Hanan, Shiki Shibusawa & Starlight Kid d Hiromi Mimura, Konami & Ruaka; Jungle Kyona, Kaori Yoneyama & Natsuko Tora d Miranda, Nicole Savoy & Xia Brookside; Mary Apache (c) d Kay Lee Ray; Mayu Iwatani d Rachael Ellering; AZM, HZK, Io Shirai, Momo Watanabe & Viper d Hana Kimura, Kagetsu, Kris Wolf, Natsu Sumire & Tam Nakano

January 21: SMASH Wrestling (Toronto, Ontario) – Allie d Carter Mason, Jeff Cobb, Kevin Blackwood & Lionel Knight

Janaury 21: Wrestling In Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl (Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico) – Alimana & Reina Oscura d Filder & Isis, La Fuerza & Melissa, Dante & Mary Caporal

January 21: Destiny Wrestling (Mississauga, Ontario) – Maria Manic d Gisele Shaw

January 21: UPRISING Wrestling (Belfast, Ireland) – Amy Allonsy vs Debbie Keitel

Janaury 21: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Bram & Martina d Kasey & Ravie Davie

January 21: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Köln, Germany) – Toni Storm (c) d Melanie Gray; Veda Scott d Killer Kelly; Melanie Gray & Veda Scott d Killer Kelly & Toni Storm

January 21: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan) – Yako Fujigasaki d Hikari Shimizu; KAZUKI & Rydeen Hagane d Akane Fujita & Mochi Miyagi; Manami Katsu d Mika Iida; Command Bolshoi & Leon d Miki Tanaka & Rin Kadokura; Aoi Kizuki vs. Hanako Nakamori – Double KO

January 21: Italian Championship Wrestling (Lodi, Italy) – Alyx & Queen Maya d Irene & Valerie

January 21: Alpha Omega Wrestling (Victorville, CA) – Kat Von Heez(c) d Tab Jackson

January 21: WWE Live (Greenville, NC) – Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Naomi d Carmella, Lana, Natalya & Tamina

January 21: CSF Wrestling (Gloucester, Gloucestershire) – Zoe Lucas d Zan Phoenix

Janaury 23: CMLL (Puebla, Mexico) – La Amapola & Reyna Isis d Lady Maravilla & Princesa Sugehit

Janaury 23: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – La Jarochita, La Vaquerita & Sanely d La Comandante, Metalica & Tiffany

Janaury 23: Smackdown Live (Washington, District Of Columbia) – Naomi d Liv Morgan

Janaury 23: Mixed Match Challenge (Washington, District Of Columbia) – Asuka & The Miz d Big E & Carmella

Janaury 24: NXT (Winter Park, FL) – Bianca Belair d Latoya Allsopp

Janaury 25: NXT Live (Albany, NY) – Kairi Sane d Lacey Evans; Ember Moon d Shayna Baszler via DQ

January 26: Pro Wrestling Explosion (Somerdale, NJ) – Allie Recks d Jenny Rose

January 26: House Of Hardcore (Philadelphia, PA) – Ken Doane d Lisa Marie Varon

January 26: Main Event Wrestling (Longbenton, Tyne, And Wear) – Little Miss Roxxy d Rosa Malergo

January 26: Target Wrestling (Whitehaven, Cumbria,) – Chelsea Blaze & Monty Burns d Ivy Mist & Medallion

January 26: Actwres girl’Z (Tokyo, Japan) – Hikari Shimizu d Ina Hazuki; Nao Kakuta & Tae Honma d Inko Haku & Yumiko Hotta; SAKI & Yuu Yamagata d Miyuki Takase & Noa Igarashi; Kakeru Sekiguchi & Natsumi Maki d Himeka Arita & Miku Aono; Saori Anou (c) d Maika Ozaki

January 26: NXT Live (Toms River, NY) – Nikki Cross d Taynara Conti; Ember Moon & Kairi Sane d Lacey Evans & Shayna Baszler

January 26: Battle Pro Wrestling (Sydenham, Greater London) – Josef Kafka d Ash Draven, JJ Lynch, Kelly Sixx, Mercedes Blaze & Mirko Mori

January 26: SHINE 48 (Ybor City, FL) – Amber Nova d Chelsea Durden; Stormie Lee d Tesha Price; Holidead d Dynamite DiDi; Brandi Lauren d Leva; Candy Cartwright, Dementia D’Rose & Kiera Hogan d Aerial Monroe, Priscilla Kelly & Vanessa Kraven; Jordynne Grace d Natalia Markova; Santana d Renee Michelle; Ivelisse(c) & Mercedes Martinez(c) d Chardonnay & Isla Dawn; LuFisto (c) d Rain

January 26: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Lindenhalle, Germany) – Killer Kelly d Veda Scott

Faby Apache wins her third AAA Reina de Reinas Championship reign in Ciudad de Mexico. Her feud with Lady Shani has now led to a Mask vs Hair match at TripleMania XXVI – Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion Lucha Libre ©

January 26: AAA (Mexico City, Mexico) – Faby Apache d Lady Shani(c)

January 27: REINA (Tokyo, Japan) – Yako Fujigasaki d Konatsu; Cherry d Koharu Hinata; Hanako Nakamori & Riho d Makoto & Sae Nomura; Konami d Mari Sakamoto

January 27: Anarchy Wrestling (Cornelia, GA) – Brooklyn Creed (c) d Harlow O’Hara by DQ

January 27: Riot City Wrestling (Wayville, South Australia) – Casey Johns (c) d Venus

January 27: ZERO1 USA (Mattoon, IL) – Savanna Stone d Madison Rayne, Randi West(c) & Rahne Victoria

January 27: Impact Pro Wrestling (Algona, IO) – Brooke Valentine (c) d Frankie Jay

January 27: Cape Championship Wrestling (Cape Girardeau, MO) – Diamond Doll d Little Bit (c)

January 27: NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA) – Ember Moon(c) d Shayna Baszler

January 27: Underground Empire Wrestling (Santa Ana, CA) – Max X d Sage Sin

January 27: Capital Wrestling Alliance (Frankford, DE) – Santana Garrett d Nikki Addams; Jordynne Grace d Davienne; Solo Darling d Kelly Klein & Candy Cartwright; Kylie Rae d Thunder Rosa & Lacey Lane; Santana Garrett d Jordynne Grace; Kylie Rae d Solo Darling; Kylie Rae d Santana Garrett; Nyla Rose & Hyan d Miss Hannah & TBD; Kasey Catal d Jawsolyn; Penelope Ford d C-Bunny; Jayel Cotto d Debbie Kane

January 27: Grapple Wrestling (Garforth, West Yorkshire) – Ruby Radley d Natalie Sykes

January 27: Beyond Wrestling (Philadelphia, PA) – John Silver d LuFisto; AR Fox d Tessa Blanchard

January 27: Gatoh Move (Bangkok, Thailand) – Jibzy d Blue Lotus

January 27: Australasian Wrestling Federation (Penrith, New South Wales) – Alyna Limin d Riebell & Tarlee

January 27: National Wrasslin’ League (Kansas City, KS) – Marti Belle d Hudson Envy by Count Out

January 27: Georgia Premier Wrestling (Canton, GA) – Holidead d Jessica Leigh

January 27: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Akane Fujita & Hamuko Hoshi d Tequila Saya & Uno Matsuya; Kyuri & Maika Ozaki d Maya Yukihi & Julia; Miyako Matsumoto d Risa Sera & Tsukasa Fujimoto; Satsuki Totoro & Mochi Miyagi d Ibuki Hoshi & Tsukushi

January 27: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Uelzen, Germany) – Veda Scott d Killer Kelly

January 27: Mexa Wrestling (Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico) – Keyra d Lady Flammer

January 27: NXT Live (Philadelphia, PA) – Nikki Cross d Lacey Evans

January 27: Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling (Hazelton, PA) – Riley Krowe & John Wes d Sammi Pandora & Johnny Moran; Allie Recks(c) d Christina Marie

January 27: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Shotzi Blackheart d Ruby Raze; Desi De Rata d Sage Sin

January 27: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Ivelisse vs Shotzi Blackheart; Barbi Hayden vs Desi DeRata; Raze vs Dynamite DiDi vs Delilah Doom vs Notorious Nadi

January 27: 3 Count Wrestling (Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire) – Sammii Jayne, Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan d HT Drake, Little Miss Roxxy & Satchel Jones

January 28: Championship Wrestling Australia (Canley Vale, Sydney) – Jasmin (c) d Bindi Valentine

January 28: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Viper(c), Io Shirai(c) & HZK(c) d Kris Wolf, Hana Kimura & Kagetsu; Kaori Yoneyama & Ruaka d Hanan & Xia Brookside; AZM & Momo Watanabe d Shiki Shibusawa & Starlight Kid; Kay Lee Ray, Miranda & Nicole Savoy d Hiromi Mimura, Konami & Mary Apache; Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano d Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora

January 28: PROGRESS (Camden, London) – Toni Storm(c) d Chakara

January 28: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Dalys, La Seductora & Zeuxis d Lady Maravilla, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit

January 28: DDT (Tokyo, Japan) – Saki Akai & Super Sasadango Machine d Antonio Honda & Tanomusaku Toba

January 28: Royal Rumble (Philadelphia, PA) – Asuka d Bayley, Becky Lynch, Beth Phoenix, Brie Bella, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, Jacqueline, Kairi Sane, Kelly Kelly, Lana, Lita, Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose, Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Molly Holly, Naomi, Natalya, Nia Jax, Nikki Bella, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Sasha Banks, Sonya Deville, Tamina, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus & Vickie Guerrero

January 28: K-DOJO (Chiba, Japan) – Kunio Toshima d Bambi

January 28: PURE-J (Tokyo, Japan) – Yako Fujigasaki d Tae Honma; Mochi Miyagi d Rydeen Hagane; Manami Katsu d Mio Momono; Aoi Kizuki d KAZUKI; Command Bolshoi & Leon (c) d Hanako Nakamori & Saori Anou

January 28: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Aichi, Japan) – Hiroe Nagahama & Nao kakuta d Moeka Haruhi & Fairy Nipponbashi; Yuki Miyazaki & Nagisa Nozaki d Kyusei Sakura Hirota & Mika Iida; Yumi Ohka d Miyuki Takase; Ayako Hamada, ASUKA & Rina Yamashita d Misaki Ohata, Ryo Mizunami & Hikaru Shida

Holidead going for the victory against Delmi Exo at Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s show on Sunday – Jon Washer Photos ©

January 28: Women’s Wrestling Revolution (Providence, RI) – Sonya Strong d Jordynne Grace; Terra Callaway d Kennedi Copeland; Kasey Catal, Kris Stadtlander & Vanity d Alexxis, Gilian Leigh & Taeler Hendrix; Solo Darling d Willow Nightingale; LuFisto d Skylar; Holidead d Delmi Exo; Faye Jackson d Allie Recks; Deonna Purrazzo, Karen Q & Tasha Steelz d Davienne, Miranda Vionette & Mistress Belmont; Joey Janela & Penelope Ford d David Starr & Tessa Blanchard

January 28: Fenix Lucha Libre (Quilpue, Valparaiso, Chile) – Al Cold d Alexandra; Dante Reed (c) d Sara Phoenix

January 28: Fenix Lucha Libre (Quilpue, Valparaiso, Chile) – Alexandra d Berken

January 28: ZERO 1 (Osaka, Japan) – Maya Yukihi & Risa Sera d Tequila Saya & Tsukushi; Yoshiko d Akane Fujita, Chigusa Nagayo & TARU

January 29: Monday Night RAW (Philadelphia, PA) – Asuka d Sasha Banks

January 30: Smackdown Live (Philadelphia, PA) – Naomi d Natalya

January 30: Mixed Match Challenge (Philadelphia, PA) – Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman d Becky Lynch & Sami Zayn

Upcoming (January 31st – December 24th)

February 2: Riptide Wrestling (Brighton, East Sussex) – Toni Storm vs Jimmy Jacobs; Candy Floss vs Cara Noir vs Veda Scott vs Lion Kid vs Roy Johnson vs Chuck Mambo; Millie McKenzie vs Chris Brookes; Livvii Grace vs Chakara

February 2: AAA (Toluca, Mexico) – Big Mami & Lady Shani vs Ashley & Faby Apache

February 2: DEFY Wrestling (Seattle, WA) – Hawlee Lane vs Nicole Matthews

February 2: Rockstar Pro Wrestling (Dayton, OH) – Jessicka Havok(c) vs Clayton Jackson

February 2: Kamikaze Pro (Coventry, England) – Lady Chardonnay Darcy vs Lana Austin vs Nina Samuels

February 3: WrestlePro (Rahway, NJ) – Tenille Dashwood vs Angelina Love

February 3: Revolution Championship Wrestling (Barcelona, Spain) – Sammii Jayne(c) vs Diablesa Rosa; Mika Iida vs Killer Kelly

February 3: New South Pro Wrestling (Hartselle, AL) – Aspen Rose, Roxy Rouge & Harlow O’Hara vs Ayzali, Lena & Erica Jade

February 3: Central Empire Wrestling (Oskaloosa, IA) – Allie Recks vs Sierra

February 3: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Stevenage, Hertfordshire) – Gail Kim vs Kasey Owens

February 3: House Of Glory (Queens, NY) – Ivelisse vs Sonya Strong

February 3: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Lady Maravilla, Maligna & Sanely vs Amapola, La Seductora & Tiffany

February 3: AAW (LaSalle, IL) – Jessicka Havok(c) vs Rosemary

– Apollo Championship Wrestling ©

February 3: Apollo Championship Wrestling (Bermondsey, London) – Chakara vs CJ Rhys; Livvii Grace vs Jayde

February 3: Premier Championship Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Jinx vs Joseline Navarro

February 3: Pro Wrestling Australia (Doyalson, New South Wales) – Shazza McKenzie(c) & Big Fudge(c) vs Unsocial Jordan & SnapChad

February 4: Revolution Pro (London, England) – Sammii Jayne vs Nina Samuels

February 4: STARDOM (Kyoto, Japan) – Kay Lee Ray vs Viper; Io Shirai(c) vs Toni Storm; Hiromi Mimura, Konami Shiki Shibusawa vs Mary Apache, Tam Nakano & Mayu Iwatani; Kagetsu, Hana Kimura & Sumire Natsu vs Jungle Kyona, Natsuko Tora & Kaori Yoneyama; HZK, AZM & Momo Watanabe vs Xia Brookside, Miranda Salinas & Starlight Kid

February 4: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland) – Jokey vs Lana Austin; Shax vs Martina; Kasey Owens vs Millie McKenzie; Ayesha Raymond vs Leah Owens; Jayla Dark vs Lauren

February 5: Lucha Memes (Naucalpan, Mexico) – Keyra & Ricky Marvin vs Psique & Sky Man, Corsario Negro Jr. & Drako

February 6: Girl Fight Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Amber Nova vs Aria Blake; Savannah Evans vs Cali Young; Su Yung(c) vs Hudson Envy; Salina De Le Renta; Layne Rosario; Ivory Robyn; Randi West; Maria James

February 8: Major League Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Chelsea Green vs Priscilla Kelly

February 9: Atomic Championship Wrestling (Reading, PA) – Jessicka Havok vs Tess Valentine(c); LuFisto vs Gemma Cross; Trixie Tash vs Londyn Ali; Thunder Rosa vs Ray Lyn

February 9: Project Wrestling (Lanesborough, MA) – Kennadi Copeland vs Allie Recks

February 9: AAA (Aguascalientes, Mexico) – Estrella Divina & Lady Shani vs Ashley & Faby Apache

February 9-10th: FEST Wrestling (St. Augustine, FL) – Angel Rose; Su Yung(c)

February 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Toni Storm & Charlie Morgan vs Millie McKenzie & Kay Lee Ray

February 10: Black Label Pro (Crown Point, IN) – Nicole Matthews vs Jordynne Grace; Delilah Doom vs Allie Kat

February 10: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan) – Io Shirai & TBD vs Momo Watanabe & TBD

February 10: Women of Warriors IV (Brooklyn, NY) – Nikki Addams(c) vs Kacee Carlisle; Thunder Rosa & Holidead vs Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo; Gemma Cross vs Davienne; Allie Recks vs Tasha Steelz; Nyla Rose vs Jessicka Havok; Vanity; C-Bunny; Willow Nightingale

February 10: 4 Gen Wrestling (Castleford, West Yorkshire) – Kasey Owens(c); Sierra Loxton

February 11: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Kasey Owens(c) vs Martina

February 11: Wrestling Has A Tommorrow (Providence, RI) – Rachael Ellering vs Tenille Dashwood

February 11: USA Pro Wrestling (Orlando, FL) – Salina de la Renta vs Chelsea Durden vs Stormie Lee

February 11: Punk Pro Wrestling (Port Richey, FL) – Aria Blake vs Jamie Senegal

February 12: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan) – Yuki Miyazaki & Nagisa Nozaki vs Takumi Iroha(c) & Rin Kadokura(c)

February 12: Insane Championship Wrestling (Glasgow, Scotland) – Viper vs TBD(c)

February 12: SEAdLINNNG (Tokyo, Japan) – Misaki Ohata vs Arisa Nakajima

February 12: OZ Academy (Osaka, Japan)

February 13: Pro Wrestling 2.0 (Orlando, FL) – Lacey Lane vs Tessa Blanchard; Santana Garrett(c) & Chelsea Green(c) vs Aria Blake & Salina De la Renta

February 15: Anarchy Pro Wrestling (Dingwalls, Camden) – Millie McKenzie vs Candyfloss

February 15: TNT Extreme Wrestling (Liverpool, Merseyside) – Martina vs Sweet Saraya(c)

February 16: The Crash (Tijuana, Baja California) – Black Danger & Lacey Lane vs Diosa Atenea & Douglas James, Danny Limelight & Lady Flammer

February 16: Pro Wrestling Revolver (Dayton, OH) – Jessicka Havok vs Shotzi Blackheart

February 16: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA) – LuFisto vs Faye Jackson; Angelus Layne vs Isla Dawn

February 16: Atomic Wrestling Entertainment (Cocoa, FL) – Leva Bates vs Tenille Dashwood

February 17: Reality Of Wrestling (Texas City, TX) – Barbi Hayden vs Taeler Hendrix; Kiera Hogan vs Su Yung; Hyan vs Kylie Rae; Sahara Se7en vs Laynie Luck; Kyra Maya

February 17: International Wrestling Cartel (Elizabeth, PA) – Britt Baker(c)

February 17: Pro Wrestling Chaos (Alveston Hill, South Gloucestershire) – Martina vs Jamie Hayter

February 17: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX) – Chelsea Green & Leva Bates vs Deonna Purrazzo & Christi Jaynes; Tessa Blanchard(c) vs Brian Cage(c)

February 17: RONIN Pro Wrestling (Pembroke Pines, FL) – Angel Rose vs Renee Michelle

– XWA Wrestling ©

February 17: XWA Wrestling (Bethnal Green, London) – Jimmy Havoc vs Millie McKenzie; Kaitlin Diemond vs Nina Samuels; Jawsolyn vs Lord Gideon Grey; Rhia O’Reilly vs Cara Noir; Charlie Morgan vs Doug Williams

February 17: Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling (Hazleton, PA) – Allie Recks vs Tenille Dashwood

February 17: Northeast Wrestling (Bethany, CT) – Penelope Ford vs Delmi Exo

February 18: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

February 18: Pro Wrestling Clash (Borehamwood, Hertfordshire) – Jayde vs Nina Samuels

February 18: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – AKINO vs Yoshiko(c)

February 18: Glory Pro Wrestling (Edwardsville, IL) – LuFisto vs Savanna Stone

February 18: British Empire Wrestling (Morden, England) – Kaitlin Diemond vs Kasey Owens(c); Jayde & Bobbi Tyler vs Jawsolyn & Maddison Miles; Rhio vs Kat Von Kaige; Lady Chardonnay vs Erin Angel; Little Miss Roxxy vs Shax; Zoe Lucas vs Skye Smitson

February 18: PURE-J (Osaka, Japan) – DASH Chisako(c) vs Hanako Nakamori

February 18: Defiant Wrestling (Manchester, England) – Kay Lee Ray; Millie McKenzie

February 19: Defiant Wrestling (Manchester, England) – Kay Lee Ray; Millie McKenzie

February 22: Bar Wrestling (Baldwin Park, CA) – Tenille Dashwood; Taya Valkyrie; Raze

February 23: Absolute Intense Wrestling (Cleveland, OH) – Tenille Dashwood vs Britt Baker

February 24: nCw Femmes Fatales (Ottawa, Ontario) – Mercedes Martinez(c) vs Vanessa Kraven; Nicole Savoy vs Tessa Blanchard; Jessicka Havok vs Samantha Heights; Alexia Nicole vs KC Spinelli; Hudson Envy; Misty Haven; Xandra Bale; Pink Flash Kira; Stefany Sinclair; Stacy Thibault

February 24: Lucky Pro Wrestling (Clinton, MA) – Davienne vs Alisha Edwards; Adira(c) vs Rosalie

February 24: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

February 24: LG Promociones (Xalapa, Mexico) – Dalys(c) vs Marcela

February 24: Jersey All Pro Wrestling (Rahway, NJ) – Raze vs Deonna Purrazzo vs Maria Manic vs Jessie Brooks; LuFisto & KTB vs Katred & Shlak

February 24: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) – Rosemary vs Robbie X; Kay Lee Ray(c) vs Lana Austin

February 25: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Christi Jaynes vs Sage Sin(c)

February 25: America’s Most Liked Wrestling (Winston-Salem, NC) – Tenille Dashwood vs TBA

February 25: Big League Wrestling (Exmouth, Devon) – Ayesha Raymond vs Millie McKenzie

February 25: Southern Underground Pro (Nashville, TN) – Allie Kat vs Kylie Rae; Angelus Layne vs Kevin Ku

February 28: Stand Alone Wrestling (Mays Landing, NJ) – Tenille Dashwood vs Brittany Blake

March 2: Northeast Wrestling (Waterbury, CT) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Tenille Dashwood

March 3: Blood Brothers Pro Wrestling (Sun Valley, CA) – Buggy Nova vs Kikyo; Ludrak Shaitan vs Maria James; Sage Sin; Mariah Moreno; Randi West

March 3: Battle Club Pro (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Willow Nightingale; Harlow O’Hara

March 3: STARDOM (Kasukabe, Japan)

March 3: Battle Club Pro (Ridgefield Park, NJ) – Willow Nightingale vs Harlow O’Hara; Su Yung; Jessicka Havok

March 3: German Wrestling Federation (Berlin, Germany) – Katey Harvey(c) vs Blue Nikita; Laura Di Matteo; Shanna; Wesna Busic & TBA vs Valkyrie & TBA; Audrey Bride; Melanie Gray; Ayesha Raymond; Kaitlin Diemond; Lissy Lennox; Tracy

March 4: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 4: Discovery Wrestling (Edinburgh, Scotland) – Sammii Jayne(c) vs Viper vs Nina Samuels

March 4: Revolution Pro (London, England)

March 8: Bar Wrestling (Baldwin Park, CA) – Britt Baker; Heather Monroe; Taya Valkyrie; Laura James; Tessa Blanchard

March 9: Fighting Spirit Wrestling (Maghull, Sefton) – Lana Austin vs Little Miss Roxxy

March 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Viper vs Jordynne Grace

March 10: STARDOM (Niigata, Japan)

March 10: Live Pro Wrestling (Pleasant Hills, PA) – Sahara Se7en vs Delilah Doom vs Hellen Vale

March 10: NOVA Pro Wrestling (Annandale, VA)

March 11: Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (Atlanta, GA) – Tenille Dashwood

March 11: Tidal Championship Wrestling (Leeds, West Yorkshire) – Charli Evans; Little Miss Roxxy

March 11: XWA Wrestling (Colchester, Essex) – Jordynne Grace

March 16: World Series Wrestling (Ferntree Gully, Melbourne) – Deonna Purrazzo; Shazza McKenzie

March 17: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

March 17: International Wrestling Cartel (Elizabeth, PA) – Chelsea Green

March 17: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

March 17: ZERO 1 USA (Vandalia, IL) – Brittany Blake, Delilah Doom & Savanna Stone vs Madison Rayne, Nevaeh & Sierra

– World Series Wrestling ©

March 17: World Series Wrestling (Ferntree Gully, Melbourne) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Indi Hartwell vs Shazza McKenzie

March 18: World Series Wrestling (Adelaide, Southern Australia) – Deonna Purrazzo vs Savannah Summers; Shazza McKenzie

March 19: World Series Wrestling (Penrith, New South Wales) – Deonna Purrazzo; Shazza McKenzie

March 21: STARDOM (Kanazawa, Japan)

March 21: OZ Academy (Maebashi, Japan)

March 22: F1RST Wrestling (Minneapolis, MN) – Rachael Ellering; Jessicka Havok

March 24: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA) – Jessicka Havok vs Raze; Hania vs Shotzi Blackheart

March 25: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 25: Women’s Wrestling Revolution (Worcester, MA) – Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace

March 28: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

March 28: National Pro Wrestling League (Petaluma, CA) – Chelsea Green vs Taeler Hendrix(c)

March 31: STARDOM (Osaka, Japan)

March 31: Southside Wrestling Entertainment (Bedford, Bedfordshire) – Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy vs Ashley Dunn & Jayde

April 1: Revolution Pro (London, England)

April 1: Over The Top Wrestling (Wimborne Minster, Dorset) – Jordynne Grace; Charlie Morgan; Kris Wolf; Jinny; Martina; Katey Harvey; Nina Samuels; DASH Chisako

April 1: STARDOM (Nagoya, Japan)

April 6: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: PROGRESS (New Orleans, LA)

April 7: SHIMMER 100 (Kenner, LA) – Mercedes Martinez vs Nicole Savoy(c); Shazza McKenzie(c) vs Tessa Blanchard; Deonna Purrazzo vs Madison Eagles; Toni Storm vs Nicole Matthews

April 8: WrestleCircus (New Orleans, LA)

April 13: RISE 7: Sensation (Berwyn, IL) – Mercedes Martinez vs Taya Valkyrie; Thunder Rosa; Delilah Doom(c) vs Deonna Purrazzo

April 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

April 14: SHIMMER 101-102 (Berwyn, IL)

April 15: SHIMMER 103-104 (Berwyn, IL)

April 15: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan)

April 21: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

April 27: GRL Wrestling (Canterbury, Kent) – Xia Brookside(c); Livvii Grace; Ayesha Raymond

April 28: Pro Wrestling Chaos (Yate, South Gloucestershire) – Tenille Dashwood

April 28: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX)

April 30: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

May 4: Pro Wrestling WAVE (Tokyo, Japan)

May 5: Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Oberhausen, Germany) – Tenille Dashwood

May 5: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London) – Charlie Morgan vs Sammii Jayne(c); Aja Kong vs Viper; Kay Lee Ray vs Meiko Satomura; Erin Angel; Jetta; Emi Sakura; Jamie Hayter; Leah Owens; Laura Di Matteo; Nina Samuels

May 12: Making Towns Classic (Nashville, TN) – Delilah Doom; Savanna Stone; Jordynne Grace; Su Yung

May 13: Revolution Pro (London, England)

May 19: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

May 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

June 9: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

June 9: NOVA Pro Wrestling presents 2018 Women’s Commonwealth Cup (Annandale, VA)

June 16: WrestleCircus (Austin, TX)

June 17: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

June 29: RISE 8: Outback (South Gate, CA) – Madison Eagles; Nicole Matthews; Shazza McKenzie; Delilah Doom; Shotzi Blackheart

June 29: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX)

June 30: Alternative Wrestling Show (South Gate, CA)

July 8: Revolution Pro (London, England)

July 14: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

July 16: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 5: Revolution Pro (London, England)

August 11: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

August 12: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

August 25: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX)

September 1: Sabotage Wrestling (Las Vegas, NV)

September 2: Revolution Pro (London, England)

September 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

September 24: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

October 7: Revolution Pro (London, England)

October 13: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

October 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

November 4: Revolution Pro (London, England)

November 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

November 10: Sabotage Wrestling (Austin, TX)

November 23: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

December 2: Revolution Pro (London, England)

December 8: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Bethnal Green, London)

December 24: STARDOM (Tokyo, Japan)

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