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Podcast of Honor 04/19/14 ROH Returns to PPV, SCoH 2014, Booking, and More


Chris, Ari, and Jerome are finally back together to discuss the huge news that broke, ROH’s return to traditional PPV. They also give their thoughts on the major matches from Flyin High and get into some heated discussion about Supercard of Honor 2014. What did Jerome like and dislike, what was irresponsible, how did the booking go from great to ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Supercard of Honor VIII 2014 Preview


Chris, Ari, & Jerome are here to preview Supercard of Honor VIII headlined by Ladder War V between Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe. The trio run down the known matches and give their thoughts and predictions plus some extra thoughts on the return to iPPV and the upcoming NJPW shows in May. Read More »

Podcast of Honor: 12th Anniversary, NJPW, Raising the Bar Previews and More


The Podcast of Honor is back with Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Jerome Cusson discussing some of the latest ROH shows; State of the Art and a full review of 12th Anniversary. They discuss the deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling, preview the announced matches for the upcoming Raising the Bar weekend, and with plenty of warning discuss the TV ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Final Battle 2013, Cornette, Styles, Richards, & TV Tapings


Chris GST, Ari Berenstein, and Chris Miccio return to discuss Final Battle 2013 and all the news/feuds coming out of the show. They talk about the controversies of Davey Richards, Jim Cornette, and the returning AJ Styles. Then they delve into the first set of ROH TV tapings. They talk about this at the end of the show so there ... Read More »

Special Podcast of Honor: Davey Richards, GBH, Finale Battle Preview


Jerome Cusson hosts this special edition of the Podcast of Honor as Ari Berenstein & Chris GST join him to discuss the recent controversy of Davey Richards being off of Final Battle and done with ROH for the forseeable future. They also go over the 75 minute main event of Glory By Honor All Stars vs Champions, their likes, dislikes, ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: No American Bros DBDXI Edition


The Podcast of Honor is back again with Matt, Ari, and Chris to discuss Death before Dishonor XI, the historic crowning of a new ROH World Champion, but unfortunately they also have to discuss the iPPV issues that ensued and what it means going forward. They delve into the event and what they could watch and what the future feuds ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Manhattan Mayhem V Preview


Matt Waters, tired after a long day of listening to Nirvana, brings Ari and Chris on board to discuss some Ring of Honor. They discuss All Star Extravaganza V, the BJ Whitmer/Mike Bennett incident, and how the results lead into Manhattan Mayhem V. They preview the upcoming NYC card and then answer the questions a few of you sent in ... Read More »

Podcast of Hoopla: Fish Pins Cheeseburger


Matt Waters brings Ari Berenstein, Chris GST, and Night of Hoopla survivor Jerome Cusson along for a special Podcast of Hoopla where we confirm reports of hotness, make people hungry with results (yes WITH), and discuss all the shenanigans from the unofficial Night of Hoopla that occurred last night. The four then discuss more serious matters such as preview what ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Best in the World 2013 Weekend Edition


With all the issues surrounding ROH once again when it comes to iPPV, Jerome called for a special edition Podcast of Honor to be brought together with Chris GST & Ari Berenstein. The group discuss the podcast in three sections so that anyone who hasn’t seen Best in the World or read our TV Tapings can still enjoy the podcast ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Best in the World 2013 Preview


Matt has decidedly placed Ari versus Chris to entertain him and let him know about Best in the World 2013. Lots of shenanigans, lots of hijinx, but still a lot of fun and some insight into the upcoming ROH iPPV and the weird booking heading into the TV tapings the next night. Plus it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: Border Wars 2013 Preview


Matt Waters, the birthday boy, comes back with another Podcast of Honor with Ari and Chris to talk the Jay Briscoe title change, bringing your dates to ROH shows, Iron Man 3.. and then they get to some Ring of Honor talk. A complete preview for Border Wars 2013 including the news about Paul London and if Jay Briscoe as ... Read More »

Podcast of Honor: War (What is Shane Hagadorn Good For) SCoH Preview


Matt Waters hosts the Podcast of Honor with Ari Berenstein & Chris GST as they discuss the WAR Asheville, NC show where controversy arose. Not with Mark winning the ROH title but with Haas exclaiming that he is retiring and much more fun. Honestly, this show had a working of title of War, What is Haas Good For but it ... Read More »

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