Indie Matches of the Weekend: February 9th – February 11th

Indie Matches of the Weekend is simply going to be me yammering about my favorite matches coming up this weekend. Because I’m saying weekend and not week, any event running Monday through Thursday won’t be considered. Typically I will try to gather up 5-10 matches to highlight.

David Starr vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

These two are not strangers to one another, putting on a couple of certified bangers in 2017. The circumstances are slightly different here as it will take place in the UK under the TETSUJIN banner, a shoot style wrestling tournament, where this match will be billed as a Superfight. The marketing has been a little weird so not much of a clue if this match will actually make video as this may be a “secret” Superfight which would be super dumb as the tournament talent isn’t at the depth of the original incarnation. Sabre has long been known as a premier grappler but I’m not sure if Starr has gained the same sort of notoriety for that part of his game. For better or worse, the critically acclaimed WALTER series with Starr has more focused on his incredible babyface performances more so than his ability to hit the mat. In this environment I expect him to thrive. This will quench the thirst of many shoot style fans, can almost guarantee it.

Moose vs. Rampage Brown

Okay, feel a little weird about putting this match here as Moose is confirmed to not be a good person so if you wish not to support anything he is a part of for that fact not only do I think it is valid, I think you are a better wrestling fan than me.

With that said, I think this will be a big boy fight. The whole tournament is filled with talent, including bringing Appollo Crews from the WWE to compete, but this is the highlight of the first round. Moose is athletic and Brown is good at putting boots to faces. Hope they have the working boots on.

Kyle Matthews vs. Joey Mercury

A little bit of a weird one because I haven’t seen comeback Joey Mercury. I have seen Kyle Matthews wrestling on YouTube for years and I haven’t seen a bad match less. I rarely ever see average matches. Kyle Matthews is as close to a sure thing in pro wrestling as you get at any level of the sport. Seeing him tie it up with a former WWE superstar in front of a lovely southern crowd sounds like a match made in heaven. Plus I just love Kyle Matthews getting big opportunities.

OI4K vs. Rickey Shane Page & Penta El Zero & Rey Fenix

This is a Lucha Extrema match which is why it places on the list this week. As a traditional six-man tag this match frankly doesn’t do a ton for me. Sure that match would probably be fun, as everyone here has some spots to pop me on a personal level. When you add the hardcore element I become a lot more interested in what they do. Rickey Shane Page is the head of American Stunt Show Deathmatches and I can’t say I love the style but occasionally find it perversely entertaining. Pentagon has shown that the best Penta is a violent Penta. Not totally sure how Fenix will work here but I won’t mind finding out.  On the other side, Jake Crist looks like the odd man out in terms of delivering a truly extreme match. OI4K have a rather extensive history with the Lucha Bros. so I don’t expect chemistry to be a problem here. Actually, if it is anything like the AAW deathmatch between Sami Callihan and Penta then we should all be in for a treat. Given this is the main event of a CZW Anniversary show (19 friggin’ years for this promotion, my goodness) I expect them to amp up the drama, make it fierce. These lads can all be ambitious for better or worse, hoping for the better of course.


Anthony Henry vs. AJ Gray

Gary Jay vs. Mance Warner

Combining AJ Gray vs. Anthony Henry and Gary Jay vs. Mance Warner because I am super hyped for both for similar reasons. Each individual seems to be on the cusp of being a major player on the US indies at large. You could argue that Anthony Henry is already there as he makes semi-regular stops in New England and works the WWN promotions. Jay has been on the brink for years as a member of the Submission Squad and then seemingly building up his repution from scratch as the man with hardest chops in all the land. Mance Warner looks to become more than Mr. IWA Mid-South and go from prospect to the man running his mouth in every town around. Gray’s athleticism continues to impress. Henry can take a hit and I fully expect Gray to lay it on thick. So yeah, one card delivering two sure-fire hard hitting contests with young studs is a wild one.


Teddy Hart vs. AR Fox

The ultimate “WHO DID THIS?!” meme in practice. Hart stresses me out as a person continually about to do some questionable pro wrestling maneuver as his way of evolving the great sport of professional wrestling. Fox does at least one move a match where you think he has blown out his butt. Two legends of the squared circle probably going to put on a match with zero psychology but with mind-melting flips. I’ll even be okay with the Canadian Destroyer here. The true test of how badly I just want to see the world’s best flips.


Weekend Wrap-Up

New piece to the column this week and talk a little more generally about things. TETSUJIN in the UK has an interesting field but I’m not entirely sure how well they can work the style. After the original event, I know Brookes is up to the challenge so that helps alleviate some stress. Could be another annual shoot style event to add to the calendar which would make me one happy boy. Not sure they put on the best UK tournament of the weekend with PCW’s Road to Glory tournament sitting right there. Black Label Pro looks to continue putting on the wildest cards out there. Honestly, could have done a solid list just on that card. I missed putting on a women’s dream match, a wild looking tag match, and another insane looking Teddy Hart match. What Wrestling running Fete feels wrong. That said, they are bringing in plenty of lesser-known Northeast, including New England, so I can get behind that. CZW card as a whole ain’t great but I wouldn’t be shocked if it overdelivers. Scenic City Rumble should be a fun one. Really, there is great indie wrestling happening in a ton of different places this weekend and that’s so good. If you can’t get out to a show live, go to and check out Freelance on Friday (if I watched more Stevie Fierce I probably would have had him vs. Henry on the list this week) or PCW on Saturday. That’ll treat you well. 

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